Cameron Diaz looks stunning at ‘The Box’ premiere

I’ve always been kind of “meh” on Cameron Diaz’s beauty. I usually find her cute, but I never really find her stunning or gorgeous. I’m reconsidering though, because she’s blowing me away in these photos. Camy was at the New York premiere of her newest film, The Box. Before I even go into how crappy that film looks, let’s just admire Camy and how pretty she looks. According to Just Jared, Camy is wearing an RM by Roland Mouret “Electra” cocktail dress, and The Frisky is all over Camy’s “messy topknot”. I like the whole thing – I usually don’t care for these excessively shouldered dresses, but Camy makes it work. I love her accessories too, and her makeup, skin and hair are all flawless, I think.

Now, for the crapfest film. The plotline for The Box is such: “Cameron plays the wife of James Marsden’s character who is forced to worry about money when her husband is fired. Shortly thereafter they are presented with a box from a stranger that will give them a million dollars to push a button and kill some random person.” When asked about it on the red carpet, Camy said: “It’s not a decision that you take lightly, especially when you know the ugly consequences. We’re all offered little buttons to push every day of our lives. I think the bottom line is, ‘Nothing is for free.’” Oh, so wise!

Needless to say, this film is getting slammed by critics. Just to take one example out of the air, NPR calls their review “‘The Box’ Attempts To Persuade You That Contract Killing Is A Moral Dilemma”. Perhaps the stupidity of the movie is the reason Cameron hasn’t been doing a lot of press. She was on Jimmy Fallon last night, and she’s got a totally boring interview in Parade, and that’s about it. Yeah… Cameron must know the film sucks. That’s why she’s trying to change the subject by looking beautiful.

Here’s the trailer for The Box

EMBED-The Box Trailer – Watch more free videos

Cameron Diaz is shown with her co-star James Marsden at the NY premiere of The Box last night. Credit: RAM/Fame Pictures and

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  1. Jojo says:

    We don’t share the same definition of “stunning” I guess.

  2. DoMaJoReMc says:

    @ Jojo: I don’t see the “stunning-ness” either. IMO she’s never been a knock out beauty. Pretty.

  3. Kayleigh says:

    Can some one PLEASE tell me what this movie is about?

  4. Firestarter says:

    I think she looks nice as well. I also like it when actresses wear their hair a little more natural than some contrived, sprayed up mess.

    Marsden, on the other hand, who usually looks hot, looks like a disheveled mess.

    As for the movie, the premise doesn’t sound so bad to me. For me, not every movie has to be some enlightening, thought provoking, intellectual masterpiece, highlighting the plights of the world. I like to watch a mindless, movie that is somewhat entertaining, which this seems to be. Will I pay to see it? No. As with every movie, I wait until it comes on one of the movie channels.

  5. Shelly Shellz says:

    Stunning? I don’t agree. She never looked like she’s looked in The Mask again.

  6. ☠MeowBea says:

    Nice Dress though

  7. Praise St. Angie! says:

    yeah, I wouldn’t say stunning either.

    she’s definitely cute, but not like she was in the mask (agree with Shelly Shellz). Age, hard living or plastic surgery?

    I also think she’s got too much eye makeup on. she’s got great eyes and I realize she wants to call attention to them (working your best asset and all) but it’s too much.

  8. Doc says:

    She can call me and set an appointment to put some Botox in those SWEATY armpits!

    Its about time!

  9. sillypeople says:

    I like Cam, shes cute. However, I would not call this stunning! It looks like her granny put on her makeup!

  10. MeowMeow says:

    I think she’s got a nice figure, but past that she is BEAT. She has *not* aged well.

  11. CJR says:

    You’re kidding me right? She’s a troll. Never understood why she’s considered attractive. You can find 20 better looking women walking down the street any day.

  12. Jenna says:

    Her face looks old but her body is amazing.

    I watched Hairspray last night with James as Corny Collins and I want. Want.

  13. wow says:

    I’d say stunning as in “I’m stunned to see what has happened to her face”. I love this dress, but she does not need to have her hair pulled back from her face like that.

    Cameron still rocks though!

  14. Lem says:

    not stunning at all

  15. nanster says:

    I agree with most of you – Cameron Diaz is – in no way – stunning. Cute on a good day is about as far as I would go. She did look great in “The Mask”, but it has been all downhill from there.

  16. NJMDPS says:

    Please…..she looks very pretty. Stop the caddiness. MEOW.

  17. Green Is Good says:

    Cammie should flush the black eyeliner. It makes her eyes look too small. Lining her inner eye with white and then a plum shade on the outer eye would make her eyes pop.

    Love the dress and the hair. She looks pretty. I love Jimmy Marsden, but He should have showered and dressed for the occasion.

  18. michellllle says:

    Always thought she was gorgeous & couldn’t take a bad picture … until now. Love the dress, (albeit a tad tight) & wow what a figure but the make-up – no no no. Though I’d bet her face it still beautiful underneath.

  19. Praise St. Angie! says:

    cattiness… because, you know, MEOW and all.

  20. lucy2 says:

    She was pretty in the Mask, but I agree, she has never looked as good since. I think her look was well suited for a cute young 20 something, but not a classic beauty for the later years.
    With proper lighting/makeup/photo retouching she’s had some nice photos over the years, but in candid shots I never think “stunning”.

  21. Firestarter says:

    FYI, It’s cattiness, not caddiness, unless you are talking about a golf caddy being nasty, and then I guess you might be correct.

    Like I am being catty for just bringing it up. : )

  22. WTF?!? says:


    Or is that “budderface”?


  23. M says:

    Cam has notoriously bad acne and skin that she’s fought that all throughout her adulthood. She’s worn either a lot of makeup or always looks like she had some skin treatment that just makes her skin too red or too oily.

    Thank being said, I LOVE that Cameron is ageing (rather) natuarlly. I’ve never thought of her as pretty, but I find her prettier because she’s not trying desperately to freeze her face or erradicate any wrinkle.

    Also: I will not see this movie because half of Frank Langella’s face is missing and that freaks me out too much.

  24. mollyb says:

    I think the dress is lovely and her figure looks great. A bit too much on the make-up for my taste.

  25. Megan says:

    no, her man is stunning!

  26. Prissa says:

    With those eyes, I think she’d look “stunning” with black hair.

  27. barneslr says:

    Not stunning, and actually looks kinda creepy in a couple of those shots.

  28. TwinkleToes says:

    #20, Lucy. You said it best. Cute when young but not measuring up as a beauty for the long haul. Sometimes people look better with age, their features become more defined. They have something to look forward to as they leave their 20’s but not in her case. Her face looks kinda sloppy. Meow, indeed. Just being “caddy”. *schleps golf bag*

  29. Lantana says:

    OMG. I’m in love with James Marsden. Is he straight? I’m pretty sure if he is, he’ll want to meet me.Somebody give me a heads-up so I can ditch the hubby 🙂

  30. orion70 says:

    She looks haggard lately, and I think her choice of stringy hairdos aren’t helping. I don’t think she is going to age well at all.

  31. fizXgirl314 says:

    oh my god, what is going on with her… some of those pictures are scaring me… it looks like she’s got various air filled tubing in her face.. it’s so bulgy…

    and that hair… ICKKK… she looks like she just stepped out of chemo… what did they do to it to make it look so aged?

    how old is this woman… she’s falling apart… i think at some point she lost too much weight and attained a boyish figure but her face was still cute… even that’s gone now..

    seriously, what the fuck happened? did she survive a nuclear holocaust or something? she is NOT looking good.. :X

  32. birdie says:

    She is beautiful. Strikingly beautiful. And it’s refreshing to see a woman age in Hollywood without a million plastic surgery procedures.

  33. fizXgirl314 says:

    i’m kind of getting the impression that the strains and bulges on her face are due to botox?

  34. Mon says:

    broad looks like a dude!

  35. Kelly says:

    Wow…read too fast. Thought it said “The Botox” premier.

  36. Elle says:

    I saw her yrs ago in California and she was SO pretty! I think the camera is very mean. These shots make her wrinkles and her cheeks stand out. In real life, her face doesn’t look that round. It’s just really strange–the difference between appearance and reality. Only certain facial types look really good on camera/film. Sad for us all, really.

  37. Well... says:

    I love Cammy (except for the marijuana smoking). I think she has great style and her eyes are absolutely beautiful.

  38. andrea says:

    love RM dresses. dress is lovely if a smidge too tight (not cuz she’s heavy, she’s not remotely heavy, just looks like the dress is a smidge small – those super-structured dresses are hard to fit), necklace is gorgeous – love the liquid look of it – hate the shoes and the makeup. she does that un-made-up beach girl thing really well and always looks a little strange to me with bold makeup colors on. not my personal idea of stunning, but certainly not an unattractive woman.

  39. Ana says:

    I don’t think she is pretty. I think she would have played a better joker than Heath Ledger.
    I am really b!tchy today…sorry guys!

  40. Celestial says:

    Good ole’frog/ joker faced Cameron. She was cute/pretty when she was younger, but never would have I thought she was stunning. She had her hair real dark for a while and I thought she looked witchy. She looks better with lighter hair. She’s been ageing badly for years/ I think it’s because she was such a sun bunny.

  41. Bek says:

    Oh boy. I’ve always thought she was pretty cute, but I don’t think this getup–makeup, hair, outfit–are doing anything for her. She’s always had such great legs, and those shoes cut them off and make them look stumpy. Several times on the red carpet, I’ve really loved what she looked like, but I thought you were trying to be sarcastic (Kaiser) when I read the title!!!

  42. Stephie says:

    I love her eyes. Dress? Not so much.
    A shame about the movie, sounded like it could be interesting. Maybe they missed the mark.

  43. Sam says:

    I see Kaiser is English or at least lives in the UK as the term “stunning” to describe a woman is used heavily here (I live in London). I have always marveled at how mis-used the term is – whenever an attractive / pretty woman is around, the term “stunning” pops out of someone’s mouth. At best, Cameron is attractive, possibly attractive but in no way “stunning”. To warrant the definition of stunning when used to describe a woman’s looks or appearance, I would say that the woman has to take one’s beath away i.e. to be stunned. First of all, the RM dress is a statement piece by itself and does not need that crappy gold disco-esque necklace thing wrapped around her neck – poor choice. The shoe-booties are also ill-advised with those stockings – her appearance would have benefitted greatly from editing – take off all accessories, tone down the makeup, choose platform pumps from YSL with bare legs or simple strappy sandals that would have brought an element of classiness to the look of the RM dress. The whole design aesthetic of the RM’s creations are simple, classy and elegant. Cameron’s hair is wrong, the makeup is wrong, the accessories are wrong. As it stands now, Cameron looks dishevelled and poorly dressed in my opinion.

  44. filthycute says:

    Great dress, stupid cut around the shoulders though.

    She looks great.

    Cameron isn’t a drugged-out talentless tw*t like some celebs on this site. She works to entertain people and so I’m gonna keep giving her my thumbs up!

  45. WTF?!? says:

    She looks like a futuristic prison matron.
    And not in the good way.

  46. WTF?!? says:

    No, Sam, it’s just hyperbole.

  47. Bellaluna says:

    Wow! Her makeup is CAKED on, and not in a good way, in a very loud tranny way. It would have to be though, as she has very bad skin.