Kyra Sedgwick knew Kevin Bacon was the one a day after they met, ‘like home’

Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon are the cover of People this week. They’re celebrating 35 years of marriage this year. They have two grown kids, Travis and Sosie. Kevin’s gotten really good at Instagram and he and Sosie do little bits on IG that are pretty cute. Kevin and Kyra met on the set of Lemon Sky in 1987. I did not know that Kyra hadn’t seen Footloose when they met. So Kevin was knocked off his feet immediately but Kyra needed a little convincing to go out with him. I guess they were a fait au complet from the start, though. Kyra said she knew he was the one because she the day after their first date, she felt like she was home.

Kevin Bacon says it was love at first sight when he spotted Kyra Sedgwick on the set of the PBS movie Lemon Sky in 1987.

“I was knocked out,” he tells PEOPLE. “I thought she was amazing.” At the time, Bacon already had a taste of fame thanks to his role as small-town rebel Ren in the 1984 dance drama Footloose, but Sedgwick hadn’t seen the film and was a little put off by the handsome rising star: “I remember thinking, ‘Oh, he thinks he’s really cool.’ ”

After a little convincing, she agreed to a date. The two went to dinner and ended up talking and laughing for hours. But Sedgwick says it was how she felt the next day that made her realize he was the one.

“I remember waking up and going, ‘I feel like home,’ ” she says. “I realized, ‘Oh, that was him.’ ”

Now, for more than three decades, the couple have built a home together while balancing successful careers and raising their son Travis, 33, and daughter Sosie, 31. “We’ve always been each other’s biggest support and fans,” says Sedgwick, who recently directed Bacon in the drama Space Oddity, about a young man who dreams of escaping to Mars after tragedy strikes.

She adds that being able to make each other laugh has been a key ingredient in their 35-year marriage. “A sense of humor is crucial,” says Sedgwick. “He is very freaking funny.”

When they’re not working, the down-to-earth couple like to enjoy life’s quieter moments together.

“To me, walking down the street together just shooting the s— in the middle of the night still feels like a nice place to be,” says Bacon.

[From People]
Side-note: one of my all-time favorite films is Kyra’s Hearts and Souls. I used to watch it with my grandmother. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen that movie.

I remember Kevin and Kyra once said that they don’t work at the same time. He’d been working a lot and stopped so she could work again. That’s when she landed The Closer. There was no bitterness or resentment from either, just a synergy that showed how well they communicate. I’m intrigued to see Space Oddity with Kyra directing Kevin.

I love Kyra’s comment about feeling like home. It’s the feeling that comes first, but you’re not quite sure what it means. Then something happens somewhere done the line and it clicks, you’ve met your forever person. I just watched the episode of Selena & Chef with Curtis Stone. Selena’s roommate asked Curtis and wife Lindsay Price when they knew the other was ‘the one’. I loved their story so much it sparked a discussion with my friends about how we all knew with our partners. I know you guys are sick of me talking about my family, so I won’t bore you with mine. But I’d love to hear yours.

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  1. Nic says:

    I love this! I wish there was an actual word for this feeling/moment because it’s so huge. I met my spouse and it was third date for me. I remember looking at him while he was a talking but I spaced out because I was thinking, huh, this man is my family, but I don’t know how. Like I just want to know him forever. I will say the infatuation phase of your relationship with that person feels different too. Safer?

    • hmm says:

      I’ve had this feeling with two people. One I dated for 7 years and broke my heart. One just had a lot of issues. Stories like this make me happy but also confused because Im not sure whether to trust the feeling.

      • ooshpick says:

        I feel like shitty soul mates are just the electricity of cross over trauma, Our bodies are like oh yay, we can work it out this time. but nope. real true love feels calm

      • Kate says:

        Yeah I was going to say the same thing @ooshpick – I’ve been doing a lot of learning the past few years about the psyche and trauma and I’ve heard several different trained therapists say that you are attracted to what is familiar from your childhood. Doesn’t matter if it’s something good or bad, your brain just recognizes something familiar and says yes I like that. So I guess Kyra had a nice childhood or at least someone very healthy in her childhood that Kevin reminded her of and she was able to make a positive connection. Unfortunately, following that attraction for many doesn’t always result in a happy ending if you don’t do work to recognize unhealthy patterns that you and this person may be repeating from your/their childhoods.

      • Jenn says:

        That’s really well said, Kate.

  2. janey janey says:

    You know what is amazing. They lost millions to Madoff and instead of tearing each other apart, they just went back to work and hustled and got in that grind together. There is something about weathering a storm that is just so admirable in couples.

    • ama1977 says:

      I love that, too. Mine isn’t as dramatic as Madoff, but after the 2008 recession, my husband’s firm shrank dramatically and laid off most of their associates. To add to that, many other firms were doing the same or on a hiring freeze at the very least. We owned a home and had a young child at that time, and there were years where we had to be very frugal until he was able to open his own firm. It really brought us even closer together; it was hard, but there is nobody I’d rather face challenges with. He’s my person and I knew it after about 3 dates; everything beyond that was just confirming what I already felt. We’ll be married 18 years next month and will have known each other for 20 in May. I look at all we’ve been through and where we are now and I feel lucky and so, so thankful to have built our lives together.

      Kevin and Kyra are just beautiful together and I wish them many, many more happy years with each other.

  3. Katie Beanstalk says:

    I’m guessing Kevin’s full frontal in “Wild Things” doesn’t bother Kyra.

  4. Kaye says:

    Hecate, I’m not sick of hearing you talk about your family. I enjoy the perspective.

  5. The Hench says:

    I’m probably pulling a whole heap of trouble down on my head but I am really wary of perpetuating this trope of “the One”. Every relationship is unique. Every person loves in their own way. How many opportunities have been missed and loves lost because a couple didn’t get this thunderbolt moment society/media seems to deem necessary for a relationship to be the real thing?

    I know lots of couples. I am part of one. I only know one example of this ‘we just knew’ and they are divorced. Looking forward to some lovely stories on here but let’s include successful relationships that got built and enriched over time as well as those that magically happened from the first moment.

    • Nic says:

      Totally! I mean, having that moment doesn’t stop life from happening or relationship ebbs and flows. They all take work, so that’s a good point.

      I also know another couple whose relationship is so solid and fun! They started as friends for years. They dated other people, but always stayed friends because there was a group of 7 of them in this circle. Then one day she told me there was a moment where she looked at him differently and couldn’t look at him as only a friend again. It’s its own thunderbolt moment, but after a foundation was already built. It’s super cool.

    • ooshpick says:

      great perspective! @the Hench

    • Emmi says:

      I think to actually believe that there is one person out there who’s right for us, is insanity. But to me it always sounded more like “Okay, this is one of the people on this earth you could make it work with. The timing and circumstances are right, now you just have to actively maintain that relationship.” Achieving that is rare enough.

      But I do think some couples are just right for each other. My bff + hubby met in high school. I remember when she had a crush on him, it was special somehow. They’ve been together 21 years and after their first few dates, I told my sister “These two are never breaking up.” and they haven’t. If they ever do, I’ll be extremely surprised.

  6. Ang says:

    Awwww this is so great. Bet their kids are lovely and well adjusted too.
    When I first saw my husband of 20 years, I thought he was the most beautiful person I’d ever seen. Still do. He took more convincing haha. But We fit together like pb and j. It’s such an easy feeling when you finally find it. Xo

  7. Lala11_7 says:

    I’ve felt this way TWICE in my 55 years of life…Unfortunately I had to move😝 But it IS a lovely feeling❤️

  8. Sam says:

    I’m sure there were a lot of moments early in my relationship that led to me to the realization that I was in love, but it’s actually my wedding day that stands out to me. I was scared. Not nervous, scared. I remember thinking “Am I actually getting married? Am I actually making a rest-of-my-life commitment to someone?”. My sister snuck into the area where my now husband and the groomsmen were taking photos and snuck a quick pic of my husband talking to his friends/family, looking handsome and laughing. I remember looking at that pic and feeling just a huge wave of calm rush over me. I thought “Oh yeah, it’s him. It’s going to be ok”

    • Ang says:

      Aww, that’s really sweet.

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      I had a friend who was not raised in a culture with arranged marriages, but her parents were, and they kept trying to find her a husband, which caused some strife even though she wasn’t totally opposed to the idea either.

      Well, her parents pulled it off. They found her Mr. Right. When she was preparing for her marriage, I remember her saying, “Yeah, sometimes I get a little panicky and wonder whether I’m making a terrible mistake here. But you know, it never happens when I’m with him.”

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      @Sam, I recognize that wedding day feeling. We had an island wedding. I’m in a balcony room of a different place that is adjacent to the place where we were staying getting ready. You could see the pool of our place from the balcony room.

      My nerves where a bit shot. Champagne didn’t help. I’m sweating and over thinking everything. Even though I KNEW, there was that insecure person inside creeping out questioning all the good thoughts & feelings. For no logical reason.

      I step out onto the balcony and see him. It’s about 40/45 minutes before the nuptials and what to my wandering eyes does appear….my groom, swimming in the pool with a cocktail in hand! The nerve! He’s laughing and smiling with friends, members of my family and his while he’s in swim trunks! Then I laughed at myself. He was relaxed and not sweating. This is good. And it was and is. I’ll say, this dynamic played out again during the high times of Covid. I would panic and he would remind me that we’re doing the things we need to do. We have to still move forward while being careful. Don’t let fear stop you from living. He’d remind me that I don’t always look forward to social situations-embrace this time.

      When Kyra said ‘I feel like home’, I get it. Home doesn’t necessarily mean anything to do with your upbringing. Home is who you feel you are and someone else seeing, recognizing, supporting and helping you see all the things…is special. Sometimes home is the feeling you have when you share your uglies and the other person oneups you to make you feel better, not worse.

      Heats & Souls is such a lovely movie. Great cast. Most/best quote: ” But you died a failure because you never tried.”. (Robert Downey, Jr’s. character)

  9. T says:

    Just an FYI – their daughter’s name is Sosie, not Sophie.

  10. Midnight@theOasis says:

    I was 23 when I met my husband, single and intent on having fun and living life. Then one day, this guy walks into my life. We became friends and friendship morphed into love. Somehow we just clicked. We made each other laugh and had fun together. We could always make each smile. Minnie Riperton has a song, Everytime He Comes Around and it sums up how we both felt about each other:

    Every time he comes around I feel like I’m on fire
    When he looks into my eyes and sees down to my soul
    It’s so hard for me to tell if this is just desire
    Or the love I need to make my spirit whole
    How am I to know?
    Now I ain’t lookin’ for a man to hold me for an hour
    And I ain’t lookin’ for a man to hold me for a day
    Every time he comes around, I get a funny feeling
    What I’m looking for don’t matter anyway
    It don’t matter anyway, no
    ‘Cause ever since I was a child
    I dreamed about my baby’s smile
    It scares me so to say
    I wanna be with him in the worst darn way
    ‘Cause every time he comes around I feel like I’m on fire
    When he whispers in my ear I start to lose control
    Still, it’s so hard for me to tell if this is just desire
    Or the love I need to make my spirit whole
    How am I to know?
    ‘Cause ever since I was a child
    I dreamed about my baby’s smile
    It scares me so to say
    I wanna be with him in the worst darn way
    ‘Cause every time he comes around I feel like I’m on fire
    I lose control
    It’s so hard for me to tell if this is just desire
    Or the love I need to make my spirit whole

    My husband has been gone 2 years now and I miss him dearly everyday.

  11. M says:

    These two are rad. I enjoy their work immensely and they don’t seem like buttholes. Sosie seems like a doll in all the interviews I’ve seen of her. I love that car commercial with her and Kevin. Too cute.

    • Jenn says:

      The car commercial came on and I explained to my husband that Sosie’s TikToks of her family are peak cuteness and totally viral and compelling, and that I’m pretty sure that’s how the commercial actually came about. I’m for it; I love their whole family.

      edit: and they “don’t seem like buttholes,” lol!!!

  12. Frippery says:

    I thought it was absolutely adorable that Marvel had Kyra do the voice on the phone with Kevin for the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. Like, it was just a telephone call, she’s never on screen, and they didn’t need it to *actually* be Kyra Sedgwick, but it was really nifty of Marvel and very cute of Kyra.

  13. HeyKay says:

    Good for them.
    We should all be so lucky.

  14. Lara (the other) says:

    There was no AHA moment, more a natural feeling I realised later.
    We met shopping for groceries, my first reaction was that he looked nice and unthreatening. I’m still joking, that my first impression Was, he does not look like a serial killer.
    I was just out of an difficult time, an Borderline abusuve relationship I ended up, after my mother died (why do naccisists always know when your are vulnerable).
    On the third date, I still don’t know why, I asked if he would come on a short trip with me (the friend I had it planned with had to cancel) and afterwards he simple stayed with me in my flat and din’t go home. 6 month later he moved in officially, having been to his flat only 3 or 4 times to get clothes and mail.
    First I wondered since there was no drama, no butterflys, no extreme ups and down the way I knew it from earlier relationships, he simply came into my life, fit perfecly and going strong for 7 years now.
    We never had the rose tinted glases phase of beeing madly in love, we just fit together as if we always belonged together.

    • ABCD says:

      I LOVE your story! Do you mind telling me how you met grocery shopping? Do you just ask the other person where is the produce and then exchange numbers? So intriguing!

      • Lara (the other) says:

        He made eye contact and smiled at me and when I smiled back he followed me to the yoghurt fridge and pretendet to buy yoghurt. And then asked, or rather stuttered, that he saw me and if I would like to go for a coffee sometime.
        What I remember vividly, he stood to the sie, not blocking the way (he is 1,94m), how nervous he was and that he offered his phone number and leave it to me to decide if I want to contact him.
        We still go grocery shopping together and remember.

  15. Scarlett says:

    Thank you for saying that Kyra, I always say it too, in fact next year for our 30th anniversary, our vow renewal, the song I picked is “Home” by Edward Sharpe… I always say that seeing my husband for the first time felt like home, like the missing piece in a puzzle….”Oh, there you are” kind of a feeling. We actually were engaged 2 weeks after we met, crazy when I think about it now, but it just felt right.

    As the kids these days say, I am huge Kevin/Kyra stan, love them!!

  16. Elizabeth says:

    I was a plus one to a wedding with a guy I was casually dating, and he pretty much ditched me at the reception. I started talking to this cute guy, and we drank champagne and talked all evening. We started dating and it was so comfortable and exciting at the same time. He asked me to marry him after six weeks, we got married six months later. Three kids, heartbreaks and joy through the years, and we’re celebrating 38 years of marriage today! I’m going through cancer treatment now and he is still my rock. Such a timely and warm story about Kyra and Kevin. It’s a bit of luck and perseverance to stay together long term. I hope they have many more years together.

    • ama1977 says:

      BIG congratulations to you and your husband!! I’m so glad you have each other to lean on. Cancer is an a$$hole. I wish you a full recovery, and many, many more happy years with your lovely person. 🥂

    • Cait says:

      I love seeing stories of supportive partners. I’m a recent breast cancer survivor, and my husband did everything to keep our family afloat while I was in treatment, and if possible, I love him so much more.

  17. Steph says:

    This comment is based off the title alone. I’ll add more once I actually read the piece.
    He felt like home when they met bc he’s her cousin.

    Eta: They are cute though.

    @hecate I never get sick of hearing about your family. Keep the stories coming.

  18. CruzMom says:

    When I my husband for the first time, I knew. It was like the wind had been knocked out of me. We both worked at the mall (we were very young – I was 22, he was 20), and I was on the phone with my friend (landline – it was the late 90’s). He walked by, and I said to my friend “I just saw the boy I’m going to marry.” 24 years, 2 kids and 1 major storm later, and we are closer than ever. He is my home. @midnight@theoasus, sending love to you. ❤️

  19. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I’ve loved them from the start. And Footloose? C’mon. Fell in love with Kevin on the spot. Kyra is amazing. And they’re both phenomenal actors. It’s crazy to think I’ve been with my hubs just as long. My husband and I met in Austin when he was on stage. That long ass hair whipping around. Those blue eyes. I thought my gawd. He must’ve thought the same thing, because eventually, he asked for my number. Never called. So he gave me his. Never called. 😀 The last time I saw him before actual dating was on the first Christmas Eve without my oldest. I was alone. So sad. A friend took me out, and I saw him. Only he wasn’t working, he ordered my favorite drink, plopped two straws in and off we went. I was home.

  20. Betsy says:

    Hearts and Souls! I hadn’t thought of that movie in years; I used to love it so much.

    I literally dreamt of my husband three times before I met him. Meeting him was like completing a circuit in my brain.

  21. Candy says:

    I did not know my husband was the one until I’d known him for a few years. But there was a distinct moment when I felt almost pain at the thought of being without him. It’s more of a deep friendship than some of the other flings or fly by nights (that turned my life upside down). I have noticed that, despite myths about the “one,” everyone’s story is a little different. I also love hearing other people’s stories.

    I met my hubby while we worked together. I was with someone else at the time who was treating me quite badly (dumped him first). I know they say you have to love yourself before you can let someone else love you. But my husband showed me what it means to be loved. Our relationship is not perfect but he’s an equal player in making it work. He does a lot of the heavy lifting of building our lives. This was in stark contrast to past boyfriends.

    I need to check out hearts and souls! Have always loved Kyra and Kevin as actors.

  22. Charlotte says:

    I was 45 and it felt like walking through a door I hadn’t even known was there. On the other side was this person, and my life. 14 years this spring.

  23. Cait says:

    In July 2006, this guy messaged me on MySpace, all self-deprecating and low pressure, because he saw me post about Clerks 2 on Kevin Smith’s View Askewiverse. Our first date was insanely awkward, because I’m reasonably extroverted…but he is not. But we went on a second date and it was straight out of a Nora Ephron film – caught under a restaurant canopy during a rain storm and everything. That December, we went to a concert and overslept, and I woke up to call my dad, who was excited to make travel plans for Christmas to meet this guy. My dad, unfortunately, had passed away that morning from a stroke. This sweet man, my boyfriend, took off work and flew to my dad’s funeral – that was how he met my entire bonkers family. I just knew that he was it – he was my person. We moved to New Orleans the next spring, got married two years after THAT, and have raised three incredible kids. And we’re still madly in love. A fun full-circle moment: our eldest daughter asked to go to Pensacon, in my hometown, right after Mardi Gras, where we met the cast of Clerks and told them how they were responsible for us meeting.

    • Agreatreckoning says: the full circle story. Above I shared the wedding day. Meeting day. I hadn’t dated by choice for almost two years. There was someone in my life I communicated with that I had a relationship with. I’ll always think of that man in the best of ways and when I hear the Jackson Browne song That Girl Could Sing. (change out girl for boy) I gave my final goodbyes to that boy(man) a month after the night I met my husband. I was 25.

      Single mom, worked full time, went to college at night. Busy. Finally, went out with a friend one night. To a place we’ve never gone too. (later found out husband had never been there before either) Group of guys come in. Sit by us. He is trying to talk to me over four heads and a noisy bar. He is quite attractive. One of the group walks over by me, talking, flirting and I’m like, haha, you’re funny and all, but tell me about your friend who has been trying to talk to me without making a move. Huh, which one? I point.

      “That’s not a friend. That’s my brother.”. I will laugh forever because of the H&M situation now because I asked, “Is he nice?”. This was the early ’90s. Difference, my very big ego’d? BIL, answered honestly. “Yes, he is the best person I know.”. It was a fun night. Talked & danced with future husband. Time for my friend and I to leave. I had already covered I was a mom. “Can I ask you for your phone number?”. “Yes, it won’t be a fake one either”. “Is it okay if I walk you out to your car?”. It is, but know, we have fighting skills if needed? (True, I had a year of Taekwando) lol My friend and I left. She asked what do you think is going to happen. I said I didn’t know but it was a fun night. It was. I felt good. He called the next day to ask me out for the following weekend. We had a great 1st date (I did have a mild weapon in my purse just in case my instincts were wrong). We both had plans for the following weekend. LOL, the same place. A big college football game. Didn’t connect up that day.

      He called the day after the big football game for the 2nd date. A friend’s wedding. I’m like (to myself) whaaaat..scairt. Uhmm okay, sounds great(nerve wracking)? Magical setting, really, an effin beautiful fall day, leaves and sunshine were holding hands this day. The bride, who I did not meet until that day, was one of the most welcoming, loving, straight forward people I’ve encountered. Sooooo, I didn’t meet her before the wedding. Back then, I was a smoker (still do once in a while). From what I remember, a group of men smoking cigars was okay…but, if you’re the lone female wolf smoking a ciggie=bad. (me=bad) Was very careful hiding myself having a smoke at the reception. Or so I thought! The bride (who I hadn’t met yet) comes around the corner to my hidey smoking spot. F*ck. I’m like I’m sorry I’m smoking at your wedding I’ll try not to do it much. I’m a bit nervous. She’s like, it’s only a problem if you don’t have one to spare. The bride also wanted me to know that he bringing me to the wedding was a big deal. Not in a bad way. Just that it sent a message that he was serious about me. I was like, ooof. Thank you. I”m trying to play my inlovenessdown and the bride, now wife of his good friend is telling me that my being there with him was a big deal. There are moments in our lives we’ll never forget. That is one of mine. Talk about feeling at home or home, after a few drinks I was telling my future husband stories about putting black olives on our fingers while putting black olives on my fingers. Everyone at the table did it too and laughed.

  24. jazzbaby1 says:

    This was what happened with my husband and me. I knew on our first date and on our third date we talked about how cute our kids were going to be. We were married six months later and have been together 23 years. Every day is a new adventure with him, and our kids are pretty cute.

  25. B says:

    I love the picture of KB showing off his chiclet teeth and his waxed chest through the opened shirt.

  26. Eleonor says:

    Ooooh I love these two, and “feeling home” I get it.
    (The closer is one of my favourite crime series evah!)

  27. jferber says:

    I always thought he’d make a great husband. I’m sure he is.

  28. notasugarhere says:

    @Hecate, love Heart and Souls. Kyra, RDJ, Alfre Woodard, Tom Sizemore (and Charles Grodin before he went awful). How can you go wrong? The little kid dancing to Walk Like a Man with the four souls? Priceless. Cry at the Woodard and Sedgwick final scenes every time.