Angelina Jolie & Liev Schreiber in trailers for ‘Salt’ (update)

Angelina Jolie filmed Salt, a Phillip Noyce-directed spy thriller, this past spring. It’s not coming out in America until next summer (July 23, apparently) but we can enjoy this just-released Russian trailer for the film. I swear, at first I thought it was really Angelina and Liev Schrieber speaking in Russian together about their spy junk. But the trailer is actually dubbed. Nuts! The trailer also includes some pretty cool-looking stunt work, and there’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-him shot of one of my favorites, Chiwetel Ejiofor. I love Liev too. Good stuff! EW has more:

The first peek at Angelina Jolie’s Salt has a serious Russian accent. That’s not just because Jolie plays a CIA officer who may or may not be a a Russian sleeper agent (shades of No Way Out). The first online trailer is actually for the film’s Russian release, so have fun with the dialogue, apparently dubbed by Nikolai Volkoff.

The film’s action transcends any language barrier, nyet? Director Phillip Noyce (Patriot Games) seems to be borrowing heavily from the Bourne films, and Jolie has a solid track record as an action star (though her Matrix-climb-the-wall-drop-kick at 1:41 was rather low on the vertical).

Are you smitten with Jolie in any language? Does Salt, out in the U.S. next July, solidify her as the only bankable female action hero?

[From Entertainment Weekly]

Salt is the first time Angelina and director Noyce have worked together since The Bone Collector. While I didn’t love that film, I’ve read that Angelina and Noyce enjoyed working together on that film, and they were very happy to connect for Salt.

My least favorite part about this trailer? Angelina’s sketchy wig work. These wigs are f-cking awful. Well… the black one with the bangs isn’t terrible, but that blonde one has to go. Whose f-cking idea was that?

UPDATE: Here’s the English-language Salt trailer:

Here’s Angelina in “Salt.” Images thanks to All Movie Photo.

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  1. Firestarter says:

    She was great in The Transformers!

  2. BitterBetty says:

    LOL, she’s a horrible actress.

  3. ☠MeowBea says:

    WOW she looks like Ass in that 1st Pic


  4. Charity is Chic says:

    Ok, Sorry. but you’d have to be blind to think she looks hot. The Woman looks like she’s wasting away. That first picture is truly FRIGHTENING.

  5. RobN says:

    Malnutrition is not sexy.

  6. cee says:

    She looks hot and the trailer looks great!!!!!!!! Always proud of the work she does. Listen to the Director talk about her performance. Just like Clint he thinks she is fabulous.

  7. Bek says:

    I really don’t understand how they don’t mandate that she put on some weight for her roles. Her legs and arms look like matchsticks. If it were any other actress, it would definitely be more of a problem. Last I checked, the runways were the only places where people want to see girls near-death from malnutrition (Not that I don’t think that’s ridiculous and unethical). In an action movie, don’t guys want to see a voluptuous woman? I at least think that’s better than promoting scarecrow tactics. No wonder girls have horrible self-images.

  8. angelinafan1 says:

    you know it was Megan in Transformers. Now I know you have an agenda against. her.
    She’s one of the only females in Hollywood who can carry an action film alone. I can’t wait to see this.

  9. Bek says:

    on a funny note, I love how she always has that intense, “O” face with barred teeth for every dramatic moment in all her movies. It looks like a bear growling!!! Hahahaha

  10. michellllle says:

    She sounds great, russian is so sexy. Too bad that’s not her real voice. Despite being deathly thin she’s still gorgeous. I’d love to be that size, imagine the fun trying to increase your weight to a healthy amount.

  11. angelinafan1 says:

    I’m so glad to see that for someone who criticizes her constantly, you take time, energy and money to go see her films.

  12. Enonymous says:

    That actually looks quite good, might be worth watching the movie when it comes out.

  13. Praise St. Angie! says:

    an “agenda”?

    sounds like someone is humor-deficient.

    and yes, the wigs look terrible. it’s funny…the Aniston-haters/brangeloonies kept referring to Jolie’s wigs for this movie when talking about how Aniston had a wig made for a movie and how much it cost to do so.

    as in, Jolie’s wigs were more cost effective and how vain Aniston was to make them spend so much money on a wig.

    maybe the Salt producers should have invested a bit more money in that aspect of her costume.

  14. princess pea says:

    @ Firestarter – Hahahahahaha! Love it!

  15. Novaraen says:

    Way. too. thin.

    Sorry….no action star should look like that.

  16. angelinafan1 says:

    Praise St. Angie: Maybe I should change my name to Lovesick Jen so I can be funny just like you.

  17. Karin says:

    Didn’t that woman promise a while ago to stay away from filming and spend more time with her family?! The dubbing in the clip is about as convincing as René Russo speaking German in The Thomas Crown Affair and the part where she falls / jumps off the train makes one fear her all-too-visible bones might just snap. She could seriously benefit from some weight and a clear decision on whether she wants to promote human rights and peace or guns in films. Doing both kind of undermines her already shaky credibility, right?

  18. ROYALTY says:

    I’m looking forward to see this movie.

  19. Katyusha says:

    Does she play someone actually named Salt?

    I heard her say, “My name is Salt.”

    That must be the case, if she said it. Just thought that was a weird alias, or whatever it is.

  20. angelinafan1 says:

    She did take time of. she took a year off between Changeling and Salt. But because the media can’t let go of her for even two weeks, we’ve been seeing her in the tabloids constantly, because she sells. Oh and I get your point about the conflict of interest between the UN and her action movies, but I think it a pathetic attempt to discredit her. Action movies are just that, fantasy and escapist entertainment for the people to enjoy in their free time. (Sure they can affect young, impressionable minds, but that’s where good parenting comes in.)
    War, famine and poverty are not caused by the glamorized violence in action movies. There is fantasy of film and the reality of war. One is fun and the other is serious. Last I checked, in certain circles (i.e. the humanitarian community), she has credibility where it matters, unlike her credibility with people who believe the tabloids.

  21. Karin says:

    I don’t discredit her work for the UN, as she seems very comitted and actually gets informed about the situations and regions she visits. However, I still believe it is lucky that most of the refugees she visits will not get to / have to see the films, as a lot of what they would see and especially hear in terms of violence is not too far from their own traumatic and very real experiences. One opinion, that’s all.

  22. TwinkleToes says:

    Loon Alert! BEEP, BEEP.

    Can you guys do a write up on another bad movie? Paranormal Activity was so horrible but someone is being paid for touting it as “the scariest movie of all time”. The ads show a screaming audience in the theater. It was so boring and a letdown. I kept waiting to be scared and it never happened.

  23. hello~ says:

    Angelinafan, Firestarter copied that from D-Listed. They all sit around trashing Angie by saying she looked great in Marley/Me and/or Transformers. The irony is they criticize Angelina as “unoriginal,” while telling the same jokes over and over. MK is pretty funny, but many of the posters on his site are not.

  24. Praise St. Angie! says:

    sorry, angelinafan1, with your level of humor deficiency, you’ll never be as funny as I am.

    or Firestarter, for that matter.

  25. Bee says:

    BOO! She sux major balls.

  26. Firestarter says:

    @Angelinafan1- Get over yourself, get a sense of humor and lighten the eff up!

    As far as an agenda, my agenda consists of living in the real world and not obsessing over some celebrity I do not know.

    And Hello- I said that on dlisted like 7 months ago and they still use it. I also have said she was great in Marley and Me and wonderful in Friends. Thanks for the press! Like this is the onl;y blog I post on and name I use! Jeez! You are like Hercule Poirot or Sherlock Holmes! Nothing gets put over on you!

    I have made the same jokes about Aniston being great in The Changeling and Jolie being cute in Jennifer’s Body! So what? Just because I don’t sit around all day and act like some lovesick fan over strangers. Who cares!

    You people need to learn to laugh and worry about some important things in life and not sweat the small shit! I swear.

  27. princess pea says:

    I totally want to see angelinafan1’s new hit list of people with an agenda against the most perfectest woman in all of Perfectionland. You know we are all going down, as soon as she figures out a way to get our addresses from the gerbils. I swear, poking the Loonies is more fun than any scandal about Jolie could ever be.

    I think with the look she’s rocking now, Jolie would do an excellent job as a person dying of a wasting disease. Especially if that person didn’t really talk, but made big eyes and pouty faces.

  28. hello~ says:

    SO WHAT if she’s a fan? There’s plenty of non-fans here. Live and let live. Any time there’s a fan, out comes the fifth grade name-calling: loon. The irony is that many of these same people will go nuts if someone calls them a “jen hen,” even though they defend Aniston all the time. Just silliness all around and no one makes a valid point about anything EVER.

  29. Firestarter says:

    @Hello- You also forgot to mention that I said I loved Brad’s song “Your body is a wonderland”, and how Mayer was great in Benjamin Button’s. Since you seem to follow my work over at dlisted so closely!

    IT’S JOKES, get over it!

    Who called anyone crazy? She’s the one going ape over people making jokes or saying anything against Jolie. Talk about live and let live. All I did was make a joke, and then I am accused of having some ridiculous agenda against Jolie. I cannot have an agenda against Jolie, given the fact I do not know the woman, but I can make a joke if I want to and I do it with all celebs. So too effin bad if ppl don’t like it!

    Can’t win to lose on here. Try to talk heavy stuff, like on the Chris Brown thread and you get slammed, make a joke on here and you get slammed! Jeez! Guess you gotta love Jolie and Brown to not raise the hackles of some posters on here.

  30. Kaiser says:

    Do we have to do this on every Angelina post? YOU CANNOT POST UNDER MULTIPLE NAMES. You will be banned.

  31. Firestarter says:

    @Kaiser- I am not sure if that was directed at me, but I post under different names on different sites. I only go by Firestarter on here. : )

    Meaning that I have different names on each site, not that I post under multiple names.

  32. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “You know we are all going down, as soon as she figures out a way to get our addresses from the gerbils.”


    oh, pea…how I love you.

  33. Munkey says:

    LOL, I’m going with “angelinafan1” and “hello” for the win!

  34. Kaiser says:

    Firestarter – No, I was speaking to someone who was posting under multiple names in this thread. I deleted their shit.

  35. Firestarter says:

    @Kaiser- Thanks for letting me know! : )

  36. HashBrowns says:

    Looks like the same ol’ stuff we see every year around summer.

    This looks exactly like Die Hard 4/Bourne movies but with a woman. There is only so much you can do in an action film and the lack of creativity is showing.

    Angelina=boring. We get it. You can play a badass spy/badass treasure seeker/badass cop/badass Tigress/badass car thief/badass whore (Original Sin)/badass assassin. Glancing through her IMdb page, she’s barely been in anything where she didn’t play a badass/sexy something or the other.

    And now we’ve got this pile of you know what.

    Firestarter tells jokes, folks. It’s pretty darn clear that the first joke is basically a jab at Megan Fox trying to be Angelina all the time. Your precious perfect Angelina has not been smited.

  37. truthSF says:

    Kaiser, here is the link to the english version trailer:

  38. lucy2 says:

    Wow, she does not look good in those photos. Too skinny, very unhealthy, and it really ages her too.

    I don’t care for her as much in dramatic roles, but I do think she does well in action roles. But she needs to go back more towards the Lara Croft physique for it to be believable, she looks way too scrawny for the audience to buy that she can do all those things.

  39. HashBrowns says:

    @truthSF: Thanks for the trailer in English-I was curious about what was actually going on.

    interesting that the entire premise of the film is so thin that they give everything away in the trailer. My guess is that this movie will do ok the first weekend and then fade into obscurity like a lot of her films do.

  40. Sandra says:

    Same old same old gun-toting bad-ass. All she has to do is bend bullets and the audiences are happy.

  41. WTF?!? says:

    Too bad they didn’t dub her performance for the English release as well. She strongly resembles an insect, and her teeth look terrible.
    I can think of two causes of bad teeth and malnutrition.

  42. Rosalee says:

    *sighhhhh* I’ll probably take my granddaughter to it..but then she’ll have to watch Steel Magnolias with me..Firestarter you crack me up, I always look for your posts.

  43. Firestarter says:

    @Rosalee/HashBrowns/StAngie/Princess Pea- Thanks for understanding humor and knowing what a joke is.

    I think that in the world today, you kind of have to laugh not only at others but at yourself as well. I make jokes all the time poking fun at me. I just try to take life seriously when needed and not so seriously when it is totally not necessary!

    Now about Angie’s performance in Hope and Faith, did she and Kelly Ripa get along, or was there tension?

  44. TwinkleToes says:

    Even WITH all of the cosmetic surgery she still can’t pull off wearing a hat and looking good.

  45. crash2GO2 says:

    I recall she went on some radical liquid diet to lose 20 lbs for this role. She felt she couldn’t convincingly play a man (which she does as a disguise) unless she did so.

    ‘s what I heard!

  46. stacy says:

    the blond wig looks like shit, but the movie looks pretty good!

    OMG!!! I’m an Aniston fan, too!!! What is this world coming to?!!!!

  47. Mairead says:

    I think Firestarter is usually funny – for an Antilina 🙂
    (only messing Firestarter, I do think your posts are good)

    Back to the film:
    Angie, sweetheart, dearest – eat a friggin’ sandwich please! I’ve said this before, but I’m not convinced that she’s hugely thinner than many other actresses, lke say Renee Zelwegger and Thandie Newton who is far too thin. But I think AJ looks very unhealthy in the face and in her limbs when she loses any weight at all and it doesn’t suit her in the slightest.

    And the film does sound so much cooler in Russian – I might have to select that and English subtitles on the DVD 😆

  48. kim says:

    Yeah ,Angie the highest paid actress(Hollywood Reporter 2009 list) the most powerful actress (Guiness book of records 2009 and 2010 list)most powerful celeb(Forbes) Oscar winner, pilot, member of Council on Foreign Relations, Oscar nominee 2009 UN ambassador and mother of 6

  49. angelinafan1 says:

    I wasn’t posting under more than one name. I don’t think Angelina is perfect (I didn’t like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, or Life or Something Like it). And after watching the English dub, it DOES look like the same old formulaic action flick: guns, sex, and running. But I’m not going to pigeonhole it since the russian trailer looked much better than the english. I think the trailer just showed the dramatic parts of the film without going into the meatier parts of the plot.
    I also think Angelina should gain about 20 pounds.
    But saying that she looks like she’s dying of a disease, her teeth are bad (when they are so obviously not), or accusing her of plastic surgery is nasty and harsh. And this is exactly the sort of climate that doesn’t breed humor Firestarter.

    If that’s your brand of humor, whatever. I don’t like it because I think when it comes to the “Bermuda Triangle” its become so intense/accusatory from both sides that it’s easy to misinterpret a joke as an insult.

  50. Bete says:

    ‘Way.Too.Thin’ is really horrible English. They aren’t proper sentences. Anyone who has been to school should know that a sentence contains a main clause and that main clauses usually contain a verb. To the commenter above who wrote the sentence – go to school.
    Personally, I think other celebrities and PA’s have their own agenda and most are jealous of Angelina Jolie’s achievements and the fact that she, like other past Hollywood legends, don’t give a crap about how others perceive them.

  51. Laura says:

    I love you, Firestarter.

  52. Munkey says:


    – It’s “PAs” not “PA’s.” Anybody who’s been to school knows the difference between plural and possessive nouns.

    – “She, et al, don’t give a crap …” She don’t? Anyone who’s been to school would know that “doesn’t” is the correct word to use in this sentence. (Seriously, that’s a really boneheaded error, especially when you’re scolding someone else for their “improper” English.)

  53. alex says:

    people posted under different names cause they are cowards

    Anyhoo it is always good to see the crazies/haters come out when there are a angelina’s thread. I hate her. She is a horrible actress; she needs to eat, she is a homewrecker blah blah blah but yet they can’t stay away from her thread lol. Good to see that she own some of you all butts

    I can’t wait to see this movie. It looks good

  54. hmm says:

    Not every actress is lucky enough to star in cinematic gems like Love Happens and Management. Maybe someone will do He’s Just Not That Into You part 2 and Angelina’s career can be salvaged.

  55. Firestarter says:

    Thanks Mairead and Laura! : )

    Angelinafan1- Show me where, in any of MY posts, did I say one thing about her weight, teeth or her having plastic surgery? I didn’t.

    I guess I am not a good fan, because I do not get having your feelings hurt over people liking or not liking someone.

    The good news is I respect people’s right to like who they like, the bad news, I am still going to make stupid jokes. Even if they are tired and recycled, I will still use them if they bring a smile to my face and a chuckle for someone else.

    AF1, lighten up, it isn’t 2012 yet, the world isn’t ending. Love Angelina, but don’t take my or anyone else’s comments so much to heart. It’s a gossip blog, not a meeting of world leaders discussing global politics. It doesn’t have to be as serious as all that.

    I still liked her in The Transformers though. She pairs well with Shia! ; p

  56. birdie says:

    This thread is out of control.

    I just wanted to say that I think this movie looks pretty damn entertaining. The feminist in me is proud that Angelina is a strong enough woman to carry a movie in the male dominated action genre.

    Her bone structure is so beautiful its unreal. I don’t see anything wrong with her wigs in the film. She looks good as a blonde and she looks good as a brunette, she looked beautiful when she went biracial for “A Mighty Heart” – the makeup doesn’t hide it. People who are saying she’s ugly are delusional. Her face is stunning!

    Please, don’t spew hate towards me. I’m not a psycho fanatic – but I do admire Angelina’s acting, her charity and the way she turned her life around. She and Brad seem like devoted parents and humanitarians, more than that they strike me as the two biggest stars of Hollywood and I appreciate the glamour they bring to the table. I truly do not understand the hatred that is targeted towards this woman.

  57. hello~ says:

    Firestarter, I just don’t find your lame joke funny, esp. since I know it’s a recycled, D-listed oldie. You can’t expect everyone to find you funny. Most of the comments here are the same tired oldies. Someone said it better on another blog–“toothpick with a gun.” To me, that’s funny. Sorry Angelinafan, I know she’s your girl, but she could stand to gain a few 😉

  58. HashBrowns says:

    Hey Firestarter, you should be sure to check out Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen-I thought Angie was playing a bit young but she pulls it off.

  59. justathought says:

    Looks like a great movie…a female Bourne Supremacy.
    Jolie and Damon could rule the world!

  60. viper says:

    I’m not impressed! Enough with the spy crap already , why can’t she just do Lara Croft again?! It’s the same role over and over again.

  61. Camille says:

    The film looks as entertaining as any of these types of movies are.
    I love it when AJ plays the badass roles. Its nice to see a strong female lead in a film and not just relegated to only playing the wife/girlfriend lame supporting part.
    Go kick ass Angie! hehe

  62. Charity is Chic says:

    Hmm. Poor, lonely, desperate Jen hater. What does Aniston even have to do with this thread? Five years later and the Brangeloonies still can’t let it go.

  63. crash2GO2 says:

    Munkey, good post. I always love it when a snotty spell checker gets checked. 😛

    I don’t get the feelings getting hurt thing either. I guess if your identity and self-worth somehow gets wrapped up in a person you don’t even know…scary!

    I like Megan Fox in The Bone Collector. She really rocked that New Yawk accent!

  64. lisa says:

    I am a fan and think she looks great.. regarding the teeth comment wtf.. Angie has an amazing smile. in the pic posted she is in desquise wearing fake dentures.. man the woman can’t get a break. All the other actesses out there are doing the same old same old. yet Angie is the only one that gets negative comments. She does Action well and she should do those kinds of film for as long as she is able. Men do it all the time. Dhe did not do some radical diet.. Gosh tabs are believed all the time because they post the most negative and stupid articles about her or BRAD. And the negative are believed.. but a postive report or comment is all ways looked at as a pr move or the fan is a loonie; because they don’t say something negative or over the top. Whatever.. the fans will see this movie and I am sure the haters will too. they are obsesse and will see it so they can complain and make snarky comments.

    I am so excited about seeing this. I think for a woman that gave birth to twins 7-8 months earlier..she looks great.. so spread the negative.. that is what always happens. And with all the amazing shots of her in that film the none of those were used to accompany the story. Whatever..

  65. Ursula says:

    Her many disguises do not look convincing. If I could still stand her, I would still miss the movie because it does not look authentic.

    Angie does not look good at all. But then, she has not looked good for some time now. I kinda miss the crazy independent ‘I don’t give a shit’ woman. At least she was a bit genuine then and fun. Now all this holier than thou shit is boring and getting old.

  66. Bek says:

    I really liked her in “A Mighty Heart”. There were moments when she wasn’t believable, but I still think it’s her best shot. This movie looks really cookie-cutter. I wish that somebody in the industry dared to mix things up a bit. The spy/espionage/thrillers and the end of the world/alien movies are getting so boring. Perhaps they keep making them because a large part of the public really likes that shit? Mostly for the digital effects, I would guess. Ooh! But did anybody watch State of Play? A little different, better acting and from a different point of view. Thought it was pretty good.

  67. Randy says:

    Why on earth did they dress her in that awful ill-fitting grey suit?

  68. Merridith says:

    Looks like crap as does she in it, she is all arms and legs and butt pads.

    Oh yeah, this is the movie she had to do instead of bonding and spending time with her infant twins, they were living over an hour a way while she filmed this load of crap, looks like her time would have been better spent being a mom to her huge family than making ANOTHER crap movie.

  69. beachbum says:

    Liev Schreiber definitely talented, Jolie, Not so much. Too emaciated for most people’s taste. I definitely wont be seeing this movie.

  70. wif says:

    With all due respect, the use of “Word. Word. Word.” is becoming commonly used to show empahsis. There are different levels of language used to denote different levels of formality. My dear friend is an English professor who writes for a Cambridge Shakespearian dictionary (just establishing the validity of the opinion, here), his perspective is that language is a changing growing being, and most of it is valid. If “Word. Word. Word” is commonly used, understood and appreciated, it counts.

    In regards to the movie, it looks like the same old action flick I’ve seen too many times before.

  71. Firestarter says:

    Hello- I said it before, I don’t care who finds me funny or not. I’ll post what I like and thank you not to make a bloody comment on how lame I am every time. Ignore my comments, as I will ignore yours, fair enough?

  72. June says:

    Angelina does alot of great things, other than make movies. I enjoy seeing her in action movies, and hope that she keeps doing them, if that is what she wants to do.

    Angelina makes more and has more money than any one commenting about her on this board. She has a amazing life, a great partner, 6 beautiful kids, a great house and is able to live any where in the world she wants to.

    Angelina is great, I like and admire her very much, can not wait to see this movie.

  73. Anonymous says:

    so funny.she is bad actress.

  74. Katyusha says:

    @ Munkey


  75. Elle says:

    I find it strange that the same people saying mean things about Brad and Ang for trick or treating with their kids (They are exploiting their kids! He’s drunk! The costumes are teaching them to “gender cross”) are NOW saying that other people here have no sense of humor!!?? I’m perplexed.

  76. stacy says:

    I think it’s funny that all the people that say she is great in all her action flicks and that she should keep doing them are probably the same people that give JA crap about doing the same old same old films all the time. IMHO.

    I dont care what anybody says, FIRESTARTER is hilarious. Maybe if you read comments on other threads and not just ones about the JP, you will find that FIRESTARTER is equally facetious to everyone else 🙂

  77. Elle says:

    The difference is there are few action female actors and too many romantic comedy ones. Julia Roberts was the biggest romantic comedy star ever and everyone else has been a copy of her, more or less. Bullock did the copying best, and the others–not so much. Bad copying of a copy of a copy. As for jolie, she gets copied. Megan Fox is trying for next. Big difference–

  78. Pippi says:

    Angie’s sexy days are over she looks like crapola. I did not realize this was so low budget, with all the hype I thought it was gonna be grand, it looks like a very cheap movie.

  79. Pippi says:

    June, life to me is about so much more than who makes the most money. You need to overcome these materialistic views or you will miss the most important things in life, life you baby saying mama for the first time, looking you in the eyes smiling. I bet Angie’s twins first word was probably nanny.

  80. Ashley says:

    Has no one mentioned how she looks like her brother in the first pic? Yikes.