Michael Lohan releases tape of Dina saying Lindsay should go to rehab

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Radar got a hold of a snippet of a phone conversation between Dina and Michael Lohan that took place in September of 2008. In it, Dina is talking about how she’s tried to get Lindsay into rehab but Lindsay absolutely refused. In fact Dina says Lindsay punched her in the face and kicked her out of the car. While at first I found that shocking, now that I think about it, it fits. We know Lindsay goes into hysterical rages, we’ve seen it with her fights with Samantha Ronson. We know she absolutely doesn’t think she has a problem. And I know most addicts think that way, but somehow Lindsay seems worse about it to me. Maybe because she’s so public.

Dina seems upset in the conversation but not overly-so. It sounds very truthful. Dina’s gotten a lot of crap for the way she over-protects and defends Lindsay. It’s good to hear that just because she does that publicly and doesn’t disclose negative and private things about her daughter like ex-husband Michael does, that doesn’t mean she really believes Lindsay is fine.

In an explosive recorded audio conversation obtained exclusively by RadarOnline.com, Dina Lohan reveals her anguish over a failed attempt to get her daughter Lindsay Lohan into rehab and what she calls the “mess” that resulted from trying to give her an intervention.

The taped phone call, made in September of 2008, is between Dina and Lindsay’s dad, Michael Lohan.

“You don’t even know what I’d go through trying to get her into, like, rehab and stuff,” Dina is heard telling Michael. “She’d like, punch me in the face, kick me out of the car…like you don’t know the (expletive) I went through trying to get her an intervention by myself. It was very difficult.”

Dina continues, “She’s really sad and really hurt and really…despondent. I told her not to go to L.A. at 18…she did. I couldn’t leave these other three (Dina’s three other kids with Michael) to go get her and it was, like, a mess.”

[From Radar]

You can listen to the conversation here. There’s an interesting part in the recording that Radar didn’t use in the article where Dina says, “She’s really sad and really hurt and really… despondent, you know? She’s been through a lot Michael, she’s just a little girl. I told her not to go to L.A. at 18…” She’s just a little girl. Lindsay was 22 at the time. But the way she’s acted is very much like a self-centered little kid at times. I almost wonder if Dina meant that Lindsay was emotionally a little girl. But when you hear the recording, Dina has a lot of empathy and sadness in her voice when she says that, which makes me think she feels badly for Lindsay. Which isn’t really any help, because Dina’s made so many excuses for her.

I cannot imagine how those confrontations with her mother – literally punching her in the face – wouldn’t make Lindsay realize she’s out of control. Even if she were under the influence of something, wouldn’t she be incredibly upset with herself the first moment she was just a teensy-weensy sober? Maybe that’s part of why she’s escalated since this phone call over a year ago. Must avoid all negative emotions.

This is the only time I’ve ever had a little sympathy for Dina Lohan. I don’t think she’s anything less than a horrible parent. But, it is good to hear that she realizes Lindsay has huge problems. Just because she doesn’t release super private information about her child like Michael does doesn’t mean she thinks Lindsay is fine. It means she’s appropriately keeping private things private. Still, I do think they’re going to have to go the Jamie Spears route, and take control of Lindsay legally. The problem with that is they still can’t force her to be successful in rehab, since Lindsay has to want that for herself. But maybe they can at least keep her alive until she gets to that place.

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  1. Brandy M says:

    This just kind of proves that lodad is a little odd. Why would he keep all these tapes? and why would he record them in the first place? creepy

  2. andrea says:

    im thinkin about not reading anymore lohan stuff. i feel sort of pre-emptively guilty, like if/when she winds up dead, ill feel like i contributed to it in some totally irrational way. i have a no-gosselin policy and think i will add a no-lohan policy. with either, its just sooo much extreme dysfunction, i feel like i just dont need that crap in my life in any way and reading about it makes my brain feel icky.

  3. Carrie Thompson says:

    Agree with Andrea- I remember the moment at which I started to feel part of the whole Britney circus and the guilt as an obviously mentally ill woman’s downfall became public entertainment.
    Lindsay feels the same way now- it is so clear that she is not ok, not able to get herself ok, and her parents are useless individuals unable/unwilling to shut up and help her. Can’t help but feel this is all going to end very badly…

  4. Jeri says:

    Yes, you can’t force them. My sister died from drugs/alcohol & abuse. It all gets intertwined & one leads to another. Talked to many people but unless they totally freak out like Britney did and pose a total threat to themselves or others, you can’t force them into anything.

  5. Icecat says:

    I just watched “Freaky Friday” last night. Such a great movie with great acting from both Lohan and Curtis…But the whole time Lindsay’s character was being a snotty teenager, I couldn’t help but think how true to life it is…

    Sad. I hope she gets the help she needs.

  6. Samantha says:

    What she needs to do is stop trying to be her best friend and act like a mother. I can understand her trying to cover up for her daughter – Who wants to watch their kid get dragged through sh– publically? But its obvious she sees whats going on with her, and I think she needs to wake up and realize that lying about the obvious is not going to help her daughter. Micheal Lohan may be doing something considered pretty foul right now, but after all of the crap talked about him and saying he was lying about all this stuff, I can half understand why he is doing it. HOPEFULLY this ends on a positive note…with her getting help.

  7. Icecat says:

    I so agree with you Andrea…It’s really not a bad idea. I also have a no-Gosselin policy, but only because I think he is a big douche and Kate isn’t any better…eek.

  8. Emily says:

    See, I don’t understand how Lindsay ISN’T a threat to others, let alone herself. Anyone can see that she’s completely out of control, they should do something before SHE does something.

  9. WTF?!? says:

    Dreadful header pic, she doesn’t even look like an average-pretty girl. She’s even forgotten how to pose and smile.
    Poor dear.
    I’m with Andrea. This is just so unbearably sad, like Winehouse, and Brit-Brit before dad stepped in.
    Poking fun is one thing, standing by and commenting on extreme suffering is something else entirely.

  10. Novaraen says:

    Lindsey is a spoiled brat…period. I have no sympathy for her or anyone in her family…they all suck.

  11. Kiki says:

    Once a friend of mine from Germany told me that his sister had a serious drug problem that was just literally killing her. So her parents tried to help her but couldn’t. They were sad, desperate, angry and frutrated so unless she decided to get some help or let them help her, they decided to kick her out of the house because she was destroying their family (and their marriage.)
    So, she sued them and she won! My friend told me that German authorities told his parents that they couldn’t force her to get help because she was an adult even if she had a drug problem. I can understand that maybe Michael is trying in his own bizarre way to get Linsay some help, but if she doesn’t get it, I mean, if she is so blind, what can her parents really do?

  12. WTF?!? says:

    I’m not sure I understand your post, KiKi.

    “So, she sued them and she won! My friend told me that German authorities told his parents that they couldn’t force her to get help because she was an adult even if she had a drug problem. ”

    Sued them on what grounds? If she was legally an adult, then her parents were under no obligation to support her.

  13. Emily says:

    WTF?!?: I’m with you in your confusion. If the chick was a minor, did she sue them for kicking her out and not providing for her? Cause I can’t see how an adult could sue for being kicked out.

  14. Kiki says:

    I didn’t understand him either. She was an adult at the time but she was a student. She had no job. This happened maybe 15 years ago so I have no idea why she won.

  15. Trillion says:

    That head thing makes her look like an old lady’s little dog.

  16. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Her face – so aged, messed up, bloated, botoxed, & with eyes that giveaway her true state

    Even the groomed hair and make-up can’t hide her drug addled face any longer. Her looks are gone.

    Maybe Dina has tried to help Lindsay but is so afriad of losing her that she is not pushing too far – I am seeing Dina in a slightly better light after this, tho I still think she has been a influence in Lindsay’s drug and partying lifestyle.

    Still think ML is a creep and a disgusting father figure – this is not the way to help Lindsay whatever you guys may say that this is his last way to help her. This is the shittiest thing going.

  17. Crystal says:

    I feel sorry for Linday. If her father really wanted to help her, he wouldn’t have released the tapes to the media. It’s obvious, that he cares more about getting attention then his daughter’s well being.

  18. Popcorny says:

    I think it’s probably the best thing that’s happened so far regarding the mess that is Lindsay.
    It’s certainly tempered some of the entertainment value of her downfall … to actually go beyond the wrecked pictures of her (and her family) and, now, hear the pain as well.
    It’s not so easy to laugh at anymore (at least for some) -and hopefully this sentiment has resonated and/or is felt by those in position around Lindsay.

  19. Kylie says:

    Im with you Andrea. Its feeling all too “Britney” for me.
    No more: Herpes 1&2 (Pratts), Goslins and Lohans for me!
    Oh and Kardasians… Im sooo over that whole family!

  20. chas says:

    I say let her kill herself. She doesn’t have any redeeming qualities. She has had many opportunities to donate her time or help others in many ways; yet only thinks of herself. One less person breathing the air, wouldn’t be a bad thing.

    Redbull, vodka and her coke dealer will just have to get over it.

  21. Celestial says:

    I despise her so much that I wouldn’t put it past her and her family that this whole thing is made up. The father leaking this so called tape, and her war of words back and forth with him is all b.s to try to gain sympathy back from the public so his spoiled littls brat of a daughter can make some kind of comeback. What people really should do, if they want to help the situtaion is just ignore and not believe anuything that family of liars has to say.

  22. hannah says:

    Regarding Kiki’s post:

    I’m not a 100% sure about German laws but in Switzerland parents have to pay for their child until she or he has finished their basic education (ie.: university or an apprenticeship) which means they also have to pay for the housing costs but at max this law is valid until the child turns 25 and only if the child is in an actual school/program. In Kiki’s case, the parents either have to pay for their daughter’s appartment or let her live with them.

  23. Jazz says:

    She needs to be intervened on in a big way. The only way would probably be some hardcore court ordered rehab for at least a year. That judge could of done that just recently and save her life but sadly she got starstruck and gave Lindsay more friggin probation. Which won’t do s**t to save her life.

  24. Merridith says:

    Hello Lindsay? everyone on the entire plante thinks you need help, your parents, strangeres, your ex’s family, your peers, EVERYONE. So please get help before you kill yourself, please.

  25. princess pea says:

    Funny, I feel a little bad for Dina, but I’m still totally lacking in sympathy for Lindsay.
    I don’t feel VERY bad for Dina, though. So she knows there’s a problem, a bad one. I understand not airing it all out the way Michael does, but she’s gone too far in the opposite direction. It was just a few months ago that she was making public statements about her daughter being a genius, remember? Not plastering your family’s issues all over the media is one thing (a good thing), but publicly denying the problem is just as destructive, if not more so. It puts her firmly in enabler camp; I understand not wanting to push your daughter, fearing her rejection of you… but doesn’t her health matter more? I guess not.

  26. original kate says:

    does this man have nothing better to do than go around releasing secret tapes of his family to the media?

  27. Evil Overlord says:

    The only thing these 2 ass-hats…Ummm I mean parents want is to keep THEIR names and ugly mugs in the Tabloids! Linds had been slowly spiraling in for a couple of years now and all they’ve done is yap and accuse. While Lilo’s strung out mess of a self is of her own doing a part of the Evil One feels sorry for her lost soul…