Chris Evans: Sam Wilson, Anthony Mackie, is Captain America now

I know a lot of people are underwhelmed with Marvel’s phase four. I don’t think they’ve hit it out of the park with everything, but the miniseries dealt with important issues outside the superhero stories. WandaVision was arguably the best and its commentary on grief was unlike anything I’ve seen in popcorn fare. I liked Falcon and Winter Soldier, but I recognize it was not a favorite. However, their multi-faceted approach to how racism would factor into a superhero reality was interesting. And prophetic, apparently. Over the weekend, The Hollywood Reporter posted a series of tweets announcing that the next Captain America movie had found its director, Julius Onah, which is great news. But in an effort for clicks, THR ‘playfully’ threw around some theories. They hinted that nobody knew if former Captain A, Chris Evans, would make a cameo. Then they referenced Falcon and Winter Solider’s storyline, cheekily saying, “though if the question of who is entitled to carry the shield continues, all bets are off.” It was a dumb thing to print, no matter how it was intended. Not only did FaWS deal with why this was a dumb thing to say, Sam Wilson actor, Anthony Mackie, has a big job of winning Marvel fans over by becoming Captain America (even though it’s canon that Sam is the successor) and doesn’t need crap from publications like THR fueling the fire. That’s when Chris E. entered the conversation. He replied to THR that there is only one Captain A and his name is Sam Wilson.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe may not be big enough for two Captain Americas — and Chris Evans is more than happy to hand off his shield.

On Saturday, the actor — who played the original Captain America, Steve Rogers, from 2011 to 2019 — made it clear in a tweet that it’s Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson who can now rightfully claim the title. The character, once known as Falcon, took on the Captain America mantle during last year’s Disney+ series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

“Sam Wilson is Captain America,” Evans, 41, tweeted in response to The Hollywood Reporter’s post speculating as to whether he would reprise his role in a fourth Captain America film that filmmaker Julius Onah is set to direct, with Mackie starring. “If the question of who is entitled to carry the shield continues, all bets are off,” the publication mused.

In addition to backing Mackie/Wilson, Evan’s tweet also seemed to suggest that he won’t make an appearance in the latest installment, co-written by Falcon and the Winter Soldier head writer Malcolm Spellman.

[From Yahoo]

I double checked and Anthony still has a Twitter account, although he hasn’t posted anything in almost a year. I’m sure someone has brought this to his attention. The fact that Chris had his back will not surprise him, though. Not just because they’re friends, but because this is who Chris is. Even if this was a Spider-man: No Way Home deflection tactic about Chris’ involvement, it doesn’t change the fact that Sam took that shield and put on the suit, so he is Cap. If Chris cameos, and I honestly don’t think he will, it might be a flashback or an advisory thing, like when he handed Sam the shield at the end of Endgame. I’m not mad at people adoring Chris and loving him in the role of Cap. I did too. But it’s Anthony’s now. And it’s a big deal for Marvel to continue that story with Sam taking on the role, giving us another high-profile Black superhero. It’s even more important now that we know Steve Rogers has Sam’s back both on and off the screen.

I’m also pleased Chris shut this down because the news that got lost in this gaffe if that Nigerian director Julius Onah is taking on a Marvel project. He isn’t a well-known name yet, but he has some very interesting shorts and independent projects and this is a fascinating choice for the next Captain America movie. Julius directing Mackie should have been the takeaway but no, THR couldn’t help themselves. And then they legit tried to post a “we were misquoted” non-apology:

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  1. Alice says:

    I doubt anyone loves Evans’ Cap more than I do. I really do. But that’s done. And I’m actually glad, stories need to have an ending. Otherwise they drag on too long and it doesn’t work out well. It can even ruin what came before.

    For me now, Anthony Mackie IS Captain America. And I absolutely loved that Steve Rogers handed him the shield. I truly feel Mackie has only just begun making Cap his own.

    Hollywood Reporter made fools of themselves, honestly. Their tweets were so convoluted, I was like wtf?

    • goofpuff says:

      Agreed. AM is Captain America. I love that the Marvel Stories have some progression. The superheroes grow and change and things feel more dynamic than the same 500th Superman or Batman movie from DC.

    • The Recluse says:

      I was thrilled when it was ‘announced’ at the end of the Falcon and Winter Soldier series that, yes, Sam Wilson WAS GOING TO BE THE NEXT CAPTAIN AMERICA.
      I’m looking forward to see him and Sebastian Stan take their characters forward.
      Chris Evans is so cool.

  2. HeyKay says:

    Chris Evans did the right thing with his tweet.
    THR mishandled this. Period.

    Btw, Chris Evans + Dodger = My favorite Chris. 😀
    Chris Pine is very close too.
    Chris Pratt, nope. Hard Pass.

    • North of Boston says:


      Also, no one will ever convince me that Evans isn’t cosplaying Dodger in that cosy multi-Dodger colored sweater

  3. Ameerah says:

    It took them 7 hours after Chris’ tweet to post that non-apology. This is just a sneak peek into the micro-aggressions that both Anthony Mackie and Black Cap/Marvel fans will have to deal with. It will get worse once the movie is in production and released.

  4. North of Boston says:

    It’s not quite the same thing, since this is a media outlet and not the TPTB speculating for kkklicks while dissing a black actor/character, but this reminds me of when Fox TV and the Sleepy Hollow team posted a tweet or poll like ‘who should be Sleepy Hollow’s leading lady?’

    And people were like WTF dudes! Nicole Beharie IS RIGHT THERE! At the top of the credits with the white British guy! Why are you making polls about this like she isn’t?

    • Alice says:

      The way I loved Sleepy Hollow’s first season. I forgot about this. It’s not a mistake or a idiot tweeting convoluted nonsense. I didn’t even realize that.

      • kgeo says:

        There was too much other stuff to watch at the time, so I only watched an episode or two of sleepy hollow, but uh, it was very obvious that Nicole Beharie was the leading lady. IMO, from the two episodes I watched, she was the lead.

    • Malificent says:

      Yeah, loved the first season. Nicole Beharie knocked it out of the park. But then the fanboys crawled out of the primordial ooze in their mother’s basement, clutching their pearls….

    • AmelieOriginal says:

      Poor Nicole Beharie. I watched the first season of Sleepy Hollow and I think most of the second season but then I lost interest. Nicole left the show after the third season (there were 4 seasons) and I think she was dealing with health issues while on the show and the production forced her to work through her health struggles but allowed her white male costar Tom Mison to go home to the UK for a month to rest. She was killed off the show and labeled “difficult” and blacklisted by the industry. The audience loved her character and the show suffered without her after they tried to retool it for season 4 without her. Maybe there were other issues but seeing as how the show also got rid of another black actor, Orlando Jones, early on, they didn’t have the best track record in the way they handled their black characters.

    • Imara219 says:

      Yay a fellow Sleepy Hallow fan! Listen I loved that show Nicohle was the lead female co-star and her chemistry was off the charts. It was clear that angered some people and instead of leaning into relationships already established they decided to lesson Nichole try to find a Black woman side kick who shines a little bit duller and then force Ichabod to be with his worth wife becsie she was the right color but lacked all leading star appeal. Hot mess indeed

  5. phaedra7 says:

    Uh, is someone an Undercover Conservative at THR there? IMPHO, if MARVEL (the corporation that owns the character and the franchises) says that Anthony is Cap, who in the HELL is this publication to remark otherwise? 🤷🏽‍♀️ #DAMNING! 🤬

    • North of Boston says:

      Not a “Conservative”

      A bigot or a racist maybe.

      • harpervalleypta says:

        Or someone who wants to get support of the bigots or racists. “I’m not racist! I’m just driving engagement!”

        If you use racist/bigoted framing, you’re a racist/bigot. Sorry/not sorry.

  6. Amy Bee says:

    What THR did was dumb and thoughtless.

  7. Esmerelda says:

    Are Marvel movies still a thing? I feel they’re kind of spent, as a cultural force.
    I’m sorry for Mackie, getting the high profile role right when a significant percentage of the audience has lost interest.

    • Merricat says:

      Lol. Anthony Mackie as Captain America is a cultural watershed moment.

    • North of Boston says:

      “… a significant percentage of the audience has lost interest…”

      Hmm …

      (checks streaming rankings and 2021, 2022 YTD worldwide box office figures with multiple Marvel titles in the top 10)

      … one could debate about the creative direction of some of the Phase 4 stuff but there absolutely seems to still be enormous interest in Marvel’s projects and people willing to line up or sign up to watch them.

    • Dutch says:

      Wow. Giving THR a run for their money in the land of boneheaded hot takes.

    • abby says:

      I dunno, I’ve spent all year watching all of them because I didn’t really care until some of the movies that have come out recently. I promised my husband I’d watch them all, and it’s quite an undertaking. I still have 7 more to go, and haven’t even started on the TV shows. I can see why so many people like them now, and I enjoy them a lot more than I thought I would, especially the more recent ones like Thor Ragnarok.

      It feels like it’s still a thing???

    • The Recluse says:

      Considering how well the latest Thor movie is doing and how much many of us are looking forward to Wakanda Forever and the next Antman film, yeah, they’re still a thing.

    • megs283 says:

      uhhh. yes. It’s a thing. And not just with elder millennials. My middle school students are VERY passionate about the Marvel Universe.

  8. BlueSky says:

    The way they keep trying to erase AM from this is not lost on anyone.. THR is trash for doing this and I’m glad CE shut that down. “We weren’t clear” b@tch, yes you were! Read the room!

    • North of Boston says:

      Yeah, Marvel was like … if anyone missed that scene in Endgame, or thought they could spin it, or yeah but it, or that we weren’t serious that AM is CA now … we’re going to do an entire Disney+ series to underscore the point and say it clearly:

      Sam Wilson IS Captain America
      Anthony Mackie IS Captain America

  9. SarahCS says:

    Just in case there wasn’t enough racism floating around it was nice of THR to throw some more into the ring. It’s not like there’s a mile wide trail of actors of colour having a terrible time dealing with the ‘fans’ of these franchises.

    I really enjoyed TFATWS and ended up watching it twice. I like the evolution of the superhero films to start looking more at the consequences of actions and ditching the clear cut good/evil narrative. I was late to the Wandavision party and only watched it after I read that it wasn’t all set in different tv worlds and I’m so glad I did. Hawkeye was better than I expected and Loki was delightful weirdness (the presence of Richard E Grant and Croki almost pushes it to the top of my preferred list, plus knowing that they made Sylvie’s costume so that she could breastfeed while wearing it – INCLUSION).

    • America Chavez says:

      It’s sort of a shame because FATWS did such a good job of building to Sam officially taking up the title of Captain America, how he struggled with it, how his experience and the experience of African Americans in general was going to inform his version of this superhero, but people without Disney+ didnt get to watch it. It’s going to be significantly different seeing CA4 without watching that show first versus having watched it.

      • MsIam says:

        I’m guessing they will promote the show again in advance of the movie. Disney+ has a lot more subscribers now than they did when the show first premiered and a repromote will attract even more, even if they only stay a few months. FATWS was awesome to me and the episodes covering the racial struggles were some of the most moving episodes. Of course the dude bros don’t like that but F them. I’m looking forward to the movie!

      • Imara219 says:

        America Chavez, yep and remember it was meant to be the first post Avengers property but Covid messed up filming schedule and it premiered after WandaVision. I think the knowledge it was meant to be first in the new phase demonstrates key themes for this new phase.

  10. girl_ninja says:

    “though if the question of who is entitled to carry the shield continues, all bets are off.” Is such a sh*t thing to tweet. They did it for clicks and are straight up racist for it. I love that Chris spoke up and had Anthony’s back. I love my Chris Evans…and really want to pet Dodger.

  11. ME says:

    Anthony Mackie has always reminded me so much of Will Smith. Their voices are so alike, the way they move, just everything. If they ever make a movie about Will Smith’s life, Anthony has to play him, no doubt.

  12. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Ah, maybe I’ll start liking that character now lol. He’s like a male Mary Poppins, “Practically perfect in every way.” I always wanted to do something different with that spoonful of sugar. Anywho, I like the move.