Hidden Valley Ranch ice cream is coming to Walmart: would you taste it?

I love these stupid stories about franken food, but usually they’re about potentially tasty combinations, like a delicious waffle fried chicken sandwich with maple syrup. (I would love one of those for breakfast today, but I’m not going to make it myself.) This combination of foods may make you go “eww,” a Hidden Valley Ranch ice cream made by gourmet ice cream company, Van Leeuwen. Pints will be available at Walmart from March 20 to May 28 and are priced competitively at under $5. People Magazine journalist Antonia DeBianchi got an advance taste and describes it as “initially off-putting” because of the smell, but said “the taste was better than we expected.” That’s not exactly an endorsement. Here’s some of that writeup, with more at the source.

On Thursday, Hidden Valley unveiled a new collaboration with Brooklyn-based ice cream parlor Van Leeuwen: Hidden Valley Ranch ice cream. It will be sold at select Walmart stores across the country from March 20 to May 28.

The limited-edition pints promise to deliver the “savory flavors of ranch, including buttermilk, flavorful herbs and a touch of sweetness,” according to a release.

So how does it actually taste? PEOPLE got a sneak peek of the unexpected frozen dessert — and the experience was a wild ride for our senses.

The smell is initially off-putting — who’s expecting onion in their ice cream after all? But our testers, even those who don’t love ranch in its traditional form, agreed the taste was better than we expected.

The first savory bite was followed by a subtle sweet note and the creamy texture is quite nice. While you won’t catch us eating an entire bowl of ranch ice cream, it was made 10 times more enjoyable when dipping with pretzels. Ranch lovers won’t be disappointed.

[From People]

Food and Wine also got a taste! Their response is mixed:

The editors at Food & Wine got an early taste of the new ranch flavor, and the feelings in the office were certainly mixed. With reactions ranging from “it’s very garlic powder forward” to “it tastes like sweet ranch” to “I only wish I had french fries to pair it with” to “no,” it’s a flavor that may not be for everyone, but for those die-hard ranch fans out there, it’s absolutely memorable.

[From Food and Wine]

Due to a beef and pork allergy I can’t have a common ingredient in ice cream called carrageenan (more on that) which I unfortunately learned the hard way with a pint of Ben and Jerrys mint chocolate cookie. I can eat Haagen Dazs and Tillamook brands, and I checked and Van Leeuwen’s ice creams are made with just egg and milk for the most part. That’s awesome and they have vegan flavors too. I’m not a huge fan of ranch, but you know I would buy this and try it, even if my initial response is to scrunch up my face at the thought of those flavors together. I’m tried a cereal milk-flavored ice cream at a gourmet ice cream shop and it was delicious, but that’s a sweet flavor. I think the only savory ice cream I’ve had was goat cheese and berry, which was way better than I expected. I would eat it again. You may question why a company would partner with Hidden Valley Ranch to make ice cream, but we’re writing about it and a ton of people will buy it, if only once. In the mean time if you’re looking for a new ice cream brand to try I highly recommend Tillamook! Their ice cream is phenomenally creamy and so well priced.

Would also eat

Thanks Kaiser for the tip! Header image credit Hidden Valley Ranch via Food and Wine

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  1. bergamot says:


  2. Seraphina says:


  3. MsIam says:

    Gag! And I do like Ranch dressing.

  4. Ruby says:

    Just no. Stomach ache in a carton.

  5. Jais says:

    I do get a kick out of bizarre flavors. Am willing to taste say ew and then move on.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Oh, that’s me too! I’m not going to buy it, but if there’s a free taste being offered, you bet!

  6. Normades says:

    I live near a dairy farm in France that does weird ice cream flavors like foie gras. I tried their Camembert ice cream which was disgusting and red bell pepper which was delicious. They aren’t however meant for dessert though and are to accompany starters and main plates. Guessing the ranch ice cream would be ok that way too.

  7. Harper says:

    This sounds like a real-life version of “Can you test the smell by smelling it?” No thanks.

  8. Serenity says:

    😨🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮😵 That’s my answer. **Shudder**

  9. TwinFalls says:

    Disgusting no.

  10. Cessily says:

    I can’t even stand the salad dressing.. 🤮

  11. Lurker says:

    I always look at the Van Leeuwen flavors whenever I go to Walmart because they are always putting out something exciting. Their hot honey was really good and I’ve tried some sort of berry crumble that was great. I also tried their Grey Poupon flavor just because I couldn’t stop thinking about what it could possibly taste like and it wasn’t bad. I wouldn’t eat it again, once was enough for me, but I was pleasantly surprised.

    • Busybody says:

      Their vegan ice cream bars, especially the honeycomb crunch flavor, are delicious. The best ice cream I’ve ever tasted and I live within walking distance of three specialty ice cream shops that do experiments seasonal flavors. *I am not being paid by Van Leeuwen for this endorsement but would be happy to talk $$, VL people hit me up.

  12. Giddy says:


    • EmmGee says:

      As a fellow Oregonian, I’m in full agreement that Tillamook is the best. They make speciality flavors that they sell in pints; honeycomb sea salt fan for life! The Wal-Mart nearest us was selling a bunch of different Van Leeuwen flavors at a deep discount ($2.50 a pint) recently, so we stocked up and got to try some things we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. Super good ice cream, but it’s gonna be a hard NO on the ranch. That shit is for pizza and salads!

  13. Jensies says:

    As someone who lives in Oregon, where Tillamook is, totally agree that it’s the best ice cream! Their old fashioned vanilla with salt and cookie butter added? *chef’s kiss*

    • BothSidesNow says:

      After reading about Tillamook now I am going to have to trudge myself to Walmart as I love excellent ice cream. I have been a fan of Talenti gelato for years as their mint chocolate chip and mango are top notch!! My medications make my mouth extremely dry to the point that water won’t quench my throat so I pull out on of their many delicious flavors!!!

  14. Nicegirl says:

    Nope, I would not try it.

    Fully agree about Tillamook Ice Cream 🍨

  15. Swack says:

    Don’t like Ranch flavor, so it’s a hard no for me.

  16. SIlverPoodle says:

    Love ranch dressing and SUPER love ice cream, but hard NO on ranch flavored ice cream. It sounds entirely disgusting.

  17. Ameerah M says:

    Tillamook is amazing! And I’m sad for you that you can’t have Ben & Jerry’s CB.

  18. [insert_catchy_name] says:

    I’d try it because I will try anything and enjoy unusual foods (and I have had a lot of weird ice cream flavours!), but this doesn’t sound that appetizing..

  19. Mabs A'Mabbin says:


  20. Mel says:

    Van Leewen makes great ice cream, there’s a store withing driving distance of my home in Brooklyn and my son loves the Vanilla Bean. That being said, unless you’re cutting me a check or handing me some cash on the spot, it will not pass my lips because this is just gross.

  21. Sshark_29 says:

    I live near Tillamook/in Tillamook county in a beach town on the bay. I can find new flavors I cant in the store at the guest/factory & at local stores & feed & seeds which cracks me up. I’m clearly biased but the Tillamook Mudslide is so good if you like chocolate it’s everywhere I think. Honestly they are all good. The lemon ice cream bars are good too. You can drive around the county and dairy farms that are used in their ice cream have signs in their front yards which is cool.