Kate Beckinsale leaves her puppy alone in a closed car for hours


As many have noted, Kate Beckinsale has one of the most adorable little dogs in Hollywood. Allegedly, the puppy is a Maltese/Chihuahua mix, and most of the time he’s sitting safely in Kate’s arms. He’s very photogenic, and he’s become a favorite of the paparazzi who regularly photograph Kate Beckinsale. Last month, the photographers even caught her lifting the puppy by his harness – the photos looked like she was choking the puppy, and there was some outrage. As it turned out, the puppy was on a body harness, but it’s still a pretty rough way to pick up a dog.

Anyway, the photographers from Fame Pictures caught Kate in a new scandal involving her dog. Apparently, she left the puppy inside her car while she spent hours at a Los Angeles salon. The worst part? Kate left all the windows up and didn’t even leave him any water. What the f-ck, Kate?

Kate Beckinsale spent hours inside the Byron Tracy Salon on November 19, 2009 in Los Angeles, California while her poor little pup sat in the car the whole time. Kate also left all the windows up, no water, his leash and harness on, which could kill a poor little guy if the weather gets hot enough, which southern California is known for, even in winter. PETA might have a bone to pick with Mrs. Beckinsale once they hear about this.

[From Fame Pictures]

This really pisses me off. I have a 100-pound monster of a dog who loves to go in the car, so much so that he even cries when I don’t take him somewhere. I never, never, never leave him in the car “for hours” and I never, never, never leave him in the car without opening a window. That’s beyond cruel – it could and would kill a dog. Kate doesn’t deserve to be a pet owner.

Kate Beckinsale and her puppy, November 19, 2009. Credit: Fame.

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36 Responses to “Kate Beckinsale leaves her puppy alone in a closed car for hours”

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  1. GatsbyGal says:

    This is animal cruelty. That dog could have died or become sick with heat stroke or dehydration. WTF was she thinking? Her dog needs to be taken from her and given to someone who will actually care for it instead of treating it like a fashion assessory you can just leave in a car while you go out for hours.

    Stupid bitch. I hope the book gets thrown at her, though I know prosecuting someone for crimes against an animal is always difficult. Still, it might be enough if paps and passers-bys yell obscenities and throw shit at her.

  2. meglet says:

    What a horrible person, why on earth did she not just leave her dog at home with her family if she knew she was going to a salon for hours?? I never leave my dog in the car for more than five mins, and I always leave a window down a little.

    Can’t wait to hear the denial from her pr people.

  3. Jazz says:

    WTF!!?? What the hell was she thinking?? The temperature inside a car is always hotter than outside, dogs die in hot cars. Why didn’t she just take him inside the salon, I’m sure they’d let her since she’s a celebrity. Poor sweet little guy! And what if her car got stolen, there goes the little dog as well.
    Dogs are not fashion accessories. They are not meant to be carried around in a designer handbag just so some skank can get her picture taken. They are living breathing beings that need our love and protection.

  4. Maritza says:

    Yeah, why didn’t she leave the dog at home? The poor dog’s brain was getting fried while she was shopping! How cruel!

  5. Firestarter says:

    Oooo, don’t even get me started!

    That is one adorable dog, who deserves an owner that will properly care for it!

    I have two dogs who love to go bye-bye. I only take them with me in the fall and winter months and I always have portable water dishes and the windows cracked. Both have extremely thick coats, so Summer travel is only possible if I am just running in and out of the post office or some quick thing that I can leave the car running. She is an idiot!

    Poor little thing!

  6. Malorie says:

    I think she was voted as the sexiest blah blah blah of the year? Since when is sexy to be CRUEL?

  7. Bam Bam says:

    Did anyone do anything about it or did they just keep looking to see if the poor thing dies? Should the ASPCA be called or the police or someone? No she doesn’t deserve a pet, but do-nothings aren’t much better.

  8. Praise St. Angie! says:

    it’s best to just leave the dog at home.

    Yes, they may cry, but it’s akin to a child crying when the babysitter comes over.

    they’re better off at home. THEY may not think so, but that’s what an owner/master is for, to know what’s best for the dog when he/she doesn’t know what’s best for themselves.

  9. Taya says:

    What do you expect from a talentless hag who cares more about herself than her animals or family? Hell she was screwing her director lover pretty much right in front of her then boyfriend.
    This woman has no class.

  10. I have super tiny dogs (2, 3 & 5 lbs) & they tend to get carsick. Alot. I bet her puppy did some kind of damage in that car while left alone. Also, I would think an LA salon would have some flunky to watch tiny puppies like that.

  11. Bodhi says:

    That doggie is beyond adorable. She does not deserve to keep that dog. She could have very easily killed it! Would she leave her child locked up in a closed car for hours?

    Did no-one try to help the dog? I would have broken a window in a heart beat!

  12. nina says:

    She’s not even sexy – not with these stubby icky legs and chin implant.
    Poor doggy.

  13. lucy2 says:

    I had always kind of liked her, but not after this. There was NO reason to bring a dog to the salon – if you know you can’t bring it in, don’t bring it!
    I wish someone had called the police, I know people around here have done that when dogs are left in cars like that in the summer.
    She needs to do some serious damage control, apologize, make a large donation to an animal welfare group, and most importantly, NEVER do that again.

  14. GeminiGirl says:

    What a stupid whore.

    I agree with whomever posted about the do-nothings…Christ, so everyone just took pictures and timed how long the poor doggy was in the car. No one did a damn thing and that is almost worse. At least go in the salon and make her feel like an ass for leaving the dog in there…Fucking stupid people. I would have tried to bring attention to the situation.

  15. Ana says:

    Never have liked her.
    Now I have reason….lol.
    It only takes a FEW minutes for the car temp to get high enough to kill. What a horible woman.
    I hope the dog sh!t everywhere.

  16. Tazina says:

    I hope this becomes known to everyone so they see what an ignorant and stupid tool she is. I like her even less now and I will never again go to any movie she is in. Someone needs to report her to the animal cops.

  17. vlad469 says:

    Not to condone this sort of thing, but notice the way she’s dressed? It obviously wasn’t hot out, she’s wearing rather layered clothing, and a scarf. The dogs brains wouldn’t have “fried” it’s frigging November people.

    Be that as it may, this is still incredibly uncool, but again we have no real idea of how long it was, just the paps word. Gods know they aren’t reliable sources.

  18. Ricci says:

    Wheres the proof?

  19. birdie says:

    I f*ckin hate her! PURE EVIL.

  20. danielle says:

    Poor, adorable little dog! And yeah, if you’re famous I’m sure you can take a dog in a salon with you and no one says anything.

  21. original kate says:

    huh? she’s a movie star, it’s LA and it’s a salon…why not just take the dog in with her? every other starlet does.

  22. Jules says:

    I think someone should find out what the temperature was that day, exactly how long she was gone, and then pass judgement. If the temperature was not too hot, and it was not over an hour or two, I don’t necessarily see the problem (though I wouldn’t do it myself). People leave their animals in crates for hours at a time and it is recommended by dog trainers…so what is the diff between a crate and a car if it is not too hot? Maybe she likes to take her dog everywhere b/c she loves him.

  23. juiceinla says:

    What a hideous bitch. The dog should be taken away. This is unforgivable. I have never had an opinion of her before, but I do now: “See” yoU Next Tuesday”.

  24. lucy2 says:

    75 degrees in LA on 11/19. Not HOT but the inside of a car can heat up a lot faster, especially if it was a sunny day.
    If you’re going to leave your dog for a few minutes, leave the window open a little. If you’re going to be longer than you thought, go out and get the dog, or at least open the windows, bring it some water, etc. There’s just no excuse.

  25. Firestarter says:

    Exactly Lucy2! ITA on everything you said.

  26. Of Course says:

    Man. I avoid taking my dog in the car with me if I plan on stopping for more than 30 seconds. That’s enough time to run into the gas station and out. More than that, I have to leave her at home. She’s got me in line- she actually screams once I am out of her line of site.

    You do realize though, Hollywood people don’t have to follow the same rules as the peons of the world.

  27. Trillion says:

    If I see someone shoplift at Target, I don’t really care. But I’m on the phone with the cops when I see this shit. The cops take it seriously here (Northern Cal) too, which is nice to see.

  28. orion70 says:

    I don’t understand why people think they need to take their dogs with them everywhere to begin with, window cracked or not. I’m sure an animal is far more content at home than sitting in a car in a parking lot somewhere. I think they need time to themselves in their own homes from time to time. They’ll survive without you for a few hours.

    Why are there no pictures of the two of them together ? I’m with those who have mentioned the do-gooders. So, if in fact she was in the salon for hours while the dog was in the car, why did no-one do anything besides snap pictures. If they snapped pics at the end of the salon stay, there’s no way of knowing how long the dog had been there. Something stinks about this story.

  29. Ana says:

    vlad469–the way she is dressed has nothing to do with the weather. This chick thinks that she has “style” and wears inapropriate clothing all the time.

  30. jayem says:

    I saw this same story on another site and they said the paps didn’t say how long the dog was in the car. I think they just took the picture and tried to amp up the situation to sell more photos.

    I live in CA and although it is sunny, it has been rather chilly lately. Plus, the car could have been in a parking garage or something. Before you say anything, yes I do see the sunlight in the car. Any Californian will tell you sun doesn’t always equal heat.

    And as another disclaimer, I have a medium to large size dog and I have left him in the car before when in need and the place isn’t dog-friendly (like the grocery store!). He’s usually fine and generally just sleeps. Unfortunately, not everyone loves animals as much as their owners.

  31. lskloven says:

    This, if accurate, constitutes animal abuse of the worst kind. The dog should be rescued from her and given a new home with a responsible dog owner. She should NEVER be allowed to have another dog!

  32. Helen says:

    There`s no way of proving that her dog was left in the car for hours. If the paps thought the dog was at risk, WHY DIDN’T THEY CALL AUTHORITIES?!Something smells stinky. Not to mention, fyi, Kate doesn’t drive.Google, and ask about Kate`s driving status.Her driver could have left quickly to get a coffee !Soo many what ifs in this situation.Kate`s not that insensitive and rude. The only real crime she`s committed here is the fact that she bought the dog at a petstore…

  33. Aspen says:

    I never take my dog in the car ANYwhere if she’ll have to be left alone. I don’t leave her in the car alone any longer than I would leave my child in the car alone (we’re talking 2-3 min. tops).

    That said, jumping to “evil” is a bit much, don’t you think? IF she actually left the dog in a hot car for more than an hour without water while she got her hair done…yeah, that’s just beyond unacceptable. I don’t think that a pap picture of a contented looking dog proves that, though.

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