Jane Fonda: J.Lo cut my eyebrow with her engagement ring on Monster in Law

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin were on The Drew Barrymore Show promoting their latest project together, Moving On. While they were there, Drew asked them to play her game, Behind the Scenes. That’s when Drew mentions one of their movies and her guests are supposed give a fact about something that happened behind the scenes. I like the concept of the game. I’ll go into my issue with Drew’s version below. However, she played with Jane and Lily and at one point, asked Jane for some juicy detail about Monster in Law. Jane said the first thing she remembered was Jennifer Lopez accidently cutting her eyebrow open during a slapping scene and never apologizing for it. Yikes.

Jennifer Lopez’s bling can really help pack a punch! Jane Fonda appeared on Thursday’s The Drew Barrymore Show where she looked back at some of her most iconic roles. When Barrymore flashed an image of Fonda and Lopez from 2005’s romcom Monster in Law, the 85-year-old actress shared a behind-the-scenes story from set.

“The thing that comes to mind right away is we have a slapping scene,” Fonda began. “I slap her, she slaps me, I slap her. Well Jennifer, as per Jennifer, she had this enormous diamond ring, and so when she slapped me one of the times, it cut open across my eye — my eyebrow.”

Fonda quipped: “And she’s never apologized.”

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In 2019, Jennifer told her YouTube Channel that she did apologize to Jane. In her version of the story, she thought her nail caught Jane’s brow and caused a blood blister. She also said Jane didn’t care. I don’t have any reason to argue on behalf of either side, so I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. It looks a little bit to me like Jane is smirking at the end of her comment, like maybe she’s kidding. But I also think Jane would say she was kidding if she was, because that’s a lot to put out there if it wasn’t true. Obviously, this was going to get picked up, Jen has a bit of a reputation already. I hope Jennifer tried to apologize. Drawing blood, even accidently, should not go unrecognized. Unfortunately, this whole JLo thing took off so the 9 to 5 behind the scene story isn’t getting any play. Jane said that Dolly Parton asked Jane’s then 6-year-old-son Troy if he knew why her feet were so small and told him it was because “things don’t grow in the shade.” I heart Dolly.

Like I said, the game is fun. But usually I don’t watch Drew’s show, just clips for the articles. So I don’t see a lot of her interviewing style. When I wrote about her LA Times profile, it mentioned Drew touching people. I watched the full bit of her with Jane and Lily and OMG. First of all, she’s walking all over her guest’s answers. Second, when Jane discussed trauma with Barbarella and being lied to by her husband Roger Vadim, Drew dismissed it because she liked to see Jane naked. And then Drew kept getting on the damn floor. She was practically in Lily’s lap during the Incredible Shrinking Woman, Lily physically recoiled. Jane called it out at the end. I would have put a foot in Drew’s face and gently pushed her back to her chair. Seriously, I knew she was sycophantic in her interviews but I had no idea.

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  1. Seraphina says:

    As the years pass by, the more I learn JLo is not Jenny from the Block. She seems to be a not so nice person. I don’t think you need to be rude and unkind to be a Diva but maybe that’s what she thinks.

  2. A says:

    They’re friends! Jane was at the Bennifer wedding in Georgia last summer and was at their Christmas party too. Jane even spoke at JLo’s Star ceremony on the Walk of Fame and sat with her kids. This was just a poorly told joke. JLo bought her diamonds at the end of filming.

    • ExtremelyBeautifulDiego says:

      Exactly, and Jane has a very dark sense of humor, like you said, she was at JLO’s Christmas party just this past December, and she has credited J Lo, with resurrecting her career after monster in law.

  3. FHMom says:

    Holy cow! I would feel awful if I did something like that. How does a person not apologize immediately? JLo is coming off rude AF

  4. Duch says:

    And I’ll add an angle here – that when something like that happens to someone whose face is in front of a camera (actors models TV new celebrities), it’s in credibly worrisome to have something happen to their face. I once dated a local TV celebrity once and he was very protective of his face from a safety perspective. He wasn’t vain per se but just worried how they’d cover something with makeup etc.

    So anyway could have caused JF increased angst from that standpoint.

  5. Lizzie Bathory says:

    Dolly’s “things don’t grow in the shade” comment is amazing!

  6. Renee' says:

    I just watched the clip of the show….I don’t have words for Drew’s lack of boundaries. Lily did look taken aback when Drew is right at her feet. I like Drew. I feel like she’s been through a lot in her life and has overcome so much. BUT this nonsense of being on her knees in front of guests has got to stop. It makes people uncomfortable.

  7. AppleCart says:

    I just watched a Tik Tok last night from j.r.orenstein and he just told a J. Lo story. He was a production assistant on Maid in Manhattan. And she was filming a kissing scene with Ralph Fiennes. They did like 40 takes from every angle. And down the hall from the hotel, they were filming in. An actual hotel worker their walkie-talkie went off. Everyone on set had theirs off. So the Director yelled cut! And J. Lo yelled ‘what is it, somebody’s first day on the job’ and walks off set. So that set the Director off and they went down the line screaming at people for doing nothing wrong. Since Jennifer was miffed about it. She also wouldn’t acknowledge or look at anyone on set at the Waldorf Astoria with her posse. After they spent time getting the jelly beans in the way she likes them. He did say Stanley Tucci & Ralph Fiennes were really nice to everyone on set.

    I guess this was prime white roses only J. Lo time. I hope since then she has become a bit more appreciative and humble than in the mid-2000s.

    • ExtremelyBeautifulDiego says:

      Well, I would’ve been pissed too, the hotel worker obviously must’ve been aware that they were filming, it’s not like they just walk in with the cameras and start filming randomly, so the hotel worker was in the wrong not muting their walkie talkie.

      • AppleCart says:

        I would say watch the tik tok, the worker wasn’t on set he was all the way down the hall. He was an actual hotel worker not filming. Not his fault for just doing his job.

    • Fanta says:

      Seriously her possee? Wow this is def some dog whistle langage…. Uppity and now possee?!! Some of you are really outing yourselves with these words… and you believe some TikTok from some vague worker working on set ? Why do ppl are so ready to believe every made up stories about Jlo from vague and unreliable sources ?

      • Valentina says:

        Yup, you got it:we are coming back to the narrative of Jlo, the big bad Diva latina when ppl( white ppl mostly) want to believe the worst in her.I mean we have Sandra Bullock who married a white supremacist, Jennifer Aniston who is liking virulent posts about Meghan Markle and Reese who has a completely drunken meltdown with very condescending words with a policeman, Hugh Grant who is routinely rude but guess what ppl give them leeway adore them… ppl are ready to believe TikTok and unsubstantiated rumors because Jlo.
        Jane was at Jlo’s party last December , at her Hollywood star ceremony and Jlo was the first person in Jane ´s life who bought her a diamond, Jane said many many times that Jlo resurrected her career with Monster in law …Her and Jane are very close. Since she is back with Ben, there are again some resentment in mainstream media…

  8. Giddy says:

    I followed the link to Drew’s show, and now I know why I don’t watch it. Yes, she was a darling child star, but I would have hoped that she had grown from there, but no. Her hands move constantly! From her hair to her mouth, back to her hair, then she adds in a hair flip. She even stuffs both hands in her mouth to express horror? delight? surprise? I have no idea. But then she got on the floor and closed in on Lily, just like a little girl. She’s asking Lily question while nearly crawling in her lap, but the subtext is “aren’t I darling? Drew was too much for me; too girly, too touchy, too unprofessional. I’m exhausted.

  9. Lens says:

    I just did a 180 on ever watching a drew Barrymore show. First I thought I needed to watch it because this game sounds so fun. Then hearing about her neediness in touching and kneeling – yikes! How uncomfortable would that be for guests? So it’s permanently in my never to watch list. Thanks for the warning

  10. jferber says:

    Somehow I see this as something Goop would do, too. And I could see JLo skiing someone into oblivion. They have a lot in common–including Ben Affleck.

  11. theotherviv says:

    I really really want to like Drew, because A) she has been through so much, B) produced Charlie’s Angels and C) is determined to represent sunshine 24/7. She seems so nice. BUT the cringe factor when she hosts is epic. I can’t watch. I have seen tidbits and it often looks like even the guests are not sure if Drew is serious or on drugs.