Brad & Angelina take Shiloh, Maddox & Zahara trick-or-treating in LA

Angelina Jolie attends premiere Inglourious Basterds in Los Angeles
The photos we’re referring to a href=””>are on Radar Online

Radar Online has exclusive pictures of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and three of the Jolie-Pitt children out trick-or-treating on Halloween night in Los Angeles – go to Radar to see the amazing pictures! All of them are dressed up, and these photos are making me laugh so hard. First up, fan favorite (and future Empress of Everything) Zahara is dressed up as Bat Girl. I think her weapon of choice is her hardcore “Eat it, bitches” face.

Just Jared claims that Angelina is supposed to be dressed as “the walking dead”, but to me, she just looks like a younger version of herself. Her hair is … powdered, maybe? And I think her outfit might be from her wedding to Jonny Lee Miller. Maddox was in camouflage, naturally, but he was allegedly a “dead army soldier”. Kind of gothic for an 8-year-old, but he is Angelina Jolie’s son, after all. Shiloh got to trick-or-treat too – she was apparently dressed as a “jet fighter”. She looks like a mechanic to me.

The absolute best, most amazing costumed Jolie-Pitt was none other than Brad, though. Between the hazard-orange jumpsuit, the turban, and what looks like a vodka cocktail, Brad seems to be aiming for “Most Outrageous Gloria Swanson drag ever”. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t get the real reference. Apparently, Brad dressed as DJ Lance Rock from the show Yo Gabba Gabba on Nickelodeon Jr.

How would you like to answer the knock on your door Halloween night to find Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and the kids standing outside in full costume trick or treating?!

That’s exactly what some families in the Los Angeles-area experienced Saturday night as Brangelina and their brood got into the spirit of the holiday and dressed in colorful costumes as these photos – exclusive to – show.

Brad’s hilarious costume includes beads in his beard and his bright orange outfit made him stand out during the dark night.

In our exclusive photos Angelina sports grey hair with blood on the site of her face – sorry, nice try to scare us, but you still look gorgeous!

Zahara is dressed in a Batman costume and carrying her candy in a plastic pumpkin.
Maddox, who loves toy guns, is dressed in camouflage and Shiloh also appears to be sporting the military theme.

Brad drove the family into a neighborhood near the Hollywood Hills where they trick or treated. They did not have security with them.

Some people on the street recognized the Brangelina crew and stared but all was well as the Pitt-Jolie clan had a blast.

[From Radar]

Where was Pax? Where were the babies? Well, I can understand leaving the babies at home. They aren’t old enough to go trick-or-treating, although it would have been hilarious if Angelina had dressed up like Britney Spears, and dress Knox up like Sean Preston, because those babies look alike. But Pax is old enough to go trick or treating! Maybe he stayed home to pass out candy? Maybe he just doesn’t like Halloween? Maybe he knew that his dad would steal everybody’s thunder? Who knows.

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  1. MichelleMuko says:

    I dnt think brange even needed to dress up. Her skeletor look with the huge lips and his facial hair make for great halloween looks. As for the kids, yawn. Is there no article on how lonesome Jen was heartbroken at the thought of not having a brood of orphans and a once upon a time sex symbol at her side?

  2. Charity is Chic says:

    LA is a HUGE place full of suburbs that house close to five million people. These two were in full barely recognizable costume and yet, somehow the photogs knew where to find them. People can’t still honestly believe that Brandgie don’t phone in their whereabouts and stage photo-ops.

  3. happymom says:

    Brad is dressed as the main character from “Yo Gabba Gabba”-a children’s show for the preschool set.

  4. Angelina is sexy says:

    Pax was indeed there, you can see him behind Shiloh. Love the choice in outfits, so cute.

  5. Mave says:

    Poor Pax and even though the twins are little…my friend has a family of six children and they have family memories together. I don’t think Brad and Ang can handle all of their children. At home they have nannies to help but in public they just can or won’t do it. It really shows how little time they must spend together without help. ; (

  6. Ursula says:

    I saw some people on another site dressed as Brangelina for halloween. LOL.

    Joking aside, I find Maddox’s out fit very inappropriate. Dead American soldier at this time? Really. It also makes me wonder if a child can choose that for themselves.

    I also find Shiloh’s continued gender crossing too extreme and disturbing.

    Maybe Pax was not well. Good to see them giving those kids some tradition.

    Yes, you can tell that this is a leaked sorry from the syruppy way the writer has put it. The kids did not seem like they were having fun, neither did the parents. The whole lot looked bored.

  7. Ursula says:

    That header picture, sorry but her armpits is brown, she should have taken a birth if she was going to wear something like that. And what do celebs laugh at at premiers when they are posing alone? That has always baffled me.

  8. Beth says:

    Sites including this one have pictures of celebrities taking their kids trick or treating yet for some reason people are insisting Brad and Angelina called the paps. I don’t even know why this a headline. They’ve done this before, nothing new. Some people do but taking one year olds probably is more of a hassle than it’s worth. There are only a few pictures so Pax may have been there or he may have been sick. It’s annoying how people are acting like they know these or any celebrities’ live when they don’t have a clue. In the other Halloween story a lot of kids aren’t smiling yet nobody says they are miserable.

  9. sonola trip says:

    Sorry, but I’m a little disturbed by the dead soldier costume. Hardly something to be festive about.

  10. Praise St. Angie! says:

    at first glance, I thought Pitt was dressed as “The Love Guru”.

    cute pics overall, but I agree on the “dead soldier” costume.

    that wasn’t in very good taste.

  11. Charity is Chic says:

    Yes Beth, there are pictures of other celebrities trick or treating. What makes you think they didn’t call the paps too? Many of these people even went to the same celebrity pumpkin patch too to make sure they were photographed. There are hundreds of pumpkin patches in LA and they all end up at the one where the paps are.

    I hate to break it to you, but in modern celebrity, many celebrities exploit their kids to keep themselves in the news. Some even exploit their kids to get their own reality shows. See Tori and Dean, Jon and Kate, etc.

    Yes, I know you think of Brand-gelina as being too God-like to do something like that, but why haven’t they tried to pass the laws they have in Europe that make it illegal to publish photographs of small children? They certainly have enough clout to do that and would certainly get help from Governor Schwarzenegger but for some reason, they’ve never even tried to pass a law like that. Wonder why.

  12. birdie says:

    Pax is home sick with H1N1 obviously… (just kidding)

    Some of the posters today really have a case of the Mondays… so grumpy!!

    These pictures are adorable! There is nothing “extreme” about a little kid dressing up on halloween in whatever costume they chose! Shiloh can dress up like her big brothers if she wants to. Little girls often idolize their older brothers or their dads, I see nothing disturbing about it.

    Also, we don’t KNOW that Maddox was a “dead soldier” – that’s just what the paparazzi said, and they aren’t exactly the most reliable sources.

    Based on the poor picture quality, and the fact that Celebitchy couldn’t get the rights to the photos I don’t believe Brangelina alerted the paparazzi on their whereabouts. I think Radar probably stalked out the family and expects to make a pretty lucrative profit from the pictures. The truth is this family is rarely photographed yet remains one of the most famous and their pictures are highly sought after. The Jolie-Pitt children qualify for their own tabloid cover stories for cripes sake! The only other celebrity kid I can think of who gets that kind of coverage is Suri, and we see pictures of her far more often than any of the JP kids.

  13. WTF?!? says:

    Two little girls, and neither wanted to be a princess or Dora the Explorer? They seem to be encouraging violent, masculine themes with all the children. The soldier costume is completely inappropriate– a kid could request to dress as a soldier, but a DEAD soldier smacks of parental political influence (birdie, the white face and blackened under-eyes are clearly indicative).
    Once their parents have moved onto their next relationships and the sense of abandonment sets in, these kids are going to be fu¢ked-up messes– no boundaries, no structure, no stability or socialization, no proper schooling. Not exactly the foundation for a happy, productive life.

  14. Jessica says:

    Okay, I have a little girl who dressed up as a pirate – complete with beard – for Halloween. Sometimes she wants to be a fairy and sometimes she wants to be Bob the Builder too. Concern about “crossing gender lines” is both bizarre and bogus.

  15. Jocelina says:

    WTF, “gender crossing”? Last I checked, people of any gender can be “jet pilots.” Not all little girls like to wear dresses, and not wanting to doesn’t necessarily signify anything about their gender identity. I think Shiloh looks adorable in her costume.

    And to me, Maddox looks like a zombie soldier, not a dead one. Okay, technically a dead one, I guess, since zombies are dead, but you know what I mean. Maybe he was inspired both by his own obsession with all things military-related and by his mom’s kick-ass zombie costume.

  16. Kevin says:

    Damn Ursula, did they piss on your pommes frites?

  17. danielle says:

    Cute pics. Is it common in California to carry drinks while trick or treating?

  18. Ursula says:

    LOL Kevin. That made me laugh. Did I see Brad with a drink? When does one know they have a drink problem?

  19. alex says:

    well there are always the judgmental fools who think they know what goes on with the Jolie-Pitts. Maybe some of you people on here should worry about your own life instead of obsessing with the JPs. The outfits are cute and they are adorable. Apparently Pax is there as well.

    I love how some people say that Brad and Angie are alerting the paps on their whereabouts, if that was true, then we will be seeing pictures of this family 24/7. They are the most famous celebrity family in the world and the least photographed.

    Stop the hating already. It is getting old

  20. alex says:

    Kevin, maybe they did piss on Ursula’s pommes frites. She better calm down or she might have a heart attack or something. Bitter much Ursula. I wish I have the time or energy to hate like that

  21. Love the Viking says:


    “Damn Ursula, did they piss on your pommes frites?”

    Kevin, I loves it! Hilarious! I can’t stop giggling.

  22. Iggles says:

    @ Ursula:
    “I also find Shiloh’s continued gender crossing too extreme and disturbing.”

    Really??! When I was a kid I wanted to be a boy. I certainly didn’t grow up to be transgendered! It was a phase. Tons of girls are tomboys growing up. Just let her be! Anyway, plenty of woman are still “tomboys” — you don’t have to be a girly girl to be a woman!

  23. girl says:

    Meh, I live on a mlitary installation. A large percentage of the active duty people here are deployed. Sadly, we loose soldiers every month.

    I would say about 1/4 of all the trick or treaters I had at my door were teenagers who grabbed their dad’s old BDU/ACUs, put a little bit of fake blood on and hauled an oversized pillow case around post gathering candy.

    My husband is deployed right now in a very dangerous area and it doesn’t bother me. Last year we buried my daughter’s godfather when eh died with 2 weeks left in a 15 month deployment. People deal with this in different ways. Just consider the Mexican holiday, Dia de los Muertos.

  24. Cheyenne says:

    Pax was there. Radar Online has photos of the family. If you look right above the top of the lime green bag you can see Pax behind Shiloh.

    Brad’s costume was hilarious but I hope he doesn’t make the beads a permanent adjunct to his beard. The beard is bad enough.

  25. gonzo says:

    these are so awesome! i love all you haters, i have fun imagining how crappy your lives must be to pour such judgemental bitterness on distant famous people you dont know.

  26. Fire says:

    Looks like some of you do have a case of the Mundays for sure. These pics are cute! Brad as DJ Lance Rock – I LOVE IT! That’s what my son was. I absolutely LOVE the fact that Brad Pitt must watch that show with his kids. (It’s a great show)

    And how does this picture indicate how much time they spend hands-on with their children?? Seriously! Stop all the speculating – alerting the paps, drinking problem, etc. etc. LORD! Smile for a second – it won’t hurt, I promise!

    @gonzo – awesome post!
    @charity – Barely recognizable?? Seriously?? Did you actually look at the pictures?

    And could it be that everyone looks miserable because the paps won’t leave them alone while they are trying to enjoy trick or treating? Is that at all possible??

  27. Firestarter says:

    @Girl- My best to you and your husband. I so admire the men and women who serve our country! Tell your hubby “Thank you” !

  28. Mairead says:

    I also was at a children’s Halloween party with a little tomboy of a girl, who also had the full pirate regalia – she insisted on the beard and an eye-patch. Seriously, they’re just clothes.

    As for what is or isn’t appropriate on Halloween – time for a little history lesson I think. Halloween is not about pestering people for sugar. It’s the time of year where the barriers between our realm and the realm of the spirits is almost non-existent. This means that the souls of the dead walk amongst us and people dress up in disguises to confuse the dead and evil spirits into not attaching themselves to you or your home.

    So actually yes, dressing up as any kind of zombie/ghost solider or anything else is technically more appropriate than some sort of princess, for example. Not to mention the unflattering getups some adults wear!

  29. iced opal says:

    oh my god, some of you are totally over reacting. A few years ago when my daughter was 11 she went as “morgana – Goddess of the Underworld!!” its just Halloween and fun to dress up!

  30. iced opal says:

    @Mairead totally agree. The veils between worlds is at its thinnest. And it was just about a full moon too!! Awesome.

  31. hello! says:

    It’s JUST a family trick or treating! So far, the people here have said the following: it’s a PR stunt, they are exploiting/abandoning their children, Shiloh is a “disturbing gender crosser” and Maddox is being encouraged to be “violent and political.” I would say some on this board have the scariest costume of all for Halloween–themselves. 😉

  32. girl says:

    @Firestarter- Thanks! I will.

  33. Tazina says:

    Obviously Brad and Angelina did not want the paps there on Halloween. People in the area would have phoned it in on their cell phones to try and make some money. B & A don’t need any publicity. They have all they can handle and more. They’re not worried about where their next movie is coming from! Surprised people still think that….and the weird over-reacting…wow…it’s just Halloween. Relax.

  34. WTF?!? says:

    Jocelina, I never used the term “gender crossing”, as it is a ridiculous non-phrase and doesn’t actually apply to what I was referring to.
    Please try to keep your posters straight.

  35. yah, ok says:

    A cute fam out for trick or treat and some people got to bring out the nasty? Some comments here are a wee bit close to kiddy bashing? Stop picking on Shiloh and Maddox! You’re just jealous because they’re cuter than you– hee, hee . . .

  36. Cheyenne says:

    @ Ursula: “I also find Shiloh’s continued gender crossing too extreme and disturbing.”

    At the age of three? Nobody’s sexuality or gender identity is set in stone at the ripe old age of three. Shiloh likes to play with her big brothers. So what? 99% of all little tomboys see boys in a whole other dimension when they reach puberty.

  37. Judy says:

    OMG layman trying to be shrinks LOL too funny, my daughter was a tomboy too and loved nothing but blue jeans and tennis shoes. When she grew up she knew exactly who she was. She had very little time with her Dad who was Navy and I had to work to suplement the income but she grewe up just fine. Not all of us can stay at home and play on the computer while our kids are in school , we have to make sure they eatSo before you run your mouths about people not spending enough time with their kids? Take the bon bon out of your mouth and think..not everyone can sit on their butt all day.

  38. Freitag says:

    Things are not ok in this family!

    Maddox Why wear a uniform??
    He plays war again?
    He plays dead again?

  39. Freitag says:

    If they have children while they also have nannies.
    Angelina and Brad but pretend as if they had no nanny.
    Why not take it with you all the children.
    All the world will believe they have no Nannays.

  40. smilelover says:

    No need to call the paps. Everybody here in L.A. knows where to find them and other celebrites while shopping etc. I’m in Sherman Oaks and we just act a little more classy here and leave “celebs” alone.

  41. Firestarter says:

    Freitag- What??????

  42. Cheyenne says:

    I have a distinct feeling English is not Freitag’s first language.

  43. lolo says:

    Ursula said: “And what do celebs laugh at at premiers when they are posing alone? That has always baffled me. ”

    yikes–god forbid anyone smile or look happy in Ursula’s world. misery loves company, right?

  44. NFLer says:

    I think Freitag said it best.

  45. Emily says:

    lolo:I agree! Ursula, did you ever think that maybe they were laughing at something someone off camera said?

    Also, what’s with people freaking out about Shiloh being a tomboy? So what? Doesn’t mean she’s gay or trans, but is it really the end of the world if she is?

  46. Aspen says:

    We are a USMC family, and LOTS of girls dress up as military members of one fashion or another. It doesn’t say anything about their orientation or anything else. Wounded Marines were a common Halloween costume around here, too.
    It doesn’t mean the kid needs therapy. People have lost their minds…along with their ability to just have some freaking fun.

  47. Violeta Ikonic says:

    So sweet!
    I can’t tell anything else…

  48. Lovely picture, I wish them all the best 😉