Britney Spears is done with Cheetos, junk food

These are some nice pictures of Britney, her sons and her boyfriend vacationing in Mexico. Britney looks good, doesn’t she? I mean, her hair is a train wreck, as usual, but her body looks great and she doesn’t look crazy. According to Page Six, this is because Brit has quit the junk food. Will Michael K at Dlisted be able to go on? If Britney Spears, Our Lady of Immaculate Cheetos (or whatever Michael K calls her) is off the junk food, what will we do? Say it ain’t so! Apparently, whenever Brit-Brit needs her salt fix, she reaches for sushi, not potato chips, corn chips, hot dogs, Big Macs, or Funions. Her video stylist noted that Britney’s back and better than ever, and when they filmed her latest music video “3”, Brit even “sang live”. Gasp!

Britney Spears has cleaned up her act. GK Reid, who recently styled the music video shoot for her hit new single, “3,” tells us, “She exhibited amazing energy and was in great shape — her body looked better than it has in years.”

“She munched on sushi instead of junk food, and even sang live with the words. She worked really hard and was really sweet to all the dancers.”

Says Reid of the video, which is an ode to threesomes: “It’s really steamy.”

[From Page Six]

Damn, I could use some corn chips right now. Is it wrong that I want corn chips for breakfast? It is, isn’t it? Before, I could always look at my food choices with some smugness, thinking to myself “Well, at least I’m eating better than Britney Spears.” No more! She does look really cute these days. Let’s hope that Britney didn’t just quit junk food, she quit the pink wig and all that it represents.

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  1. buellblaster says:

    sick her Chester Cheetah…

  2. mollination says:

    her boyfriend is hotty hot hot.

    And some people are saying it looks like she has a belly in these pics, but her back curves inward and her stomach is the same width all the way down. I don’t know about anyone else, but my back is flat all the way down and my belly sticks out with I’m bloated. Britney just looks toned as f.

  3. HEB says:

    She’s off cheetos til her Australia leg is over. NO way its forever.


  4. Pole says:

    She looks a lot less crazy now. Good for her kids. Hope she stays sane.

  5. Beth says:

    Bull. Didn’t she just buy a couple of thousand dollars worth of candy? What is going on with her hair? No matter what she does you always see her extentions. Hasn’t her hair grown back yet?

  6. Firestarter says:

    Nooooooooooooo! Not the Cheetos! They are the cheese that goes CRUNCH!

  7. dude says:

    Maybe the cheetos were making her crazy. Its possible, considering cheetos are sooo processed who knows what chemicals you are really eating.

  8. NFLer says:

    Maybe Cheetos interact with her medication.

  9. e says:

    She needs to take out the extensions. Her hair would fill out if it were not constantly being pulled out by that horrible fake hair.

    Her body looks good though.

    “Our Lady of Immaculate Cheetos (or whatever Michael K calls her).” Like Kaiser doesn’t know EXACTLY what Michael K calls her…D Listed is a gossip must.

  10. Praise St. Angie! says:

    agree with HEB, it’s not forever. Just til she’s off the tour.

    also agree with mollination…I think her body looks great…I’d love to have an ass like that! mine has improved with Pilates, but not like that.

    the one thing that ruins her look is her hair. she needs to ditch the extensions, and just let her hair grow.

  11. Lantana says:

    I saw similar pictures on another site and they indicated that she is fat. I looked at the pictures and thought she really looks just fine to me…I was glad to see her not being ragged on for being overweight here. I think she does look healthier and hell, she was on vacation. I don’t know about you, but unless we’re going out upscale, my hair is the last thing I worry about on vacation.

  12. Green Is Good says:

    “Our Lady of Immaculate Cheetos (or whatever Michael K calls her).”

    Ha ha ha! Oh, Kaiser I think you have a huge crush on Michael K. But then again, who doesn’t? I love a man who makes me laugh!

  13. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Green is Good, I often wish I were a gay man so I’d have a shot with MichaelK…but alas, I’m not his type.

    except for the whole “big chichis” thing. 😉

  14. Juice In LA says:

    And now I need some Cheetos.

  15. cara says:

    Dlisted is the first site I hit everyday. Homeboy can make me laugh out f**king loud. He wins title of jester in my court. (btw,that’s a compliment)

    p.s. I am just now becoming a sushi addict. It used to make me vomit, but now I crave it. I’m eating it now. Pickled ginger is, as the hip kids would say, “off the chain”! I kid, but really, can you make yourself sick with that?

  16. paranel says:

    Brit looks fab and her tush is the best in these photos. You go Britney.

  17. grt says:

    She is a googd Mom,

    Angelina is a CHAOS-Mom!
    Should take away the children!