Foxy Brown gets Gucci and Louis Vuitton in prison

Boy Foxy Brown sure leads a charmed life. Even in prison the rapper has better footwear than most of the rest of us could ever dream about. According to the New York Post, Foxy, 27, pairs Louis Vuitton and Gucci sneakers with her prison jumpsuit. And when her designer shoes get dirty, she gets a new pair. I have a degree in criminology, and I’m pretty sure I never had a class called “Designer labels in prison.” Most of the prisoners I’ve met were thrilled when they got to wear something from K-Mart with their uniforms. Is anyone else thinking WTF?

Not surprisingly, Foxy is still having some serious issues in prison. She was put in solitary confinement after refusing to take a drug test, mouthing off to guards, and getting into a shoving match with another inmate. She was let out a month early – though her attitude doesn’t seem to have improved.

[Foxy]alienates most of the correction officers, threatening them with tough talk about the “juice” she has on the outside. She trusts no one but her mother and manager, and remains convinced, despite break after break, that everyone is out to get her. The diva Foxy Brown hasn’t changed one bit.

“If they release her today, she’ll be back in a week,” said Geoffrey Davis, a family friend who has visited the rapper several times since she was locked up at Rikers Island for violating her probation after a string of altercations. “I love her, and I have her best interests at heart, but I think she needs clinical help with anger management,” said Davis, an activist who runs a nonprofit, anti-violence organization in Brooklyn. Davis said he was trying to share with Foxy lessons from his own experience with anger and emotional distress. Davis’ brother, City Councilman James Davis, was slain by a political rival inside City Hall in 2003. But Davis said his advice has fallen on deaf ears. “She has to deal with her attitude,” Davis said.

[From the New York Post]

Foxy Brown is one of those people who is so arrogant and has such a ridiculous sense of entitlement that you actually want really bad things to happen to her. Okay I’m projecting. I actually want really bad things to happen to her. Her rap sheet is incredibly long, going back to her teen years. And she always takes her anger out on people she believes are here to serve her: maids, waitresses, manicurists, etc. Her issues don’t come from her deep-seated belief that she is better than everyone else. I’m guessing Rikers must be like a lot of other prisons that require inmates to supply their own clothing. Several that I’ve volunteered at had similar rules, however they didn’t allow any visible labels. Generally it meant a lot of Walmart white t-shirts and jeans; dealing with designer duds never even occurred to me. I hope they can find some reason Foxy can’t have her precious shoes: she’s been given too many breaks as it is.

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