Lady Gaga has an invisible shield that protects her from objects thrown on stage

Lady Gaga is back on tour with The Chromatica Ball. The tour was originally scheduled for summer 2020, but was postponed and finally began this summer. It’s Gaga’s first big tour since 2018 and fans are probably really excited to see her live after so long. They waited two years and then had to wait another unexpected two years! They were so excited, they threw stuff at the stage… Stuff that mysteriously stopped and dropped in mid-air, almost like there was an invisible force field protecting her.

You know Lady Gaga โ€” Mother Monster, choreo queen, mic-is-always-on LADY GAGA.

Well, she returned to the stage this week for her long-delayed Chromatica Ball. The show seems amazing, and is receiving rave reviews.

And she’s going viral after a fan threw something at her onstage, and she rejected it with a seemingly invisible force field??!!?!!

That’s right, Twitter user @noah3020 caught the moment and shared it, where it got 3.5 million views!

Literally, someone threw something at Gaga…

…and it was immediately BLOCKED by some type of invisible force field.

[From Yahoo Life]

I watched the video a few times and the item thrown looked like it was some sort of fabric, so it makes sense that it lost momentum and fell before reaching her. But it does stop and drop so abruptly that I wondered if there was some kind clear netting or barrier that just wasn’t discernible in the cell phone video. I get being excited, but I don’t get throwing things. Why do people do it? Do they just want their stuff to get near the artist, are they trying to get a reaction, or do they just not know how to act? Kid Cudi walked off the stage at Rolling Loud this weekend because people kept throwing stuff at the stage and he got hit in the face with a bottle. When I used to go to concerts in New York (it’s been a while) plastic water bottles weren’t even allowed unless they were emptied before entering the venue, including huge venues where there was no chance of them getting near the stage. Throwing stuff is dangerous and someone could get really hurt if they get hit hard with a bottle.

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  1. SAS says:

    They want their extremely special offering to be recognised by their idol in front of 50 000 so they can receive a millisecond of fame.

    If itโ€™s netting, this is a genius idea. How awful to have to cope with things being thrown at you. I know itโ€™s gone on as long as thereโ€™s been concerts but (old person incoming) just enjoy the damn music!

  2. Div says:

    It’s probably clear netting-glass might distort the sound. And it’s a good idea…I wish I could remember who it was but a big singer got hit in the corner of their eye a few years back. Luckily, they were fine. But it’s not like security can do that much sometimes when it comes to stuff like that, unless they ban all water bottles. Anyway, it’s not only rude but dangerous to throw sh*t on stage and I wish people would stop. I felt bad for Cudi and Rolling Loud.

    • VIV says:

      It is a good idea. Shows like hers with a lot of choreography also have high potential for dancers tripping over random objects or having to pause the show to clean the stage. Why would you want to break the flow of the show like that?

  3. lucy2 says:

    I don’t understand throwing stuff on stage, it’s dangerous for everyone up there. This is probably a fine netting, and it’s sadly necessary and should be up there for all performers.

    • HeyJude says:

      Yes seriously IDK who needs to hear this if it’s the TikTok prank generation or what but STOP THROWING STUFF ON STAGE losers. Big artists will just stop touring over this kind of dumb shit, it’s an entire thing where people become a non-touring band/singer.

    • Tiffany:) says:

      I think for Gaga, there is probably a lot of fan-art or gifts that they are trying to get to her. But it is still dangerous!

      Stages are very active places where people, heavy sets, and machinery all move in very specific and planned movements. I’ve seen dancers get hurt because a lock on a floor wasn’t pushed all the way in, etc. Throwing things on stage is never good, even if it is meant as a “gift”.

  4. snappyfish says:

    Come on everyone, there was no netting…Gaga is…magical. Seriously though, there was a very conservative uptight woman who lived near my grandmother. One morning at sunday brunch my grandmother informed us that our neighbor was arrested the night before at the Cap Center for throwing herself on the stage in front of Elvis. People do really weird things to get noticed in a crowd

  5. whatWHAT? says:

    why not just go full “Bob’s Country Bunker” and use chicken wire fencing?

    I was at a Blind Melon show (shut up, I’m old!) and someone threw a bottle that hit Shannon Hoon (RIP) in the face and he cut the show short after about 45 minutes. Everyone was pissed but I DO NOT blame him at all. being hit is bad enough but as noted above, when you have a lot of complicated choreography, it’s even more important to have the stage floor cleared.

    • Valerie says:

      Yeah, or even if you’re someone who paces a lot and makes use of the stage, like Alanis. Just to add to the ’90s-ness of your comment, haha. I just saw her on Sunday, and she was all over the stage, the way she used to be! And with her light show being what it is at times, it would be easy to miss an object and trip over it.

  6. Valerie says:

    I’ve never been to a concert where people have thrown stuff onstage, but I do not get doing that at all! I know it’s been a thing since time immemorial, but as a performer, I would not appreciate it. It would freak me out.

    That’s why I think Stevie Nicks had the right idea with the Edge walk. I know that not every performer can do that, but I think it was a solid solution. People knew that they had an opportunity to give her their letters and gifts, and they didn’t have to resort to chucking stuff over people’s heads.

    Cyndi Lauper used to go into the audience and get stuff handed to her then too. She’d go out to sing and often return to the stage with a bouquet flowers!