Mariah Carey: ‘Santa Claus visits us… I am not exaggerating – this is the truth’

A very merry Mariah Carey Szn to you all! It’s been Mariah Carey Szn since November 1st, but I’m glad at least one magazine is dedicating their holiday issue to Mrs. Christmas herself. Mariah covers W Magazine and the editorial is a throwback to some of her most iconic looks and images. It’s a great editorial, honestly, and she looks great. Even though Mariah makes a big deal about how no question is off-limits, I’m struck by the fact that she manages to make it sound like she’s raising the twins – Moroccan and Monroe – as a single mother. Is Nick Cannon in their lives at all at this point? The question is unasked and unanswered. Anyway, this piece was just Mariah being Mariah. She even said “I don’t know her” about TIME.

Her childhood: “It was an extremely dysfunctional childhood, to the point where it’s shocking that I made it out of that at all… There were no role models for people who were clearly mixed or, you know, light-skinned or whatever we were categorizing it as then, so I didn’t know who to look up to when I was growing up. It was difficult.”

The diva thing: “There are things people are not aware of, because this whole quote-unquote ‘diva’ thing is always what people see first. Yes, I play into it. And yes, part of that is real. I can’t help it. Like, what do you do if you grew up with an opera singer for a mother, who went to Juilliard and made her debut at Lincoln Center? There’s just a certain amount that is going to emerge. So, yes, it’s just an affectation, and sometimes it’s purposely done, and sometimes it’s just, like, you know, a response.”

She’s a vampire: “Typically, I’m nocturnal and I wake up late to just experience life as, possibly, a vampire. I don’t know. My friends and I laugh and joke about that, because it’s true. I’m just much more creative at night; I work better at night. I come to life.

Christmas in her household: “I create my own Christmas moment. I mean, Santa Claus visits us. He comes with his reindeer. I am not exaggerating—this is the truth. By the way, before my kids were born, I did all the same types of things. That’s just how it is with me and Santa and the reindeer.

Her twins Moroccan and Monroe are 11: “Darling, look, I know a lot of the time people are like, “Oh, yay! Look at her! She’s, like, so festive and such a Christmas girl,” or whatever. But, really, Christmas makes me happy. People think I had this princess-style life or whatever, a kind of fairy-tale existence where I just emerged, like, “Here I am!” And that is not what it is. I doubt you have enough time to write about all that, so we won’t go into it. But when you grow up with a messed-up life and then you’re able to have this transformation where you can make your life what you want it to be? That is joy for me. That’s why I want my kids to have everything they can have. I want them to be able to understand that they can be anything they want to be…. I love giving them gifts, because the act of opening up a ton of presents is something I wasn’t able to do as a child.

Her age: “I’m essentially 12…I don’t acknowledge time. I don’t know her.”

[From W Magazine]

It strikes me that the diva thing is an affectation, as she says, but it’s something she puts on to protect herself when she’s uncomfortable or afraid. The diva thing is her armor for the world. Anyway, I believe that Moroccan and Monroe are probably pretty well-adjusted for two kids who have a direct relationship with Santa Claus. She goes all out for Christmas, and I bet the kids are generally pretty spoiled, but again… I’m left with the impression that she’s an engaged mother and it’s not all about gifts. She talks at length about trying to teach her kids about music and the greats (to her, that means Prince and Aretha Franklin). I also could not live the vampire lifestyle. My ass is too old.

Cover & IG courtesy of W magazine.

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  1. girl_ninja says:

    “I create my own Christmas moment. I mean, Santa Claus visits us. He comes with his reindeer. I am not exaggerating—this is the truth.

    She’s not lying.

  2. Boxy Lady says:

    I follow her on IG and she totally leans into the diva thing. For example, she made a video of herself watching The Crown. They were using her song Emotions and she was laid out on the couch watching the show on a big screen TV (2 big screens actually) in a white, silky nightgown and wearing a tiara. LOL

    She definitely has a sense of humor about it; basically, she “gets the joke.” At the same time, I can sense that her attitude is “I didn’t have much as a kid and I’ve worked my butt off for years to get what I have, so I’m going to enjoy myself.” I really can’t fault her for that.

  3. Still In My Robe says:

    Staying up late/all night, Kaiser, is not an old thing. We vampires are literally wired that way. I relate so hard to what Mariah says about being so much more creative at night—that has been me my whole life. Unfortunately the whole non-entertainment world is oriented around the interests of morning people, so god forbid you want to be a good student at school or do the type of work that happens typically in an office but are not a morning person. The system is set up for your failure. #onlykindofjoking

    • elizabeth says:

      I feel this! I’m a night owl, but the world makes me wake up early so I try to get to bed early, end up unable to sleep, and then am tired all the time. And I’m most productive in the later afternoon to early evening.

  4. GrnieWnie says:

    Well, the problem with this is that parenting should really be about who your children are and their needs. So many of us make parenting about how we were parented. We see the mistakes our parents made and we react to them by doing the opposite for our children (or unconsciously mirror those mistakes). The problem is that what we’re doing is still anchored to OUR childhoods/parents. We haven’t liberated ourselves from those early experiences to parent freely in the way that our children need.

    So when I see her saying she showers her kids with gifts because she didn’t get that…I empathize, but I don’t know that this is necessarily doing her children any favours in life.

    • Marley says:

      Yes, I agree with this! My sister-in-law was raised in a very structured environment, and she didn’t want to be so “controlling” with her kids. Her free-range parenting style worked fine with two of her kids, but one is on the Autism spectrum, and he needed more structure and predictability in order to thrive.

  5. Nicegirl says:

    I love Mimi ♾️ 💕 and don’t get me started on Prince and Aretha. I’ve mentioned this before but I saw her and HEARD her sing Vision of Love for one of her very first on the west coast live appearances (it was at Summer Jam 1990 omg!!) and she only sang VOL, she was wearing her black slinky dress 👗 and we were so young then!! Gosh it was such an amazing thrill, can’t believe I almost forgot that!! Gosh I love a Mimi 🎄 Christmas 🎄 can’t fight it

  6. Sister Carrie says:

    Fellow vampire here—please don’t ask me to do anything productive before 10 am. Been wired this way for 50+ years and I don’t see that changing.

    While Santa & his reindeer most definitely visit Mariah, he seems to miss a lot of less advantaged households. I’m anti-Santa in that I’ve watched my students (99% from homes that qualify for free breakfast & lunch) wonder why Santa didn’t come to gift them, despite being “good.” Those gifts come from hard-working parents, not some fantasy dude.

    And now I’m off to yell at the Easter Bunny.