A flattering dress, sunglasses that look expensive and a leave-in detangler

From CB: I got the Fruit of The Loom sports bras Hecate featured recently and chose the version with the double straps and gathered front. They were under $7 for three and are excellent. As I mentioned, I own the straight-front version, I bought them a year ago and still wear them. They’re fine for me to work out in but I’m small chested, so they might not be suited for you if you need more support. I also ordered a size up. Here are some more things Hecate and I are looking at on Amazon.

An adjustable travel makeup bag you’ll want to use at home

From CB: This adjustable large makeup bag by Relavel has so many compartments and pockets for makeup, brushes, skincare and more. I am considering buying it just to store my makeup at home. This is the marble version and comes in both white and black versions. This has over 3,800 ratings, 4.7 stars and a B on Fakespot. Reviewers love that it stores so much and say that it’s convenient and easy to clean. “First, let me just say that the outer layer of this bag is absolutely gorgeous! It’s elegant and can be cleaned easily. Second, although this bag may not look it from the outside, it actually is quite spacious and organizable and I was able to fit all of my makeup in. I loved the organization and format of this bag. The dividers can be moved around to create the space necessary, which is a big help for someone like me with a large makeup collection.” “I don’t use this for travelling but for storage. I had all my makeup products on my bathroom counter top and it was just too much. I went ahead read reviews and bought this amazing bag. It works really well, my bathroom counter looks so neat because all my makeup is in this bag.”

A flattering faux wrap dress that will be your go-to this summer

From CB: Wrap dresses are my go-to in the summer as they’re so easy but make you look put together. This faux wrap dress by Berydress comes in 40 different colors and patterns and in sizes small to x-large, all under $31. It has over 8,700 ratings, 4.2 stars and a B on Fakespot, which is excellent for clothing. Reviewers say that it’s very flattering and comfortable and many have bought this dress in several colors. “I ordered this dress in black and burgundy for an upcoming cruise. The dress fit wonderfully and is very flattering. I carry my excess weight in my belly and the cut and style of this dress helped hide my belly!! I feel very attractive when I put it on. The material seems to resist wrinkling which is a huge plus.” “This dress was beyond flattering. I wore it to a barbecue and felt confident in it. I will be wearing it to work and other events too. It can be dressed up or down.” “I got so many compliments on this dress! It was comfortable and flattering.”

Inexpensive polarized sunglasses that look high end

From CB: These polarized sunglasses look expensive and come in 11 different patterns and lenses, all under $15. They have almost 24,000 ratings, 4.5 stars and a B on Fakespot. Reviewers love them and say they’re flattering and work well to block the sun. “I absolutely love these glasses!!! They aren’t too big where they are overpowering and they flatter every head shape. I love them because they never get stuck in my hair and the metal earpieces fit perfectly and comfortably around my ears. Also, they actually to a great job blocking out the sun.” “I am blown away by the quality. The glasses are very sturdy and the plastic is thick. I have a large head, so a lot of sunglasses squeeze the sides of my head because they are too small. Not these ones! They fit perfect.”

Vibrant eyeliner that transforms your look

From Hecate: Although I rarely wear makeup, I have so many eyeliners. Most of them are in the neutrals, but since jewel tones are coming back in style, I’m stocking up. These NYX liners are on sale this week, I can do just that. Fortunately for me, it’s smudge proof. Fortunately for the world, it’s cruelty free, so we can feel good about buying them. With over two dozen colors to choose from between $7-8 (normally$9). They have 4.3 stars on Amazon with over 4,000 reviews and an A on Fakespot. Not only are they pretty, they’re versatile, “You can get the bolder, crisp, more dramatic look or smudge it for a softer, more subtle look. Staying power is good.” Many customers say these beat everyone else, “All NYX Epic Wear eyeliners are super long lasting. I’ve tried many and these outweigh the rest for sure.” There’s back and forth about sharpening. Final verdict: you can sharpen these, just use the small sharpener setting.

A leave in detangler with gentle ingredients suitable for kids

From Hecate: Buzzfeed has been promoting a lot of baby products lately, including detanglers. No matter how many baths you give your kids, their hair always ends up tangled or with stuff in it. Detanglers allow a comb to get through it tear-free. They can also be used for the whole family. Babo Botanicals is plant-based and hypoallergenic. It has 4.3 stars from almost 800 reviews and an A on Fakespot. And it’s just over $13 for 8 full ounces. People said it didn’t take much, “I really enjoyed this product, and the smell is so lovely!! I just needed to use a few spritz on my hair and it worked amazing for me.” And it’s not greasy, “Really works to detangle and doesn’t grease up her hair (a little goes a long way).” Some comments complained about the smell but the company has recently switched back to their original scent and that’s no longer an issue.

A cute yoga shirt that’s so versatile

From Hecate: I’ve gone back to the gym. To reward myself for sticking to it, I bought some new workout clothes. I like these tops for a couple of reasons: 1) they flow, so I’m not self conscious about my midsection 2) they have an open back so they show off my cute sports bras and 3) they have some great colors. I only got the white, but this week they are on sale for $19 a piece so I might stock up. And Amazon’s offering a 10% coupon. They come sized xs – xxl and are machine washable on cold. They have over 10,000 reviews, with 4.4 stars that ReviewMeta confirmed. You get more than you’re paying for, “The material doesn’t feel cheap and it fits nicely.” Some loved it some much, they couldn’t get enough, “I purchased the green one and its so comfortable and breathable that I purchased the remaining colors the next day.”

A rechargeable misting fan ​for summer comfort

From Hecate: Misting fans are growing in popularity in my area. But they’re expensive and look like they take a lot of water. But I know they work so well, so it’s hard to resist. That’s why these handheld misters are so attractive. They’re affordable, even more so this week because they’re on sale for $25. They’re smaller and rechargeable, so they’ll use less energy and less water. And you can take them with you to places you might end up really needing a cool source like hikes, camping and the beach. It operates with a single button push and the arm folds so you can rest it on a surface. It comes in white, black and blue and has over 4,000 reviews on Amazon with 4.5 stars on ReviewMeta. Customers who bought it say it’s well worth the asking price, “I can’t believe how great it works for the money. It’s worth twice what they’re asking. The fan is quiet and well balanced (part of the reason it’s so quiet).” It also comes with a light, “Additional features I loved were how it folded to make it more compact AND the lights feature. It seems a little unnecessary but with kids it makes it more fun.”

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  1. Lucy says:

    I got the fruit of the loom bras and they’re wonderful! I got the $7 pack too, might get more!

  2. Kaye says:

    I don’t buy these items with any regularity, but I love reading about them, and I hope you keep doing the posts. I read not only the main post but all the comments, and I keep mental lists of things I will buy when I can.

  3. Liz Version 700 says:

    Those dresses are adorable!!! I may have to grab a couple lol.

  4. Christine says:

    I got the sports bras with the straight front awhile ago. They are so comfy wearing around the house when you definitely don’t want to wear a bra but need something. I’ve started wearing them in lieu of a tank top when I wear tops that need one underneath. I don’t think they’re supportive enough to work out in them but I have doubled them up in a pinch to do a light workout.

    I looked at the review pics of the wrap dress and it looks really good on women of different sizes. I’ve been struggling to find dresses lately that fit me on top and don’t hit that weird mid-calf length that makes me look shorter than I already do. I like that it can look both dressy and casual – will definitely be ordering one to try out!

    Also, I accidentally sat on and cracked my sunglasses when I got in my car this morning so this post may be a sign that I needed new ones anyway.

  5. tealily says:

    I love this colorful eyeliner trend. I just ordered a couple yesterday (for way more money than these) or I would be so on these! Bookmarking for later.

  6. Gah says:

    I love these posts even tho I’m trying to buy less in general and less from Amazon.

    You always spot the stuff I happen to need just to make life a little easier and or sweeter (def getting the detangling spray and the makeup bag).

  7. Fig says:

    I’m trying not to buy so much from Amazon but I love reading these posts!

  8. Hannalore says:

    Since detangling is a hot topic for almost everyone with hair, I’ll share my beauty secret with you: for almost a year now, I have not used a brush or a comb. I‘ll just run my fingers through my hair while it’s wet and has some type of conditioner or detangler in it. I feel like that way, if I have any knots, I can gently part the hair with my fingers instead of pulling through with a brush. My hair is thick and wavy, so I have no idea how that translates to all the other hair types, but would absolutely recommend it for those with horse hair like me.