Katie Holmes: ‘I think the ’90s style is exactly back. Makes me feel old’

Katie Holmes covers the latest issue of Glamour. She’s promoting Rare Objects, a film in which she stars and directed. It’s adapted from a 2016 Kathleen Tessaro novel. She’s wanted to direct for a while, and you can tell that she’s very proud of her efforts and being able to put this project together. She spends a good chunk of this interview talking about her fashion and why she wears weird stuff (because she wants to) and what it’s like to rewatch Dawson’s Creek. Some highlights:

On Dawson’s Creek: “I was just 18 when we started, and I really appreciated the writing because I felt like, as a teenager, I had so many different feelings, trying to go from being a girl to a woman. And I felt like [creator Kevin Williamson] had this way of putting words to those feelings. So for me, playing that role, I was like, “Oh, that’s what that means. Oh, I get that.” I loved doing it. It was a really fun, profound experience.

She’s rewatched the Creek & whether she thinks the show holds up: “In some ways, yes. Some ways, no. We had our big episode where Jack comes out and I’m so glad we had that episode, and I’m so sad that that is what was happening for people. And I’m so glad that it’s not happening, hopefully, to that extent in today’s world. But I think it [was also] just this combination of Wilmington, North Carolina—so beautiful. There was that sense of innocence. Kevin wrote the simplicity of teen emotions really well.

On social media: “In my life now, I don’t go on social media that much. I don’t scroll that much because I don’t want all that information. And maybe because I did come up where there was a time and place for things, even with our show—it started airing on Tuesday nights and you had to wait a week. So you got to think about that one episode. The work was limited to that. We also were protected. We were in North Carolina, we were working 14 hours a day, and we were really contained and not really distracted by the outside world, which was to our benefit and to the benefit of the show, so we could do what we had to do.

She didn’t want to play the sexy young thing: “I didn’t want to be the sexy young thing. I am not sexy. I used to have a friend of mine come to all my photo shoots to make sure that they didn’t try to make me that way.

Whether there was a role she wanted but didn’t get: “The [2002] movie 40 Days and 40 Nights. Originally, there was a read-through, and it was going to be me and Ashton Kutcher and [American Pie star and Holmes’s The Wanderers costar] Eddie Kaye Thomas. And I didn’t know this, Eddie just told me, but he had gotten into a fender bender on the way to the table read and the reading just didn’t go well. There were executives and all that, and you could just feel it. I remember leaving going, Oh, my God, what just happened? It wasn’t meant to be. They ended up making it with another cast.

Why people are fascinated with her fashion: “I really don’t know. I enjoy [fashion]. I mean, I enjoy the craftsmanship. I enjoy putting things together. And I work with [stylist] Brie Welch, and she’s very detail oriented, and that inspires me. I think it is very creative. I love vintage shopping. I love the art of design.

Seeing her daughter embrace ‘90s style: “I think the ’90s style is exactly back. Makes me feel old. We lived through that already! My mom says she should have saved things. I should have saved things.

[From Glamour]

I’m actually glad we didn’t try to save things from the 1990s because what we wore then wouldn’t have held up physically for the most part. I mean, vintage everything was in style, your clothes were supposed to be cheap and threadbare, hopefully ripped. You never wore new jeans. The ideal outfit involved combat boots, ripped jeans and cheap flannel. But yeah, it’s funny to watch the youths try to reinvent that. The one thing I’ll say is that jeans were so much better in the ‘90s. I’ve never really thought about it this way, but I guess Katie Holmes is sort of a ‘90s fashion icon, in that she’s trying to navigate all of the weird fashion trends with her ‘90s eye even today. As for all the talk about Dawson’s Creek – I agree that the show captured something special about teen life in that era, but I also agree that parts of the show really don’t hold up.

Cover courtesy of Glamour, additional photos courtesy of Backgrid & Avalon Red.

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  1. Eleonor says:

    I hated the ’90s fashion!
    As a latina woman I rarely find jeans that looks good on me, because of hips..

    • Carol Mengel says:

      So unfair! Katie Holmes gets more beautiful with age. So happy she’s living the life she deserves with Suri and is content and happy.

    • Chloeee says:

      yep, “boyfriend jeans?” nope. I fill them out and they flatten my ass.

  2. Normades says:

    90’s pants were really unfortunate. I feel like the youngs love some retro styles but the silhouette of the outfits aren’t really the same.

    • Moxylady says:

      The youngs are going for what forever 21 tells them is 90’s.
      I was at the mall the other day – first tie since Covid started – and holy heck the teenage fashion is WILD. it’s like half remembering a dream and then making up the other half.
      Also – and this might not be accurate- but the overall feeling I get from these kids is that “heroin chic” skeletal look isn’t coming back. And I hope it stays that way.
      Back to the fashion – it wasn’t like that bro. The jeans were awesome in their own way. It wasn’t about skin tight, or super short shorts. The butt was baggy and it was comfortable.
      The whole pants too short look is driving me nuts because yes there was that but that was because our clothes shrank or we grew and didn’t get a chance to replace. Those short pants were so embarrassing – we hated it and kids made fun of you for it. I can’t get behind it because I still have the cringe from crossing my legs in hS and having the pants ride up super high.
      Whatever gap put in their khakis back then, that shit never stopped shrinking or wrinkling. Ever.

  3. Southern Fried says:

    What I know of her I like, seems smart, casual, interesting fashion choices although I don’t always love it. Fairly low key life protecting her daughter. Her mistake with Cruise I write off as him love bombing her and once over it she played the smart and long game. I only watched Dawson years after it aired, not bad although Michelle Williams and Pacey were the draw for me. I am looking forward to her new project. As for jeans I’ll always be a Levi’s 501 woman, all year long.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      I admire how brilliantly she beat Cruise at his own game! Holmes was smart and I agree with you @ Southern Fried that Cruise love bombed her and it completely caught her off guard, I mean this was TC!! And the douche kept his shady shenanigans close to his chest, until he could marry Katie and they had a child.

      @ Bee, I too love her two piece cashmere set!! Oh how I wouldn’t love to own that set!!

      As for all of you guys, nothing beat the jeans of the early mid ‘70’s!!! They were so think and restrictive that we had to lay down to zip them up!!! At times we had to have help to zip them as well!! Damn, I wish I had held onto those jeans as they were indestructible plus you looked fine too!!! I had quite an ass back then and I never had to deal with the awkward opening in the back of your jeans as well!! They were dope!

  4. Bee says:

    I will always covet that cashmere two piece!

    That said, “seeing your clubwear come around as vintage” should be some kind of life stage.

    • Moxylady says:

      Dude! Right?!?
      My club wear was legit scandalous and I love that I went for it. I’m also super super glad social media wasn’t around.

  5. Haus of Cats says:

    Wilmington, NC is a beautiful city. I used to spend a lot of time there. Incredibly expensive now though. I like Katie’s nose ring. The Ice Storm and Pieces of April are two of my favorite films. I have mad respect for the way she ditched Tom Cruise. She seems like a cool person.

    90s fashion was my jam. Mini skirts or cargo pants with combat boots made concerts and mosh pits more comfortable!

    • Moxylady says:

      I want the cargo pants so bad omg. I loved them.
      I could sleep in them and in 90’s jeans. I want that back.

  6. one of the marys says:

    It’s a good thing they named her on the cover because I didn’t recognize her. The photos in this piece do look like her though so must be the angle

    • TeamMeg says:

      Agree. Cover Katie has a pointy chin—does not look like her jawline at all.

    • WiththeAmericann says:

      Her eyes are much more downturned on the outer corners, it was a defining feature and really pretty on her. Not sure if this is photoshop or what but I hope she didn’t change that.

      I’ve always been impressed with how she left Cruise and protected her daughter.

  7. The Hench says:

    Katie Holmes randomly attended my gym one morning – years ago – just before the whole Cruise relationship happened. The gym was down the street from The Savoy so I guess she was probably staying there? Anyway, ended up doing hair and make up standing next to her – which I wouldn’t advise for the sake of your ego. She is very tall and as pretty in real life as she looks in photos.

    It’s not quite as humbling as the time a friend of mine stepped out of a changing room to find Elle MacPherson trying on the same dress and kindly trying to reassure her that said friend looked as good in it as Elle did but still….

  8. Twin Falls says:

    I have a soft spot for Katie Holmes. I was a Dawson’s Creek fan back in the day and the way she left Tom Cruise and has had such a drama free life since is remarkable to me.

  9. manda says:

    In the 90’s, women’s jeans only came in one length, most of the time, which was too short for me. I wore men’s jeans and those were hard to find that fitted the way I want because I was tiny as a teen (but thought I was fat, grrr). I found an amazing pair of bootcut levi’s at an outlet that were clearly whatever the word that they used for “messed up” was and they were cheap, and then the seat became threadbare and ripped, I patched them. I loved them sooooo much but my mom threw them out after freshman year of college, sigh.

    I wish I had saved a few of my flannels, I had nice J.crew and banana republic ones. I still have my men’s j.crew wool sweaters. I wish I had my old j.crew catalogs, they were so great in the 90s!

  10. Kate says:

    My husband and I just started watching Dawson’s Creek for the first time and not sure we’re gonna make it through. I like watching 90’s shows for the music and nostalgia sometimes but this one is some kind of strange mix between dialogue that makes them sound like 40 year olds and messy teen emotions and situations that are hard for an actual 40 year old to watch. Like Dawson’s constant insecurity about Jen and repeated slip ups where he all but calls her a slut and she just ignores the red flags and keeps reassuring him of how much she’s falling for him. Not even touching the sexual abuse by a teacher storyline (that is posed as a forbidden love affair). I think I’m too old for this show

  11. kelleybelle says:

    I love Katie’s style, I’ve always loved her style! She is cool, beautiful and always carries a great purse. She loves Strathberry, Chanel and Hermes especially.

  12. Lionel says:

    Oh, 90s style, I miss you! Kaiser is exactly right, I’d forgotten that I got all my 1992-1995 clothes at vintage stores on Melrose. Second-hand jeans, babydoll dresses with chunky boots, early 70s-era distressed leather jackets. Those ugly but comfy Steve Madden slides that KH is channeling! Late 90s fashion got boring in comparison, for which I blame Carolyn Bessette, RIP. Suddenly everything was chenille sweaters, black cigarette pants and little baby barrettes. Still, good times.

  13. PrincessOfWaffles says:

    I enjoy katie’s streetstyle fashion. She seems so real to me and she is a badass for how she planned that escape with suri if all that is true. If there’s ever a movie with more mature Kkkhate PoW, katie should play her! She’d be so good

  14. The Recluse says:

    Heck, I remember being dismayed by the return of Bell Bottom pants in the 90s!
    Yes, I am that old. Those things were everywhere when I was much younger. I had a pair and remember the sounds they made when you walked.

  15. Jen says:

    My favourite jeans of the 90s were my dad’s 70s jeans that had a stripe of white piping running down the length of the leg. I wore them until it wore through and split at the under-butt. As much as I hate that cropped shirts are coming back, I’m glad they’re not coming back simultaneous with low waist jeans.

  16. Lauren says:

    Maybe I’m romanticizing 90s fashion but I imagine she’s talking about the Kate Moss and Carolyn Bessette 90s. Even Rachel and Monica on Friends in the first few seasons. Less grunge and more Calvin Klein.

    • Kristin says:

      Oh my God, I STILL google Carolyn Bessette Kennedy just to look at her fashion! I was in college/high school in the 90s and JFK Jr was my dream boyfriend and Carolyn Bessette was the girl I aspired to look like/dress like! She was just crazy beautiful and had the absolute best fashion. Everything she wore looked incredible and it all still holds up today. Like, everything she wore in the 90s you could easily see yourself wearing now. Sigh, I loved them as a couple so much and it was such a tragedy when they died.