Brad Pitt explains bike accident: “No injuries, except my ego.”

Brad Pitt’s motorcycle accident made headlines a few weekends ago. Although there were several different versions of what exactly happened when Brad “crashed”, the video (that was released a few days later) shows that Brad went in between a row of parked cars and a row of cars waiting at either a stop light or a stop sign. Brad clipped one of the parked car’s rearview mirrors, and he lost his balance, going down. He wasn’t hurt, his bike was scratched up, and there was very minor damage to the parked car.

While Brad was in Japan, for the Japanese premiere of Inglourious Basterds, he answered some questions about the crash. As it turns out, Brad wasn’t riding on a new bike that he was unfamiliar with – he was actually on his “favorite” motorcycle. So, I have no explanation for his accident other than he just made a mistake, or wasn’t paying attention, or was pulling a douchey bike move:

Brad Pitt says he is in the market for a new motorcycle.

The actor, in Tokyo to promote his latest movie, “Inglourious Basterds,” said he trashed his favorite bike recently while trying to escape overzealous photographers.

“I had a little mishap,” he said. “No injuries, except my ego. I was trying to get away from some paparazzi and instead gave them a good story. It was my favorite bike, so that is really sad.”

Pitt, a well-known motorcycle buff, was involved in a minor accident in Los Angeles last month after a paparazzo reportedly cut him off in traffic. He said that while he is in Tokyo he will be looking for a replacement.

“I will definitely be looking at motorcycles,” he said. “You’ve got some of the best builders right here.”

“Inglourious Basterds,” directed by Quentin Tarantino, premiered in Tokyo on Wednesday. As a promotion gimmick, Japanese movie viewers will be given a money-back offer if they are bored after watching the first 60 minutes of the revisionist World War II swashbuckler.

Pitt said he felt lucky to be chosen as the movie’s leading man – Tarantino had initially planned to cast himself in that part.

“We had heard about this script for about eight years before it came my way, so it had taken on a mythical dimension,” he said. “I was doubly flattered because Quentin originally wrote the part for himself.”

“Inglourious Basterds” follows a band of Jewish American soldiers, led by Tennessean Lt. Aldo Raine (Pitt), who hunt Nazis with the goal of not just killing them but scalping them and sometimes carving swastikas into their foreheads.

“What made me want to make the film is simply that I like war movies,” said Tarantino, who joined Pitt and other cast members at a news conference. “The initial idea sometimes is really as simple as wanting to make a war movie or a car chase movie. The rest goes from there.”

[From Huffington Post]

Brad’s beard is also making international headlines. He showed up in Japan with damn beads in the dreadlocks, and now people are wondering what the hell is up with Brad’s grooming habits. Yesterday, we explored the theory that Brad is growing it out for his role in The Lost City of Z. Now Hello Magazine has a theory that Brad might be participating in ‘No Shave November’, which they describe as “a growing movement among young men who have vowed to not use their razor for a month…Social networking sites like Facebook have ‘No Shave November’ groups with over 10,000 members currently participating in what may become the scruffiest month of the year.” Except that Brad has been growing his junk out for months. So maybe he feels strongly about “No Shave 2009”. There is no ring to that.

Photos are from Pitt’s accident on 10/24/09. Credit: Mac/Fame Pictures

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20 Responses to “Brad Pitt explains bike accident: “No injuries, except my ego.””

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  1. Sumodo says:

    No Shave November! You should see my legs and armpits–fantastic growth!

  2. nAynAy says:

    Poor baby!

  3. Beth says:

    It’s really creepy how everything gets blownup 1000 times bigger whenever Brad or Angelina do something. David Beckham has grown a beard and nobody says a word. It’s not as long as Brad’s but David is better known for his looks than soccer. I guess Jim Carey gets a slide because he’s a comedien.

  4. princess pea says:

    I’m with you Beth.

  5. stacy says:

    His beard is not neat and groomed, that is why its getting so much attention. as far as the beads go…disgusting!

  6. Firestarter says:

    @Beth- Facial hair is not the issue with me. I think Beckham looks good with his facial hair, and I have never thought Carrey was hot, so I do not care what he looks like. Brad, IMO, does not look good in facial hair and I used to think he was extremely hot until he started to grow that stuff.

    So for me, it isn’t a big deal who wears what, it is what they look like or if I find them attarctive to begin with.

  7. viper says:

    I could have sworn he hurt his nutts too.

  8. Kevin says:

    Viper, You know they are in Angie’s handbag for safe keeping.

  9. viper says:

    Unless this guys got balls of steel. No wonder he’s envied lol.

  10. maddie says:

    He was still with Jenn when he grew a beard and people commented on it.

    Sorry but he does not do the facial hair well he always looks he just rolled out of an alley.

  11. hello~ says:

    I’m w/Beth. I find it funny how Brad’s “fans” constantly complain about his beard. One fan even said he should shave it off if he knows what’s good for him! Don’t you know that, Brad. The only reasons you are alive is for your “fans.” Give him a break, he’s an old man with 6 kids. IMO, the hot actor thing is finito. Good riddance too. He was too pretty boy blond, anyways.

  12. hatsumomo says:

    Oh wow!
    my man was telling me something similar to this. I had no idea what he was talking about.

    Apparently, Rackspace is having some kinda competition between workers as to who ever can grow the most amount of facial hair for Nov.
    I think my man has got them beat seeing as he’s biologically Irish. Hes quite hairy.

  13. Jeri says:

    It’s been a lot longer than November since he shaved. Yeah, if I scratch my favorite vehicle I toss the sucka & get a new one. Guess he really loved it.

  14. Emily says:

    In Australia, we have Movember, where guys grow facial hair and get sponsored for it for… Prostate cancer I think. Some male-only cancer, anyway. So maybe Brad’s doing something similar?

    As for the crash, the gerbils of doom cut the brake lines.

  15. Camille says:

    @Emily- we have that in New Zealand as well. Its to raise money for Prostate Cancer and now Depression in men as well.

    Anyway doubt very much that BP has grown his beard for that. I think theres one simple reason why he’s grown it- because its *his* face and he can do what he likes with it and I really don’t think he gives a toss what we all think lol.
    For the record I hate the beard/huge goatee too. Although I still think he’s attractive, but I wouldn’t be at all sad if he shaved it off! lol :)

  16. NFLer says:

    Was he drunk?

  17. Anak says:

    Pitt-potty-head looks at himse and thinks he is still hot, but is the pot. kkkkkk

  18. Kelynn says:

    Huh…most of the guys I know who do the “No shave November” thing do it only so their faces stay warm during the hunting season. Though Brad doesn’t strike me as a hunter.

  19. Ursula says:

    He has and EGO? Count me shocked. He has been Mr Jolie for the last 5 years, he can’t have any ego or self respect left. Not many people think much of him any more. Another dent in his esteem is nothing.

    Chances are he wasn’t sober.

    I have a theory; when someone does not feel good about themselves on the inside, it shows on the outside. They do not bother to clean up or make an effort to look good. Because they feel any thing but. Just a theory,

  20. beachbum says:

    looks like he is VERY depressed..that probably explains his appearance. It like the life has been depleted out of him and he doesn’t care about his image or looks anymore. JMO