The Duke & Duchess of Sussex will visit the UK & Germany next month

Well, this is something to look forward to as we’re currently in the royal gossip sleepy era of August. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be in Europe next month! They’re traveling to the UK and Germany to support several charities and organizations, among them the Invictus Games. Invictus Dusseldorf will be held in September 2023, so the trip to Germany will be a hype event one year before the games.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will return to the UK next month to attend a string of charity events. The visit will mark the first time Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been back in the UK since they attended the Queen’s platinum jubilee celebrations in early June.

A spokesperson for the couple said: “Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are delighted to visit with several charities close to their hearts in early September.”

The trip will include a visit to Manchester on 5 September, where the couple will attend the One Young World summit – an event which brings together young leaders from more than 190 countries. Harry is a counsellor for the organisation, alongside Justin Trudeau, Sir Richard Branson, and Jamie Oliver.

They couple will then travel to Germany to attend the Invictus Games Dusseldorf 2023 One Year to Go event, before returning to the UK for the WellChild Awards on 8 September.

[From The Independent]

The Sussexes announced this trip publicly early Monday morning in the US, but mid-morning in the UK. As it turns out – at least according to the Daily Beast’s Royalist column – the Sussexes gave Buckingham Palace advanced notice of the trip and “the palace seems relaxed about the visit.” No one knows if Harry and Meghan will bring their kids, but this visit sounds like it’s heavy on the charity stops and travel, so I would think… probably not. I bet the kids stay in Montecito, probably with Grandma Doria.

I’m sure we’ll be gifted with at least thirty major stories about the Sussexes’ security situation, especially given that Harry is still suing the Home Office AND he’s now suing the Met Police. We’ll also get a lot of drama about whether the Sussexes “will see the poor Queen” and probably Poor Charles too. Meanwhile, I bet this trip gets William and Kate off their asses. The Cambridges take forever to “get back to work” after their summer holidays. Ten bucks says that there is a keen emergency meeting at Kensington Palace about scheduling something fancy and performative on the days the Sussexes will be seen.

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  1. Woke says:

    Kate will get some fashion inspo I’m sure she can’t wait to updates her moodboard.

    • Persephone says:

      Absolutely. The copykeening must be continued at all costs

    • swaz says:

      Ha!Ha! Kate must be reading these comments right now, dressed in her denim shorts and denim shirt, practicing all Meghan’s mannerism to outdo Meghan in September. Kate is Meghan’s biggest fan, I’m just waiting for the spray tan.😍

  2. Noki says:

    If it wasn’t for the Sussexes the Keens would rarely be seen, which is both pathetic and funny because it makes their visits to their orgs so insincere.

    • Chloe says:

      I am not sure. I really can’t see them cut their holiday short, not even to one up harry and Meghan. And isn’t mister pegging going to New York in september? Were there any exact dates announced for that? Because there’s a possibility it will take place around the same time.

      • KFG says:

        Lolol. His trip will be ignored by the press if he does it while H&M are out.

      • The Duchess says:

        They will do anything to try and uppercut The Sussexes. Don’t forget that. It’s pathetic.

      • @ Chloe, until Harry and Meghan were present at the Jubbly, we had never seen or heard the Lambridges for the entire summer periods. It wasn’t until this summer that they actually cut their vacation short for the Lioness event as well as KKKHates regalia event. When have we seen the Lambrdges during the summer holidays? As far back as I can remember, never!!

        The Lambridges will again, pull out all of the stops to try and upstage Harry and Meghan, as they have before. Failing miserably at every attempt. This will be no exception.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Chloe, ahahahaha, I totally hope it overlaps with Williams’s trip to NY. He will get so little coverage; everyone will be talking about the Sussexes. Bring it on.

    • Eurydice says:

      There was a weird story a couple of days ago about how H&M are helping the monarchy survive by pushing the RF to acknowledge its weaknesses.

  3. equality says:

    When does school start for Charlotte and George? It will be time to drag them out and get articles about where they will attend and what the curriculum is like, etc. W&K on their own don’t have a chance in the competition.

    • Becks1 says:

      School usually starts early to mid september-ish? I can’t remember exactly. I figure we will definitely get a first day of picture this year if they are starting at a new school (especially if its Louis’ first day at school with the older ones.)

      • Amy Bee says:

        @Becks: I don’t think they intended to have a photocall for the first day of school at the new school but I think they may be considering that now. Or Kate might release photos on that of the children in their new uniforms.

      • Becks1 says:

        I think we will if Louis starts at the same school, but I’m not sure if that’s their current plan (who knows the current plan).

        but if school starts around the same time as the Sussexes UK visit then we will definitely get some sort of picture bc that’s the only thing that will even slightly pull focus from the Sussexes (and even then not by very much lol.)

    • TQ says:

      Schools start a little earlier here — late August or early September depending on the school. I thoroughly expect W & K will drag the kids out for the photo ops before then.

      • Chloe says:

        That is very likely. Isn’t louis supposed to start school for the first time?

      • Pumpkin (was Sofia) says:

        Never had or heard of a school start as early as late August and I live in the UK. Early Sept yes but it’s often around mid Sept for private schools.

    • EBS says:

      Lambrook autumn term starts on 8 September.

  4. SussexWatcher says:

    Yay I’m so excited to see them in NY this week and then for those September events. I’m sure the security is settled to their satisfaction or (as Harry said previously) they wouldn’t be traveling into the UK…still makes me nervous though.

    Cracks me up that the UK press talks about how irrelevant and unwanted the Sussexes are, only for this visit to get ‘breaking news’ headlines and program interruptions 🤣 I know some incandescent heads are popping off today lol. Busy or quiet, that salty isle is obsessed with the Sussexes!

    • Layla says:

      New York?

      • Amy Bee says:

        Yeah, I haven’t seen any announcement about them going to NY this week.

      • SussexWatcher says:

        My bad. I thought it was reported that they were going to NY to accept the Human First Coalition award that Archewell received for helping Afghan refugees. But it seems they won’t be there. I guess I’ll have to wait until September to see them.

    • equality says:

      I bet the organizations themselves hire police protection for events.

    • Jan says:

      The CEO of ArcheWell is picking up the Award.

    • HennO says:

      This is a smart move. It’s breaking news worldwide and the UK press rats are freaking out already. This is a complete surprise, giving the security issues/lawsuits, especially in the copykeen Cambs camp.

      I suspect that, security wise, they will stay in Dusseldorf for the multiple days Invictus Summit and will do the daytrips to London/UK. And maybe a Netflix #HeartOfInfictus docuseries launch will happen during the Invictus Dusseldorf Summit. Exciting times are coming!

  5. VivaAviva says:

    Looking forward to the clown show from the Rota.

  6. Layla says:

    “Ten bucks says that there is a keen emergency meeting at Kensington Palace about scheduling something fancy and performative on the days the Sussexes will be seen.” I was going to say the EXACT same thing. Or there’ll be a tour announcement or something or other. But definitely keep an eye out for what Meghan is wearing during these days. You know K will when we see some aspect of it repeated 3/4/5 months later

    • Hell, Kate will not wait that long. It will be within a week of Meghan in Britain and Germany. We can always count on Kate, the ultimate stalker, to copy everything down to the choice of shoes. That woman needs to grow up and accept that she in NO Diana, TQ or Meghan!! Not even in her dreams!!

  7. Becks1 says:

    These are exactly the kinds of visits Harry and Meghan want to make to the UK and why he wants the security taken care of. He is still involved with charities there and is going to want to attend events for those charities, especially ones like WellChild that have always meant a lot to him.

    I’m LOLing thinking about the meltdown over the next few weeks from the RRs lol.

    • Nic919 says:

      Really the RRs should thank H and M because they now have stories for weeks until the visit. They aren’t getting anything from the hidden Cambridges right now.

      • @ Nic919, except the countless stories of their perpetual house hunting, school tours as well as their pathetic fulfillment of their “duties”. On top of the countless stories of the Other Brother “speaking” at the UN, which isn’t happening. As well as his intended visit to Boston for his EarthSh!t environmental “impact” on the world. On top of how much the Lambridges are “learning” from their expansive meetings as well as how they are “coming into their own”. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  8. Snuffles says:

    “the Sussexes gave Buckingham Palace advanced notice of the trip and “the palace seems relaxed about the visit.”

    I hope this means they will get the security they need while in England. I’m assuming this is “palace approved”.

    Other than that, rock on Sussexes.

    As for the Cambridges, this might coincide with their planned trip to New York.

    • Amy Bee says:

      @Snuffles: If William’s trip to NY is really happening it will be the week after. UNGA starts on 15 September.

      • Snuffles says:

        I saw that, but I was checking and it didn’t sound like the UN General Assembly was the main point of the trip. That they were just hoping they could get him into the UN to give a speech. It sounded like a fundraising for Earth Shot trip.

        I dunno.

      • Amy Bee says:

        @Snuffles: I agree it’s mainly a meet up with Bloomberg and the UNGA attendance is speculation. It’s not going to be like Harry and Meghan going to the UN. If he does go he’s going to be part of the UK delegation. That’s how Sophie gets to go to the UN.

      • Chloe says:

        @snuffles @Amy Bee: has the UN speech actually been confirmed or was that just the tabloid talking? Because if I remember correctly the writer was making an assumption “he could give a speech at the UN”. It wasn’t “sources confirmed to me that he will give a speech at the UN”. So i feel like that still up in the air.

      • Ginger says:

        I don’t see William giving a speech at the UN. This was just William trying to look like he is just as important as Harry and he could give a speech at the UN, too. Something like this would take a while to set up ( to me, at least) and I am sure they have a line of speakers set up anyway.

      • Harper says:

        The UN speech was put out there to puff up Burger King’s profile because of Harry. They want to make the public think he spoke there when he didn’t/won’t. Just like when they put it out there that William wanted to work as a helicopter pilot again during covid, or that Pop and Shop were going to have a party to celebrate their 40ths together this summer, or that Kate would be coming into her own soon. They announce things to give off the impression of activity and commitment but there is no actual follow-through. It’s all fluff to give them cover while they lounge about.

      • Chloe says:

        @harper: speaking off, has the joined birthday party already happened? Funny how we’ve heard nothing about that anymore

      • Harper says:

        @Chloe there have been no reports of this supposed joint birthday party. Since Harry was going to be snubbed and left off the guest list, one would think the rota would have a good time reporting on such a party if it were something real.

      • Lorelei says:

        I thought the reason that William floated the idea of speaking during the UNGA was because there are a lot of crowds built in. People loved pointing out how the room was “almost empty” when Harry spoke (it wasn’t), and I’m sure William would get even far less attention.

        But when the GA is going on, there are tons more people there in general, and I suspect that’s the only reason Bill even suggested it. He assumes it will be crowded, and hopes people will assume the crowds mean that important people are wanting to come listen to *him* pontificate. (Or if nothing else, he knows the optics will be better with a more crowded room, and deep down, he knows he can’t manage that on his own merit.)

      • Jay says:

        @Harper, good on you for remembering the promised Cambridge “joint celebration” for Will and Kate’s 40th. I’d forgotten about it. I do remember finding it odd that they had planned to celebrate “with family” later in the summer, as that’s exactly when most of the royals leave for holidays, but who knows?

        Maybe normal Bill and Cathy are just going to keep things super low key after the year they’ve had, you know, a few close friends and neighbours over for some drinks and burgers on the bbq, nothing fancy. Although if I were Will, I’d be extra careful about the invitation wording to avoid innuendo about “skewers” or “spit roasting”.

      • Nic919 says:

        It’s pretty obvious that William wasn’t going to let Kate have her own 40th birthday party and if he has had his own party kate has not been included. The media would certainly discuss it if a joint party had taken place. A happily married couple would have held this party by now. It’s not like they are afraid of flaunting their excesses.

  9. Emmi says:

    Well, damn! If I still lived close to Düsseldorf, I would so try to catch them. LOL I’m not interested in seeing celebs in real life usually but these two, I’d be excited.

    This sounds like a great trip for them. On a superficial note, can’t wait for the fashion.

  10. Amy Bee says:

    I don’t know what they means regarding their security situation but it will be exciting to see them again. The Royal reporters are very excited about it too. That’s not a good sign for the rest of the Royal Family.

  11. HennyO says:

    I guess/hope they will launch the Netflix Invictus docu series and the worldwide premiere at the event in Dusseldorf. Perfect moment, since reps of the diff participating countries will be at the event; worldwide coverage for the Netflix docu would be guaranteed.

    • Amy Bee says:

      It’s doubtful that the Invictus doc is finished yet. They’re going to Duesseldorf to mark the one year before the start of the event. I’d be surprised if the doc will be launched there. I don’t think Harry and Meghan are putting out anything on Netflix this year.

  12. girl_ninja says:

    These royal loons are relentless and have no shame so they’ll be ON them. I hope that they have a safe and successful trip and enjoy themselves.

  13. Pumpkin (was Sofia) says:

    Yay! Always a delight to see them out and about.

  14. Jais says:

    I’m excited to see them out with charities that are close to their hearts. And to see what Meghan wears. Love her and hope their trip is safe and productive.

  15. Julia K says:

    I would love it if a statement was made that this is a business trip and no time has been scheduled to meet with family.

  16. Slippers4life says:

    I’m actually scared for them.

  17. AmelieOriginal says:

    It’ll be nice to see them out and about! I would guess the kids would stay home because that’s a lot of flying around back and forth between the UK and Germany and a lot of sleep disruption to two toddlers. Of course all the UK tabloids will talk about is Harry’s memoir/security dispute while they are there and the Cambridges may try to pull focus with some hastily arranged events. It’ll be business as usual.

  18. Louise177 says:

    I wish they didn’t announce it so soon. It’s funny when the palaces and media are caught off guard.

    • Lorelei says:

      It’s WAY more entertaining for us when they surprise everyone!

      • HennyO says:

        I think early announcement was necessary because of their partners planding and promotion of the events. All are big events, with international attendees (maybe except for the Well Child event, which is more UK/family-oriented).

  19. Cel2495 says:

    lol, Harry and Meg don’t have to tell those salty crooks at the place anything about their movements so very much doubt they were “palace approved” they are not senior royals anymore , they don’t have to advise those crusty nasty people their biz.

    Anyhow , back to the news, can’t wait to see them!

    • That is quite comical!! As if Harry is going to request permission from the very same people that threw him and his beautiful family to the wolves!!! They wish they had control over Harry!

  20. Chelsea says:

    I thought the Independent was one of the better UK papers but here tbey are saying Harry is a OYW counselor when it’s Meghan whose been a OYW counselor since 2014 and per OYW’s twitter account it is Meghan who is giving the keynote speech. Smh.

    Either way though I’m looking forward to seeing them especially since these 3 charities (Wellchild, Invictus, and OYW) hold such a special place for them and the WellChild Awards in particular is such an inspiring event. Also excited to see what other charities they might visit but because i think the kids will probably stay in CA I don’t think it will be too long of a trip.

    • Cimorene says:

      I didn’t realize Meghan was a OYW counselor! I attended in Jo-burg in 2013. That organization is pretty fascinating.

  21. Lizzie says:

    I predict someone will be blindsided (probably the queen) and many people will be snubbed (Harry, Meghan, the queen) during the short trip.

  22. L4Frimaire says:

    I’m actually excited about this, and happy to see Meghan at an event for one of her long term charities. I thought it strange that the article only mentioned Harry is a counselor for One Young World, even though Meghan has been involved with the organization since 2014 and giving the keynote address. I’m excited to see what they do in Germany as well. Hope they get to pop into the Hubb kitchen while in London. The Rota, bitter complainers that they are, probably feel like they were just handed a bonus check. I love seeing the Sussexes in work mode.

    • @ L4Frimaire, I am as well!!! I love to see them at every chance possible!!! Meghan is such a stunning and brilliant woman that is of pure heart and compassion. Harry and Meghan make the perfect couple as they are so well suited for each other!! I adore how supportive they are of each other and how their love jumps from the pictures of them!!!

      I absolutely adore and cherish both of them!! I am happy that they will be visiting their charities and I know that their charities are excited about their upcoming visit!!!

  23. Steph says:

    When is TO POP supposed to be in NY?

    • Laura D says:


      That was my immediate thought! 😆 It will be hilarious to see POP and Sporty Barbie expecting the lions share of press attention by going to NYC when the majority of the BM will stay in Britain selling their grandmothers just to get pictures/stories/articles on H&M.

      I love how H&M make their announcements/visits when Pop and Sporty Barbie are on their hols. I bet sandcastles are being kicked as we type!
      😆 😆 😆

  24. Well Wisher says:

    Prince Harry needs his I. P.P status reinstated so that the Met can share the information with other jurisdictions. I hope the security issues are resolved before this visit. Because removal of their security was done legally, hopefully the courts can legally reinstate it, not working for the Royal Family does not mitigate the risk that grew from irresponsible behaviour and reporting from the BTM, at the Jubilee the disgusting TMZ was in Windsor.
    It will be interesting as to which Royal is on the RAVEC board, it will determine whether the move to strip him was foolhardy or mere vindictive and spitefulness.
    If resolved, BTM will be treated as they were at the last Invictus Games. There will a lot of kvetching and whingeing despite the economic circumstances of the British citizens.

    • Jaded says:

      Sir Edward Young, TQ’s Private Secretary, is a member of RAVEC. I don’t think any of the royals are. He’s had a big axe to grind with both Harry and Meghan for some time (hello racism) and was the one who didn’t pass on Harry’s request to pay for RPO protection to RAVEC and the Met when he was visiting the UK, and triggered his legal challenge. Young has a reputation for screwing up and holding grudges, and both Prince Edward and Princess Anne have called for his resignation. He was also the one who cancelled Harry’s visit with TQ at the last minute due to *conflicting meetings*. Bullshite.

      • Julia K says:

        I do believe Harry was referring to Mr Young when he said he wanted his grandmother surrounded by the right people.

  25. Over it says:

    I can’t wait to see these two. I have really missed them. As for the duke and duchess of peggbridge, I completely agree with Kaiser, they are trying hard to find a look at me moment for these days. Kate has cleared her board for keen copying. Willy is busy telling his people copy every word and action.

  26. Jay says:

    Oooh, the keenbridges are gonna be furious about this…just as soon as they get back from their respective vacations.

    Then we’ll hear about them being “blindsided” and “outraged” and”incandescent”, but for now? Of course the palace is “relaxed”, they DGAF about next month’s worries, the Queen’s in Scotland with her problem child and everyone else is lying low, so all’s well for now.

  27. MikeB says:

    I think they would advise the Palace of their plans, they are not asking for the Palace’s approval and blessing. Note that all three organizations have issued their own press releases of the upcoming events.
    Yes you can guarantee that much of the press coverage prior to September will be whether they will visit the Queen and/or Charles. I would think that by now after the way they were treated at the Jubilee that they would give both a pass and make the tabloids choke on their bile.

  28. aquarius64 says:

    The Sussex visits will definitely overshadow Bulliam’s trip to the Big Apple. TOB’s announcement didn’t get much play beyond the UK. And no dates? A very disorganized KP. Side note: no joint birthday party to me means separation.

    • Julia K says:

      They could still have the party. The Queen has promised to host a “bash” for both of them this summer. It’s still summer so maybe the queen has downsized the party or maybe they already had a party and I wasn’t invited.

  29. sammi says:

    Agree that they will most likely go to Manchester direct and onto Germany. Manchester Police are not The Met and Andy Burnham is not pro Monarchy but pro OneYoung world type of organisaton which does amazing work with the Young. Great news for Manchester and the Media here are so het up with no access to HRH Prince and Princess Henry of Wales!

  30. Maremotrice says:

    Will we see either Meghan or Harry making the effort to speak German in Dusseldorf? During the Cambridge’s 2017 tour Kate remarked that she’d learned German in high school but forgotten it all, and then asked a child in the crowd how to say “My name is Catherine”. How pathetic.