Dina Lohan admits in a new tape that Lindsay is a cutter


Another day, another tape release from Michael Lohan to Radar. Yesterday was the bigger bombshell, in my opinion – a tape where Dina claimed that Lindsay had been dating/hooking up/doing drugs with Heath Ledger around the time of his death. Today’s exclusive recording is of Dina and Michael discussing how Lindsay is a cutter. Which, for me at least, is not a galloping shock. The Heath Ledger thing wasn’t a shock either (I figured they had partied, done drugs together and hooked up a few times). The cutting thing was much more obvious – Lindsay’s arms have looked torn up for a while. Hear the tape at Radar here, if you’re not too disgusted, and here’s Radar’s report:

In another glimpse into the twisted life of Lindsay Lohan, her parents Michael and Dina argued over how bad the situation with their daughter was, and Dina admitted that Lindsay had been cutting herself. The shocking bombshell is revealed in the recorded audio tape exclusively obtained by RadarOnline.com of a phone conversation between Dina and Michael, where the two blame each other for Lindsay’s dire situation.

Michael is talking with Dina, telling her that he represents the bad things in her life and Dina interrupts him, saying “Her cutting herself and hurting herself? Yeah, it’s bad Michael, it’s bad.” Lindsay has been photographed over the years and recently with scars on her wrists, a sign of the cutting, which is a desperate cry for help from the troubled starlet.

As Dina has said in previous recorded conversations, Lindsay has suffered from the treatment she received from her father, even going so far as to sleep with Dina when she’s at her house because she is so fearful. “I know that it’s going to happen,” Dina responds to Michael when he says “If something happens,” and Dina continues “I will feel it’s all your fault, that’s how I will feel, it’s not about me.”

In the 2008 call Michael doesn’t accept any blame for Lindsay’s situation, telling Dina “I will feel like it’s everyone else’s fault.”

Dina denies Michaels’ insistence that Lindsay wants to see him in the call, telling her ex-husband: “Michael, she doesn’t want to see you right now.”

The Lohan family war exploded when Michael released the tapes of his daughter’s desperate cry for help. He told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview that he is doing so to get Lindsay the help she needs and get his troubled daughter into rehab. “I admit, I’m being a bit selfish in releasing the tapes,” he told us. “But I’m tired of being lied about. I’m tired of Dina and others making me out to be someone I’m not, so now I’m going to prove to the world who the real liars are.”

[From Radar]

I asked this yesterday, but I’ll repeat it again today – if Dina was and is so convinced that Michael is this horrible, abusive, disgusting bastard (and it’s just a hop, skip and a jump away from being the kind of douche who would tape their conversations), why does Dina continue to talk to Michael? Why are they even conversing on the phone? If Michael’s the one to call Dina, why doesn’t she just say, “Nothing to say, D-ckweed” and hang up. Or am I just thinking about what I would say to Michael, after I screamed “toxic parrot!” at him?

Here’s Lindsay Lohan on Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood, CA on November 10, 2009. Her arms are covered, and in one shot it looks like she’s trying to duck down from the cameras. Credit: Fame.

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  1. irishserra says:

    This kid’s parents seem to do a whole lot more talking than they do any productive action to save this mess of theirs.

    If her parents really cared about her health and safety, they would have long ago taken drastic measures to get her away from the cesspool environment in which she’s been immersed and get her some real help. They’re just a couple of vacant morons who are eating the crumbs of attention left by Lindsay’s drama.


  2. Firestarter says:

    Like is any of this a shock to any of us? These things have been well known for years! Don’t need audio tapes to confirm the obvious!

  3. TwinkleToes says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me. I remember getting a little too manic with a cuticle cutter on my toes when I was her age.

  4. Toe says:

    How the hell do u think going public with these things of your daughter are going to help her in anyway ??!!?
    This doesn’t even give them as “parents” a good image.

  5. Rosalee says:

    I’m appalled by their selfish self absorbed attitudes, it was obvious that their child was in trouble years ago and needed help, but each were too busy finding ways to exploit her for their own means. Now who is going to save her from herself and her parents, it’s clear that neither parent is functional or can manage that responsibility of intervening without contacting the media for headlines and a cheque or smiling and holding up a shoe.

  6. la chica says:

    the only purpose of Dina talking to Michael seems to be to make sure that he knows that when Lindsay finally offs herself as everyone seems to expect her to, that it is entirely his fault. it’s the blame game, nada mas.

  7. Lantana says:

    This guy is like a villian in a Batman movie. Reality escapes him. Does he think all of this crap is going to make someone swoop in and rescue LiLo, because he’s certainly not doing it. LOSER.

  8. Tia C says:

    It’s too bad Lindsay couldn’t get some kind of cease and desist order so that her father can’t keep releasing these OLD tapes. It doesn’t seem like he’s accomplishing anything other than making the whole family look really f*cked up.

  9. Kelly says:

    What a sick pair of people. God help Lindsay’s siblings, because lord knows they effed her up and will soon need to move on to fresher dysfunction.

  10. Bodhi says:

    Wow, those pictures are awful! Her arms look terrible; there is no way anyone could deny that she is a cutter. Why in the hell haven’t people in her life done something? If anyone needs an involuntary commitment, its LL

  11. grisgris says:

    These two are such unbelievable selfish, greedy a**holes. Stop arguing over whose fault it is going to be when she dies and freaking help your child.

  12. Sumodo says:

    This is how they are “covering” themselves in case Lilo dies. She did this, she did that, and when it’s all over they can say they did everything they could and were in constant conversation about Lilo’s “condition.”

  13. Beth says:

    What exactly can they do to help? I’m not being sarcastic I just don’t know what they could do realistically. You can’t help someone who doesn’t want it. Also these tapes are a year plus old. Lindsay is still a wreck but is she better now than before? I just don’t get why Michael thinks Lindsay will go to rehab because of these tapes.

  14. Firestarter says:

    Tia C- The whole family IS f’ed up, no looking like they are f’ed up about it. They are!

  15. Linda says:

    Nothing that Lindsay does is a shock…when we wake up one morning and hear that she’d dead – no one will be shocked! But people in her life seem to be content that she’s destroying herself and they don’t care – therefore I couldn’t care what she does…a total life and talent wasted!

  16. crash2GO2 says:

    She continues to talk to him, because he is the only other adult in the world who really loves Lindsay other than herself, and Dina needed (needs) help. No matter how dysfuntional this all is, they do love her, in their own broken ways. It must be terrible to see your own child self destructing.

  17. Daisy says:

    Im not surprised at all.Everything Lindsay does is for attention.I even think everything her MOM says is for attention.Im sick of these tapes,too.This should be against the law.Her parents are sick.I bet Lindsay didnt know her mom blabbed so much behind her back to the father she despises.She should get a restraining order on her mom too.

  18. ahahah says:

    Publicly, her mom says she’s fine. Secretly Dina acknowledges that her daughter has issues, big ones. Now, she’s being caught in her lies. Dad and Mom both don’t have Lindsey’ interests at heart. Sad, she was such a talent back in the days.

  19. nAynAy says:

    Lindsay is in a downward spiral, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she hasn’t/didn’t try cutting herself. This girl needs some serious help, ASAP.

  20. Jenna says:

    No more coverage, please. I beg. I really do.

  21. Michelle says:


    They’re both just attention whores who obviously don’t give a rats ass about Lindsay, or else they’d stop with the redundant leaking of her private details. How is this helping her get better? It’s not, and by feeding into the egos of her piece of sh*t parents by reporting it, she won’t get better. She has to want help on her own and you can’t force someone to hit a rock bottom; they have to discover that unpleasantry for themself. All that her slimeball creepster father is doing is pushing her buttons so to speak- what he is doing is so blatantly detrimental to her wellbeing.

    If you stop feeding strays, they stop coming around begging. I too am begging for no more coverage of this retarded, redundant trainwreck.

  22. Trainwreck says:

    Let’s take a step back, because no one seems to be acknowledging a very basic question, which is not what is in the tapes, but..


  23. crash2GO2 says:

    Trainwreck, that has been covered. Michael Lohan was supposedly advised by his attorneys to do so. *shrug*

  24. sucks says:

    michael lohan is a piece of shit.

  25. Lita says:

    These people are beyond belief, etc, but there is one aspect I’ll defend though – that Dina speaks and (ineptly) tries to help privately with LL’s problems while presenting the best possible (in the circumstances) face to the public. I don’t see how this makes her a bad mother. Why should spill all to the public – she is trying to save the image (badly – not much grey area to work with!). I would be angry and mortified if my Mum hadn’t kept loads of things from my youth private.

  26. BEEBEEC says:

    Grown up Lindsay is a cunning manipulator.

  27. Bambi says:

    Why was Dina talking to Michael?

    Because she loved him enough at one time to marry him and have four children with him.

    Because at least one of these children is exhibiting the same symptoms that led to their divorce.

    I doubt she knew he was enough of a dickhead to be taping these conversations for use whenever he needed cash and / or Lindsay and Dina pissed him off.

    Two toxic parrots and a toxic parakeet. They all need some help and a few years OUT of the limelight.

  28. Cat says:

    To Michael and Dina: Do you know why people cut themselves? IT’S A CRY FOR HELP.
    Wow. I’ve gone from hating Lindsay Lohan to wanting to give her a hug and make her hot chocolate. Poor, poor kid.

  29. NFLer says:

    What doesn’t Lindsay do? Oh, make good movies.