Police check Amy Winehouse’s beehive for drugs; manager quits


Amy Winehouse’s life is pretty much going to Hell in a hand basket. The British Britney Spears’ husband, Blake Fielder-Civil was arrested last week for witness tampering. Blake beat a guy up last May, and had apparently tried to bribe people involved in the case. He’s been held in Pentonville prison since then. When Amy went to visit him, police officers searched her beehive for drugs. Does that sentence make anyone else really, really happy?

Amy Winehouse’s beehive hairpiece was checked for drugs when she went to visit her husband Blake Fielder-Civil in prison.

Police officers at Pentonville prison, where Fielder-Civil has been remanded in custody, were suspicious of the singer when she went to the jail yesterday.

According to The Sun, Winehouse was asked by a warden to run her fingers through the famous hair-do to prove that she did not have any drugs stashed in it, but nothing was found.

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That doesn’t seem that weird to me. When I was in college, I volunteered at a state prison. The list of things you could and couldn’t wear was lengthy. Let me tell you, the last thing you want to do is work with male offenders and not be able to wear your underwire bra.

Amy’s manager has finally quit. You’d think it’s because she’s totally crazy, her husband is in jail, they’re both unrepentant drug users and alcoholics, or she never shows up to performances. And while none of those things helped, the straw that broke the camel’s back was when manager Thom Stone went to the doctor and tested positive for heroin. Amy and Blake smoked it on the bus, and Stone managed to get enough through passive smoke that it actually showed up on a drug test. I know most people would think, “Yeah, right,” but I believe this for two reasons. 1: Amy Winehouse smokes heroin in her sleep, underwater, and will somehow manage to do it from the grave and 2: Why would Thom Stone lie about that? He could give one hundred other legitimate reasons to quit if he wanted to come up with something. Amy Winehouse’s life is so crazy and soap opera-like that anything and everything seems true.

AMY WINEHOUSE’s tour manager has quit — saying doctors found HEROIN in his system after he inhaled it passively on their bus. Thom Stone said working with drug-addled Amy and her husband was harming his health. It was revealed just a day after the singer went into meltdown on stage, slurring her words and insulting fans as hundreds walked out.

Stone hit breaking point when Amy, 24, and hubby BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL were arrested with cannabis in Norway last month. He produced a doctor’s note which revealed traces of heroin — known as “smack”. Last night Stone would not comment on the doctor’s note, but confirmed he had quit. A source said: “He was constantly bailing her out. He was watching them get off their heads on drugs and wondering whether Amy was even going to get up on stage. It was a nightmare job.”

[From the Sun]
While I never thought I’d say this about something in The Sun, I absolutely believe every single word of that. Though I wonder, when officers checked Amy’s beehive, what didthey find? You know there had to be some random bramble in there. I imagine they pulled out some baby birds who’s mother mistook Amy’s hair for her nest. And Amy thought all hat chirping was just a side-effect from the drugs! Though I don’t know how she made sense of the bits of worm constantly falling into her eyes. Baby birds are such pranksters.

Picture note by Jaybird: Here’s Amy at the Thames Magistrates Court in London on November 10, 2007. Image thanks to PR Photos. Header image of Amy from at her disastrous concert on Wednesday night. Hundreds of fans walked out as Amy continued to drink throughout the show. According to WENN “Fans booed before walking out of the gig – the opening night of her UK tour – enraged by Winehouse’s incoherent performance. Fans were also unimpressed when the singer stumbled on stage half an hour later than billed, before crashing into a guitar stand. However, Winehouse was unfazed by the booing from the crowd – and threatened them with the wrath of Fielder-Civil. She told the audience, “Let me tell you something. First of all, if you’re booing you’re a mug for buying a ticket. Second, to all the people booing – just wait till my husband gets out.” After performing hit Back To Black, she said, “Nothing’s going to bring my husband back.” Winehouse then dedicated track Wake Up Alone to Fielder-Civil, announcing, “This is for my husband.” Impressive. Image thanks to WENN.


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