‘Cocaine Bear’ is possibly this generation’s ‘Citizen Kane’ or ‘The Godfather’

I remember hearing about this movie months ago and I just thought “that will probably be kind of stupid?” But no, it’s not. I mean, it is stupid, but in a delightful way. The movie is Cocaine Bear, and it’s about a bear who eats cocaine. There was a failed drug-run and several kilos of cocaine were lost in the Georgia woods. A bear found the cocaine, ate the cocaine and went on a rampage. Elizabeth Banks directed the film and it stars Keri Russell, Margo Martindale, the late Ray Liotta, O’Shea Jackson and tons more. Like, a truly great ensemble. About a cocaine bear. The trailer came out this week:

What’s crazy, to me, is that this is getting a theatrical release? Don’t get me wrong, I definitely want to see Cocaine Bear. But it definitely feels like it’s more of a Netflix movie, right? Something that people would love to stream at home and it would be a great streaming “hit.” Ah, well. They’ve dumped this release in February, which is when a lot of studios release the films they don’t care about. Too bad, I think it looks like a lot of fun. Perhaps it will even be the cinematic masterpiece of the year.

’Cocaine Bear’ poster courtesy of Universal.

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  1. smegmoria says:

    I want to stand outside the theater and as everybody comes out of the theater, whisper, ” do ya want any coke?” They should make that part of the marketing. Looks like a crazy fun movie.

  2. tealily says:

    I have been too excited about this since this project was announced. I’m delighted by the story of Cocaine Bear, and I will see this in the theater.

  3. SarahCS says:

    I saw this trailer on Pajiba earlier and sent the link to my BFF telling her we’re going. I never would have predicted that this would be the film that got me back to the cinema for the first time since covid hit but here we are. The timeline we’ve ended up in is weird.

    The trailer looks GREAT and I also have no idea how/why this is getting a cinema release but I’m here for it.

  4. Lauren42 says:

    Cocaine Bear is what the world needs right now. I will be there!

  5. Moxylady says:

    Hahahahah wtf….. still better than the earthshit prize show.

  6. Laura-Lee MacDonald says:

    I learned about this Most 80’s story ever on My Favorite Murder, and when they updated with the movie announcement, I was gleeful. I cannot wait to see this!!

    • CommentingBunny says:

      Same! Have you seend the Nick Terry cartoons about Cocaine Bear and Cocaine Hogs? I’m sure you have but am dropping links for anyone who hasn’t 🤣

      Cocaine Bear

      Cocain Hogs, with special guest star Cocaine Bear


    • AmelieOriginal says:

      LOL I’m so glad someone posted the Cocaine Bear animation from the My Favorite Murder podcast animator Nick Terry because it’s hilarious! That’s how I learned about the cocaine bear in the first place, but I didn’t realize the story happened in 1985 lol.

  7. K says:

    How far into Georgia did this happen? I feel like this was meant to be a Florida story? When will Meth Gator be out? Marvel, add this to your universe !

    • Bookie says:

      Meth Gator! LOL

    • BeanieBean says:

      It says a ‘national forest in Georgia’, so that’s going to be the Chattahoochee, up north in the mountains. I worked on the Oconee for six years (middle part of the state), and nobody mentioned it. I think I would have encountered some info on that, or from my co-workers, had it been the Oconee. TLDR; not anywhere near Florida, but agree it sounds like a Florida story!

      • BeanieBean says:

        Adding to my reply to @K: I scrolled up & took a closer look at that stuff bear with a plaque on it. It does indeed say it was found on the Chattahoochee NF.

  8. Plums says:

    I disagree. This has viral box office hit weekend at least written all over it, the same way “Snakes on a Plane” had a big opening box office. You absolutely want to experience this movie in a crowd of people laughing, with tubs of popcorn, soda, and candy.

  9. Lightpurple says:

    The reactions on Twitter yesterday were everything.

  10. lucy2 says:

    I can’t watch the trailer at the moment, but Keri and Margo!? I’m in! Plus I like Elizabeth Banks and want to see her get a win after Charlie’s Angels fizzled.

    • Lady D says:

      I didn’t know about Elizabeth before the Hunger Games, but I’ve been following her work since. I watch her game show Press Your Luck mostly to admire what she’s wearing. She’s only had one misstep (imo) since the show started.

    • Fender says:

      I agree with all of you that find appalling what happened to the real bear this effing movie is based on. Humans are vile. Animals>>>>>>>>>>people. Always.

  11. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    I’m an outlier here but I’m incredibly sad that this happened to such an incredible animal and now people are making fun of it.😢.

    • Michael says:

      I believe the immortal line is that “comedy equals tragedy plus time.” It is a sad thing that happened but it did happen and cannot be reversed. At least we can laugh about how ridiculous it all was

      • Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

        I don’t really agree that laughing about what happened to any animal is appropriate but that’s just me.

      • Jaded says:

        Laughing about the ghastly death of an animal caused by a drug criminal is never an appropriate tragedy to make fun of.

    • Snuffles says:

      I’m with you. Once I heard it was a true story, I just felt terrible for the bear. It still looks funny though, if you don’t think about the real bear.

      • Soapboxpudding says:

        I’m with you Snuffles and Harla, we can be wet towels together. That poor bear. Overdoses are horrid for anyone or anything.

    • Genevieve says:

      I’m with you – I could never watch this knowing it actually happened to the animal. What a sh***y way for humans to impact nature (the original cocaine thing, not the movie).

    • Lady D says:

      Animals dying for the cocaine trade? I don’t think it’s the least bit funny either, Harla. To see a predator like that brought down by cocaine, something entirely alien to its home and life is truly shameful.

    • BeanieBean says:

      No, I’m right there with you, I feel really bad for the bear. Still going to see the movie, though.

    • Jaded says:

      Thank you @Harla — I can’t imagine anything worse than seeing a bear poisoned accidentally on cocaine dying a horrible death. It’s not something I could laugh about or even watch no matter how “Citizen Kane-ish” or “Godfather-ish” it is. Finding humour and entertainment in the ghastly death of an innocent, beautiful animal is just sick.

    • SK says:

      Same. Poor bear. Humans can be so vile

    • Fleur says:

      I completely agree. All I could think about was the confusion and fear that poor creature must have gone through. I don’t find confused, wounded real-life animals funny, and I don’t find cocaine funny, so this is zero for two for me. I won’t see it.

  12. Amy Bee says:

    I saw the trailer last night and I thought it was hilarious. It’s definitely a Netflix movie but maybe Universal see it as the new Snakes on a Plane.

  13. Michael says:

    No way I will go to a theater for this but when it hits streaming I will invite friends and have drinks and watch the hell out of it. It looks really fun and a terrific bounce back from Charlie’s Angels for Ms. Banks. Also cannot resist the throwback music. Mellie Mel from the Furious Five

  14. Nuzzy says:

    COCAINE BEAR: The hero we need and deserve!

  15. MsIam says:

    Yeah I won’t be going to the theaters to see it, but I bet this will be a huge hit. Definitely a “so bad its good movie”.

  16. girl_ninja says:

    Oh. My. Lord. This looks amazing!

  17. Trillion says:

    Can’t wait for this! Heard about this story first from Karen and Georgia (My Favorite Murder) and have been obsessed ever since.

  18. CoCo says:

    Two bears (mom and cub) are terrorizing my forest-adjacent neighborhood right now; they have ripped off the doors of everyone’s chicken coops, left carcasses in their wake, and dumped trash cans. We are more than a little concerned they are coming for our cars and garages/houses next. This /is funny/, but bears are no joke and I can imagine it was a harrowing experience. I cannot watch or I will not be able to sleep at night!

    • Soapboxpudding says:

      A friend lives on the Sunshine Coast of BC and had a bear open their car door and get in! They watched from their house and holy crap did it leave behind some wreckage and stank. They’re smart and humans are encroaching further and further into bear and other animals’ habitat.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Just gotta be more mindful of living in bear habitat. Get bear-safe garbage cans, don’t leave food or groceries in the car, etc. Your local fish & wildlife office can probably provide helpful advice.

  19. Lizzie Bathory says:

    Not sure if I’ll see it in the theater (I might), but I’m looking forward to this!

    It’s smart of Universal, too. They don’t have a bunch of IP to mine for blockbuster franchises or streamers. This is already getting buzz & is like nothing else that will be out when it’s released.

  20. Kate says:

    Hilarious! I’m there opening weekend.

  21. L4Frimaire says:

    This trailer is crazy. I want to see this so bad.

  22. Steph says:

    Longtime reader but first comment. Cocaine Bear is legend in KY. Its crazy this will be a movie and the trailer is epic. If you’re ever near Lexington, KY you too can see Cocaine Bear.


  23. Lynn says:

    Hmm…because of human idiocy, a bear experiences what was probably a horrible death. Sounds super hilarious. I’ll pass.

  24. Busybody says:

    My teenagers call him Pablo Escobear. I don’t know if they made that up or heard it somewhere, but ol’ Pablo is a bit of a celebrity in our house.

  25. FancyPants says:

    This is going to be ah-mazing! Is the male EMT the same guy who does the TikTok videos as an employee reacting to customer complaints?

  26. Sue E Generis says:

    Ok, sorry. I NEED to see this. It looks awesome.

  27. Happyoften says:

    The only way this gets any better is if it was in 3-D. For realz.

  28. Annalise says:

    I will watch ANYTHING with Margo Martindale.

  29. Bread and Circuses says:

    It was bugging me, trying to remember where I’d seen the face of the actor who plays the male paramedic in the movie trailer.

    I finally figured it out — he’s the guy in the Angry IKEA Guy TikToks! (Google ‘Scott Seiss angry IKEA guy’ — they’re very funny!)