Rachel Bilson was 38 years old before she had a Big O just from intercourse

Rachel Bilson has had three major relationships with actors. Her first was Adam Brody, and they dated for a while in their early 20s. Then she had a live-in partnership with Hayden Christensen for years and they had their daughter Briar Rose in 2014. Then when she was around 37-38, she dated Bill Hader for a few years. Keep that age in mind for this story – Bilson talked about sex and Big Os on her Broad Ideas podcast, and she spoke about how she was 38 before she had her first orgasm from intercourse. Note: she’s not saying this was her first-ever Big O. She is specifically saying that Hader is the first guy to give her an orgasm purely from intercourse.

Rachel Bilson is not afraid to admit that her first orgasm from sex was a bit belated. The actress told her “Broad Ideas” podcast listeners in Monday’s episode that she didn’t climax during intercourse until the age of 38.

“Isn’t that crazy?” she asked her guest, Whitney Cummings. The stand-up comedian was the one to kick off the candid conversation, explaining to Bilson that she first orgasmed from sex after getting off birth control within the last year.

“I could do it with my hands whenever,” Cummings, 40, clarified. Bilson, 41, chimed in, “Of course, yeah. But not from, like, d–k inside.”

[From Page Six]

Okay, so everyone is dunking on Adam Brody and Hayden for not knowing how to please a woman, but I have to say… I don’t believe Bilson was saying this in a shady way. She and Whitney were bonding over the quirks of their bodies, not how their scrub exes could never please them. Sometimes, women just have a hard time solely with intercourse. For some women, it’s that they have to be in a certain position. For other women, it’s the size or the motion. But yeah… Bill Hader sounds like a sex god. There’s a reason all of his exes are basically obsessed with him.

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  1. Jen says:

    I generally default to most guys being terrible and being guilty until proven innocent but funny guys can always get it. And clearly can give it too LOL

  2. Pix says:

    All I can think of is Ali Wong and this explains so much about their rumored situation. Good for her.

  3. HeatherC says:

    I wonder if part of it is because he’s a funny as hell comedian (IMO). If a guy can make me laugh, really laugh – holding the stomach tears coming down laugh – he’s got me half way there already.

    • TeamMeg says:

      I think it has more to do with equipment and skills. Guys who truly get off on pleasing their partner are few and far between. And yes, size matters.

  4. Lizzie Bathory says:

    I agree it’s not intended as shade towards Adam or Hayden but…noted about Bill Hader.

  5. WriterLady says:

    Many women struggle to orgasm from vaginal intercourse. Unfortunately, we’ve been conditioned to think we “should” because that’s how men climax. The complexities of how women climax have not been studied nearly enough… because who cares about female pleasure, amirite guys? Very highly suggest the book Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski.

    • Ionio says:

      Exactly! It is also OK to touch oneself during sex and it doesn’t mean it is any less pleasurable.

      • Lu says:

        My guy absolutely loves it when I touch myself during sex. I’m able to orgasm in missionary position with my nipples rubbing up against his chest, but in other positions I definitely need one of us to touch. He gets so turned on when I do it.

        Part of the reason I can orgasm from missionary is he’s able to hold off on his own orgasm. But also our bodies fit in a perfect way I have never experienced with another guy and our chemistry is amazing. His scent still makes me swoon years after we started dating.

    • NEENA ZEE says:

      100% — we’ve been conditioned to think we should come that way because that’s the way men come. And it’s usually the way it’s portrayed in movies and entertainment. Man inserts dick, woman immediately comes. That and the trite simultaneous orgasm. It’s not helpful.

  6. K says:

    I knew it. BDE.

  7. Ionio says:

    There’s nothing wrong with not being able to orgasm just from sex. Most women need clitoral stimulation.

  8. zazzoo says:

    Every little girl needs to be given a copy of Our Body Ourselves (or whatever the current day equivalent is). Our bodies are too mysterious even to ourselves. I remember being mortified by the things I read in that book, but mortified in private. Saved me having to ask a lot of questions as I got older.

  9. Meg says:

    ‘There’s a reason all of his exes are basically obsessed with him’
    ? Did I miss something? Rachel seems to talk about him without saying his name but how have the others been ‘obsessed’ with him?
    He seems super private so I can’t imagine he’s happy about these revelations yet of course they make him look good too so 🤷 I imagine he’s still embarrassed though

  10. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I didn’t until I was 26 after my first marriage, first kid and divorce. I had no idea lol.

  11. Lubh says:

    Also saying she didn’t orgasm from “sex” is a way of viewing sex in a strictly heteronormative way. As if “sex” involved only a p*nis inside a v#ag*na, which is not the case in many types os sex. Its still SEX even if there’s not a male genitalia involved. The press should have used the term “intercourse”, like you guys did in the site.

  12. Janice Hill says:

    She’s only making the point that intercourse isn’t how most women have an orgasm. Hollywood should know this by now, but it continues to make it seem the opposite.

  13. Normades says:

    Well she did say the thing she missed the most about him was his d$ck…

  14. Veronica S. says:

    Most women can’t orgasm from penetration, so she’s hardly alone there. A hefty 86% precent can’t without some clitoral simulation, if I’m remembering the last study I read right. There’s even some studies that suggest vaginal (and anal) orgasms may originate in the clitoris through stimulation of the extended structure.

    Of course, women also go through hormonal changes in their thirties that could contribute to it. I definitely noticed a big shift in my sex drive towards my mid-thirties. Combine that with women feeling more comfortable in their bodies at that age, it’s not surprising it could lead to orgasm changes, too.

    Good for her for being open about it, though. I think if women talked more honestly about sexual enjoyment, it would normalize it more as a necessary part of sex.

  15. Tricia B says:

    Honestly, I don’t know what was so controversial about it. I feel like most women can relate. Most women aren’t having orgasms at all, if various studies are to be believed and even those who are, most aren’t experiencing it from only penetration. Most experience it from oral or manual stimulation. I think this is far more common than anyone’s really ready to admit. My opinion, anyway.