Guy Ritchie On His Marriage And New Movie

Guy Ritchie doesn’t often say much about his marriage to Madonna, but while he’s out on the publicity trail for his new movie ‘Revolver’ he’s getting asked all sorts of nosy questions. Which are my favourite kind of questions.

Q: So, how’s married life these days?

A: “I enjoy it enormously. Wish I’d done it sooner.”

Q: Many people said it would never last, so what’s the secret to a happy showbiz marriage?

A: “Pretty much ignore all the stuff they say and write about you.”

Q: But Madonna just signed this huge deal reportedly worth $120 million over 10 years with concert company Live Nation. Do you ever feel your career gets overshadowed by hers?

A: “Don’t know what you mean! She’s got her career and I’ve got mine. What can you do? She’s Madonna.”

Q: The critics were pretty unkind when you remade “Swept Away” with her.

A: “Were they? I thought our remake was fine It’s a funny thing, as once we made the movie, I went, ‘Oh yeah, that’s the movie we wanted to make.’ It wasn’t supposed to be a big deal. It was just supposed to be a pleasant remake. And she was good in it. That’s what I couldn’t understand, because she was conspicuously good in it. But what can you do?”

Guy adds that Madonna is the boss, like in any marriage the woman is the boss. Given that Madonna comes across as, and happily admits to being, a complete control freak I can imagine that she is the boss. If you watch this YouTube clip of her, you’ll see that she is pretty damn good at getting her own way, and can be incredibly disagreeable when she doesn’t. Sort of like a petulant child, actually.

Guy also talks about his new movie ‘Revolver’.

Q: How would you describe “Revolver”?

A: “Don’t go and see it unless you’re interested in head-tricky stuff. I wanted to take what is essentially an introspective movie and put it in a world that was not introspective — in an underworld, in the world of cons and con (artist) tricks. The premise was that the aspects of your mind that get conned are also the aspects that will deny truth … If you go in thinking you’re getting another “Snatch” or something light and funny, you’re going to trip up.”


This answer is completely confusing – the movie is about what? Does Guy Ritchie even know what the movie is about? I looked it up on IMD
and it’s essentially a movie about gambling rivalries, and sounds a lot more interesting than what Guy makes it out to be. The movie is getting panned by critics saying that he is trying to be intellectual and isn’t smart enough to manage it.

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