Brad Pitt has ‘seen every season’ of the Great British Pottery Throw Down

Brad Pitt and the cast of Bullet Train are still on the promotional trail. What’s interesting is that Pitt isn’t doing solo appearances anywhere, at least not that I’ve seen? I mean, modern junkets usually pair actors up for interviews, it keeps things breezy and light, so it’s not that notable that Brad is usually surrounded by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Joey King and/or Brian Tyree Henry. Anyway, it was during a joint interview with Brian and Aaron that Brad admitted his secret reality show addiction: The Great Pottery Throw Down.

Brad Pitt is a pottery fanboy! The 58-year-old actor revealed his love for the British series The Great Pottery Throw Down in an interview for that aired on Wednesday, surrounding his new action-comedy Bullet Train.

After costar Brian Tyree Henry professed his love for The Great British Baking Show, Pitt said, “Well, if we’re going that route, I’m going The Great Pottery Throw Down. Seen every season!”

“He cries every [episode],” Henry, 40, said of one of the show’s judges, Keith Brymer Jones.

“He does, it’s beautiful!” agreed Pitt. “He’s so kind. He’s so supportive.”

[From People]

If you watch the video (below), Brad seems surprised that Brian names the Great British Baking Show as one of his favorites and they seem to genuinely bond over their shared love of The Great Pottery Throw Down. I haven’t seen it! It sounds good though. I enjoy the Great British Baking Show because of how quiet and peaceful it is. The contestants are overwhelmingly supportive of one another, the music is soft and pleasant, and it’s basically just “people baking in a tent.” It also strikes me that Brian Tyree Henry just worked with Angelina on The Eternals. I wonder if he has an opinion about any of the Brangelina stuff.

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  1. Jessica Mederson says:

    I’m not a fan of Brad Pitt anymore but I came here to show my support for the Great Pottery Throwdown. It has to be by the producers of the Great British Baking Show because it has all the same wonderful vibes. I actually prefer the pottery show, however, for two reasons: (1) it doesn’t make me want to bake (which is good, as I can’t afford new pants); and (2) Keith is better than Paul Hollywood. Keith is so open and wonderful and supportive and I love how he cries because he’s so moved by what the people have done. We need more men like him. I adore him so much. The Great Pottery Throwdown is awesome!!

    • ncboudicca says:

      The Pottery show is incredible. Keith is the BEST kind of judge. He always appreciates how much work contestants put in and loves their ideas even when the execution isn’t that great.

  2. michyk says:

    just here to say the great pottery throw down is well worth a view. the pieces are great, the people are lovely, and judges are supportive, and i’ve learned so much! the judge they mention, keith, is so wonderful. he’s a true artist, and is so easily and often moved by the art of the contestants. it’s just lovely to see an artist moved so much by the art of others.

  3. Alex says:

    I’ve loved the Throwdown for years and was pleased to find it recently on Tubi. Other shows of the same ilk but far less readily available to watch in the US are the Great British Sewing Bee (with one tall drink of water as one of the judges), and Portrait Artist of the Year (on Tubi, with the hilarious Steven Mangan as the host). Also Landscape Artist do the Year which, for some reason, even though it has the same judges and host as Portrait, I just don’t find as engaging.

    • Bananapanda says:

      Portrait Artist of the Year is Fantastic! In the US I found older seasons on Amazon Prime and/or Freevee (formerly IMDB). I stumbled onto later seasons on YouTube then doubled back.

    • chumsley says:

      I just finished watching Pottery Throwdown, I loved it! Thanks for the recommendations, I’m going to have to check them out.

  4. SarahCS says:

    I need to find this pottery show. I find the hype about GBBO a bit much (although during the recent heatwave I did love all the tweets that they must be filming chocolate week in the tent) but love the format and general feel of the show.

    • Colby says:

      It was on HBO Max at one point, if I recall correctly. Worth a try to find it if you have that service already

  5. Colby says:

    I absolutely love this show and Bake Off. They are TV Valium to me. Highly, highly recommend them both!

    And bonus if you like Derry Girls, Sister Michael is the host!

    Which reminds me, if you havent watched Derry Girls, run do not walk to Netflix and watch it!

  6. GingerBiscuit says:

    I just came to comment on how awesome The Great British Pottery Throw Down is! This show is such a delight. Host Keith Brymer Jones is such a sweet man! I like that contestants always feel so honored when he gets choked up about what they present at the challenge. He’s so supportive too. He can tell when someone is getting frustrated and always has a kind word to encourage them not to give up. Bless him, he’s the best.

    I love the GBBS, too. Both shows have such nice contestants who get to show off their skills and it’s a delight.

    If I’m having a rough day, just an episode or two of these shows is guaranteed to make me happy as I route for my favorite potter or baker.

  7. jferber says:

    I loved that show, too. When was the last season and will there be another one? I assumed they were no longer making them.

  8. ABCD says:

    Let’s talk about that Brad is clearly not sober lately

    • Mustang Sally says:

      What makes you say that? I worked for many years in the addiction/recovery space and don’t see it.

    • Veil says:

      Yeah I have seen a lot of people bring up. He really seems out of it in some of the interviews

      • LMK says:

        @MUSTANG SALLY, I’m suprised how you’ve down played Brad Pitt’s over the top attention seeking erratic behaviour a bit too OTT and has raised eyebrows for many reasons nothing to do with the hipster getup, . He’s been extra fidgety, been laughing at points where the question asked wasn’t supposed to be funny, he was monitored through his European premieres because the studio and cast members were concerned by his over exuberant behaviour. Even to the point his cast members were telling him just to stop. He sure is overcompensating for what realy is going on behind closed doors.

    • AD says:

      @ LMK you are so right “Attention Seeking Erratic Behaviour”! right description, he was not funny at all, had the attention for the wrong reasons!

  9. LMK says:

    @ABCD I agree Brad Pitt’s he clearly acting out of character and erratically, all this attention seeking over the top jumping around, trying to jump on his vo-stars, trying to take his clothes off, making sexual innuendos in interviews,
    and know some are lapping it up, we get it he’s sooooo sooooo very happy, but he sure is soooo overcomplicated it, and it shows. He’s clearly on something apart from drinking, I guess those unperscribed injections he’s getting from that buisness partner if his are not hood for him making him more hyper and stoned. Plus the awkward response to when asked if he’s proud of Zahara going to Spelman spoke volumes he has no relationship with his daughter and couldn’t on camera be happy for her.. just sad. He’s chosen his career and clown image over his family he once cherished.