Prince William knows ‘other things’ will come out & be ‘very damaging’

Literally minutes after Queen Elizabeth II passed away, Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace were already briefing against each other and against the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. In the 36 hours following QEII’s death, the blaring headlines in the UK were about how King Charles’s first acts as sovereign were to order Prince Harry to leave Meghan in Windsor because she would be “unwelcome” at Balmoral, and then both palaces briefed against the Sussexes for wanting to be together for the death of Harry’s beloved grandmother. Those headlines only stopped when William began briefing the media about how he alone decided to reach out to Harry to do a walkabout in Windsor. The leaks and briefings have continued unabated throughout this whole “mourning period.” I strongly suspect that most of the leaks are coming from messy Peggington himself. Speaking of, Roya Nikkah at the Sunday Times had a lengthy piece about William and Harry’s “frosty truce.” Some highlights:

No cups of tea: Behind the scenes, those close to the brothers confirm there has been “no meaningful rapprochement” despite the pair seeing more of each other over the past week than in the two-and-half years since the Sussexes departed these shores. Both joined the royal family at a Buckingham Palace dinner on Tuesday night after the Queen’s coffin returned to the capital, but it is understood there have been no cups of tea at their neighbouring Windsor homes and the lines of communication have been mostly through their aides.

A brief encounter: On Thursday, they shared a brief chance encounter away from the public gaze on Harry’s 38th birthday, as William, 40, returned to Windsor after collecting Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis from school. Harry and Meghan, 41, were in their car and the brothers drove past each other but then stopped, reversed, wound down their windows and chatted for a while.

Awkward moments: A friend of the brothers who was well-placed as events unfolded in recent days, told of the reality: “The joint appearances take effort. There was an understanding that ‘we need to show solidarity’ not just ‘we need to do this because it’s our duty’. But I don’t think it goes much beyond that. There have been some awkward moments this week. I definitely don’t get the sense of any deeper meaningful rapprochement or a sense that this is it, things will be mended.” A source close to Harry agrees that being in each other’s company has at times been “uncomfortable” and “difficult” for the brothers but “everybody is trying their best”.

Harry’s book: Its publication date is unclear, and sources close to Harry will not confirm reports it will be delayed, but those close him insist the memoir is “not as vilifying” as many people expect: “I think people forget he’s had a whole life and do him a disservice to assume he’ll only talk about the past few years.”

LMAO: When Harry’s book and the Sussexes’ documentary finally emerge, if their experiences of this historic past week feature alongside their past grievances, William and Harry’s relationship will fracture further. A friend of both brothers says: “We know there are other things that will come out in the future that will be very damaging.”

William is keen to focus on QEII, which is why he’s briefing against Harry: Sources close to William say he is “solely focused on doing what is right to honour the Queen”. While he understands the public fascination with him and his brother, he is “processing his grief and the death of his grandmother, rather than sitting there processing his relationship with Harry”. William has been adamant since his grandmother’s death that nothing — particularly not sibling discord — should detract from the royal family’s and the nation’s tributes to the Queen. “That weighs on him a lot, he doesn’t want that,” says a friend. It is a view shared by Harry, who last week told a friend: “People need to just stop talking about all this stuff and focus on my grandmother.”

What is this bizarre quote? A friend of the Sussexes says: “They are very sensitive to how everything is happening and very much see the bigger picture, not just from a personal point of view but from the family’s point of view. Meghan is not afraid of throwing in a hand grenade here and there, but there are no toys being thrown out of the pram now. Their view is ‘Lets get on and do it — we’ll be where we need to be and we won’t be where we don’t need to be’.”

On the rescinded invitation to Sunday’s reception: A friend of the Sussexes said: “It is beyond bonkers if they’re not there. Everyone is coming in from around the world to pay their respects to the Queen.” A source close to the Sussexes says those kind of decisions, together with the Palace’s initial edict that Harry could not wear military uniform at the vigil, which was subsequently overturned, make him feel as if “the majority of the operation is against you — it’s hard, nobody likes to feel like they’re being excluded”.

Harry is very happy in California: Friends of Harry’s say that while the brotherly bond is not yet healing, “he could not be happier or more fulfilled by his family dynamic now” with Meghan and their children, Archie and Lilibet. But those close to him concede that his return to the UK and the royal family fold, however complicated, brings a twinge of “regret over a missed opportunity of what could have been” and a feeling that “it didn’t have to be this ugly”.

[From The Times]

A friend of both brothers says: “We know there are other things that will come out in the future that will be very damaging.” F–k around and find out. It sounds like William knows he did deplorable things to Harry and Meghan and he’s worried that all of it will eventually come out. Which is exactly what it is. As for the quotes sourced from a “friend of the Sussexes,” it sounds like (as always) it’s just someone in William’s camp, or a former friend of Harry’s. I doubt the Sussexes were surprised (at all) at all of the big snubs and disgraceful decisions from William and Charles. All Peggington and Chuck are doing is showing the world why Harry and Meghan had every right to leave.

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  1. Like the fact that it was William who made the comment about Archie’s skin color. I hope that gets revealed right before the Wales trip to America.

    • ELX says:

      We live now in a 24/7 global news cycle. It’s not like back in the day when all sorts of mess could be swept under the rug. Both Charles and William appear to be extremely narcissistic, thin-skinned individuals with volcanic tempers—they were undoubtedly verbally and fiscally and possibly physically abusive. These people are toxically self-absorbed and their assumed centrality to Harry’s life is more than a little ridiculous.

    • Not a subject says:

      Yes! I 100% believe that comment was him.

      Also, this week has had A LOT of bad press for Charles. Petty things he’s done that have made him look bad. Part of me wonders why the press would paint him like that. It could be A). William of Peggington Palace is briefing against Charles or B). Most press have just given up on Charles & won’t even give him a chance. Instead, they’re waiting to elevate the “perfect couple” and kids?

    • Lizzie says:

      Harry said he will never reveal who said that about Archie so I’m not expecting it in the memoir. I do think there has been a ton of things covered up for William, Kate too, over the years. I think Harry’s memoir will be about Harry and the rest of the rf will be side characters. I think he has a lot of great stories to tell and they will be the majority of the book.

      • Sue E Generis says:

        Agreed. However, H has a way of randomly throwing in a bomb out of the blue. In fact, every revealing thing about the RF that M gets excoriated for is something that H has revealed. So I think there may be 1 or 2 ‘bombshells’.

  2. Becks1 says:

    Again…….what the hell did they do to him?? Think of everything we know, and then think that there is so much more we don’t know but it will be “very damaging” for William. It must have been so ugly in the Firm for H&M.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      From what little we do know, there was racism to both Meghan and Archie and I think Meghan was bullied by both the Keens and their staff hence why they were suddenly moved over to BP.

      To me is clear where most of the drama came from, we’ve seen with our own eyes how she’s behaved to the Sussex’s. Makes you wonder how she behaved toward them behind closed doors. She’s a known bully who has no problem cursing out blood Princesses.

      • PaperclipExtraordinaire says:

        It was both of them, not just Kate. I wonder if the “damaging” stuff was a subtle warning from Roya, as in, keep feeding us or else!

    • Lorelel says:

      And the fact that the person who said this (if in fact it is a quote and not totally made up) is a friend of WILLIAM’S! If his *friends* are saying things like this…yikes

    • Nic919 says:

      I’m going to call back what Kevin Maguire said which was basically that if the public knew what the family did to Harry and Meghan they would be far more sympathetic as to why they left. But it can’t be discussed for “legal reasons”.
      He said this in 2020 not long after it was announced they were leaving.

      • Cairidh says:

        That probably referred to the media not being allowed to talk about Williams affair with rose (not really an affair because I think he broke up with Kate years ago). The palace made a bargain with the media to feed them negative stories about Meghan and Harry in return for them not mentioning rose/the Cambridge’s being separated.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Nic yup I remember that. It could just have been a reference to the deal made with the media about not reporting on William’s affair like @Cairidh said, but there was something else going on. We’ve heard that line about how there are legal reasons they can’t talk about why H&M are, we’ve heard that things were said that can’t be unsaid, and a few other snippets along those lines that escape me now.

        It’s clear that something bad happened behind the scenes and KP is panicked about the public finding out about it.

        ETA so whatever happened, its also clear that William can fake it for the cameras with Harry and Meghan, and Kate cannot.

  3. Mika says:

    We’ve been hearing for years about how the flood gates will open once the Queen dies, and I for one cannot wait. I’m sure those with information are waiting for mourning to die down, but I bet by the end of the year we’ll be knee deep in #monarchyshambles. My bet was the Kensington palace would be first to make asses of themselves but Chuck’s team has been surprisingly unprepared.

  4. Macheath says:

    I don’t understand how they get away with just making up quotes and attributing them to fictional “friends”. Do people really believe that friends of the Sussexes would talk to Nikkah of all people? Or anyone in the BM?

    • Ceej says:

      Exactly. No one has an actual friend who would shove you under the press bus by saying you’re willing to “throw in a hand grenade” having seen how the press used even the act of hand-holding to try and destroy you.

    • Izzy says:

      Seriously. Any friend of the Sussexes is not talking about “tossing a hand grenade” or “throwing toys from the pram.” What an utter load of BS. Nikkah invented this entire conversation in her head; her own invisible friend is the unnamed source.

      • Lorelel says:

        @Izzy, exactly. They give themselves away by attributing quotes from people who would absolutely never speak like that. It’s so transparent.

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        Pram is a British term (my spellcheck wouldn’t even let me type it). So this is not a real friend of the Sussexes IMO.

      • Cairidh says:

        What are prams called in america? Harry might still have English friends, and Meghan said she did, before she met Harry.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Cairidh – strollers.

      • Malificent says:

        @Cairidh. In the US, an old-fashioned pram where the baby is laid down are called a “buggy”. If it is a more modern seat style, it’s called a “stroller”.

        And the Sussexes doesn’t randomly toss toys from the stroller. Their aim is much better than that — and always comes with a receipt attached!

    • equality says:

      It sounds more like language the BM uses. The “friend” would have to be British also since an American wouldn’t use that phrasing.

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        Oh sorry I said same above before I saw your comment!

      • JanetDR says:

        @ Cairidh, “Baby carriage” was the term back in the day. But it’s been “stroller” for decades. I assume you mostly have strollers in the UK now as well?

  5. ThatsNotOkay says:

    So William doesn’t want Harry to talk about what he did to him this time? And if he does say something THAT will be the last straw and ruin the relationship forever? Not what William did, but revealing it?!

    • Lorelel says:

      It’s like racists who get mad when you call them racist. They get angrier by being accused of it than by actually BEING a racist, ffs. It’s the being called out on it part that they can’t abide.

  6. Flower says:

    Confirmation of who made the statement.

    May also explain the hasty promotion to PoW.

    They knew all this and still hazed Harry and Meghan in this way…?

    • Concern Fae says:

      I think what people miss a about racism is that the racists feel that they are speaking a truth that others don’t dare to – “race realists” as it were. They feel they are defending the moral order of the world, where is a hierarchy of greater and lesser human beings.

      Some people get a kick out of being hateful, but I’ve found the snobs to be more dangerous. They are the ones who will put a lot of energy into making something look neutral while being damagingly discriminatory. William definitely falls into this category. Charles thinks he doesn’t, but is so deep into the idea of superior people that he is irrevocably tainted by the racial aspect of it.

      • Lucy says:

        That’s really insightful, Concern Fae. Race realists is the best way to describe most of the people I know who are convinced they aren’t racist, even while spewing vile stuff.

      • Mymoonia garden says:

        For those black people who were born and/or grew up in the UK we know this behaviour well. The most gracious and seemingly “civilised” people will smile and give you a cup of tea while viscously and viscerally stabbing you in the back based on their belief that you are the wrong colour/race/class and do not “fit” in.

  7. Veda says:

    It’s sweet how William thinks he can control Harry’s agency to tell his story.

  8. Digital Unicorn says:

    I think if the book spills any tea it will to prove that his brother was the one who made the comments about Archie’s skin colour – it keeps being repeated that things were said that cannot be unsaid. I also think the Sussexit was when William found out how much leaking kHate and her family were doing – that was around about the time something in that dynamic changed. Remember that odd story about how William supposedly got sick of Carole being at Amner – that was low shade leaking that she’d been told to back off.

    • Emily says:

      It would not surprise me if the rift between Harry and William, and William and Kate is because of Keen’s constant leaking.

    • Kim says:

      William is a horrible brother. I remember years ago when Harry was starting his charity work in Africa, he and Wills did a joint interview as part of a TV special. It was clear that Harry was earnest about the work. And William just had no capacity to be complementary of his brother. They were joshing like a bunch of “bros”, but William was sarcastic and attention-seeking. I had one of those moments where I practically spoke to the television and thought, ‘oh, please just say something nice about him or to him.’ That stuck with me. And now here we are.

      With Wiliam’s inability to bring out the best in people, it’s no wonder Catherine has become the embittered and embattled person that she is. The cycle of toxicity persists. Harry is truly the smartest one–he is helping is father realize the goal of a streamlined monarchy by becoming a self-sufficient person the way one is supposed to do. Like William, the King has no ability to bring out the best in any situation–whether people or pens!

  9. Shurely Wolfbeak says:

    “ Meghan is not afraid of throwing in a hand grenade here and there, but there are no toys being thrown out of the pram now. ”
    It’s like an AI wrote it.

    • Lorelel says:

      It is 😂

    • kirk says:

      Right? I’ve been saying for a while now that BM could save themselves labor costs by using AI bots, driving down payable word count attributed to byline author. The language used for Harry and Meghan is so predictable.

  10. Vanessa says:

    It’s what we all have suspected for year now that William made the comment about Archie skin tone that William and Kate and their staff . Bullied Meghan relentless Kensington Palace were the driving force behind the Meghan hate Kate and her mother will be the ones to be throw under the bus and blame for causing the issues between Harry and William. The truth is about to come out about how bad is was for Meghan and Harry the protection that William and Kate enjoy so freely will be gone .

  11. Amy Bee says:

    The quotes from Harry’s “friend” sound weird and made up. The source for this entire piece is William and of course he’s worried about bad things coming out. As for the book, I don’t think Harry’s going to talk about this week. I’m sure he knew that once the Queen died, that Charles and William were going to go after him. But as I’ve been saying most of what happened this week was from Charles and I think William had the commonsense to stay out the way this time. He has nothing to gain from getting involved in Charles’s vendetta against Harry. He’s got what he wanted which is the Duchy of Cornwall and he knows Harry’s not coming back.

  12. Snuffles says:

    If anyone is actually speaking, I can see it being Tom Bradby, since he knows both brothers well.

    As far as the book goes, I feel like we will find out that Harry and Will were never that close and that inseparable bond story we’ve been fed is just a myth.

    • Midnight@theOasis says:

      The BM is doing the utmost to sabotage and discredit Harry’s memoir because they know any vitriol will be aimed directly at them. Doubtful Harry does a hatchet job on the Royal Family, it’s the media he’ll direct his ire at.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Snuffles, that’s what I think, too. I keep wondering everything that Fails did to Harry growing up–especially after their Mom died. It could get interesting.

  13. Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

    The mangled sentence construction of that bizarre quote reminds me of Tina Brown. I wonder if Nikkah has deemed her a friend of the Sussexes. Or maybe one of the interns who wrote The Windsor Palace Meghan Papers whatever that stupid book was called.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      She does tend to mix her metaphors. She also likes to use battle imagery. You may be on to something.

  14. equality says:

    If the reception was to honor and remember QE then PH and all his cousins and TQ’s cousins should have been invited. By making it only “working” royals, they turned it into a state or networking event that certainly didn’t honor QE.

  15. Well Wisher says:

    The unfortunate fact is it is always about William.
    This was an unnecessary one sided briefing, no one who considers themselves a friend of Harry will speak to the Times, a paper he once sued successfully for revealing his rental in the Cotswold.
    It is a part of NewsUK, its proprietor is Murdoch, and it prints a weekly news item with malice towards Harry due to the upcoming case in 2023 against the Sun tabloid.
    The leakers have been, far and above very disrespectful to the memory of their mother and grandmother.

    Harry needs to tell his story on his terms.
    He knows that he is enough.

    The conditions that led to the move, were painful but provided a rare opportunity for the Sussexes to gain their independence and peace, at a steep cost.
    But it is worth it in the end. They are not offering any justification for their actions. There is no need to do so.

    • Nancy says:

      Well wisher, this is exactly right and beautifully put. The process was painful, price was high, we will likely never know the extent of the pain that was inflicted, and in the end it was worth every bit of it to get out.

    • Cimorene says:

      Well put Well Wisher. If I didn’t know better I might think WW might even be MM.

  16. Harper says:

    So many of the reveals on the Oprah interview were a complete shock to us but the press still protected William and Kate compared to how they attacked Meghan as a liar.

    The admssion that it will be very damaging makes me wonder if there is something specific we still don’t suspect. Or confirmation from Harry that Kate and her mother are not going to be spared in his account.

  17. Kimsan says:

    I want to know what William did, and I mean specifics. Everytime there is a hint Harry and Meghan are going to open their mouths William freaks. The thing that is crazy is that Harry will never give specifics but William is always going to be worried.

  18. NMB says:

    Are Harry and Meg THE ONLY people not going to the reception? Like, if ALL the grandkids are invited EXCEPT Harry and Meg….wtf. But if it really IS just the “working royals” of Charles, Camilla, Will and Kate, and Sophie and Edward and Anne…then I get it. BEYOND super tacky to extend the invite and rescind it though. What is that. Bad communication and administration at best, petty racist same old crap at worst.

    • equality says:

      If the point is memoralizing QE and not embiggening “working royals” and KC, why wouldn’t all the family be invited? The other grandchildren are JUST AS BLOOD RELATED to TQ as PW.

  19. girl_ninja says:

    What a sad life. Dissing your brother because he won’t allow you to use and abuse his wife to cover his folly and missteps. This is the life that William chose. He didn’t have to marry a woman he only liked and didn’t love or respect. But that is the choice he made. Harry was able to find love in Meghan and he shouldn’t be made to suffer for it. I’m glad this shambolic two week are over at least they can leave that island and get back stateside.

  20. Lorelel says:

    It continues to be UNREAL to me how the entire family—but especially William—DRAWS ATTENTION to the very things that they don’t want people to learn or pay attention to.

    The fact that the moment Harry’s memoir was announced, the press started freakingTF OUT about how nervous the family was about what would be in it. Well, why is that? If in fact they had “welcomed Meghan with open arms,” as they claim, they shouldn’t have any worries about this book. They have such guilty consciences!

    And we’ve seen variations: some weeks it’s Camilla who needs to be the most worried, some weeks it’s Charles who’s the most concerned, some William, etc. They are basically *telling the entire world* that they did some horrible sh!t to Harry, because sane human beings know that if they had behaved decently, they’d have nothing to worry about.

    It’s so fcking basic, yet none of them can seem to grasp it. And they do it constantly. Their advisers are clearly not up to the job, JFC.

    • lucy2 says:

      Exactly. And if they’d just be decent and let them go, or do the half in-half out thing they wanted, they wouldn’t be fretting over all their terrible deeds being revealed.

  21. Bettyrose says:

    You’d think their cruelty would stop being shocking but each new act of deliberately hurtful behavior toward Harry is mind boggling. This is his Grandmother’s memorial. Most of the world has put aside their feelings about the RF and behaved with dignity during this time but not the RF itself.

    • Lizzie says:

      There is literally not one thing more that could be asked of the Sussex’s during the mourning period. They haven’t said a word or appeared except when invited. They have both been a model of decorum yet the insults, lying and bashing are 24/7.

  22. Eurydice says:

    If any of this is true, Will might want to rethink his “camp” because this wouldn’t be doing him any good at all. But after having seen all the recent fake stories about totally rational things, like the ER not being on Harry’s uniform, I would say most of this is guessing and/or stating the obvious.

  23. Scal says:

    Without the queen as a buffer and Harry peacing out, it’s only a matter of time before Charles and William’s teams turn on turn on each other. It’s already happening with the competing leaks during the mourning period.

    Give it a year, and they’ll both be throwing each other other the bus. Their fragile egos are to much alike and their staff does the same thing.

    • bettyrose says:

      A *year* you say? I doubt the strained peace will last that long. The criticism of Charles is already mounting and he’ll deflect very quickly.

  24. Over it says:

    No friend of Harry and Meghan are talking to Roya or the times and they definitely won’t say such sit about Meghan throwing in a hand Grenade . That’s all palace talk all through this shit. If they didn’t do bad to Harry and Meghan, then they asses won’t be sweating so much

  25. PaperclipExtraordinaire says:

    Agreed. Her features are not only bulls*t, but horribly written bulls*it

  26. LilyCat says:

    The best thing Wails could do is get on the front of the story. Do very public mea culpa, promise to do better, and maybe a PSA against racism and bullying. This is PR 101–get it out first and control the narrative. If he were to do that, Harry would have nothing bc Wails apology would render anything he says moot. But he is too gd stupid and proud to do something like that. So, I’ll enjoy watching him and his wife crash and burn. They deserve whatever karma is coming to them. Ditto for C-3POS.

  27. jferber says:

    Just to add fuel to the fire between Charles and William, there’s a poll on TMZ on who should be the king of England now. About 74% said it should be William. Are these William’s people/bots trying to depose Charles about 3 minutes after he ascends the throne? FANTASTIC!

  28. DulceTX says:

    Harry is the Germanicus to William’s Tiberius.

  29. Busy Bee says:

    If they were really worried about stuff coming out they would stop poking the bear.

  30. HeyKay says:

    If Charles and William were smart, they would be very careful.
    Keep your heads down, and STFU.

    Let everybody settle back into their lives.
    I’m certain H&M can not wait to get home to their you g children.

    Keep Andrew outta sight for the rest of 20022, at minimum.

    Charles really has a ton of work to do, just to keep The Firm open.
    William needs training and lots of it before he is even a good bet at FK.
    Diplomatic training, anger management, PR, etc.

    I’m interested in seeing Sophie come forward. She worked a real job in PR before marrying in, one of the few having IRL work experience.

    Meanwhile, Prince Albert and his constantly sad looking wife… God Bless you Mrs. get away from him before you waste the remainder of your life being miserable.