Ayo Edebiri cast as Janine’s sister on Abbott Elementary

Ayo Edebiri from The Bear is adding to her IMDB page with another buzzy show. She’ll guest star on Abbott Elementary as Janine’s (Quinta Brunson) sister. Ayo will first appear as Ayesha Teagues in tonight’s episode via FaceTime, before coming back in person for a bigger storyline later in the season.

Ayo Edebiri has been cast in “Abbott Elementary” in the guest starring role of Ayesha Teagues, sister of Janine (series creator Quinta Brunson).

Throughout the series, Janine periodically mentions having a complicated relationship with Ayesha, who will appear for the first time in the Feb. 8 episode “Valentine’s Day” via FaceTime before returning for a larger storyline later during Season 2.

Edebiri is best known for starring as Sydney Adamu in “The Bear,” FX’s hit comedy-drama series that debuted in 2022. The role earned her acting nominations from the Gotham Awards, Critics’ Choice, the Indie Spirits and the Screen Actors Guild. She is also a writer, with credits including “Big Mouth” on Netflix and “Dickinson” on Netflix — also playing Missy and Hattie in those shows, respectively — as well as NBC’s “Sunnyside” and FX’s “What We Do in the Shadows.” Up next, she will appear in the upcoming Marvel film “Thunderbolts” and the Emma Seligman’s 2023 film “Bottoms.” She will also write for “Mulligan,” Robert Carlock and Tina Fey’s upcoming animated series at Netflix.

In “Valentine’s Day,” the Abbott teachers discuss their relationships and plans for the holiday. Janine finds out one of her students has a crush on her and when turning to a colleague for advice, she inadvertently learns a secret about another teacher. Elsewhere, Ava sits in on Jacob’s Black History class after receiving a complaint.

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I wonder what’s in store for Janine and Ayesha. Janine has mentioned her relationship with her sister several times throughout the series. It’s always nice when there’s an oft-mentioned family member and then the character is cast with someone recognizable, especially when it’s from another popular show! I think this is a good move for Ayo, to appear on another buzzy show like this in between filming for The Bear. The Bear is on that cable show shorter season cycle with larger gaps between the season, so this is a good career move to keep her visible. Though it’s not as if people have forgotten about The Bear in its off season. I think people are anxiously awaiting its return and luckily they can get their Ayo in on Abbott Elementary this season. Also, Abbott deals with some serious stuff, but it’s less outright intense and stressful than The Bear, so it will be nice to see Ayo playing a different vibe.

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  1. Lady Baden-Baden says:

    As long as she’s not leaving The Bear, I’m all good with this.

    • Frippery says:

      Yes! She is extremely talented and should take any offers she likes, she deserves to have an absolute runaway success of a career. But I love Sydney on The Bear, her dynamic with everyone and just ….everything about her and I hope Ayo doesn’t leave that show or have a smaller role in the future because she’s gotten so busy.

  2. SAS says:

    Can’t wait!! I assume she’s going to be the antithesis of Janine but I’m so curious to how they’ll do it- irresponsible party girl? Cool mean girl? I’m blanking on the previous clues we’ve had.

    The girl has chops though, fully confident she could play anything, I can’t wait to see her in more things.

  3. Nanea says:

    It’s always good to be able to put a face to the *nemesis*, and Ayo is so (multi-) talented.

    Fingers crossed for her to have a much bigger, and, above all, recurring part in Abbott Elementary.

  4. TIFFANY says:

    Okay, this is just great casting. On the superficial, Ayo and Quinta are both just cute as a button and casting them as sisters fits.

  5. Cool Eye says:

    I love this show.

  6. Green Desert says:

    YESSS!! Love Abbott, Love The Bear. Ayo is so good. This is fantastic casting.

  7. tealily says:

    I love watching her, I’ll watch her in anything!