Did Chris Martin cheat on Gwyneth Paltrow with Kate Bosworth?

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Lainey Gossip has an amazing scoop! This is a story I haven’t heard before, but, as it turns out, there might be something there. According to Lainey, Chris Martin might have cheated on Gwyneth Paltrow… with Kate Bosworth. This is what Star Magazine will report this week (Lainey has an advance copy). Lainey points out that Star isn’t really the best source, but she also claims that other media outlets have been chasing down the story, because allegedly Chris Martin and Kate Bosworth were making out in front of a bunch of people at a U2 concert a few weeks ago. Also note: Lainey is totally a Goop apologist. She loves the Goop. She feels for the Goop. Me? When I think of Chris Martin moving from the Goop to Bosworth, it makes me chuckle. That bastard certainly has a type, doesn’t he? Smug, skinny blondes.

Star Magazine is definitely not the most trustworthy source. Most of it is bullsh-t. But this is a story that cannot be ignored. The new issue of Star Magazine includes an explosive allegation – Chris Martin cheated on Gwyneth Paltrow with Kate Bosworth. Yes. Her again.

Ordinarily, considering it’s Star, the immediate reaction is to dismiss. But here’s why this report might be different. Because several magazines were investigating it a few days ago. I received calls about it on Saturday from other magazines. Chris and Kate were supposedly kissing in the open at a U2 show in Vegas two weeks ago in plain view. Which means that there was more than one witness. And each witness went to a tabloid. And each tabloid was scrambling to source it. And Star beat everyone else to the punch. Because their fact checkers are faster? Heh. Needless to say, reps for all three have issued denials. Because reps NEVER EVER lie.

The new issue of Star Magazine hits stands tomorrow. etalk has a special preview tonight. So should we believe it?


There’s precedent. I’ve been telling you about Kate Bosworth. My sources told me she allegedly pursued Jim Sturgess relentlessly during 21 without respecting the fact that he had a girlfriend. She did the same recently with Alexander Skarsgard and Evan Rachel Wood. She does not seem to care. If she wants it, she goes for it. Must be a food deficiency. And of course whatever “happy” makes her happy.

As for Chris Martin… if you’ve been reading this site long enough, you already know about those old rumours. London was buzzing about something with a civilian nearly two years ago and more recently, Chris and Gwyneth hit a rough patch like this before that resulted in a positive resolution. But those were kept undercover. They were not blown out publicly with G plastered all over the papers, embarrassingly portrayed as the jilted, homely wife betrayed for a younger version of herself.

How utterly…common.

And that’s the humiliation, isn’t it? Not only is her husband cheating, but now it’s become supermarket material. Gwyneth’s face alongside Jon & Kate plus 8. In her circle, this s the ultimate insult.

And you hate her so much, you’ll probably say she deserves it. Yeah, Gwyneth deserves a lot of snark, she deserves your derision a lot of the time too. But she doesn’t deserve a prick ass husband and a skank crank hag who always hankers for what doesn’t belong to her.

Watch etalk tonight for more details on what Kate and Chris were doing and how flagrantly they behaved afterwards.

[From Lainey Gossip]

Bosworth was last connected (in the press) to Alex Skarsgard, who is infinitely cooler (in my mind) that ol’ Fancy Pants Martin. Why didn’t Bosworth just stick with Alex? Did Evan Rachel Wood threaten to shank her? And what will Gwyneth do if this is true? Call me crazy, but I don’t see Gwyneth leaving Chris, even if there’s something to this story. I think she’s invested in this image she has of herself as the wife of a big rock star. Although I could see Gwyneth leaving if saw the opportunity for a husband upgrade.

Chris Martin is shown on 9/18/09. Kate Bosworth is shown on 9/15/09 with Gwynnie’s pal Stella McCartney. Credit: WENN.com

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  1. Victoria says:

    What was he doing at the U2 concert? Looking for more music to rip off? ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

  2. Sumodo1 says:

    Just like Guy Ritchie, I think Chris Martin has had it up to here with the Kabbalah string-wearing, pontificating, holier-than-thou famous American wifey. I watched Goopie make a roast chicken on her blog and I swear, she treated the whole process as if she were CREATING LIFE! Give me a break, and if you ask me, Chris Martin would like a little less Goop in his life.

  3. birdie says:

    If it turns out to be true, I see Gwyneth leaving. I think she would be too humiliated by the public indecency of it all. She could revamp her movie career and find herself another man.

    Kate Bosworth either got herself a new publicist who really knows how to get her name out there… or she is the new Sienna Miller.

  4. Lee says:

    In total agreement with you on that one Victoria…Coldplay is such a derivative, overrated, overplayed excuse for a bar band. And don’t get me started on Gwynnie…we haven’t got all day.

  5. Bubulle says:

    I guess cheating is the new black this days.

  6. Jeri says:

    Well..well…well.. Poor Gwynnie. Course it’s true. Don’t know what either of them see in that asshole. Whenever I’ve seen Coldplay on TV Award shows Chris is always jumping & skipping around on one foot!!?? Is that Cool?? Does he have itchy crabby critters in his pants??? Better bet SHE WILL MAKE HIM PAY – BIG TIME.

  7. Praise St. Angie! says:

    to Victoria:

    your post made me laugh bc the first time I ever heard ColdPlay, I thought it was a new U2 song!

  8. Cinderella says:

    How did Kate and Chris even meet?

    My thought is this: Gwynn stayed because the kids were little, she hoped his indiscretions would not repeat, and face it, Chris makes a ton of money with Coldplay. No matter how much money she came from, there’s no way it could match what he’s made.

    Now the kids are getting older, she’s getting herself back out there career-wise, and Chris continues to cheat. I think at some point she’s going to leave.

  9. e says:

    Well she won’t make him pay in money…unfortunately she probably has a lot more than he does. They are both idiots and deserve whatever they get.

  10. buellblaster says:

    Can’t make up my mind who is skankier in this story…Kate (for licking on a married man) or Chris (for being a manwhore)…

  11. grisgris says:

    If he was so open about making out with her I would say someone is planning a pr blitz about their nelwy single lifestyle to accopmany the marketing campaign for Iron Man.

  12. Iggles says:

    Wow. I can’t believe he is such a jerk. Yea, Gwyneth is shrill but she doesn’t deserve a serial cheater.

    It’s sad because Chris made such a big deal of how he never dated anyone before her. Now he’s whoring around. Disgusting.

  13. Rae says:

    I see her leaving and totally playing the wounded party who stays strong and above it all. She could do a segment of GOOP about how a well-dressed pheonix rises out of the ashes.

  14. MichelleMuko says:

    Where to begin?? Lmao at Victoria!
    Kate, like Sienna is a WHORE! Nt only that but an untalented one to the point of retardation.
    Yes i dislike Gwyn but she is so much bigger and better than CopyCoverCatChris!

  15. Trey says:


  16. Cristina says:

    I haaaaate gwenyth. I’m happy for any drama in her world- she is smug, self-righteous, and believes herself to be better than us peasents. Who wouldn’t get sick of that!

  17. CLC says:

    so Chris Martin has a “type”

  18. Bodhi says:

    lol@ well-dressed phoenix! Kate Bosworth is a waste of space, and super-hoovering one at that.

  19. Vermithrax says:

    The Goop hit the fan.

  20. crash2GO2 says:

    Goodness. I feel awful for the children.

  21. TwinkleToes says:

    He’s not attractive.

  22. yadira says:

    If you were low down to cheat on your wife, wouldn’t you at least make the sin worth it and trade up?

  23. Sumodo1 says:

    You know what? We’re ALL correct. I’m sure all that needs to be done is the settlement papers (future income from Coldplay, children, assets, property) and Gwynnie goops her way, and Chris minces his way.

  24. danielle says:

    Gwyneth’s an annoying, smug twit who seems no fun at all. That said, if Chris is cheating, he was all into her when she was a catch, and now that she’s a delusional Martha Stewart wanna be he’s dissing her- jerk. Although – Rock God married to Martha Stewart? Yeah, that screams of divorce coming.

  25. Westender says:

    If Chris Martin is making out with Kate Bosworth at a concert, where everyone can see and tell the tabloids. Does this mean the two of them have a open relationship and Gywneth has someone on the side as well?

  26. Cat says:

    Lol Cristina! It is bad my first thought was ‘gosh I sure hope so’??

  27. Gloaming says:

    Wasn’t Gwynnie staying with some billionaire in Florida a while ago?
    Maybe they have an open relationship, they’re both a pair of pukes either way.

  28. Ally says:

    Double betrayal, based on your photos, celebitchy, Bosworth is trying to steal Stella McCartney, too!!! What next, Kate, palling around with Madonna? First SWF reference coming… now.

    @danielle: I think you meant: Rock Dwarf married to Martha Stewart

  29. Rosanna says:

    In case, can you blame him? KB is 1,000 times better than GP!!!!

  30. Sandra says:

    They probably have one of those don’t ask don’t tell marriages and as long as it doesn’t become public Gwyneth is happy to look the other way but I do believe she knows what goes on and the most important thing to her is her image and the kids. I do believe all the cheating stories with all the traveling and time they spend separated from each other of course they have flings.

  31. Mairead says:

    Meh – considering it was so public all I can say is “pics or it didn’t happen”

    If I’m wrong and the story is right – Christ kate, way to trade down!

    And if that Cut-price-Sting is a “rock god” I’m going to stab myself repeatedly with a plastic spoon! 👿

  32. michellllle says:

    “I watched Goopie make a roast chicken on her blog and I swear, she treated the whole process as if she were CREATING LIFE”!

    Too much Sumodo1, thanx 4 the laugh.

  33. Taya says:

    Please let this be true!

  34. lolo says:

    It’s an open marriage. He only married her after she got pregnant (just like Madge). Then, they tried to work it out. In his interviews, Chris used to talk about her all lovey-dovey, and now he told Mike Wallace he won’t say a thing. He looked very stone-faced, when he said it. He’s not in love w/her; they are together only for the kids. I doubt they even live together.

  35. Kylie says:

    I really hope its not true just for their childrens sake. It may be all fun and games to say all the crap above but remember they have 2 little kids. 🙁

  36. la chica says:

    next GOOP topic: how to deal with public humiliation. with input from good friends Christie (Brinkley), Fergie, and Brandi.

  37. snappyfish says:

    can’t stand Goopie and her prententious prig self and don’t like coldplay.

    Feel bad for Kate if this is true. Thought she had better taste.

  38. Sumodo1 says:

    @michellllle Thank you for the compliment!

  39. Green says:

    Hes hot!

  40. lc says:

    the comments here are way more entertaining than the story.
    As for goopie, she’ll be fine. I posit that a little suffering might even be good for her. That which doesn’t kill us, etc. etc. She’s only a smug, clueless goop because she’s never had to wipe her own a@@.

  41. Elle says:

    I kinda agree lc. Is it wrong to smirk, knowing that this uptight, pretentious c-word is feeling some humiliation? Sorry–goopy gets no sympathy from me. I’m a bad person, I know ;-(

  42. K McFarlane says:

    Personally I can’t stand Kate Bosworth. I don’t find her attractive in any way, physically or personality-wise. I find it weird that everyone criticizes Angelina Jolie for having a relationship with Brad Pitt when he was married, but here the response seems to be “hope it’s true, serves Gwyneth right”.

    Personally, I like Gwyneth. I think she’s a nice person and she’s trying to spread good in the world, albeit without much internal radar on how she comes across. She’s never seemed to me to be someone with a gigantic ego like Martha, Oprah or Madonna. And I think her devotion to her family has been genuine. It can’t be easy being married to a rock star who’s away a lot and has women making passes at him all the time.

  43. TwinkleToes says:

    “…a gigantic ego like Martha, Oprah or Madonna”. K, do you hear yourself? Why are you comparing Gwyneth to these self made women who are institutions? Now go slap yourself upside the head, would ya?

  44. K McFarlane says:

    Twinkletoes you seem to be reading something into my post that I didn’t say. I’m only saying that I think her actions are coming from a place of good intentions rather than a place of “let me tell you how to live your life better”.

    I say that because on the Goop site, the only times that she speaks as an authority are when she gives advice on clothes and occasionally when she shares recipes that she’s enjoyed cooking. I don’t have an issue with that.

  45. DiMi says:

    Why is Kate evil for poaching married men while Angelina is a saint? I don’t get it. They’re wrong for pursuing married men. The married men are wrong for pursuing them. The wives scorned deserve sympathy but they are all narcissistic, overprivileged, and wealthy enough to afford therapy.

  46. Magneeta says:

    McFarlane, I am in complete agreement with you on this one. I also feel that Gwyneth comes across as a decent person and that most of her so called “haters” are the cynical types that want to have something bad to say for the sake of it. There’s enough of that naturally in the world, but to add to it? Gosh, I don’t see what the difference is between her posting a blog and someone like you or myself posting information about our experiences. What is the big deal and why hate on her? Amazing the hate and negativity that people seek to create.