Prince Harry was told he had to give 28-days notice before traveling to the UK

Prince Harry is involved in so many lawsuits, especially about his security in the UK. Living in Montecito, Harry and Meghan pay for private security and their security is (seemingly) very efficient – their movements are barely tracked and it does feel like the Montecito community is very protective of their royal neighbors. The problem comes when Harry travels to the UK, because his private security cannot be armed in the country, and Harry would like some level of coordination with Royal Protection and the Met, especially given his royal status and his status as a veteran. For that coordination, Harry has repeatedly offered to reimburse the police. The Daily Mail decided that Harry’s offer of reimbursement was a lie, a bit of PR, and they published an unhinged screed about how evil he was to lie about wanting to pay back the police for his security when he was in the UK. So, Harry sued the Mail for libel AND he sued the Home Office over their refusal to coordinate with his private security AND allow him to reimburse the police. The Home Office legal drama has been playing out for a while, and here’s an awful new update:

Prince Harry was told to give 28 days notice of his planned trips to the UK so that his security requests could be assessed, it has emerged. The Duke of Sussex was informed that it would then be a matter for the Home Office to consider whether the requested security arrangements were necessary, following his decision to “step back” from royal duties.

A furious Prince Harry hit back, demanding that the Home Office committee responsible for royal security give him an example of someone with the same threat assessment as him who had received no security after leaving public duty.

He also criticised the arrangements for his family’s visit to Britain in June 2021 for the memorial events for Diana, Princess of Wales, describing them as “patchy, disjointed and inadequate”.

Details of the dispute between the Duke and the Home Office over his future security arrangements were disclosed in legal documents relating to Prince Harry’s libel claim against the Mail on Sunday, which hinges on an allegedly “false claim” concerning his willingness to pay for his own police protection in the UK. The Duke is suing Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL) over an article published last February concerning his legal challenge against the Government’s decision to deny him and his family the right to automatic protection.

The Duke won a judicial review against the Home Office’s decision to deny his family automatic security in September 2021. A date for the hearing has not yet been set, but the documents released as part of his legal battle with Associated Newspapers reveal the bitterness of the dispute over security arrangements.

In a summary of his claim against the Home Office’s Executive Committee for the Protection of Royalty and Public Figures (RAVEC), Prince Harry’s lawyers state that he is “gravely concerned about his safety and security during future trips to the UK” and that he feels he has no choice but to take legal action “given the gravity of what is at stake for him and his family… The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been subject to intense media scrutiny, hostile social media attention, and targeting by violent extremists due to (amongst other things) the [Duke’s] ten years of military service in the British Army, the Duchess of Sussex’s race and their involvement in charitable and other social justice initiatives.”

The Duke’s lawyers say that the requirement to give 28 days notice of a visit, during which a case by case decision would be made by RAVEC whether to provide him with security, creates uncertainty and could threaten his safety. They state: “It hinders their ability to plan for and manage his security arrangements; may lead to [the Duke’s] actual arrangements being inadequate and compromise his ultimate security.”

[From The Telegraph]

RAVEC has really had it out for Harry from the word go. RAVEC is the group which decides all of the royal protection issues, who gets what kind of protection, and whether protection should follow rank or threat. Ravec is made up of palace advisors and high-ranking police officers, and Harry has been slowly peeling back the layers of Ravec’s operations over the past year. I’m astonished by the widespread belief in the UK that security is attached to rank solely, not threat. Meaning, they believe that because Harry is “not a working royal” and “not the heir,” they can play fast and loose with his life and his security. That’s not the way any of this should work. As for the 28-day notice thing… yeah, this has always been about control. The Windsors want to control Harry and Meghan at all times, especially when they’re in the UK.

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  1. equality says:

    With 28 days notice there is plenty of time to leak plans and compromise security, so this doesn’t even make sense.

    • It makes sense that his family want Harry gone! Just like his mother is gone. I know that it sounds horrible but look at royal history. It’s what they did then and apparently what they still do.

      • JM says:

        I thought the same exact thing. They don’t want him gone, they want him dead, just like his mother

      • Marilee says:

        It doesn’t make sense to me though. It seems so shortsighted by KCIII & PW. If Harry or his family are ever killed intentionally or accidentally on UK soil I think it will be the end of the monarchy. It’ll be Diana 2.0, but Harry has been way more vocal about his lack security than Diana ever was. I think it will renew the feeling that the royal family murdered her and they’ll go down. If I were Charles I would give my son his security back, especially since the little trick of removing it in the first place didn’t bring him back into the fold.

      • Tacky says:

        They are doing to most to make sure they don’t attend the coronation.

      • Christina says:

        @Marilee, the family can go back centuries when it comes to murdering “inconvenient” family members. The context goes centuries farther back than Diana. That is why their behavior seems so unhinged in the modern age. Charles, William, Elizabeth, all know their bloodlines and what they did. Gorgeous portraits of murderers hang on the walls of their palaces.

        Elizabeth was more modern in some ways, but she went directly to her family’s history when Charles was “threatened” by Diana. The public forced her to publicly roll it back for The People’s Princess. But her first instinct was to publicly turn her back and take away Diana’s security.

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      At a bare minimum, Chuck and Bill want to know his every movement so they can plan how to upstage him. They need a month to plan wach self-owning disaster.

    • Moxylady says:

      The narcissistic need for control is off the charts.
      But at this point, with this level of backlash from the organization itself, can he even trust any protection that he would receive? They seem corrupt from top to bottom.
      As for the title blah blah, isn’t he like still 5th or some shit in line for the throne?
      Also Diana died supposedly because she turned down protection. that was always the atory. she was divorced, no longer a royal, doing charity work because she was a good person and she died. so which is it? she died because she turned down royal protection and its all her fault doesnt fly when harry is asking for protection and being denied.

      • Cessily says:

        I have never believed Princess Diana turned down protection. That never made sense to me. As for security issues being in the hands of the BRF who is openly running a targeted hate campaign against the Sussex’s and the MET with the list of racist WhatsApp groups along with their growing list of crimes and corruptions I think it is a very smart strategy for Prince Harry to peel back the layers and show just how biased and corrupt they all are. The fact that during all of this the pedo is still under royal protection and has never had to worry or fight for it says all anyone should really need to know imo.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Her RPO was the only person who survived the accident, so no, she didn’t turn down protection. She was suspicious of her protection detail but she wasn’t without protection.

      • MsDoe says:

        notsugarhere: Diana wasn’t totally without protection; she was without adequate protection. She should have always had a driver who was part of her security detail, and not relied on a random individual. It did lead to her death, no question.

      • BQM says:

        Trevor Rees jones wasn’t an RPO he had worked for the Al fayads since 1995. Mohammad paid a lot of his extensive medical bills after the crash as well.

      • Tessa says:

        Rees Jones has.amnesia now.

    • Cara says:

      Next, they will be adding his name to the no fly list.

    • Mary says:

      @equality, This.

  2. Feeshalori says:

    Shame, shame on them all for playing fast and loose with this man’s and his family’s lives.

    • Jais says:

      This. Shame shame shame.

      • Hawaiiangymrat says:

        I hope I’m not inappropriate for saying this, but I’m very brutally blunt and honest. I think they’re trying to set him up with the same type of messed up security that caused the death of his mother. I think he has this idea and he has a heightened sense of confirming he has security not only for himself but for his family if they come there and he has a right to it. And the fact that all these pump is buttholes don’t seem to realize this you got a Prime example. Look what happened to his mother when she was stripped of prime security when other people weren’t like his pedophile uncle. I don’t see what they in their stupid pompous right minds, can’t see the possible outcome. Him and Megan are as popular as his mom, and and unless Charles seriously wants to bury another family member cuz this world has got more crazier than the pandemic these people need to get their heads out their butts and don’t make the same mistake they made with his mom. This is just disgusting. If they don’t have adequate security I wouldn’t go. Because it’s going to hard be hard enough to be there without having to worry about the safety of him his wife and his kids that’s too much for anybody regardless of who you are. These people are disgusting they know the outcome of what happens when you don’t have proper security

      • Jais says:

        Yeah, it’s v v messed up.

    • Rapunzel says:

      I just said that below– this is playing with fire. Either Harry tells his movements in advance, and they get leaked, or Harry doesn’t say in advance, and doesn’t get security. Both are a recipe for disaster.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        I’m not surprised by anything concerning this family anymore. However, it is really shocking that Charles is at best indifferent to his son’s safety. At worst, he actually wants him dead. And that is way beyond shocking. Diana conspiracies are not as insane as they once seemed.

      • Mary Pester says:

        @RAPUZEL, let’s look at this sht. What if Harry hadn’t been in the UK when the Queen died, are we expected to believe that they would have held back everything for a month? Now I will ALWAYS believe that Diana was killed on their orders. As a retired police officer her death, and the circumstances around it have always stank to me. There are so many obvious flaws in the “, story” put out by the Palace flunkies. Diane lost her HRH status, bang goes full Royal protection detail! Now let’s look at Henri Paul, we are supposed to believe he was high on drugs and drunk driving. So how did a drunk, get up from his bar stool, get halfway across the room, stop, bend down, tie his shoelace and then carry on walking??? Would a drunk, high on drugs, even realise his lace was undone, let alone, bend down, tie it up and carry on walking without even a stumble? Then we have Reece Jones the bodyguard, who was sat in the front with the driver, why didn’t he smell the alcohol on him and stop him driving? And staying with the bodyguard, it’s much to convenient that he can’t remember a thing about the “accident” even years after. There is traumatic amnesia, but it usually comes back with nasty flash backs. Plus Why were so many British embassy staff already in Paris and why wasn’t she taken to the nearest hospital?

      • BQM says:

        TRJ broke almost every bone in his face and they need 150 titanium pieces to recreate it from family photos. He was in a coma for a week. That was no mere bump on the head. It was a traumatic head injury.

  3. Noki says:

    These people are determined to make Harry lose his mind, they will Never stop trying to make his life harder. The only hope I have is when all these connections and branches really start turning on each other.

  4. Rapunzel says:

    So Harry’s not giving notice of his movements to the fam, so they’re using RAVEC to get the information on his whereabouts, since he’s not telling them.

    This is gross af. And playing with fire. If anything happens to Harry, Meg, Archie, or Lili…. they will not live it down.

    • Yup, Me says:

      Harry is revealing and spotlighting all kinds of things – including (and arguably, most importantly) how the Royal family uses all of the abuser’s tactics as their default mode of interaction.

    • Christine says:

      They own the newspapers and will come up with a cover story.

  5. Christine says:

    This just proves they don’t want him to come back without outright saying it, no?

    • RoyalBlue says:

      That’s right. They don’t want him there, they want to unofficially exile him from his own native land.

    • Blithe says:

      Yep. I’m imagining that William might be terrified of the direct comparisons that will be made should he and his helpmeet share the same space as more competent, more hard working, much more charismatic Harry and Meghan. I think Charles might be terrified of his perpetually incandescent son William. Charles is also probably threatened by Harry and Meghan’s similarities with Diana, who, unlike Charles, was and continues to be much loved. The family dynamics and the structure of the monarchy have likely unraveled quite a bit since the deaths of the Queen and Prince Phillip. It probably seems easier and more rewarding for William, Camilla, Charles, and their supporters to focus their rage on putting the Sussex family at risk than to openly deal with their own inadequacies.

      IMO, They don’t want him — or them — to come back. Ever.

  6. Jais says:

    Edward Young is part of RAVEC so I’m assuming he’s just Charles’ mouthpiece. So basically, if Harry wants to go to a wellchild event, he has to tell them 28 days earlier. So they can leak to the press and then someone can decide whether the current threat level means he can have security. I don’t trust them to tell the truth about the security level at this point. Also, William has already told friends he doesn’t want Harry to ever set foot in the UK again. Presumably this includes Meghan Archie and Lili. This is how the RF will make that happen. It’s sad. I do think about the sussex kids one day just being like hey we want to go to England, considering it’s half of their heritage. Harry is doing his best to assure they can visit and be safe and not be denied.

    • Jaded says:

      Just came here to say the same thing. Edward Young, as a member of RAVEC, was behind refusing to pass on Harry’s original request to the other members and the Met to reimburse them for his security. EY loaths the Sussexes, esp. Meghan, and will stop at nothing to prevent them from having appropriate security. How can Harry’s own father be so hateful as to condone and abet deliberately putting him and his family in mortal danger…SMH.

  7. Lexistential says:

    Wow. The effort to curtail Harry and subjugate him is at a whole new reckless extent. These people- courtiers, RAVEC, the Home Office, and tabloid media- have it out for him, and it is completely unhinged. These people are disgusting. Shame on them, and shame on Charles for letting this get here.

  8. girl_ninja says:

    Those trash bags want to be able to leak when Harry and Meghan come into the country too. They want those paparazzi photos of them deplaning and where they will be staying. So pathetic.

  9. Jessica says:

    It is exactly the same in the US for former Presidents and their families. This is why for state funerals ,etc it is always announced early which Presidents will be attending and where.

    Jenna Bush Hager has talked before about how planned the births of her children were so the hospital could be swept before, allowing her father in. And when her sister gave birth super early in Maine, they didn’t have time to prepare the hospital for a former President and his family and he himself was advised not to go and went into the nicu several nights in disguise, very late and only one doctor knew and he brought private security with him bc the secret service couldn’t do their work and ensure his safety.

  10. Ann says:

    They are creating barriers because they want to block Harry from testifying in person. They’re all in it together and want the trial to go away. They want to block a law abiding citizen from traveling to the country of his birth. I can’t wrap my head around this!

    • RoyalBlue says:

      Yes, to all of this. The system is corrupt, and people are turning a blind eye to this.

  11. Snuffles says:

    I wouldn’t be mad at the notice if it wasn’t for the fact that they are using this notice to determine if there is a threat. They know damn well there is a threat for Harry and Meghan 24/7/365. This shouldn’t be a question-EVER.

    If they said they want enough notice to be able to properly prepare for a visit, that’s one thing, but they are using this as an opportunity to review Harry and Meghan’s plans and determine whether or not they will allow them to come.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Snuffles, it would be one thing to access the level of threat but as one MET member had revealed earlier, the threat to Harry and Meghan has been consistently high and there is absolutely NO reason to deny him rightful protection.

      This ludicrously ridiculous “need” for 28 days notice, is simply an opportunity for the BaRF to dictate RAVEC to decide if he in fact “needs” security but give the radicals duly adequate plans to carry out harm to the entire Sussex family. All whilst leaking every bit of information to the press. 😡😡😡😡

      The bottom line is the BaRF want to control, manipulate and dictate to RAVEC in limiting their ability to travel safely in Britain.

      Make this make sense as it doesn’t!!

    • ArtHistorian says:

      It is all about control – and the the royal establishment (as well as the press) is just plain abusive.

    • Christine says:

      Amen, Snuffles. As if anyone in law enforcement would wake up in the morning and think, “Hmmmmm, I wonder if there is a threat against Prince Harry today? Let me go crunch the numbers.”

      There is always a threat against Harry. Exactly the same way there is always a threat against Chuck and Willnot, hence their constant security. Edward and Sophie have constant security even though not even the rabid British media can be bothered to care about their engagements on behalf of the monarchy.

    • Mary Pester says:

      @SNUFFLES, When you have two met police officers sacked because of racist tweets and text messages about meghan, when you have 3 white supremesists jailed for threats against against Harry, Megan and their children saying things like “they are an abomination and should be exterminated then you KNOW the threats are VERY REAL AND VERY DANGEROUS. So RAVEC are not just trying to withdraw security, they are trying to sign their death warrants. Under the police act of 1999,” any citizen has the right to ask for and receive armed protection, if, ONE a credible threat against them, or TWO they have the funds to pay for the police cover”. Now, would RAVAC like to explain that, and why they allowed Tom Cruise and Kate Moss to both pay for armed protection but are refusing Harry!!!

  12. Nicole says:

    Again, I will never not believe that the crown had something to do with Diana’s death and they are working on a new recipe in taking out Harry. He should never go back for the sake of his and his family’s safety.

  13. J. Ferber says:

    28 days is more than enough time for a deranger to plot out every move of the family, where they’ll be and when, and target a hit against them. I’m not kidding. The British have even incited the Taliban against Harry, who was fighting England’s war, when he revealed in Spare his number of kills in Afghanistan. Just like Charles successfully engineered Diana’s demise, or at least greatly increased its likelihood, he is trying to do to his son and family. Why in the world would Harry go to the coronation, knowing his father wants him dead? It blows my mind.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      I am sorry but I posted the same thoughts as well but your comment was much more eloquent than mine.

  14. Normades says:

    I am honestly scared for them and hope they NEVER set foot in that country again. Just let the rota whine and complain and not play their games. Do your thing Harry and ignore them all!

  15. ML says:

    This is where I honestly do not understand the British. It’s clear to everyone that Prince Harry and his immediate family have a huge security risk. It should be (and most likely is) self-evident to the RF and the Metro police. Prince Harry has offered to pay for RAVEC. This seems rather straightforward to me: protect him at no cost to GB. And yet when the press reports on this issue, like here with The Independent from a couple of weeks ago the newspaper is whining that Harry’s lawsuit is COSTING the British taxpayers about £300,000. The level of gaslighting involved is so frustrating!

    • Lindsay says:

      “He requested a review of the decision to not allow him to pay for police protection for himself and his family while visiting from the US after being told UK police were not “guns for hire”.”
      He said they would pay for it. UK said no. He sued to make the UK take the money so he could force them to provide protection in exchange for cash. He instigated the law suit which cost money. That part is true.

      • Truth says:

        Lawsuit shouldn’t be necessary to get proper security. He might have filed suit but the way this has been handled is what made the suit necessary.

      • teecee says:

        More accurate to say that the UK police kowtowing to inbred Tories to break the law is what’s costing taxpayers.

        Frankly, I don’t think Harry should step foot on that barren rock again. It’s not safe. But he’s since he’s still feeling Stockholm Syndrome for that godforsaken country, he ought to be allowed to visit safely. The press and British public act like they own him, no matter how long he lives elsewhere and makes his own living, so they can eat the cost of paying for security when he visits. They created the danger, they ought to pay for it.

    • kirk says:

      So British taxpayers are paying £300,000 for RAVEC to put up a fight against Harry paying for his own crown police protection in UK? Hate really causes people to do stupid stuff.

      • Jais says:

        Sure does, @kirk. You said it how it is. They’re in a lawsuit to prevent someone from paying.

  16. Eurydice says:

    Important people who need security don’t just sneak into a country without somebody knowing in advance, so the 28 day notice in order to set up security doesn’t seem unreasonable. The part I don’t understand is “tell us in advance and then we’ll decide whether or not to provide security.”

    Either Harry is a person who should get security or he isn’t. This isn’t something that needs to be decided more than once. If he’s in the category of ” needs security,” then there’s a process for that which should be followed every time he visits the UK. If he’s in the “no security” category, then he should be able to come and go the way any UK citizen does.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      And why 28 days notice and not, say, 7 days notice, or 5 days notice. The length of time seems punitive and I think it’s related to the conanation, with Harry not RSVPing as yet.

    • Lara (The Other) says:

      While effective security needs preparation, securing places, checking people attending, make sure the ROPs are available, ect., this does not take 28 days. a week in advance should be more then enought.
      28 days is about controlling and leaking.

    • Carrot says:

      And does this 28-day notice mean that any time Harry or Meg or Archie or Lili would ask to visit, RAVEC could say No, sorry, the threat is too high so you can’t come, and if you do anyway, then we won’t protect you at all?

      • Eurydice says:

        Sure, that’s my point. The issue of security shouldn’t be debated every time Harry and/or his family travel to the UK. They don’t say to William, “you know, today seems pretty safe so let’s skip the security.” There has already been testimony that H&M have had threats against them and it’s not logical to assume another day will be different.

        Either give them security or don’t. If yes, then follow the protocol that’s already established, whether it’s 5 days or 7 days or 28 or whatever time is necessary. In the US, foreign dignitaries need a visa and to file papers with the consulate and advance notice to set up security. Harry’s a British citizen, so it might take less time, or his specific itinerary might need more time. But whether he should have security at all isn’t something that should be on/off.

      • Jais says:

        The question then is does everyone have this 28 day protocol. Or is this 28 days only for Harry?

  17. EasternViolet says:

    This is how Charles is going to play Harry and Megan not attending the Clowning… its not about him — they would have come except no one could sort out the security bit. Its not about Charles being a dog sh*t father, but rather a bureaucratic misstep. ))eyeroll((

    • RoyalBlue says:

      Yes, he is telling them he wants at least 28 days notice if they are going to the conanation.

  18. Tara says:

    Wow. The longer one observes this, the lesser one has reason to believe they were not behind Diana’s death. The only question left is, are they so self-absorbed that they think people don’t realize – or are they so above everything indeed, that they know it will be without consequences for them even if it should ever be proven?

    • Whyforthelove is says:

      They really have done a fantastic job of convincing us they they could totally be behind Diana’s death. Great job Charles and PR people. The Snubbly hasn’t even happened yet and you have convinced the world that this family wants to kill its own members.

      • Snuffles says:

        Exactly. Seeing the details of what Harry is doing to get security while he’s in England and how he was ruthlessly cut off while in Canada, I’m not buying their story anymore that Diana refused to have RPOs. They cut her off on purpose and left her exposed knowing it could very well get her killed.

  19. HamsterJam says:

    “Oh my darling boy, if only you had listened to me you would still be alive” friends tell of the king’s heartbreak

  20. lleepar says:

    I wonder how much of RAVEC’s decisions about Harry’s security have to do with itinerary as opposed to actual risk — as in, we’ll protect you “here” but not “there”. In earlier discussions over the last few months, it seemed that the issue was more about determining where Harry could go in the UK and what he could do.

  21. AmelieOriginal says:

    Does RAVEC only protect the royals? It mentions also VIPs so who does that include? Very high profile celebrities like… I dunno, Beyonce? Current/former heads of state (presidents)? I think it would just be so funny if say, I dunno, Barack Obama organized a trip to the UK for work stuff and then invited Harry and Meghan along for the ride and/or decided to accompany them wherever they went and RAVEC was forced to protect them because Obama is such a high profile target and it would look very bad for a former US president to be targeted on UK soil. It probably doesn’t work that way and this scenario would never happen at all but the idea made me laugh.

    • Jaded says:

      Kate Moss hired them for her outdoor wedding some years back. But a Prince of the realm can’t, even if he reimburses them. If I were Harry I’d never set foot in that godforsaken island again.

    • Krity says:

      Bea & Eug have had protection from the Protection Branch — paid for privately (“Privately”)–but Harry is not allowed.
      When people tell you who they are, Harry, believe them.

  22. QuiteContrary says:

    Charles is just such an idiot. This makes him look terrible — and revives, as in this comment thread, the accusations that Diana’s death was intentional.

    He is still foolish enough to think he can get away with these shenanigans. Enter Harry the Avenger to prove him wrong.

    It would be such a terrible look if Harry and his U.S.-born wife were harmed. It would be, in fact, an international incident. But these boobs don’t understand that it’s in their own best interests to keep the Sussexes safe.

  23. Amy Bee says:

    The twenty-eight days notice is so that the Palace (RAVEC) can let the press know when Harry and Meghan will be in the UK

  24. Athena says:

    The son of a siting monarch should automatically get protection. The brother of a siting monarch should get protection. This working royal term they keep throwing out is nonsense. If something were to happen to Harry or his family the BRF would lose the last shred of respectability. The world would think they’re murders. They have to know that and it seems that they just don’t care.

    • Mary S says:

      My guess is the BRF expects they will be able to repair the reputational damage if a tragedy were to befall Harry, Meghan or the entire family. Except for the fickle court of public opinion, who would call them to account?

      • TheWigletOfWails says:

        That family gets the most positive press when they have weddings and funerals..they’re on shaky ground with the public rn and there won’t be any weddings for a while..I’ll let you figure out the rest from here..

  25. Beverley says:

    No one can convince me that Dogshit Charles and Pegs Bulliam don’t want Prince Harry permanently exiled…or deceased. I’ve come to believe they would definitely orchestrate a fatal “accident” for Duchess Meghan and their children if they felt they could get away with it.

    • Eggbert says:

      Don’t ever go back, Harry. F*ck ‘em all. Go anywhere and everywhere in the world except that awful island. You don’t owe your family anything.

  26. tamsin says:

    Does anyone have an explanation of why Edward Young hates Meghan? What has she ever done to him? There seems to rhyme or reason for this? It would seem clear to anyone who has taken a moment to see the Sussex point of view, to conclude that this vindictiveness puts the entire Sussex family at risk. I pray Harry and Meghan will be safe and live long lives, raising their children to be decent and good human beings.

    • TheWigletOfWails says:

      I don’t know much about him, but I think it has to do with Meghan overshadowing the rest of them, Liz included.

    • Jaded says:

      Young failed when, after being advised by TQ to come up with a role that suited Meghan’s very evident talents, he and his staff came up with basically nothing. When the Sussexes began to step away from royal life, a power struggle ensued between BP/EY and the Sussex’s new staff at Sunshine Sachs. Young’s authority was now being disputed by both the Sussexes and Sunshine Sachs and he couldn’t deal with it. Remember Harry’s comment about “I’m just making sure that she’s [QEII], you know, protected and got the right people around her.” That was clearly referring to EY. Then of course there’s Harry’s court case with RAVEC and the Met about getting appropriate RPO security and paying for it, which EY deliberately withheld from the other members of RAVEC. All in all, he’s a nasty piece of work with a huge axe to grind with Meghan and Harry.

  27. Blithe says:

    My apologies if this has already been discussed— and I missed it in the thread. New “rules” often seem to get created solely for Harry and Meghan. So: Harry and Meghan have supposedly been invited to the coronation. So far, they haven’t publicly given a response. Perhaps this 28-day notice nonsense is one way to push them to respond to the invite within this new timeframe set by the palace — in addition to all of the other issues related to efforts to control the Sussexes, to restrict their freedom of movement, and to negatively impact their safety. If, by April 8th, or whatever, the Sussexes haven’t formally RSVPed, the rabid press will probably get even nastier, and their need for security will likely increase.

    The dynamics here are so malevolent. As a family, I’d expect them to be mourning the losses of the Queen and Prince Philip, and celebrating the opportunity for continuity and perhaps shifting towards new priorities and agendas. Instead, the priorities are family dysfunction, racism, and hatred — and they don’t seem to care who sees it. I wonder what people like Sarah Chatto and other seemingly sane members of the extended family think of all of this? Surely some of them feel neutrally —at least — about Harry and Meghan, and see that this public and unhinged stuff cannot possibly be good for the monarchy or the family.

  28. 411 from down under says:

    Maybe Harry trolls them and helpfully puts in plans to travel there literally every 28 days (that way he’s abiding by home office request… but you know what, life and travel delays happen all at the drop of a hat these days). You know how the British govt loves their forms, queues, and stamps. It will force their hand for approval/non approval and reasons, show the world how they operate so arrogantly with his family’s lives. Meanwhile, Harry has money, Harry has resilience, Harry fights the good fight in the legal arena. The world is a spectator to the demise of Chuck and Will’s reputations and slowly eroded the monarchy hold on so many independent countries.

  29. Sue E Generis says:

    So RAVEC is made up largely of palace courtiers. This is why they don’t want them to have security. Because they hate them and want them dead. This is some next level evil.

  30. Annalise/Typical Virgo says:

    This is SUCH effing bullsh*t. it seems like Charles desperately wants Harry at the coronation, but wants to make it IMPOSSIBLE for him to safely come to the UK any other time.
    it’s like, let’s take the example of Malala. She is not a member of the government, she is not a member of the royal family, she is a public figure, with MANY credible threats against her, living in the UK. There is NO WAY that the British government has not given her FULL protection, even though, by their OWN definition, she shouldn’t have it. They are just SO full of shit.

    • BQM says:

      She was given two armed guards in 2015 while at university. I don’t know what protection she still has though.

      • Annalise/Typical Virgo says:

        Well that’s two armed guards MORE than they’re willing to give Harry and his family.

        And seeing as how the Taliban has publicly stated numerous times that they intend to finish Malala off, I’m guessing she has SOME kind of state-funded security

  31. Lovely Lady says:

    Regarding something tragic happening to Harry and family, don’t they know all of what Harry knows about the RF would be revealed, because he reminded them that he has another 400 pages, plus I’m sure he has info that can only be revealed upon his demise.

    • Tara says:

      I also get the impression, that it is about what will be written in history books later on. No pics at the coronation from Harry, Meghan and their children will make it easier to rewrite history. As in, the son from a previous declared psychological unstable mother who himself turned out to be psychological unstable – I am wondering if they have similar PR plans for Bulliam too. That also would shine a different light on including Camillas children and grandchildren in everything, wouldn’t it?

      Nevertheless, I hope the Sussexes will alway choose their safety no matter what games are played with them.

      • KRackel says:

        Then we have that person who keeps trying to say Camilla kids are chucks. That is an obvious lie but it does seem like they are trying something.

  32. Christine says:

    I don’t believe in conspiracy theories and never questioned Diana’s death. Until recently. Now it’s painfully obvious Charles and Camilla arranged for her murder. Since they were successful with that one, they would like to have Harry and his family all die. And Charles can’t figure out why people don’t like him! I pray that Harry stays off that Godforsaken island.

  33. Saucy&Sassy says:

    I’m really starting to think that the Tory’s Xenophobia is truly isolationism. If Chuck thinks this looks good on the world stage, he needs to take a moment and think with his one brain cell. The brf are determined to prove what Harry wrote in Spare is the truth. It’s clear that the brf doesn’t care about Harry one iota. I guess Chuck forgot that 3 of the members of Harry’s family are American. If the thought of his Son getting hurt or killed doesn’t phase him, he must think no one will care if the Americans are hurt or killed while in the UK. Because they weren’t given appropriate security. This isn’t 1997 anymore. Chuck doesn’t control the media worldwide. He really needs to think about what he’s doing.

    So, Chuck, the world is seeing how you treat family members. I wonder how many of the heads of state and their governments are wondering if what you say doesn’t tell them what you’re hiding behind your back.

    If Harry can’t get the necessary security, I suspect that he will be able to testify remotely. Unless the UK wants it on his head of something happens. These people are incapable of seeing past the end of their noses.

  34. Ihatepeople says:


    It is time. Cut all ties. Go no contact. There will NEVER be any solution or compromise, kindness or understanding. Too much dysfunction and money involved. Make your peace. Don’t dance for them.

  35. tamra says:

    They don’t HAVE to do anything. They are grown adults, out from under your sausage thumb! Deal with it! LOL

  36. Well Wisher says:

    i suspect that RAVEC is following instructions, at the onset the idea was to use security to separate the couple, Harry was given an enormous quote that was quite exorbitant after the Canada debacle. To scare him back, make me unemployable and demand payment for Frogmore where he would have been imprisoned as told to the Sunday Times.
    When that failed and Harry returned from his grandfather’s funeral he managed to catch up with friends, exposed by the horrid tabloids.

    The scenario was different for the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statute, and so on. The MET warned him not to attend the jubilee, glad he did but this nonsense have to be halted. It is as if visits would have to be about the family that leaks like a sieve and the terrible tabloid media.

    i hope common sense and honour prevail.

  37. otterbabi says:

    “….Harry and Meghan pay for private security and their security is (seemingly) very efficient – their movements are barely tracked and it does feel like the Montecito community is very protective of their royal neighbors….”

    We have Oprah, 4 Saudi crown princes, an heir to Thailand throne, a bunch of Oligarchs, a bushel of Hedge fund Billionaires, senators hiding affairs, a few past presidents, members of the Chinese government, an heiress to the Japanese throne, a ridiculous number of aging movie starsr and an occasional Kardashian in our midst. We’re not protective of anyone here in Montecito, we just don’t care.