Angelina calls Shiloh an outcast, but did she actually say this?

Angelina Jolie supposedly said that Shiloh is sort-of an outcast in her family because she has blond hair and blue eyes. She’s quoted as saying “She looks like Brad. It’s funny because she’s almost going to be the outcast in the family because she’s blonde and blue-eyed.”

I didn’t cover this story when I heard about it yesterday because I thought there was no way it could be a new quote. It was reported in The Daily Mail and sourced to Look Magazine. The Daily Mail and Sun also included some old statements from Angelina that she gave during her somewhat controversial Reader’s Digest interview back in May and didn’t source them to the original interview, so I thought it was all just a reprint.

The issue of Look Magazine with the Angelina interview is partially available online. The table of contents are there and some of the articles, but the specific interview is reserved for people who buy the magazine. The thing is, it doesn’t say anywhere in the table of contents or the cover that the Angelina interview is an exclusive interview or that it’s new. It just says that it’s an “A-list interview special (emphasis added) including exclusive chats with Drew Barrymore, the Beckhams, Nicole Richie, Kylie Minogue and the Desperate Housewives ladies.” If it was an exclusive interview with Angelina, they would probably include that specifically on the cover or description. The cover reads “Most Honest A-List Interviews Ever,” suggesting it’s a reprint of old interviews. It’s very common for these celebrity magazines to reprint segments from old interviews so they can run a particular celebrity on the cover to sell copies.

I listened to an audio edit of unpublished quotes from Angelina’s original interview with Reader’s Digest from this May, and read the entire interview nline, and she doesn’t give that quote about Shiloh being an outcast, so it’s possible that Look Magazine somehow has a new interview with this quote, but I doubt it.

Here’s what she said to Reader’s Digest about wanting to adopt Pax so that Maddox had someone he had a connection to:

RD: Is it true that you adopted Pax so Maddox would have a brother who looked like him?
Jolie: Something changed for me with Shiloh. We had Mad and Z, and neither looked like Mommy or Daddy. Then suddenly somebody in the house looked like Mommy and Daddy. It became clear to us that it might be important to have somebody around who is similar to the other children so they have a connection. Mad’s been very excited that his brother is from Asia.

[From Reader’s Digest]

So, it does sounds like Angelina may have been repeating this concept differently in a new interview, and inadvertently dissing poor Shiloh, who In Touch points out this week has been MIA since October. She has foot in mouth disease, and it’s entirely possible that she would have said this. I thought Angelina would have learned her lesson about not being open and chatty with the media.

If Look did have an original interview, they don’t clearly promote it as new, and The Daily Mail and Sundid them a disservice by also including old quotes from her and making them seem new. Either way, the way these quotes were sourced is highly suspect. Have any of you read this article and does it specifically say it’s a new exclusive interview with Look?

One thing Angelina did say in the Reader’s Digest interview is that if there’s something printed about her and Brad, if it’s not in “The New York Times… do we really need to worry?” It seems she would have to worry if people are making up quotes from her, which isn’t out of the question. If she said it just like this though, did she mean that Shiloh is an outcast or that she somehow doesn’t fit in with the family? It’s not that explosive a statement, but it is somewhat worrying that a mother would be focusing on the differences in her children’s eye or hair color instead of on their unique personalities.

I made that header image back in August and didn’t intentionally put Zahara on one side and Shiloh on the other to compare them. Here are pictures that we’ve already published of Brad, Angelina, and the kids outside of The Field Museum in Chicago in mid August, 2007.

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