Joel Madden walks out of interview after he’s shown Britney’s panty-less photo

Celebrities Attend Emirates Melbourne Cup Day 2009
Joel and Benji Madden were on a morning radio show in Melbourne, Australia on Monday when the hosts pulled a stunt that led Joel to storm off. Apparently the hosts were trying to set up a gag where they would test whether the twin brothers could feel each others’ emotions. They blindfolded Benji and gave Joel that infamous photo of Britney getting out of a car without her undies on. (Well, one of those photos, she did it at least three separate times in the fall of 2006.) Benji guessed that Joel was “annoyed,” and boy was he right. After the male host of the show drew some kind of “shape” on a piece of paper for Joel, he took off. His brother Benji soon followed and then Joel fired off a tweet explaining that he’d just left a radio show.

A couple of Australian hosts pushed Joel Madden’s last nerve during an interview Monday, and he reportedly walked out mid-interview while on FOX FM in Melbourne. Madden sent out an angry tweet through his Twitter account, “Just walked out of a FOXfm interview in Melbourne not in the mood to be a clown.”
He continued, “Most of the time I can put up with idiot morning show hosts but not today. I guess I have finally found some aussie’s I don’t get on with…”

According to FOX FM, the mood in the studio changed when Madden and his brother Benji were asked to test out that old wives tale that twins can sense what the other one is feeling. Benji put on an eye mask and Joel was handed the famous photo of Britney getting out of a car without her undies on.

Benji guessed that his brother was annoyed – which turned out to be right! Joel said “I think I’m pretty laid back dude, but you guys are getting on my nerves.”

Hosts Matt & Jo then apologized and tried to move on to the next challenge. Matt began to draw a shape on a piece of paper – which was a step too far for Joel. He stormed out of the studio saying “we’re outta here.” Benji was left in the studio but followed his brother shortly afterward.

[From Popeater]

I looked through the website for this radio program, The Matt and Jo Show, and couldn’t find a reference to this incident at all. The blog entry that PopEater links to on the radio station’s website has also been removed. It’s like they’d rather make people forget that it ever happened. I really want to know, though – what kind of shape did the host draw on the piece of paper? I’m sure it was something naughty to get Joel to stomp out of there like that. So was it the shape or the photo of Britney’s bits that did it?

I really hate morning talk shows and the way the hosts laugh loudly at the stupidest jokes. I listened to a few minutes of the Matt and Jo Show on their website and it doesn’t differ much from the format of American morning radio shows. In other words, it’s annoying and juvenile. These are the same radio hosts who asked Lady Gaga if she was a hermaphrodite, and I doubt they’ll change just because they offended a celebrity guest.

Celebrities Attend Emirates Melbourne Cup Day 2009

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  1. Rosalee says:

    Actually I wonder why this would pass as humour, maybe it’s my age, but why would a vagina be used as crude humour? Haven’t we moved beyond this juvenile crap? Frankly I’m pleased that he walked out of the studio, if I was the station manager the hosts of the morning show would be considering a career change.

  2. Firestarter says:

    Some morning radio hosts are funny, but these guys sound lame.

    I also think people need to lay off the showing those Spears pictures over and over. The girl was sick at the time and regardless of what people think of her, it’s time to let that stuff go by the wayside and move on.

  3. Popcorny says:

    Good for him (for having walked out).

  4. DD says:

    I agree firestarter, I can’t beleive their still recycling those old Britney pictures.

  5. DoMaJoReMc says:

    Finally, a guy that WON’T buy into all that smut crap! Newfound respect for the man!

  6. Beth says:

    Supposedly Joel is very conservative so the those pictures would really offend him. Also he has kids and in a long-term relationship. He may have felt that the stunt was offensive as a “husband” and father.

  7. sarah says:

    These guys ARE lame!

    Im from melbourne and have sometimes flicked past this station in the mornings. their “comedy” is pretty much the worst.

    no surprise though- this is the station that had a host (on another show) continue to question a child (who they had hooked to a lie detector against her wishes) after she admitted she had been sexually assaulted.

    It’s f’ed.

  8. snowball says:

    My warm fuzzies for Joel have multiplied. I can even give Benji a golf clap (I still can’t get over his bumping uglies with Wonky Hilton).

  9. gg says:

    I can’t do morning shows myself. Can’t do the radio, full stop, actually. I’m always just plugged into my pod.

  10. hannah says:

    I don’t know who decided that the morning is the best time for all the fools on the radio to talk, but man its the last thing i need when i’m sitting on the 405 for 1 hour. Can’t they just play music? i mean, even if some of the stations would play music, i’m not picky!

  11. bondbabe says:

    Good for Joel; glad to hear he is mature enough to dismiss the childish antics of two fools.

    I was thinking perhaps the “shape” they drew was of a penis.

  12. pickelhaube says:

    I can’t blame him…I mean, who wants to relive the trauma of seeing Britney’s rotten, flyblown roast beef? I think I have PTSD from seeing those pics, and that was, what, a year ago?

    And yes she was mentally ill, but so are a lot of people and they don’t go around flashing their genitalia to the world, so I don’t give her a pass on that. She just wanted attention and is too stupid to realize that flashing your nasty snatch is NOT the way to go about it. Although I guess it worked, but like I said, I’m STILL traumatized from seeing that thing! EWW!

  13. Wonder what shape was shown to him. Good for those boys. Much respect for Joel.


  14. paranel says:

    I now believe that Australian media and journalists are mostly rude, have no manners and are to be avoided at all cost. Look how they tried to destroy Britney’s tour over there. They are country bafoon folks.

  15. Ednonymous says:

    I’m on the radio hosts’ side… just look at the pictures of these two asshats. They are hardly in a position to call anyone on their taste.

  16. Emily says:

    I’m from Melbourne, and I can tell you now, this show is crap and the hosts are morons. The whole station is aimed at teenyboppers, I don’t think too many people keep listening once they reach 16 or so.

    @bondbabe, I was thinking it was a penis, too. But then, we could both just have dirty minds.

    @paranel, and I suppose American journalists and media people are all paragons of virtue and meticulous fact-checking? Two people don’t speak for the entire nation’s media, so stop generalising, please.

  17. ozcat says:

    Go home you tattooed turds you prostitute yourself on every tv station and radio show.

  18. Trillion says:

    Just here to say I love Australia and if I could move there tomorrow I would do it in a heartbeat. You lucky, lucky Aussies!

  19. Kristie says:

    Good on you Joel! Those idiots are not funny and I cant believe people even listen to them.

    Its getting so damn embarrasing being Australian, interviewers ask the most stupid questions not to mention already getting on Britneys bad side. She lip syncs!! We know, who cares, stop making it front page news. Its hard enough getting our favourite singers out here without insulting them constantly. If she sang, she would be picked on for being puffed. She cant win!

    I think I need to be an Australian spokesperson to let these people know we arent all stupid!

  20. Nice post! How long have you blogged for?