Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens got married in a civil ceremony in Houston

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens got married in a civil ceremony over the weekend after three years of dating. Jonathan is a safety for the Houston Texans. Simone and Jonathan were engaged for a year and seem to have had a private wedding at a really nice looking courthouse in Houston. Both shared some sweet photos of their special day via Instagram. This is so cute!

Simone Biles is married!

The Olympic gymnast, 26, wed Jonathan Owens, she revealed on social media Saturday. “I do 🤍 officially owens 🤍,” Biles captioned a romantic set of images of herself and the Houston Texans player, 27, on Instagram.

In the photos, the pair can be seen exchanging vows in what appears to be a courthouse wedding. For the special day, Biles wore a gorgeous tiered white gown, while Owens sported a tan suit.

On his respective Instagram page, Owens shared a similar selection of shots, including more behind-the-scenes looks at the couple saying “I do.”

“My person, forever ❤️💍,” he captioned his post, adding two hashtags: “#TheOwens” and “#ItsOfficial.”

Biles and Owens had a close encounter during a Texans game in 2019, but the two officially met via the dating app Raya in March 2020 — and it was Biles who initiated the first move.

The star athlete later made her relationship with Owens Instagram official months later, when she posted two sweet photos with him on her page. The loved-up snaps showed the pair cozied up with each other, while the football player gave her a sweet kiss. “It’s just us,” Biles captioned the post.

One month later, Owens posted two pictures with Biles on his own Instagram, writing, “Now you rockin with a real one 🤞🏽🖤.”

Biles and Owens then announced their engagement via a series of Instagram photos shared last February after two years of dating.

The NFL player popped the question under a gazebo in Houston, Texas, with an oval-cut diamond ring featuring a diamond-encrusted band, designed by jeweler ZoFrost.

“THE EASIEST YES,” Biles captioned a slideshow of photos from the special moment. “I can’t wait to spend forever & ever with you, you’re everything I dreamed of and more! let’s get married FIANCÉ 💍🥺🥲🤎 @jowens_3.”

Biles’ wedding day comes about after she and Owens received their marriage license on April 15.

In an Instagram post, the couple looked elated as Biles showed off the document — which was issued in Montgomery County in the state of Texas — after they returned to their car.

“Almost time to say ‘I do’ 📄🤍,” Biles captioned the post, with Owens responding in the comments section, “Soon 🤞🏽.”

Biles previously shared several photos of her heavenly-themed wedding shower held at The Juliana in Houston Heights with family and friends on her Instagram Story ahead of her nuptials.

The new bride also celebrated her “boujee” bachelorette party in Belize earlier this year, and marked the moment with a pair of light-wash jeans with the name “Mrs. Owens” emblazoned across the back pockets.

[From People]

I love that their wedding looks — perfect for Houston in the spring. Simone’s dress is beautiful and the tan suit complements it perfectly. Simone and Jonathan met on Raya in March 2020 and have been together ever since. So their romance started during covid, but it doesn’t seem like they rushed things due to the pandemic. Three years is a good amount of time to date before getting married, and they seem well-matched in terms of their athletic backgrounds and age. I remember her talking about him in a profile from a while back and his posts about her are so sweet. Simone had a bridal shower in Houston and a bachelorette party in Belize (very jealous of this location). Maybe they did the courthouse wedding because they wanted to do something special and private and they’ll have a reception or something later on. Anyway, congratulations to the happy couple!

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  1. Thelma says:

    Congrats to them! Wishing them years of happiness.

  2. LadyE says:

    Simone is such an iconic badass, but also one of the cutest, most adorable looking people ever. She reminds me of a IRL PowerPuff girl lol. Anyway, they look thrilled- ugh just cuteness overload here! Congrats to them!

  3. Gizmo’sMa says:

    They are so cute together. I follow Simone on IG and she said they had a civil ceremony in Houston bc it easier. They still have a lavish destination ceremony with over a hundred guests happening.

    She had an IG q&a. She gave a quite a few details about the upcoming ceremony. It might still be up on her stories.

    • molly says:

      Ah, okay. I thought it was strange that all these photos were just the two of them. Like they didn’t have any family or friends, which I know they both have in abundance.

      It would have been wise to have their PR people include that when they released the photos. Now it just looks like they got mad at everyone and ran off to elope alone.

    • Concern Fae says:

      I have heard lawyers telling people having an overseas destination wedding to get married in the US first. Not just because of divorce, but because if medical, financial or other issues come up where you have to prove you are married, you don’t want the delay of having to get an international license verified. You can also then just have a renewal of vows in the second ceremony, so you don’t have a legal situation in a second country. This is actually how the most of the world does it. You have a civil marriage ceremony at the courthouse. If you follow it up with a church service, it’s entirely your choice.

  4. SarahCS says:

    This is wonderful news, she seems like an amazing woman who has been through a lot – highs and lows – in her life so far and I’m delighted that they have found each other and make each other so happy.

    I’m also a big fan of their outfits, they look great.

  5. aquarius64 says:

    Congrats to the happy couple!

  6. HandforthParish says:

    I’m a cynical old boot but these pictures warmed my cold shrivelled heart.

    They look adorable and so happy! Proper spontaneous joyful photos.

    Love everything about this, the dress, the suit, the beautiful couple… aaawww!

  7. sunny says:

    They look so happy and in love. Congrats to them!

  8. [insert_catchy_name] says:

    Great wedding styling and they both look so happy and cute.

  9. Lucy2 says:

    Congrats to them! I follow her on social media, and she has looked so happy and excited leading up to the wedding. I’m very happy for them!

  10. Lightpurple says:

    Simone explained that they have a much larger “destination wedding” planned but because of licensing issues, they had to do this first. She pulled this together in less than 2 weeks and the dress cost less than $150.

  11. Frippery says:

    They look so happy!!!

    I love her bouquet.

    Maybe I’ve spent too much time on celebrity gossip blogs (*cough*), but it’s really nice to see a man expressing just as much glee and excitement about getting married as his female partner. Maybe I’m just a bitter Betty? But these two seem adorable and so much in love. Im really happy for them.

  12. fishface says:

    They’re such a gorgeous couple in every sense of the word. Much happiness to them!

  13. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    What a beautiful story. Love her so much, and party in Belize? Hell yeah….I haven’t been back in so many years. It’s so beautiful down there, and the diving is outstanding.

  14. It Really Is You, Not Me says:

    Gorgeous dress and her hair is amazing. I am glad she found happiness post-Olympics.

  15. Abby says:

    I am so happy for them. Gorgeous couple. Best wishes for many happy years together!

  16. Scout says:

    Native Houstonian here. Very proud to have such an accomplished and elegant young woman represent us. And her wedding pics are gorgeous.

  17. dlc says:

    Gorgeous couple! They look so happy!

  18. Elizabeth says:

    They’re having a ceremony in another country, so had to get married here first. Wishing them the absolute best!

  19. Borgqueen says:

    I saw a joint interview with them and he said he did not know how much of an athlete she is.

    They did a fitness test and she BLEW him out of the water and he was SO PROUD of her. I loved that he was not insecure and actually celebrated her. They seem like a great couple. May they live long and prosper.

  20. zazzoo says:

    Congrats! What a beautiful young couple. I wish them a lifetime of happiness!

  21. maisie says:

    How can you not love her-so sweet, full of positive energy, gorgeous and successful.

    and judging by the way Mr Simone fills out that suit, she’s a lucky woman, too.

  22. ama1977 says:

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures!! The joy just radiates out from both of them (and the officiant looks pretty pleased as well!) I wish them a lifetime of happiness. Simone is an inspiration and a wonder and I hope for her to have all of the joy and laughter and love possible in her life. I’m so glad that Mr. Owens (who is a cutie, too!) seems to know what a marvel she is.

  23. abritdebbie says:

    They look so happy together.

  24. Well Wisher says:

    Congratulations to the cute couple!!
    Best wishes!!

  25. Lilly (with the double-L) says:

    Congratulations to the lovely couple. I love the stories that bring a smile.

  26. NotSoSocialB says:

    I hope he’s good to her and never gets TCE- she’s been through so much already

  27. jferber says:

    So happy for them. Gorgeous couple. Blessings.

  28. Coco says:

    Congratulations to them

  29. Bread and Circuses says:

    Aren’t they both gorgeous! Wishing them a happy, loving, fulfilled, healthy and wonderful life together.

  30. Gelya says:

    Congrats to them. They are just the cutest together. I love her dress and sandals.

  31. ML says:

    This is happy news: Congratulations to Simone and Jonathan and wishing them a very happy and healthy future together. They look so good as a couple—I really like her dress.