Katy Perry & Chris Pratt endorse ‘former Republican’ Rick Caruso for LA mayor

Many celebrities are based in Los Angeles, which means they’re voting in the LA Mayor’s race today. One of the people running for mayor of LA is Rick Caruso, a billionaire Republican who spent more than $100 million of his money on his mayoral campaign. He’s not running as a Republican but he certainly shares a lot of political platforms with Republicans still. Caruso has also befriended a lot of celebrities over the years, celebrities who have endorsed him. Well, people are mad.

Katy Perry posted an Instagram encouraging people to get out the vote, and she actually took selfies at the voting machine showing that she’s voted for Caruso. That’s not all – Chris Pratt also posted a last-minute endorsement of Caruso on his IG Stories. Kim Kardashian – and all of the Kar-Jenners, I think? – have endorsed Caruso as well. So LA residents should keep that in mind as they head to the polls today: some of the worst celebrities have endorsed Rick Caruso, and Pratt and Perry are Republicans.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Instagram.

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  1. Houlihan says:

    The Worst Chris (TM) continues to be the absolute worst.

    • goofpuff says:

      Katy Perry is a disappointment too. She needs the $$$ I guess or she is just that terrible a person to vote for Republican considering what the party stands for on women’s rights. They all vote as a block so saying one is different matters little. When it comes time to vote, the Republicans all vote together and its always against women.

  2. MaryContrary says:

    I just read an article that lots of Democrats are endorsing Caruso. Crime is out of control in LA, so it makes sense that Angelenos want a change.

    • Ameerah M says:

      Crime isn’t “out of control” in LA. That’s a conservative talking point. Crime has risen EVERYWHERE. The cities and states with the highest increases are the Red ones.

      • Soapboxpudding says:

        And crime rises when income inequality rises and more people are living precariously.

      • Ameerah M says:

        Exactly. So how exactly would that be addressed by voting for Caruso? If his only idea is to vilify the homeless and the poor and treat them like criminals?

      • MaryContrary says:

        And it’s the new liberal spin to just be like “oh well-it’s rising everywhere. It’s not that bad.”

      • Ameerah M says:

        You’re telling on yourself with “liberal spin”. But yes- data and facts do actually tell the story. Sorry if that’s inconvenient for the narrative.

      • Colby says:

        “Crime has risen everywhere”….

        And…..? So people in LA are just supposed to deal with it because it’s everywhere? I don’t understand your point.

        LA *is* in trouble right now and people are really tired of it. When your car or home or business is broken into, you don’t care that crime is up everywhere. We as dems cannot take that attitude and expect to win

      • Ameerah M says:

        The point is that Caruso – and these celebs – are not actually interested in addressing the root cause of crime being up. They simply don’t want to have to see it. Not to mention the fact that the REAL issue is that celebs in LA want their water restrictions to be lifted. The Kardashians have gone over their water usage numerous times. As have other celebs who conveniently endorsed Caruso. Their support of him has nothing to do with crime and everything to do with their own interests.

      • Gina says:

        As someone who lives in Los Angeles (Hollywood specifically), I can’t tell you crime is not out of control in the city and the unhoused situation is MUCH BETTER than it has been in years! If anyone were here in 2019 compared to today, you would know what I’m talking about.
        As for crime specifically, I don’t think it has really changed. When you hear about what is going on in our society, in the past couple of years, what is happening is normal.
        The city of West Hollywood is SO different now that they’ve employed a number of security Ambassadors. They are always around and helpful. Less cops, more socially trained Security Ambassadors!

      • Tiffany:) says:

        Caruso spent $100M on the election because he thinks he will profit MORE if he was mayor. Think about that! He’s in it for the self-dealing, because his plan is to plow through housing and zoning laws.

        His idea to create 30k more “beds” is SO IGNORANT. There are already tons of beds!!!! The issue is that shelters have a very low occupancy rate because of a number of factors (not wanting to obey curfews, bedbugs, can’t bring pets, shelters not being sanitized frequently enough).

        People just have this bias that if you are rich, it means you are talented and smart. Many times, like in Caruso’s case, it means you inherited wealth and power from your family.

    • Lucy says:

      OP username checks out…

    • goofpuff says:

      Crime is not out of control. That’s a Republican talking point. You could live in the safest city in the world and Republicans will still run on “Crime is out of control!”

      The economy could be going wonderfully and the Republicans will still say “We’re all going to lose money everywhere! You’re going to be more poor! Let us give tax breaks to the rich and you’ll see that 20 years form now! Pinky swear!”

      It’s been their platform for decades.

      • Erin says:

        100%, it doesn’t matter where you live it’s the same fear mongering. I mean we definitely want more grandmas getting arrested trying to feed homeless people just so we don’t have to see them in our parks right?? Out of sight out of mind. Who gives a crap about why they are homeless or any of the root causes of the housing crisis, as long as I can be blissfully ignorant.

  3. souperkay says:

    It’s class solidarity. The people endorsing Caruso are in the 8-9 figures in income/earnings, so that tells you everything you need to know about how Caruso will lead & who will benefit.

    The rich will always support each other, pull the ladder up & burn it in class solidarity to keep everyone below them suppressed. They are not your friends. They do not live in your world. They would rather see you robbed of your belongings, beaten & shoved on a Greyhound bus to Barstow than give a red cent to help you or see you exist as a poor person in their world.

    • MsGnomer says:

      Class solidarity is exactly right. I also see this as the reason Rhianna put Depp in her show. Kind of like Ellen DeGeneres befriending GW Bush.

  4. Emmi says:

    I volunteered at a polling place in a small local election here in Germany this weekend and … is this okay??? To take a picture like that? Here you could never.

    Chris Pratt can’t even say what he means. Homeless people, Chris. Their suffering is not something that requires a man who “gets shit done”. Aren’t you a Jesus guy? Jesus had a different approach but okay. What policies does this man offer that would helpl the housing crisis? Mental health crisis? Drug epidemic? I have an idea and again, I’m sure Jesus wouldn’t endorse those policies.

    • SusieQ says:

      @Emmi, re: your question about ballot selfies: it varies from state to state. They’re allowed in California.

    • Steph says:

      He doesn’t even live in LA! He lives on a huge ranch.

      He’s just a GOP backer and this is his coming out.

      Also talking about break ins being the rise in crime. Are you kidding me? It’s just stuff. The people committing the crimes are who you should care about. This is an epidemic of houselessness across the country and people are desperate to stay alive in the time of a pandemic. Instead of stepping on their necks, let’s elect leaders to put the focus on helping the needy and not the greedy.

      • Emmi says:

        There are no winners here, I don’t think trivializing home break-ins is helpful to be honest. I have never had that happen to me but I know someone who has. It’s awful. Someone violates your safe space, it’s hard to feel safe and secure afterwards. That is something everyone has a right to, just like everyone has a right to a home in the first place.

      • Colby says:

        “Also talking about break ins being the rise in crime. Are you kidding me? It’s just stuff. The people committing the crimes are who you should care about.” I’m sorry, what?! That is absolutely wild to me.

        Have you had your home broken into? Felt the absolute violation in the moment and then continued to feel unsafe? Taken time off work to fight with insurance and have your home/car fixed, which may take weeks?

        Then insurance only gives you pennies on the dollar for your “stuff”. The stuff that you now have to replace significantly out of your own pocket. Have you had something precious stolen from you, jewelry from your grandma that can never be replaced?

        I’m sorry, no. Talk about insensitive telling people they shouldn’t feel angry, sad, scared after that happens

        It is very possible to care about the cause of the crime wave and the unhoused and feel bad for victims of crime.

      • Case says:

        If someone breaks into a home, the owners pets could get out or get hurt, so they’d lose their family members. It would add trauma and paranoia to the mental health issues they probably already deal with. If someone is home when there’s a break in, they could get injured or far worse. Yes, the people doing the break ins need help, but it’s a million percent reasonable to NOT want your home broken into. What a horrifying and traumatic experience to downplay.

    • Bean says:

      It depends on the state. Some states outlaw it. Others think it’s fine.

    • lucy2 says:

      I wondered that too, about photographing the actual ballot/voting. I don’t think I’d do that, legal or not, seems odd.

      I’m East coast and don’t know much about LA and the candidates right now, but I hope the better person for the job is elected. But Pratt supporting someone is a turn off for sure.

  5. ML says:

    This election is tying knots in my stomach. Especially seeing Republicans and Republican-adjacent politicians being endorsed at a time when our rights are being taken away.

    • Jess says:

      Ditto. This election is terrifying. And it’s awful to see the white supremacists and the offensively wealthy working together to ensure they have all of the power so that they can persecute everyone else.

    • Miranda says:

      I’ve felt like throwing up all morning, honestly. I was so tempted to just pop a couple of Ambien and try to sleep through today (don’t worry, I voted early!) because my anxiety over this election is off the f–king chart.

  6. Brenda Martinez says:

    The crime in LA is definitely out of control. People were getting beat and robbed while checking into their hotel valets. The amount of shootings way up.. poor kid was shot not to long ago due to road rage Has anyone seen skid row for themselves? It’s the saddest thing to witness. Literally looks like a whole other country. I’m a democrat but something really needs to change in LA.

    • Gina says:

      Do you live in LA? If so where?
      The crime in LA is not out of control. I live in the heart of Hollywood and it’s safer than it has been in years and I can say that with close to 20 years of being here.

      • TangerineTree says:

        Thanks, Gina! 100%! No way I’m going to support the Repub scare tactics. Caruso’s campaign is just one big PR move. California is the boogey man they are always attacking. No way I’m listening to Perry and Pratt, lol.

    • Tiffany:) says:

      Electing a republican who simply wants to enrich his development business is not a change that will solve the issues. He’s self dealing. His plan to add beds ignores the fact that most shelters in LA operate at 1/2 capacity. Building more beds won’t help.

  7. Colby says:

    I just moved out of LA a few months ago, and let me tell you people are *really* fed up. The unhoused situation is absolutely outrageous, making many public spaces unusable, and house and car break ins are so common the police don’t even respond. I witnessed multiple people shoplifting and just sauntering out the door. It’s not just GOP talking points, it’s real in many neighborhoods. Even Democrats are losing patience.

    It’s sad because Republicans have no plan to fix it, but people are done with it all.

    • Indywom says:

      Exactly, Republicans have not offered any solutions to anything. Making an issue known is not offering a solution.

      • Colby says:

        Yep. But people look at the Dems who have been in control for years not make a dent – so they figure why not try Republicans? I think many Dem leaders overestimate how much an average person is willing to put up with. Even a bleeding heart Democrat will get fed up eventually if they dont feel safe.

    • Gina says:

      You “just” moved here. I’ve been here for years. It is SO MUCH better than it was before the pandemic.

      • Colby says:

        Gina- You misread. I just moved *out* of LA.

        I don’t believe for one second that crime or homelessness is down since the pandemic. The pandemic that pushed many people on the cliffs edge into poverty didn’t make those things better.

        Last time I had my car broken into this summer, I asked the guy who fixed it how often he does broken windows. He said broken windows from car break ins used to be 20% of his work, since the pandemic, it’s 60%+. I know it’s just a small data point, but it’s a data point none the less.

      • Ellen says:

        FYI @Gina, @Colby said they just moved *out* of LA.

  8. Miranda says:

    Pratt’s post in particular is f–king appalling and insensitive and heartless. And the fact that he tiptoes around the topic, too chickenshit to just say what he f–king means, only makes it more insulting.

  9. Lizzie Bathory says:

    Oof. Those celeb endorsements would be enough to put me off a candidate, even if he weren’t a billionaire. Hopefully he’s flushed that $100 million down the toilet.

  10. Case says:

    I don’t live in LA, but a quick search of Caruso shows that he’s looking to provide better mental health services and shelters for unhoused people currently living on the streets. I don’t claim to know much about the guy, but a plan to help people and get them into safer living situations that will benefit everyone seems like a positive thing to me. Homelessness IS a problem in many cities across America and a frightening few politicians seem interested in doing anything to help those people.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      I mean, he’s a literal real estate developer. He could have spent $100 million to build affordable housing.

      • Gina says:

        Plus he changes his party affiliation from republican to democrat, days before running for mayor.
        He’s a developer lookout for his own interests.

        Developers are the downfall of LA. They are controlling this city. The unhoused problem falls on their shoulders.

    • Tiffany:) says:

      His plan ignores the fact that LA has soooooooooooooo many unoccupied shelter beds! They operate at less than half capacity! Building more beds is not a solution. Enriching his business with tax dollars is not benevolent.

      Also, Newsom already signed legislation that creates a stronger state mental health system.

  11. Brassy Rebel says:

    I’m sure the fact that Karen Bass, Caruso’s opponent, is Black has nothing to do with so many white celebrities scurrying to vote Caruso. 😏

    His proposals sound no different from those being implemented all over the country and what Bass would do. The lack of quality, affordable housing is literally a problem everywhere. It’s doubtful that this billionaire guy has some magic fix or even a fix that’s not already being tried.

    • NOLANative91 says:

      Bravo Brassy Rebel,
      Well put!

    • Gina says:

      Let’s talk about states sending their homeless to California – which has been happening for years. We will always have homeless here because of the weather and it’s that simple.

      I do not want a white male republican billionaire as our next mayor. The problems will get worse, not better.
      I’m a white female who’s always voted independent – btw.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        These are all great points. But these celebrities are extremely naive if they really think a successful real estate developer will solve the problem of lack of affordable housing. Real estate developers are the originators of NIMBY or not in my back yard. They will literally go to war with municipalities if they try to construct low cost housing near their properties.

  12. Luna17 says:

    The crime issue is worrying me because dems haven’t seemed to be able to make a dent in it (I know politicians can only do so much) and people are fed up and voting Republicans to see if they can address it (I didn’t, I voted straight dem but I think people previously voting dems flipped to republicans). I’m in Albuquerque and while not LA, people are fed up with the crime, homelessness and addiction issues. Normally this is a very blue area but something has changed in the past year and people are losing compassion for struggling people. The city has thrown so much money into programs for treatment and housing but it’s not working to address the issues meanwhile schools and other programs are lacking funding. People feel like the homeless and addicted are prioritized over schools and families and are fed up. Women in particular Are sick of not feeling safe walking into target or walking around the neighborhood because homeless men are often very aggressive towards us while ignoring other men. I do have compassion for these people that are struggling but I also want to feel safe walking around and not worry about aggressive panhandling or being followed, especially with my young kids. I do think this is an issue that needs to be strongly addressed by Democrats because it’s not fair for the people suffering on the streets and it’s not fair for the other citizens trying to go about their lives.

    • Nicole says:

      Caruso won’t be able to do much about it either. The city mayor is actually pretty weak. The power is with the LA County Board of supervisors. If he doesn’t work very closely with them, not much change will happen.

  13. Nicole says:

    Voting for Caruso is voting for the fox to guard the hen house. Karen Bass actually knows how the city works. Just saying that I’m a builder and I’m going to build homeless shelters is not going to fix the actual problem. My first question is where will you put them? NO ONE in the City of Los Angeles is going to let that happen. The next response is that I’ll build them in the desert! That’s not LA CITY. Palmdale and Lancaster will have opinions and will not want it. Also I don’t see Caruso building them for free. He will charge the city and double dip as mayor and vendor. It’s super shady. Not to be a bean counting dork, but Caruso is being very Trumpy in his “I alone can fix it”. He has no concept of the actual governance of LA City working with LA County. . I wish I lived in the city so I could not vote for him. I just pray that my dad does not as well. Alas, he’s self funded and has a grip of celebrities carrying water for him. As if any of them are feeling it. They just don’t want to look at the homeless people as they drive by in their gas guzzling Range Rovers.

    • Tiffany:) says:

      Yes! I totally agree with everything you’ve written. So well said.

      One of the big issues is that land is very expensive, and no neighborhood wants a shelter in their area (NIMBY). Caruso won’t fix that, he’ll just enrich himself, his business, and his cronies.

    • Colby says:

      It’s more than just “not wanting to look at” the unhoused. Here are some things I have seen myself or were in the news (LA Times, not fake news)
      -Multiple instances of human waste on the street, saw people sh*tting in the middle of the sidewalk
      -Multiple people having significant mental health issues, some aggressive, yelling, and combative
      -Multiple people shooting up on the sidewalk, or passed out on the sidewalk
      -Unusable parks, sidewalks and public spaces because of encampments
      -A woman in Venice had her home burned down and dog killed in the fire, started by a homeless mans fire.
      -HUGE amounts of trash, unsanitary conditions caused by encampments
      -Bicycle chop shops

      To be 100% clear, I blame the system for letting these people slip through the cracks. But the reality is there are real health, crime, and safety issues associated with rampant homelessness, and we need to be protected from that too. To say all concern about these issues is superficial is not accurate.

      • Nicole says:

        I don’t disagree with you. I just feel like Caruso is entirely disingenuous and has no real plan. The mental health piece can be fixed. But again, that requires County involvement not City. He will have to work hand and glove with LA County Supervisors and Department of Mental Health. He does not know this. Katy Perry, Chris Pratt, Snoop Dogg, Kim Kardashian are not feeling any of what you speak of in their daily lives. They live in gated communities high in the hills.

  14. Diamond Rottweiler says:

    Of all the ways the Dems have been ineffective in messaging over the years, the fact that they’ve let the GOP own law and order, when statistics tell us completely otherwise, makes me want to scream. I guess many people think pointless cruelty, overt racism, militia-style police departments and for-profit prisons will somehow keep them safer. This country is so aggressively stupid.

  15. AnneL says:

    I voted today in Houston and the issue of crime was very much on the ballot. There’s no question crime is up here, and the causes of that are complex. It’s largely economic but law enforcement is also an issue.

    For us the important races regarding the issue are Criminal Judges and Harris County Judge. The latter is a misleading title: it’s actually an administrative position controlling much of the budget, very wide-ranging, important and powerful. Before Lina Hidalgo (for whom I voted), we had Ed Emmet for a long time.

    Unfortunately Hidalgo is in trouble and seems poised to lose. Her opponent has better relations with the police and has promised to raise salaries, which they say will attract higher quality candidates for HCPD. I’m all for getting better people on the force, but skeptical as to what this candidate actually has in mind and whether it will work.

    I’ll be sad if she loses. She did a great job during the pandemic, instituting drive-through voting (which the damned GOP in Austin later shut down) and other measures to make voting easier. She’s very smart and capable. That said, it’s not exactly an idealogical position. It has no say in reproductive rights or most policy issues. Not to say it’s not important, it is. But I am more focused on Congress and state reps in this election.

  16. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I’ve been avoiding the news. I voted a couple weeks ago. All I can do is brace.

  17. Lynn Allen says:

    Yall in the comments are so close to getting to the actual issue but get stuck on the dem/repub death spiral. The issue is capitalism. The issue is a 2 party system. The issue is class. The issue is big money in politics. The Dems and the Republicans are more than happy to toss the proverbial ball of responsibility back and forth mid term to mid term. At the end of the day they live in the same neighborhoods, go to the same vacation spots and laugh and mock the poors who never see the back room deals they make amongst each other. Nothing is going to fundamentally change into class and economic issues are addressed.

  18. Peanut Butter says:

    The others don’t surprise me, but Katy Perry? Being rebellious helped make her weathy, so why bother now? Those rich-people water restrictions must get tiresome 🙄

  19. Likeyoucare says:

    They are voting for themselves.
    Hope their ‘fans’ remember that when they buy concert / movie tickets.