Scobie: The palace lied about giving security training to Meghan Markle

In the third part of Prince Harry’s Spare, he writes about the early days of his courtship with then-Meghan Markle, and how little the monarchy did to protect her or even stand up to the racist media coverage. Once Harry proposed to Meghan, he expected the institution to do more to protect her and prepare her for royal life. They did not – they didn’t even give her proper security training, according to Harry. This contradicts some stories in Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand’s Finding Freedom. Richard Eden at the Daily Mail was gleeful about pointing out those contradictions:

Prince Harry claims that Omid Scobie’s account of how Meghan Markle allegedly underwent unsparing kidnap training is all ‘utter nonsense’ in his scathing memoir. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s friend published a book called Finding Freedom in 2020 which was based, in part, on briefings from a close friend of Meghan. Yet, Harry focuses his sights on Scobie’s account in his book Spare, although he refrains from naming him.

The Duke – or, more accurately, his American ghost-writer JR Moehringer – writes: ‘A bestselling book describes the day Special Forces came to our house, grabbed Meg, put her through several intense days of drills, pushing her into back seats and car boots, speeding away to safe houses.’

Indeed, Scobie’s account claims: ‘The training – which all senior members of the royal family except the Queen have completed at SAS HQ in Hereford – is preparation for all high-risk security scenarios, including kidnapping, hostage situations and terror attacks. Meghan took part in a staged kidnapping, where she was bundled into the back of a car by a “terrorist”, taken to a different location and then “saved” by officers firing fake guns (the kind used in Hollywood filming) for realism’.

Scobie continues: ‘During the mock kidnapping, Meghan was even taught to develop a relationship with the enemy. She was also instructed on how to drive a car while in pursuit. A source said it was an “extremely intense and scary” experience for Meghan, but one that she was grateful to have gone through. Kate didn’t undergo her training until after her wedding to William, but Meghan’s took place earlier as the couple had received an unusually high number of threats.’

According to Harry, this is all ‘utter nonsense’. He writes that Meghan ‘wasn’t given one minute of training. On the contrary, the Palace floated the idea of not giving her any security at all because I was now sixth in line to the throne’.

[From The Daily Mail]

It’s true, that is a discrepancy or a contradiction. The idea that Eden is using this as some kind of unhinged “gotcha” at Scobie misses the f–king point that holy sh-t, they really didn’t care if Meghan lived or died and they didn’t want her to have security. In any case, if we know one thing about Omid Scobie, it’s that he loves nothing more than tea-spilling. After Eden’s column went up, Scobie posted this response:

Royalist reporters live inside their own conspiracies, alternate realities and asses, so they convinced themselves that Meghan “cowrote” Finding Freedom, or that all of Scobie and Durand’s sources were Meghan and her friends. Scobie is saying no, actually – we were force-fed lies directly from palace officials, lies which made the palace look good. Again, not the “gotcha” Eden was expecting.

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81 Responses to “Scobie: The palace lied about giving security training to Meghan Markle”

  1. equality says:

    Good for Scobie for acknowledging who lied and that he was mistaken.

    • NotTheOne says:

      Just another example of active deceit. And not even cover for the heir – just a straight out lie.

      These people don’t stab you in the back, they’ll stab you in the front.

      • Lurker25 says:

        “They stab you in the front”… While pulling you in for a hug. You’re bleeding but it looks friendly and warm from the outside.

      • Mimsy says:

        Great point – reminds me of this line from the Slow Horses TV show :” If Moscow rules meant watch your back, London rules meant cover your a**.” They’re the worst of both.

    • Petra (Brazen Archetyped Phenomenal Woman) says:

      Jason gave Omid this false narrative for Finding Freedom. I hope the people claiming Harry and Meghan contributed to Finding Freedom can now let go of that idea.

      • Lux says:

        100% this. No way Harry wouldn’t correct the record if they directly participated. That and the bridesmaids fiasco shows how boldly the palace was lying to protect their own butts.

      • Nerd says:

        I vaguely remember at one point in Meghan’s lawsuit she said in one of her arguments that there were several mistruths in the book. I think that Jason was not only leaking lies to Omid to put in the book, I think he was also in communication with her father, half brother and half sister feeding them lies about Meghan to make them more angry and accusatory than they already were. It was Jason who was the middleman between Meghan and all of them and the person who in the end tried to help her lose the case, with the necessary support of Will and Kate.

  2. Lala11_7 says:

    Yesterday on Twitter…Meghan was trending & the HATE I saw…WAS INSANE…it was UNUSUALLY off the chain😞😢☹️

    • equality says:

      Yeah. I rejoined twitter and after reporting a number of racist, misogynistic comments that twitter reported back didn’t break their guidelines, I deactivated my new account today. I don’t plan to support any platform that encourages this type of comment.

      • WiththeAmericann says:

        Their new “policy” is basically unless you report that it’s targeting you (not everyone or someone else) they ignore it (unless you’re a conservative and then elon will lick your boot in public).

        So to anyone still there, try reporting those things under the first option.

      • Kingston says:

        I was one of the early ones to register with cbouzy’s spoutibleDOTcom and I cant wait!!!!! for it to go live.

        Ive looooooong ignored twitter, ever since they gave me a blatantly biased time out toward the end of 2021. I can still read posts from the SSquad & other folks I used to follow but I dont tweet anymore. I also do not seek out any britshidtrag (translation: NO brit media whatsoever) unless a Squadie posts an archived copy of an article pertaining to H&M.

        Ive been on a digital diet looooong before H recommended it.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Kingston, I’ve pre-registered, too. I’ve never been on twitter, but I have an account on IG. I just follow and read, but never post. I’m looking forward to a social media site that we won’t have to worry about all of crap on the rest of social media.

      • Acclaim says:

        Good for you!

        Twitter’s total trash.

    • Snuffles says:

      Just know that the majority of it is bots and a small number of people coordinating a hate campaign. It doesn’t match reality.

      • Lala11_7 says:

        That is the MAIN reason why it no longer bothers me…the understanding that a few folks are pushing a false narrative that has no connection with reality…it’s just interesting to note when the bots RAMP UP cause due to their marching orders

    • Chaine says:

      Yeah, some of it is bots but some are legit people with like “account since 2009” on their profile with these vicious angry screeds that Meghan is the real author of Spare and that Charles supposedly decreed that Harry can only come to the coronation if he leaves Meghan at home, not seen that in even royal reporter articles so it’s clearly a troll fantasy.

      • brighidg says:

        Being on Twitter for a long time doesn’t necessarily make it legit. It’s common for organized bot operations to hack old unused accounts and flip them. Also some bots have just been around a long time and go through updates with each new campaign. As Twitter makes it difficult-to-impossible to see someone’s post history, it’s easy to do.

      • Petra (Brazen Archetpyed Phenomenal Woman) says:

        If you look at the amount of posts from those accounts since 2009 their posts are abysmal. Those accounts mainly post to attack Harry and Meghan. The bot farm got additional new contract to attack Spare.

  3. Denise says:

    This also confirms that Meghan and Harry didn’t help write Scoobies book which Royal Rota claimed they did and used it as proof that Meghan shouldn’t be upset that her letter to Dad was published.

    So if RR had any brain, they would realise this gotcha moment is not in their favour

  4. Yup, Me says:

    So, again, the training that everyone gets (because they recognize that their positions can make them a target for threats), they did not do for the Bi-racial American Actress even though there had been a significant number of threats made against her (so many that there have been investigations and prosecutions).

    • Tacky says:

      The palace did everything possible to try to get Meghan to leave Harry. It’s truly insidious.

      • Sugarhere says:

        I believe there was, to some extent, a degree of conscious endangerment of Meghan on Buckingham’s part: Meghan’s security did not so much depend on what measures the Palace implemented to protect and spy on her, but rather on what they chose not to do. That’s usually how pre-planned “accidents” happen, and they knew it, not to say they prayed for it.

    • Caren says:

      They must give training to everyone, but Meghan became pregnant soon after the wedding. After Archie was born, she was a new mum and nursing, so it wasn’t the best time. Kate had two years for this kind of training before she became pregnant.

      • Sugarhere says:

        There was no objective impediment to Meghan being given the training, from the second Henry proposed to the wake of the wedding.

        The damn Palace knew a woman was about to become a Duchess and left her stranded. If that’s not the very definition of intentional negligence, I don’t know what is.

      • TheOriginalMia says:

        They had at least a year between the engagement and her pregnancy to give her training. They didn’t and never planned to.

      • Kingston says:

        Why do you people always stretch your necks to find excuses for that Machiavellian, malevolent bunch of sadists in BP/CH/KP?

      • SophieJara says:

        There was plenty of time before, but also I worked until I went into labor, like most people. Pregnant people can’t go through a training? She’s not training to rappel down castle walls.

      • ChillinginDC says:


      • Jaded says:

        She should have been given appropriate training the minute they got engaged. That’s when the tsunami of hatred on social media and serious death threats started. Please stop covering up for the fact that this was just one more spanner thrown into the works by the BRF to prevent the wedding and chase her out of town.

      • Petra (Brazen Archetpyed Phenomenal Woman) says:

        Why not train Meghan once she moved in with Harry and was going royal engagements/work? I await your answer @Caren.

      • Emily_C says:

        So you think pregnant women are incapable of doing anything?

      • Annalise says:

        I doubt this ‘Caren’ (who is trolling with her name alone) is going to reply and back up her statement. They never do. They just do the equivalent of a hit and run. They come here and drop some bullshit comment and then disappear. Theyre cowards. They think they’re brave, but they’re cowards. Writing dumb shit on the internet is hardly brave

  5. C-Shell says:

    Eden and his ilk are truly stupid. Omid, just like the Sussexes, has receipts, but unlike the Sussexes, he’s willing to hand them out instantly no matter how minor the transgression. The frustration comes from the reality that Eden/ilk publish fake garbage, but, when called out with the facts, never ever correct their record. As H&M have pointed out, the lies get traction and amplification, but the truth never gets the same exposure.

  6. Janey says:

    that’s the tartan coat I wanted – the one Khate copied and now I can’t have it.

    I’m now exhausted by the machinations of the palaces. I have signed my petition and will continue to support them. I can’t make it to London to protest the coronation and my mother would never speak to me again if I did, but my #notmyking t shirt is in the post.

    • Tacky says:

      Who gives a sh*t what Kate wore? I don’t base my purchasing decisions on what other people wear.

      • Sugarhere says:

        Hey, calm down. Where does she say she wants to wear whatever Kate wore? She says she wants a Tartan coat. As far as I know, Katren is not the inventor of Scottish Tartan, is she.

      • Annalise says:

        Who gives a shit was Kate wore? Are you trying to discourage people from noticing and pointing out Kate’s CONSTANT style-stalking of Meghan? As our resident Kate Defender? Because it is SO disturbing, and CRINGE?

        Im just glad that you seem to have realized that denying Kate’s copy-keening is pointless as there is WAY too much evidence to deny it. So now youre switching tactics. “Who cares what Kate’s wearing?? Dont look over there, look over here!! Let’s not even bother discussing her clothes! Kate’s boring, right? Right?? RIGHT???”

    • HamsterJam says:

      I remember someone commenting that they wanted it with the black buttons. When I saw this I thought yeah! Looks WAY better with the black buttons

  7. Polo says:

    If Richard didn’t have Meghan who else would he write or talk about. There’s something so creepy and disgusting about that man.

    • Selene says:

      I think they would’ve turned on Kate. Camilla needs to shine and someone needs to be the shadow. Or maybe anyone dating/married to Harry.

  8. Eurydice says:

    Every day there’s a new “the palace lied…” And the constant harping on “American ghostwriter,” as if the book came out of thin air instead of Harry’s mouth.

    • dee(2) says:

      It’s part of their unending quest to make sure that H&M don’t get any credit for their hard work. Now that the book is an unquestionable success, they have to mention the ghostwriter because Harry’s dim you know. Same way they want to give IG creation credit to the Wales’, and fashion credit (because that’s all she has to offer) for Meghan to Kate. If they can be so successful without the RR daily fellating, and money from the taxpayers it puts all of them in the hotseat. Or it should, but apathy is MFer.

    • Louise177 says:

      The British media constantly mention the ghost writer in their stories. It’s bizarre since most autobiographies are ghost written. They say it as if it’s unusual and underhanded. The subject usually isn’t a writer. So working with one makes the book better than writing it themselves.

      • lanne says:

        It’s striking to me how personal all this vitriol is. These so-called reporters have extreme animus for a woman they don’t know at all. Why do they take her presence in the RF so personally? Isn’t that against the code of journalism? It makes British journalism look like a big joke to me–even the establishment sources don’t feel completely legit, as they seemingly condone behavior that goes against every code of ethics in journalism.

        Meghan has never done anything to warrant these personal attacks–these writers acting as if Meghan has maligned them personally. It’s so very, very bizarre, and it’s really affecting how I see British culture. As an American, there are plenty of things about American culture that horrify me–the lack of journalistic integrity in the UK when it comes to the royal family is really disturbing to me. It’s all Fox News and Oan all the time.

      • Becks1 says:

        @lanne that’s what I find so disturbing about some of the royal coverage. It’s so personal. Chris Ship, Richard Eden, Camilla Tominey, Angela Levin – they all HATE Meghan and Harry. It’s personal. I didn’t even get this vibe from reporters during the Trump years, when you knew so many of them loathed the man. Even someone like Chris Matthews or Rachel Maddow – who were/are analysts more than anything – didn’t give off this sense of personal vitriol towards Trump.

      • Petra (Brazen Archetpyed Phenomenal Woman) says:

        Meghan walked away from an institution they all want to be part of, and will do anything to be welcome in. Of course racism and every other bad “cism” is at work too. The fact that she left on her own accord is the maddening point for them.

    • Allyn says:

      There’s a real misunderstanding of what a ghostwriter does on a book like this.

      A ghostwritten novel, yeah, it’s probably “Celebrity had an idea of a novel, maybe a couple of plot points,” they have a couple of meetings, when the celebrity is happy with what’s developing the ghostwriter goes off and writes the book on his own.

      A ghostwritten non-fiction memoir is different. The ghostwriter will sit down with the subject and they’ll have extensive interviews. The ghostwriter will record their conversations. The ghostwriter will say, “Stop. You said… Go into more depth here,” and guide the conversation. The subject will offer other material — journals, photographs, documents, etc. — that are necessary to the telling of the story. Once the ghostwriter has the material and it’s been transcribed, he’ll sift through it and fashion a manuscript from the subject’s own words.
      Things might have to be reworded as the ghostwriter works on the manuscript, because what works in speech does not always work in prose. The verbal account gets polished into a tighter written account. A single chapter might span six different interview sessions and four source documents, but the ghostwriter forms it into a coherent whole. The subject will review the first draft manuscript. The subject may want some of it revised. The subject may want to revise it himself. The subject may have more material to add, so there might be follow-up interviews or the subject takes a crack at doing it himself. Fundamentally, the ghostwriter on a memoir is there to help the subject produce that first draft, taking the subject’s own raw materials and the subject’s own story, giving those words structure and form, and making a coherent whole from them.

      So, when Harry said on Colbert that Spare was his own words, I understood completely what he meant. Spare is his words. His ghostwriter/co-writer helped him to get those words onto the page, yes, and all of those words originated with Prince Harry. The ghostwriter didn’t “make them up.” The words came from Harry.

      • Lissen says:

        Thank you for the explanation. Very clear and illuminating.

      • Allyn says:

        You’re welcome, Lissen. 🙂

        I did some corporate ghostwriting about a decade ago. CEOs and VPs — very smart people, lots of ideas, couldn’t write a coherent sentence to save their lives. 🙂

        The process was exactly what I described. Talk with them, take notes, record the conversations, transcribe them, take the conversations apart and put them back together. It’s kinda like writing a research paper, except the subject is giving you (the ghost) most/all of the research and the material you’ll use. It’s as much an editing job as it is a writing job.

        Thinking about Spare and that that 400 pages were cut from the manuscript, I imagine that J.R. Moehringer has about 60-70 hours of recorded conversations with Prince Harry. He and his transcriber are certainly NDAed out the wazoo. I also imagine Harry and Moehringer probably had a weeklong retreat where they had the bulk of their conversations, plus a couple of follow-up sessions in LA. I feel like Harry would have been very hands-on with the manuscript, deeply involved with the edits and revisions. Spare is very much the product of a team effort, but that effort began and ended with Harry.

        I think that’s what the process would have looked like.

      • Petra (Brazen Archetpyed Phenomenal Woman) says:

        @Allyn, the BM and RR knows, and if they don’t they are not qualify for their jobs.

        Nelson Mandela had a ghostwriter for his memoir (Mandela was an educated man…a lawyer.) Richard Stengel has a podcast with materials from the interviews he had with Mandela for the memoir. The 10 episodes podcast, Mandela: The lost tapes launched December 2022. It’s an excellent podcast, showing the sides of Nelson Mandela rarely seen in public.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Allyn, I read that this particular ghostwriter moved to LA for TWO YEARS when he was doing the Agossi memoir. J.R. Moehringer is a journalist and won a Pulitzer Prize for newspaper feature writing. He wrote his own memoir which was made a movie and started ghostwriting memoirs. He’s very sought after and hard to get. I’m sure Harry talked months with him when all is said and done.

        It always amazes me that the bm can completely ignore the fact that Harry has to be intelligent to fly Apache helicopters. They never mention that, because it screws with their narrative.

        Did you enjoy ghostwriting? I think it could be challenging but rewarding.

  9. Becks1 says:

    I imagine it has to be frustrating if you want to write anything non-sycophantic about the royal family. It seems clear here that palace officials (more than one) lied to Scobie about this. I wonder if it was because at the point Omid was writing this, the palace realized how bad it looked that they did NOT give Meghan this type of security training and in fact did not even want to give her security. This sounds like the palace trying to cover its tracks a little bit – “oh no we really did everything we could, we even gave her intense security training!”

    So I think in royal reporting there are two issues – some just make shit up, but if your sources are lying to you (and you have multiple sources), how do you know that? Like lets take Camilla Tominey and the fake crying story. She says she had sources for it, lets assume she did and she was fed a false story. Someone who had a sense of shame would admit that. She, on the other hand, doubled down and has turned it into a personal vendetta against Meghan.

    I dunno. Messy messy messy.

    • Jais says:

      Personal vendetta is a good way to describe it and it’s really uncomfortable. She doesn’t come across as cuckoo as Levin but her words just drip with disdain. I’m not sure she can just admit when she’s wrong. Unlike omid, as you say, who is just like yeah that info was wrong. Egos are a funny thing.

    • Nic919 says:

      The court case confirmed that Jason Knauf lied to Omid. Why Eden is gleeful over a palace official lying to media is just another sign that he’s a court stenographer and not a real journalist.

      They often try to compare the rota to WH correspondents and while there are similarities, usually the correspondents don’t celebrate being lied to by the WH staff.

    • michyk says:

      i absolutely love that 1) eden didn’t realize (or didn’t care? which is more interesting in this context) that this story would make the palace look bad, not scobie. and 2) scobie used it as a way to plug his upcoming book. that’s so hilarious to me: this is lie, they lied to me, curious about their other lies? buy my book!

  10. Chantal says:

    The Palace(s) lying left, right and center and getting publicly called out! Harry again being told how unimportant he is bc hes just the 6th in line. My heart breaks for him.

    “… his American ghostwriter JR Moehringer.” They are really big mad that the ghostwriter is American and that that ghost written book is smashing sales records. Love it!

    Lol at Omid Scobie. -Me and Omid – “Don’t start none (bs), won’t be none!”
    Omid is like -You’re late as usual with your incorrect 2021 info. FAFO bc I also have another book coming out and I’M TELLING! Omid is not playing!

    • equality says:

      But how does that make sense when Andrew is below him in line and getting all sorts of amenities? And is less popular, less known to the public.

      • Chrissy says:

        He was the Queen’s favourite child. He’d used that fact to manipulate the Queen his whole life and so the Queen made a deal with Charles to ensure that Charles support him financially for the duration of his life.

      • equality says:

        QE and Phil also made a deal with Charles for Ed to be DoE. So far crickets on that. Andrew might need to tread carefully or, more likely, he has more dirt on KC than Ed does.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Scobie uses Eden to promote his next book! 😂 Don’t ever come for Omid Scobie, a royal reporter like no other.

    • SIde Eye says:

      Awesome post @Chantal. YES to everything you just said!

  11. Jay says:

    So basically, with his column, Eden has confirmed that a. Meghan obviously didn’t co-write Finding Freedom b. The palace did not give Meghan the training that might keep her safe c. the palace gave false information about Meghan to try to make themselves look good, and d. if you come for Omid, you best not miss as he will bury you in receipts and stand on top of your corpse promoting his upcoming book.

  12. Amy Bee says:

    It’s always good to remember that Finding Freedom was sanctioned by KP not Harry and Meghan. When Meghan wanted to tell her friends not to talk to the authors she was told no. Jason wanted Finding Freedom to be written because he thought it would be positive story but Harry and Meghan were wary about it from the start. He insisted that he talk to Omid and Carolyn and that’s when Harry told him he better tell the truth. Meghan was made to give background to Jason even though he knew it before she married Harry and she only answered questions that were already in the public domain. After Harry and Meghan left KP led the press to believe that they collaborated on the book behind their backs.

    As for this piece as Omid said Meghan denied the security training story in court. It’s clear that the Palace wanted to create a hostile environment for Meghan with hope that she would leave and it proves once again that she was telling the truth to Oprah when spoke about the Palace not wanting to provide security to Archie.

    • Mary S says:

      People said Meghan’s concern about no security for Archie was ridiculous since his parents had security. Now, with the incident in SA & the knowledge that they didn’t plan to give Meghan security, this move looks even more sinister than before.

    • Sunday says:

      Exactly right, Amy Bee. Jason and the KP machine were the ones collaborating on the book. Meghan reluctantly filled in some background information when asked, but this was a project entirely cooked up by the palace.

      Finding Freedom is a perfect example of how the palace works – smearing from both sides of an issue is their specialty, like making Meghan pay for her own clothes and then letting the press lie about how much taxpayer money she spent… and probably planting the lie with the press in the first place.

      It’s the ultimate gaslighting. They essentially forced Meghan to let them do the book, they used the book to plant lies about how great Will and Kate are and what princess training Meghan was given and just sugarcoat and twist her entire experience with the family, then they let the press rip her to shreds over all the lies they planted in the book and her “friend” Omid. It’s prolonged psychological warfare.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Agree. I, for one, want to know how some of the Sussexes claimed “sources” in Finding Freedom, in hindsight. In Spare, Harry admits to saying ‘I love you’ in Sept. 2017. for the first time. In Finding Freedom, it’s claimed, “a friend” of Meghan’s said Harry said it after 3 months (though technically it could be said Sept. 2017 was after three months).

        It was claimed in FF, that the Sussexes stole Eugenie’s wedding thunder announcing that Meghan was pregnant. From Spare, Harry told C&C & W&k on the side. (I’m betting Eugenie knew well beforehand). no thunder stolen

  13. JCallas says:

    Wasn’t Jason Krauf the KP aide who Fed information to Scobie. Meghan didn’t want to participate in FF but he convinced her to let him meet with Omid on her behalf. This was revealed in his leaked texts.

  14. Jais says:

    Eden and the rest have sooo much jealousy over Omid. I’m excited for his book. Inside baseball on the twisted world of royal reporting? Sign me up.

    • windyriver says:

      They’re jealous over his success. When Spare came out, Omid posted: “Until today’s record breaking release of Spare, Finding Freedom was the fastest-selling royal book in two decades.” FF as a book was far from perfect, but the timing definitely was. Like Spare, and unlike most (if not all) of the other RR books in the last few years, FF was published worldwide in multiple languages. Omid’s sitting pretty financially, now with his Yahoo gig, another book in the works that looks to be very interesting. And managing to retain a semblance of integrity in the corrupt landscape that’s the British media.

  15. Maxine Branch says:

    Meghan has a gorgeous head of hair. I remember from photos when she cut her gorgeous locks while a member of that family. Happy to see she is now letting it grow again.

  16. AnneL says:

    Because of course the Palace lied. Shocker.

    I’m looking at Meg’s coat. Didn’t Kate wear one like it recently? I’ve really sharpened my eye for copy-keening reading this site, lol.

  17. Concern Fae says:

    This clearly shows that they knew she should have received the security training. Whatever committee they have that decides on security needs is obviously worse than useless.

    I am someone who thinks we need to roll the police security state we live in way back. This is just another example of how the police are choosing to further political ends rather than public safety.

  18. Kate says:

    “the Palace floated the idea of not giving her any security at all because I was now sixth in line to the throne”

    what absolute sociopaths. to base life and death decisions on how likely it is they will one day be king or queen. to treat your own grandchild and his wife as dispensable while reaping the benefits of their popularity.

    • Jennifer says:

      So who cares if she dies, then? I’m sure that won’t be any bad publicity at all from that! Especially if she dies via paparazzi car chase…

  19. Vanessa says:

    So Basically the Royals whipped up the hate and racism against Meghan since day one then sat back . Waiting for a attack to happen while telling everyone that they properly trained Meghan in a case of a say event ever happen . Then when Harry and Meghan left the royal family their locations were leaked

  20. Well Wisher says:

    The fail probably never heard about the metaphor contrasting results of honey and vinegar to catch flies.

    Scobie tweets are correct in regarding the revelation in the court case.

  21. QuiteContrary says:

    Good for Omid for showing Eden et al. how it’s done.
    It’s counterintuitive, but acknowledging reporting mistakes actually increases a journalist’s credibility.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      This. It does. I value my local papers that make a point of corrections with apologies. Also, usually, not on the back pages. Front & center, either first page or 2nd page with CORRECTION in bold. Hey, I’ve mentioned, 3-4 times here on Celebitchy, my apologies and regrets for ever having defended C&C(as each day goes by my regret increases-please Mommy make it stop) or saying anything positive about them. (never really said anything nice about W&K)

      I’ve learned that the walls do not cave in when you admit you were wrong and sometimes things look a bit brighter.

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