Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have a suicide pact


All relationships have their quirks. The beauty is that most relationships are private, and the quirks stay between the couple. For example no one would ever want to know that my ex-boyfriend and I had nauseatingly cute nicknames for each other involving woodland creatures. And no one would ever want to know that Ozzie and Sharon Osbourne have a suicide pact. Yep, if one of them kicks it, the other is supposed to swallow a vat of poison and join them in the beyond. Alright they weren’t detailed enough to specify poison, but that seems the way they’d go.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have agreed on a suicide pact – so they can both die at the same time. Rock matriarch Sharon, who is also Ozzy’s manager, has revealed she and her husband agree they cannot live without each other, and so they’ve chosen to go to the grave together.

She explains: “Whatever it was, where you know you’re going to die, we would want to choose the time where we want to leave. I would go with my old man, and he would come with me… (Fortunately) my husband is better than ever, health-wise.”

But the macabre suicide pact doesn’t kick in until 2012, with busy Sharon adding she can’t contemplate taking her life “in the next five years”.

[From Ireland Online]

Um… good for you? I never know what to say in these kinds of situation. Whenever someone tells you they have a suicide pact, it’s always so awkward. First there’s the revelation, and then there’s you trying to act like you’re supportive and non-judgmental, and then you have to tell them that’s great but you don’t swing that way… wait that’s all for coming out of the closet. How does one tell others they have a suicide pact? Well I guess if you’re anything like the Osbournes (and what couple isn’t, at least a little bit?) then you go on “Extra” for that explicit purpose. Can anyone say “attention starved?” Maybe it’s time to put Ozzie back on the pills and let him shuffle down Hollywood Boulevard. Compassionate? No. But probably a little more fun than a suicide pact.


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