How Much Would You Pay For David Beckham’s Tablescraps?

David Beckham recently came down and played a game of soccer in New Zealand, met some Maori and ate out. Now it seems that the tablescraps from his fast food jaunts are worth more than a fresh burger. A lot more.

Soccer superstar David Beckham’s backwash is a hot commodity, with memorabilia hunters in New Zealand bidding up to $5000 for a partly drunk Coke bottle.

One seller is offering for sale a Coke bottle from which the soccer star allegedly drank during his recent visit to the country.

In an effort to attract bids, the seller notes on the Trademe online auction site that the bottle is still one quarter full.

“Mostly backwash I would imagine,” the seller says in answer to a query.

The bottle – which has attracted one bid of $5000 – is said to have been left on a table by Beckham after he ate at a fast-food restaurant in Wellington.

The seller said buyers are welcome to do a DNA test to prove the authenticity of the product, but also provides a picture of themselves with Beckham.

Melbourne Herald Sun

Ew, gross. The report of a $5,000 offer is greatly exaggerated, since if you view the listing it’s at $50 with no offers at all. Are you a true Beckham fan, because buying a bottle of backwashed, warm Coke would have to be the ultimate proof.

Becks also ate fried chicken, coleslaw and corn at a fast food joint in Wellington, and the cutlery and scraps were also put up for auction. I’m guessing that fried chicken is rarely on teh menu when posh is doing teh cooking. Or instructing someone else to do the cooking. She doesn’t strike me as the baking type.

Beckham played while in New Zealand with a broken rib. What, you can play a demonstration match with a broken rib but you can’t play out your multimillion dollar Galaxy contract with just a sore knee?

Beck’s left New Zealand and caught the first Spice Girls concert, and gave the girls a gift that should make them very, very happy.

We’re used to David Beckham splashing out on presents for his other half.

But Becks surprised his wife and the rest of the Spice Girls when he bought £50,000 of stunning diamond-encrusted bracelets for them all.

Posh told us: “He knows I’m really nervous about him seeing me back on stage, so he bought us all these bracelets for good luck. It’s like the old days. David spent a lot of time around the girls when we first got together – it’s as though he married all of us. He’s the original Spice Boy.”


A diamond bracelet? For each of them? That is pretty generous, when most people go on holiday all you get is a t-shirt, or a keyring.

Picture note by Celebitchy David Beckham is shown at his youth soccer clinic on 8/17/07, thanks to PRPhotos.

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