Shakira in Rolling Stone: “my body is asking to reproduce”

Is Shakira crazy in a very pleasantly eccentric way? That’s how she comes across to me sometimes, and I’ve began to have quite a bit of affection for her. I’m not the only one either – Shakira has sold 50 million records worldwide, and she’s currently releasing her third English album She-Wolf. Thus, Shakira appears on the new issue of Rolling Stone to promote her wolfiness and talk babies (pro) and marriage (against). First – the cover image. I like it generally, she looks lovely. But that cleavage is photoshopped, right? When I’ve seen her perform, she’s never quite so… boobtastic. And while they maximized her cleavage, her hips (that don’t lie) look minimized. Why would Rolling Stone do that? She’s got lovely hips! Not every woman needs to have the hips of a ten year old boy!

Unlike most women, Shakira is willing to let her body go. In fact, the 5-foot-2 Colombian “She Wolf” singer, 32, says she’s looking forward to it — if it means she’ll become a mom.

“My body feels like it is asking to reproduce, to have a huge belly and carry babies,” she tells the new issue of Rolling Stone, on newsstands today. “My boyfriend is six feet tall, and sometimes I feel like I’m his keychain, a small thing.”

But while the Grammy winner — currently in a nine-year, monogamous relationship with investment banker Antonio de la Rua — has long had a maternal instinct, don’t expect her to walk down the aisle any time soon. It’s something she says she’ll never do.

“We live in a society that represses women’s subconscious dreams,” Shakira, who considers herself a die-hard feminist, says.

“You know, women have to make enormous efforts through life, much larger than men. We deal with so many pressure: the pressure of aesthetics, and how society wants us to deliver our performances as mothers, daughters and wives.”

“It’s funny how the papers want to see you married, and then they want to see you divorced,” she continues. “Well, I won’t do any of it.”

[From Us Weekly]

Aw, I like what she says about babies and marriage. She sounds so cool. I wish she was my little pocket keychain friend. I kind of like this trend among celebrities to eschew marriage, it’s an interesting development that seems to be picking up more steam. Shakira’s right about how the tabloid media would treat her marriage, and the marriage of anyone as famous as her. We would root for her to get married, and then enjoy all of the “Divorce!” stories immediately afterwards.

Shakira is shown on 10/19/09 at the Whitney Gala and on 10/1/09 at a press conference. Credit: Brengola-Diena /

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  1. what says:

    It’s immoral to have kids without getting married.

  2. Sumodo says:

    A nice long maternity hiatus is exactly what she needs since “She Wolf” tanked. Yessireebob.

  3. Firestarter says:

    Well then, maybe her hips shouldn’t lie!

  4. Tazina says:

    A lot of these celebs talk about having babies and then they never have any, like Jennifer Anniston. Quit lying and just don’t say anything…or have the baby already.

  5. Bodhi says:

    I want her to be my pocket friend too! I didn’t know she was 32…

  6. viper says:

    There’s a she-male in the closet
    Open up and set it free
    There’s a she-male in the closet
    Let it out so it can pee

    pant pant

  7. Lenore says:

    What: “It’s immoral to have kids without getting married.”

    You’re funny. :)

    Yeah, that cover image – to quote Lilli Von Shtupp, “Everything below the waist is kaput!” Looks like they just shrank everything below the buttoned-up part of the jacket. I’m guessing her left arm was resting on her hip originally until all that Photoshop air was injected between them.

  8. Cristina says:

    Gross. Gross gross gross

  9. apsutter says:

    Hey what….last time I checked having kids is a personal decision. How is it immoral to have kids withoiut being married? I personally feel it is immoral to get married just because you get pregnant and want a “perfect” little family. Save your lame ass judgements for somewhere else

  10. GatsbyGal says:

    Is it true that she’s only 5 feet tall? That’s what I’ve always heard.

  11. original kate says:

    that is a hideous photograph, and so badly photoshopped. you’d think rolling stone could afford better computer artists than this; i mean, i’m fairly certain shakira’s head isn’t bigger than her hips.

  12. girl says:

    I think what she says about marriage is ridiculous. It doesn’t bother me a bit if she doesn’t want to get married, fine. But to knock the whole institution that has worked for many people for thousands of years is pretty arrogant.

    Not to mention the many, many people around the world who want desparately to be able to participate in that institution. I am going to go ahead and assume that after being in a monogamous relationship with the same person for 9 years, their relationship is probably not that unlike many couple’s marriages. Her words ring a bit hollow.


  13. Samantha says:

    As a self labled “die hard feminist”, I would expect that she didn’t do things such as use her sexy appearance to sell. Which she does…often. Living up to the stereotypes, allowing men (and women) to drool all over her? I don’t know. I mean, if that is the kind of thing she likes to do (as she does it), then go for it. However to claim to be a die hard feminist just because you don’t believe in marriage? A step too far.

  14. pickelhaube says:

    I kinda agree with What…not so much the immoral part, but it is a proven fact that kids who do not have a father in their life have more problems. So the marriage part is not so important really, but if the kid’s father isn’t there, then it IS kind of immoral in the way that you are willingly compromising your child’s future by not having a father in it’s life. Of course, this only applies to women who get pregnant and act like a father is not necessary, I am not talking about single mothers who are widowed, got left, etc. So I see what What is talking about…sort of.

    Anyways, I like Shakira, but I don’t know why she acts like 5’2 is sooo short. Hell, I’m 5’2 and my dad is 6 feet and he doesn’t seem all that tall to me really. WTF?

  15. kim says:

    lol@ kaiserbitchy. Love this site!

  16. ligeia says:

    i think the general idea of feminism is for women to be able to chose what they want to do, not to tell them that they should conform to a certain stereotype. they can be sexy and sweet if they want to, or they can be strict and aggressive or they can be motherly and nurturing or whatever they hell they want to be.
    the cover photo does look photoshopped to hell and back, maybe they have some better images inside?

  17. pickelhaube says:


    I tend to agree with your assessment of feminism, and I probably would be considered a feminist based on some of my opinions, but feminism has such a bad name because of the shrill, uptight, humorless man haters that are (for better or worse) the public’s idea of feminists.

    It’s kinda too bad because I think some aspects of feminism have real merit, and could help counteract the idea today that women are supposed to look good, be good in bed, and that’s it, but what woman wants to be lumped in with those horrid women? Certainly not me, and I don’t appreciate their attitude that since I don’t work and my husband supports me, that I’m just a waste, even though their whole idea is that women have a CHOICE. It’s so ridiculous, really.

  18. AC says:

    her breasts were never that big (unless she’s changed them recently)and her hips were bigger…. WTF Rolling Stone??

    “Lucky that my breasts are small and humble so you don’t confuse them with mountains” is one of her lyrics.

  19. Leigh says:

    She was engaged! Antonio wasn’t her BF he was her fiancee so I don’t get this.

    Maybe she was getting sick and tired of how the media kept asking her when her wedding date would be?

  20. Juice In LA says:

    They definitely photoshopped her- apparently the Ralph Lauren Graphic Designers needed a new gig? About a year or two ago she was in a video with Beyonce where they bother were silhouetted and It was almost impossible to tell them apart. They were the exact same size- booty to boobs.

  21. cmoney says:

    I’ve always really liked her, but recently she has begun to disappoint with using only her sexuality (i.e. the “She-Wolf” video). She is a talented singer, she does not need to resort to using her body like that.

    As far as her having kids outside of marriage, again it is her choice. I don’t think it makes her a horrible person, but I personally believe in marriage. I was married for 4 years before I had a child, I just felt that was right for me. But it’s her life and if she doesn’t believe in the institution of marriage, she doesn’t have to.

    But I don’t believe that not getting married necessarily makes her a “die-hard feminist”, just like having a child out-of-wedlock doesn’t make one a feminist either. There are plenty of feminists who believe wholeheartedly in marriage.

  22. Dexter says:

    Uh, not getting married just because you have a kid doesn’t mean that the father wouldn’t be around. You can live together as a family without that piece of paper.

  23. viper says:

    Shakira is 4’11 guys not 5’2 check out picks of her standing next to Avri lavgine and she’s in heels! The girl is lady gaga size!

  24. linlin says:

    the same Photoshop distortion in ralph lauren ad….maybe they hired the same designer….XD


  25. Larissa says:

    she is photoshoped head to toe.

  26. what says:

    “But to knock the whole institution that has worked for many people for thousands of years is pretty arrogant.”

    Thats funny. Yea, its really working now.

  27. Emily says:

    viper, I remember hearing that she was 4’11 too. I’ve seen pics of her where she was TINY, 5’2 seems too tall for her.

    As for the header, they’ve photoshopped the shit out of her! She’s normally really curvy around her waist/hip region. The boobs I could see being Hollywood tape, but I think they did them too. Apparently you’re not allowed to have hips unless your tits are bigger.

  28. Ana says:

    I think she has said before that she is a b-cup before.

    I wonder if I can pull off the blonde….

  29. I think what “What” said is stupid. It is 2009 and many people have children with out getting married.

    I think its great that she is ready to be mom. I wish the best for her.

  30. TinaWithPom says:

    It’s 2009. Many couples live together, and have children, without needing a frickin’ marriage certificate.

  31. whatever says:

    Just say NO, Shakira. Your genes are born to breed, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone. It’s an 18 yr life sentence if you’re not careful.
    Oh, but wait, you’re rich and can get
    nannies. nevermind, breed away–you lucky bitch.

  32. Luci says:

    love shakira, but she-wolf kinda sucks
    bring back vintage shakira!!