“Alec Baldwin worries he might kill skinny Renee Zellwegger” morning links

elle women in hollywood 201009

Alec Baldwin would “kill” Renee Zellwegger for being so skinny [The Blemish]
Lil’ Wayne Pleads Guilty to Gun Charges; Jail Sentence Likely [PopEater]
Salma Hayek admits to doing something highly illegal (automatic video) [Television.AOL.com]
Quentin Tarantino reveals love for romantic period pieces [Moviefone]
– http://www.cityrag.com/main/2009/10/15-halloween-bongs.html [Cityrag]
Matthew McConaughey & Camila Alves have a date night [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Kristen Bell is too adorable at the Fall 2009 Denim Tour with Lucky Magazine [MoeJackson]
Elizabeth Hurley Is Pink For Estee Lauder [Hollywood Rag]
– Wow, Russell Brand is really trying to woo Katy Perry – he got her a visit from a robot petting zoo for her birthday[Agent Bedhead]
– Which Reality Star Wets the Bed? [Defamer]
– Didn’t Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Used to Be Sisters? [Evil Beet]
– Miss Saigon is coming to the big screen [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
Mike Fisher is Carrie Underwood Boyfriend and NHL Star [Bitten and Bound]
– 10 Videos Of Dogs Trying To Escape Blankets [Best Week Ever]
Whitney Houston kills in Italy! [PopBytes]

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13 Responses to ““Alec Baldwin worries he might kill skinny Renee Zellwegger” morning links”

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  1. Sumodo says:

    Oh, I can TOTALLY SEE a romcom starring the Bloviator and Squinty. Like THAT’S gonna happen. I don’t care if he said he’d break Klohole (typo stays) Kardashian, dude is big and funny.

  2. GatsbyGal says:

    He’s gonna kill her, then he’s going to eat her.

  3. mollination says:

    I dont want Lil wayne to go to jail.

    And I have a question – I don’t want it to sound hostile since it’s over the internet, but what is this trend with the “typo stays” thing? Doesn’t it take longer to write “typo stays” than just correct the typo? Or is their an inside joke I don’t get?

    I am seriously not being hostile, I really hope that’s clear.

  4. Firestarter says:

    @Mollination- I don’t know why, but your comment about not wanting Lil Wayne to go to jail made me spit out my See’s candy all over the place. First coffee earlier, now my See’s.

  5. TwinkleToes says:

    Mollination, I think another blogger, MK started that trend of the typed Freudian slip. *Fee Fi Fo Fum*. That was great in the other thread.

    Baldwin is back on the booze! That fair skin of his just gives him away. The bloat betrays him. So we have Lohan, O’Donnel and Baldwin getting hit with the drunkies. Must be the Long Island water supply.

  6. mollination says:

    Ohhh okay – I get it. Thanks!

    And firestarter – I’d rather be responsible for candies shooting around your cubicle than hot cofee. Ouch! :]

  7. Kathie says:

    Gatsby Gal..am still laughiing so hard it hurts!! *picturing Alex as Fat Bastard* “Come here Renee and get in meh belly” lol to death!

  8. Jerseys says:

    Gatsby Gal..am still laughiing so hard it hurts!! *picturing Alex as Fat Bastard* “Come here Renee and get in meh belly” lol to death!

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