Selena Gomez wants to ‘encourage others to get help’ with their mental health

Following the release of her documentary a few weeks ago, Selena Gomez is still committed to raising mental health awareness. She’s been making the promotional rounds interspersing discussion of mental health with juicy tidbits about her upcoming projects and teasing her personal life. And now she’s been honored with the Ruderman Family Foundation’s 2022 Morton E. Ruderman Award in Inclusion for her work in raising awareness and changing the narrative around mental health.

Selena Gomez is continuing her efforts to educate young people about the importance of prioritizing their mental health.

The “Back to You” singer, 30, is being honored by the Ruderman Family Foundation with its 2022 Morton E. Ruderman Award in Inclusion for her work in raising awareness and changing the narrative surrounding mental healthcare.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive clip, Gomez — who has openly discussed her bipolar disorder diagnosis and shared her story in the new documentary Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me — says she’s “honored” by the recognition and explains why she’s been so vocal about her personal journey.

“We know that the stigma associated with mental health has led to silence around the issue. I want to change that, especially for young people,” she says in the clip. “I’ve been open and honest about my own journey with my mental health, and it hasn’t always been easy, but it’s something that I am constantly working on.”

“My hope is that by sharing my story, and using my platform, I can encourage others to get the help and support they need to address their mental health,” the Rare Beauty founder continued. “Together, we can bring change as we destigmatize mental health, empower people to address their mental health, and encourage others to do the same.”

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If you’d asked me like five years ago what the centerpiece of Selena Gomez’s brand/image would be, I certainly would not have guessed mental health. I would have guessed something around being relatable. And this certainly is, but a different way than I expected. Selena’s work around mental health really is very important and I think goes a long way toward decreasing the stigma around it. There have been great strides made toward mental health discussion and awareness in recent years, but there still is a stigma and it will only decrease as people like Selena continue to share their own stories and journeys. It makes people feel less alone to know that others also struggle with their health and it’s okay to talk about it and ask for help. Some of Selena’s messaging is a little too packaged and perfect (like her beauty line’s kindness slogan, like come on, make-up is make-up), but she really has earned this award because she has been consistently vocal and out there on the topic of mental health.

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  1. Lolo86lf says:

    Is Selena aging in reverse? Every picture I see of her she looks younger and younger. In the US we need more programs to address mental health issues. It is so unfair that only people with great medical insurance policies get to be treated for conditions like bipolar disorder.

  2. girl_ninja says:

    It’s an important message for all. I hope that she continues to embrace this message. She needs to consider how she affects those close to her and reach out to her friend and donor Francia. Mending things with her is important if she hasn’t already

    • MeAgain says:

      Wow- I really wish she had gone with an annoymous donor. Yes her friend did a selfless thing- but Selena doesn’t owe her friendship now or a relationship. That amount of expectation and pressure is enough to wear on anyones mental health. I watched her documentary- I think she’s doing a great job discusssing the issues she’s faced and trying to raise awareness. Good for her.

  3. K says:

    Selena is really doing good here and I appreciate it. So many people are ashamed and in despair but this will help many. I admire her honesty.

  4. Casey says:

    I appreciate her honestly and openness. I’m going thru some shit rn and it’s hard man! It’s nice to know ur not alone 🤷‍♂️

    • Helen says:

      Just wanted to reach out, Casey, and give you the only comfort I can, a virtual hug. Whatever shit you’re dealing with, I hope you find the strength to get through it quickly. Stay strong, stay safe, you are not alone.

  5. Megs283 says:

    I love her in OMITB and I’m so happy she’s found balance and a cause that lights her up. She is helping so many people.