‘Real Housewife’ Nene slams Michael Lohan: “You are a toxic parent”

Here’s my confession: I’ve watched this clip about five times, and every time I thought “Real Housewife of Atlanta” Nene Leakes was screaming “TOXIC PARROT” as Michael Lohan. It wasn’t until I stopped and read some of the summaries of this incident that I realized that Nene is actually screaming “toxic parent”. Watch it and see – it really does sound like she’s saying “toxic parrot”. I thought it kind of worked too. Like, it made me think, “Is Michael Lohan a toxic parrot?” My answer was “Yes, because he just ‘parrots’ the same old bullsh-t.” But, I was wrong. It’s “toxic parent”. My bad.

Anyway, Nene was part of a panel for The Insider yesterday. They were interviewing Michael Lohan, who seems to be going on a “I’m gonna kidnap Lindsay and then I’ll think of sumthin’” tour. Michael got a verbal beat down from Nene, who is pretty much the best “housewife” to star on any of the Real Housewives” shows. I love Nene. Nene brings it. Nene is a motherf-ckin’ star. Nene is so cool, even Anderson Cooper adores her.

When Nene and Michael met over the satellite link up, all hell broke loose. I’m not sure what started it, but Nene was there to end it. She began yelling over Michael Lohan, screaming “You are a toxic parent!” and “You are a manipulator! I believe you are just trying to make money off of Lindsay, you’re always in the press, talking negative.” Michael is all “I’ve never made a penny off of Lindsay…” but Nene isn’t finished. Another round of “You are a toxic parent!” Nene also says “You do not have to do this to her publicly, and you know that!”

After that, Michael got pissy and verbally abusive, like the nasty baby he is (shocking). Michael told Nene “Do something worthwhile and promote Nutri-System!” Nene: “Do not make me come after you.” More yelling about Michael being a toxic parent and a sellout, and then Michael ends with: “Shut your mouth. Why don’t you give your chair a break and move your fat ass out of that chair.” Then the pissy baby takes off his mic and leaves. It’s all pretty awesome… sort of. Team Nene.

Here’s NeNe with Jeff Lewis outside Katsuya restaurant in Hollywood on September 30th. Images thanks to Fame Pictures .

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  1. JayBird says:

    You are the toxic parrot of my soul, Kaiser.

    But that is absolutely what I heard. I was imagining a pirate’s parrot, wearing an eye patch and drinking something with a skull and crossbones on it. Toxic parrot.

  2. Firestarter says:

    Okay, so among my many faults, I love the Housewives franchise, and NeNe is one of my faves.

    She is totally correct, he is, along with ex wife Dina, a toxic parent who should not be taking this thing with “trying” to help Lindsay public. He and Jon Gosselswine act like they are all for their children, but yet they do all of their “caring” in front of camera’s. If this man were serious at all about helping his daughter, he would STFU in public, get together with his family and try to help the girl behind closed doors, in private and not trying to extend his 15 minutes of already undeserved fame.

  3. Sumodo says:

    “Go and hang out with Jon Gosselin!” OMG! NeNe Leakes, you uneducated genius, you! Somebody get her an agent, STAT!

  4. Tess says:

    NeNe’s jumped the shark.

    She was more fun in the first half of her 15 minutes.

  5. GatsbyGal says:

    Haha, oh wow, I’m really hoping they run into each other at some sort of event and she beats his head in with one of her high heels. Am I a bad person for wishing this?

  6. Praise St. Angie! says:

    the best he could do was a couple of “fat” jokes?

    the last resort of someone who’s got nothing…no argument, no defense…just call ’em fat, that’ll get ’em!

  7. Kaiser says:

    Jaybird – Right? You are the toxic parrot of my unfair fishbowl.

  8. Sumodo says:

    All this talk about “Toxic Parrot” put this ad up on Celebitchy.com: How To Train Your Parrot
    Turn Your Parrot Into A Happy, Playful Bird In Less Than 15 Days

  9. JayBird says:

    I have an ad for internet smoked salmon!

    I don’t think the ads understand what kind of fish we’re talking about.

  10. anna says:

    Toxic Parrot goes DOWN! Nene, you are awesome.

  11. rinaz says:

    I just saw the comment about her in youtube, saying that she was being crass and uneducated.

    Being in Italy, I’ve never seen “Real housewives” before. Regardless, I have love for her after seeing this clip anyway 🙂

  12. Sumodo says:

    @jaybird Bwah-haha. NeNe is ready for sub-prime time. She should stay on that show. I can’t wait for her to call the Octomom a “toxic parrot heffer.”

  13. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    I haven’t a clue who this woman is but she makes a valid point.

    And you can tell me it’s ‘parent’ all the live-long day but I can only hear ‘parrot’.

  14. Jeri says:

    I’m glad she got the “DADDY” to show his true colors – he’s a lying s–ka-s skant trying to live off his daughter. Pay your child support. creep.

  15. icky says:

    Wow..Michael Lohan is a scumbag – yuck

  16. wow says:

    Nene don’t have any room too talk. She’s nothing more than an over grown adult bully. That’s sadder than Michael Lohan saying he wants to help his druggie daughter.

    Sit down somewhere Nene. Your previous shine has worn off.

  17. Cinderella says:

    I want to like NeNe as much as I did during season one, but her mouth gets way ahead of her. She makes some valid points, but she loses me when she hysterically starts yapping over her opponent.

    It would be far more entertaining to watch her keep her cool while having a verbal exchange. With her great one-liners, she’d still win but look all the better.

  18. birdie says:

    Vaguely on topic (mostly not) … I saw Anderson Cooper yesterday in the meatpacking district having lunch with a very attractive dark haired man.

  19. Sigh. says:

    Toxic Parrot – it stays.

  20. NIKKI says:

    at NeNe: And YOU are toxic to Black women!

  21. Mrs. Kalifornia says:

    Nene has a valid point, but I liked her more before. Something has changed. I sense a note of despair; she does not want this all to end. So, her actions are not an genuine as they once were.

  22. Blondie says:

    One of my favorite RHOA moments was after Sheree pulled Kim’s wig and Michael Lohan tried to pull Kim away (still not sure what he was doing there) and NeNe said “ummm, excuse me. LINDSEY LOHAN’S DAD!!! You have nothing to do with this.” LMAO He’s not even worth learning his name!

  23. lottaluvin says:

    Being that one of the many languages I speak is ebonics, I clearly understood NeNe when she said toxic parent. And while I believe Michael is a lousy father, NeNe has made a persona for herself by bullying people and out shouting them. She has zero class and she continually perpetuates the stereotype that all black women are crass loudmouths with no education and no concept on how to speak english correctly. She disgusts me..

  24. Neelyo says:

    Nene has suffering the fate of all reality stars. She’s trying to extend her fifteen minutes by doing anything and everything to see what sticks.

    She was entertaining in the first season because she was being natural. Now, she knows she’s on camera, she has fans and worst of all, I’m sure she has a management team telling her what to do.

    That said, I hope Michael Lohan goes away before she does.

  25. Paul Stanley says:

    Nene has no clue as to what she’s talking about. Michael Lohan was not around for a lot of Lindsays upbringing. It is Dina who is toxic for Lindsey. She is the one who raised Lindsey and is in complete denial of what her daughter is involved in. Because if she puts Lindsay away for treatment. Then who will take her underage daughter to all the night clubs to have her picture taken and get her name out? Nene needs to keep her mouth shut.

  26. Firestarter says:

    @Paul Stanley- Glad to see you out and about while Kiss isn’t touring,. Anywho, Michael does not need to get on tv and talk about Lindsay’s problems. He could do it privately. They are BOTH toxic parents. Neither one has ever done anything with their children in mind. It has always been about keeping the kids and themselves in the lime light. Hard for Michael to have been around anyway when he was in prison. He is just as bad as Dina.

  27. andrea says:

    holy crap, that was sumthin. your fat ass? this guy is sleazetastic. also, if i were a walking obit hurtling towards rock bottom, i can’t think of anything that would be more helpful than my father going on tv and telling a “real housewife” to go promote nutrisystem. CLASSY!

  28. nene's bestie says:

    i dont care what nobody says…I LOVE NENE!!! i also like lisa, shes real cool…

  29. thepickle says:

    I got bird diaper flight suits for an ad. ?

  30. Blondie says:

    Nene has suffering the fate of all reality stars. She’s trying to extend her fifteen minutes by doing anything and everything to see what sticks.
    I would too! She went on TV in the first place to BECOME a celebrity. Of course she wants to stay relevant.

  31. crash2GO2 says:

    Oh lovely. Screaming at people really convinces the other person that you are right.

  32. TwinkleToes says:

    A busted Gayle King.

  33. QB says:

    Nene needs to stay in the media because Bravo is paying her lease after she got evicted , if she does not make a show out of herself bravo could cut her out of the show and she will be homeless since she apparently blew her money away , she is not selling any books and her husband is jobless.

  34. hmm says:

    Last time I checked Nene couldn’t even keep her son in college or pay her bills, so perhaps she’s not the best representative of being a responsible parent. I have to admit that last season she came across as the most down to earth of the group (not saying much) but this season she has turned into a bully.

  35. Blondie says:

    People are so judgmental. Get over yourselves. Bravo edited the show to make NeNe look like a bully, Sheree look like a bitch, Kim look like a pathological liar, Lisa look down-to-earth, and Kandi look like a cry baby. So, don’t think that by watching the show you know about any of them or their personal lives. Her son DROPPED out of college…it happens. Doesn’t make her a bad parent. And I doubt she’s broke. She’s paid for the show, guest appearances, her book, etc. I’m sure she doesn’t do anything for free. As well she shouldn’t. She’s not Angelina Jolie, but she’s a known reality TV star. I’d love to see her with her own talk show!

  36. gg says:

    ROTFL at the Paul Stanley crack. 😆

  37. Nicole McCormick says:

    NeNe is correct, if he loves his daughter talk to her about her problems not the whole world. I also think NeNe could have her own show, she is the show. She demands respect and is always entertaining. I watch to see what she will say next! That’s television, being entertained by a strong woman who likes to speak her mind and makes people smile and laugh. Bravo NeNe, you are the party…so don’t worry about that Tardy for the Party song..it doesn’t start until you arrive.

  38. Jazz says:

    They are both toxic parrots! I’d love to see Nancy Grace tear Michael Lohan a new one.

  39. Firestarter says:

    hmm- Well when someone is 18, they can make their own decisions whether or not to stay in college. Her son dropped out, and unlike when he was a minor, she cannot make him stay, so that hardly makes her a bad parent. She obviously was able to keep him in high school or he wouldn’t have been able to even go to college in the first place.

    I quit college the 2nd semester of my JUNIOR year and went back, on my own a few years later. My parents are hardly poor examples just because I CHOSE to leave.

  40. original kate says:

    i hope someday they meet and nene snaps him like the honkey twig he is.

  41. Bambi says:

    Ever since the beginning of Michael Lohan’s “Lindsay Needs Help” tour, I’ve gotten the sense that he’s mostly interested in establishing a media image of a concerned parent / parrot.

    So that if things take a turn for the worse in Lindsay’s life, he can point to his public record of good intentions.

    It surprises me that Michael Lohan, a self-styled drug abuse counselor, appears to believe that coercing or pressuring an addict into treatment will lead to a successful recovery.

    It’s axiomatic that addicts aren’t going to get help until they can’t function physically, emotionally or professionally (and sometimes not even then).

    I’ve never heard of an addict taking it upon themselves to quit using because it was making their dad really upset.

    I guess Michael Lohan missed the class about the role of personal responsibility and self-motivation in recovery when he was training for his drug counseling job.

  42. Cheyenne says:

    Toxic parrots and gerbils of doom… what a zoo this blog is turning into. 🙂