What will Queen Camilla’s title be if she outlives King Charles?

Just before the coronation, there was a minor, strange rumor going around royalist Twitter about what would happen to Queen Camilla if King Charles passed away before her. The rumor was that Camilla and Charles wanted to change her title to something like “grandmother to a nation” or some such nonsense. Like, I’m sure some people are already thinking about “what happens when X or Y dies,” just as part of a general contingency plan, but the thing is, Charles and Camilla have no way to control their branding once they’re gone. That’s especially true if Camilla survives her second husband. She’ll be lucky if her stepson King William even lets her have this title:

Prince William is set to become King one day and it would lead to his stepmother Camilla being given a new title. Queen Camilla’s roles and titles have been the subject of plenty of uncertainty and debate due to the unfamiliar path that saw her enter the Royal Family.

In the circumstances that Charles were to die before Camilla, it has led to the question of what role she would then have. She would not become the monarch as that is passed down the bloodline and so the Prince of Wales is the heir to the throne. And so her new title would be the Queen Dowager as the widow of the King, which is a title that was first used by Queen Adelaide in 1830.

In recent years the last example where a spouse outlived the monarch was Queen Elizabeth’s late mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, who was married to King George Vl and was known as the Queen Mother.

[From The Daily Mirror]

The Queen Mother was actually known as Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, a style she chose herself, even if people just called her “the Queen Mum.” She didn’t want to be called the Dowager Queen whatever, so she wasn’t and her daughter let her choose her own title and style. It will be much different in this hypothetical scenario between Camilla and William. I would be willing to bet that if Charles kicked off tomorrow, Camilla’s dowager title would not involve the title “queen” anywhere. She would probably be the Dowager Consort or something. And William would have Camilla shuffled off to Ray Mill permanently. Anyway, I doubt it will even happen this way. My prediction is that Charles survives his second wife. I know it’s macabre to say that, but it’s just my feeling.

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  1. Mary Pester says:

    Dowager sidepiece would be very apt 😂

  2. FancyPants says:

    William the Cruel probably will stick her with Dowager Consort, because “consort” is the one word his father didn’t want used.

  3. Amy Bee says:

    Queen Mary remained Queen after her husband died. I’d expect the same for Camilla.

    • Geegee says:

      People liked queen Mary. Charles is the only one that likes the Rottweiler. When he goes she goes.

      • Amy Bee says:

        @GeeGee: Nah I suspect that William will let her keep the title so he will be seen as the bigger person in the eyes of the press just like what Charles did with Archie and Lili’s titles.

      • Tessa says:

        D o w a g e r of course. Maybe queen consort added to that by william

      • 809Matriarch says:

        Charles also set precedent for ignoring the wishes of a parent

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        @AmyBee Charles didn’t do anything with the Sussex kids’ titles. They were born royal, and when their grandfather ascended the throne they automatically became Prince/Princess.

        Camilla was not born royal; any style she holds is at the whim of the reigning monarch, as was demonstrated when QE2 let her mummy choose her own widow title and when Chucky let Bride of Chucky choose to ditch the “Consort” part of her title. Her only connection to royalty is through her current husband.
        William can and will have a say over that, if the monarchy survives that long.

    • Zazzoo says:

      Queen Mary was the mother of the monarch, whereas Cam … 😳

      • Becca says:

        Camilla might have faired better before the coronation when she appeared to anger most of the royal family, causing them to omit any bow or curtsy to her as they would have to a queen. Was her coronation just for show? I noticed that the King had to actually touch several items as he swore his allegiance to the crown or country. At least I think that is what he was doing. When Camilla was doing the similar part of her coronation, she only had to do it to a ring, she didn’t actually touch it, she made a point of touching a spot to the side of the ring as she shared a smirky half smile with the priest. Since there was a note in the media about Anne telling Camilla that she wasn’t really queen, I am left wondering if her very short part of the coronation was just to pacify her. She certainly brought in a number of Parker know led for the coronation, while not allowing Mates siblings to bring their spouses. That was odd!

    • Chloe says:

      Amy Bee: Of course. She will have the queen part in her title. But upon the death of Charles, Kate will automatically become THE Queen because william will automatically be king. So camilla’s title will change in order to make a distinction between her and kate. My guess is that she’ll probably be the dowager queen consort. And there’s not much she can do about it.

      • Amy Bee says:

        @Chloe: There will be no need for there to be a distinction made as was the case with Queen Elizabeth and her mother. It will be Queen Camilla and the Queen.

      • Chloe says:

        @amy Bee; but the distinction was made. Queen Elizabeth was known as the Queen, while her mother was known as the Queen mother.

        Clearly that title won’t work in camilla’s scenario as she isn’t williams mother, so she’ll likely be known as the dowager queen following Charles’ death.

      • SamuelWhiskers says:

        Kate will be Queen Consort, though. Obviously she won’t be styled as Consort (same as with Camilla) but that’s what she’ll be.

        There’s not really any such thing as “THE Queen” in Britain. QEII was known as THE Queen because she was the monarch and the only one with the Queen title (apart from the Queen Mother, but a lot of people were ignorant and assumed her title meant “mother of the queen” instead of “queen, who is also mother”). but her actual title was Queen Regina.

        There are various different Queen titles in Britain, Queen Regina (monarch) and Queen Consort (wife of the king). Then Dowager Queen, and they made up Queen Mother for QEII’s mother. But only the woman who holds the title Queen Regina is THE Queen, ie the monarch.

        Kate will be Queen Consort and Camilla will be Dowager Queen, since they are both official consorts and don’t hold any form of monarchic title in their own right.

        It’s really not that unusual or a big deal to have more than one non-reginal Queen at a time. People just forget because we’re so used to having had just the one THE Queen for so long.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ The only reason a distinction needed to be made between the Queen Mother and her daughter, QEII, is because they both shared the same first name, ‘Elizabeth.’ The QM (formerly The Duchess of York upon marrying) reflected later in life that she and her husband, Bertie (later George VI), would not have named their first-born daughter ‘Elizabeth,’ had they known she would one day inherit the throne.

      • Cairidh says:

        I read that Henry 8ths first two wives, having been crowned, were considered Queen in their own right, and known as “the Queen”. The others weren’t crowned and so were deprived of being “the Queen” and were only Queen Consorts.
        I don’t know if that system still applies.

        Jane Seymour was supposed to have a coronation but there was plague in London so Henry delayed it, and then she died. He wanted her crowned, and considered her his “real” wife although Catherine of Aragon was arguably the only real wife. She and Anne were the only ones he had a Romantic relationship with and he couldn’t stand Anne by the end and wanted her dead.
        Jane did however sign herself “Jane the Queen”.

        The others were never crowned, either because money was lacking or because Henry didn’t want them to be….

    • Concern Fae says:

      Queen Mary was born a princess. She was also a granddaughter of George III. Her husband was a great-grandson of George III.

      Also, her son, who was briefly Edward VIII, had no wife, so there was no two queens problem. After the abdication, the new King probably ddint

      • harpervalleypta says:

        Per a biography of Queen Mary, she was by far the most regal of any of the BRF. She was a prototypical uptight Victorian, and her presence was such that everyone straightened up, had good posture, and never cursed around her.

        She never demanded respect but she certainly commanded it.

        Everyone respected her, *everyone*, because to the British, she apparently was everything a queen should be: proper, well mannered, and utterly devoted to the hierarchy.

      • Jais says:

        It’s just funny how the people at the very top are always utterly devoted to the hierarchy. Lol, like why wouldn’t they be?

      • Nic919 says:

        She also moved on pretty quickly from being engaged to the heir that died to George V who was Duke of York at the time. Her devotion to keeping her status was pretty impressive. She was also known to take jewelry which she claimed was her right to do so.

        So if being regal means doing whatever it takes to marry the direct heir and be obsessed with jewelry then I guess kate fits right in, bad posture notwithstanding.

      • Jen says:

        @ConcernFae Queen Mary was still alive when Edward VIII (unmarried) abdicated, and her second son George VI (married) became king, so there were indeed two queens, the other being Queen Elizabeth (mother of Elizabeth II.)

        Both Mary and Elizabeth were Her Majesty The Queen while their husbands were alive and reigning. As widows, Mary was HM Queen Mary, and Elizabeth was HM Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother (while her daughter was HM The Queen.) I think both mother and daughter being Elizabeth made it necessary to have the Queen Mother part of the title.

      • aftershocks says:

        @Concern Fae, the situation has nothing to do with two Queens being around at the same time. As @Jen has surmised, and I mentioned earlier, it was necessary to distinguish between Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, and QE-II, because they shared the same first name. Queen Mary did not face that dilemma. But she also retained her title when her husband died, without ‘Dowager’ as part of her title. She was popular, well-respected and tended to do things her own way.

    • Blue Nails Betty says:

      The difference between Camilla and the previous queens is Camilla did not produce any of the royal heirs. She isn’t actual family. I firmly believe step-family is actual family and sometimes more than bio-family. But in contentious families with resentment towards a step-family member there is no familial bond ie William and Camilla.

      Camilla is most certainly not considered family by any of the Windsors. So basically, she lifts right out. William will adhere to whatever pay out she negotiated with Charles as long as she just. goes. away.

  4. BothSidesNow says:

    Luckily for Cruella, KFC will make certain that she lives the rest of her life with the comfort that he sees fit. Burger King has no control over her even if he thinks he does, sans the properties that will be under his control.

    Though whatever name she uses, it will certainly not be a well respected name nor carry any amount of authority. Though I do like Consort Dowager as that was what she should have been given instead of the sole Queen title.

  5. Smart&Messy says:

    It is macabre, but that whole institution is about waiting for someone to die, so whatever. I also have a feeling that KC will survive her, but neither one of them looks good lately. KC has aged very rapidly in the last year, and Cam’s health took a sudden downturn last fall.

    • Kingston says:

      This is why H said in Spare that “people say we are a cult but perhaps we are a death cult.”

      And then he went on to itemize how the RF, throughout its history, has been built on and is surrounded by death.

      “When will [one of us] break free and LIVE!” he said.

      So that’s what he’s done.

  6. Roo says:

    Neither of them seem to be in robust good health. I can’t imagine they will be around very long. And, of course, the hate also ages you and eats up your insides!

    • AnnaKist says:

      She does not look too chipper, does she? The top brass at The Firm are already working on how things will go when the first one dies. The media has already got his history ready to play over and over and over again. His funeral arrangements are already in place. And they’ve probably got her title sorted already in case he goes first. They do not leave things like this until the last minute.

      William is the worry though. There is no way he is ready to be King. He is the loose cannon, a spoilt bully who cannot control his temper, and who brings sweet fuck all to the table. If Charles has got any sense at all, he should be bringing his manchild up to speed. But he won’t.

      • MsDoe says:

        Yes, it is a very unfortunate situation. But Charles has always been negligent as a father; he can grow a plant, but is too lazy and disinterested to raise children, much less to bring up a future king. I hope it is the death of the monarchy.

      • Elizabeth Phillips says:

        I was thinking just yesterday that she would probably die first, but if she survives Charles, I suspect she’ll go back to Andrew Parker Bowles.

  7. IRON says:

    William is a psychopath and he is obsessed with the Sussexes (especially Meghan and the kids), and the first thing he will do when he becomes king is removing the kids’ titles. I don’t think he cares about Camilla because by then she will be very very old and probably bedridden.

    • Tessa says:

      I guess he will leave Andrews title alone. Will removing those children’s titles would open up a can of worms. Some would question why Williams younger children have titles.

    • Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

      William can’t remove the Sussex children’s titles, only Parliament can do that and once they open that can of worms the aristocracy will collapse.

  8. Heather says:

    I love the Dowager title. Sounds kind of perfect for Dower QC. I also believe she will die before him. KC has impressive longevity genes. She smokes and drinks quite a bit according to several sources.

    • Tessa says:

      Would Charles remarry if Camilla passes on first. If he remarried maybe the third wife would get on will and kates nerves.

  9. Jais says:

    I’m the opposite. For some reason, I think Charles will go first and that he won’t live as long as his mom.

    • FancyPants says:

      Me, too. It’s the Windsor women who have the longevity genes, not the men. Charles has already outlived the Windsor men’s life expectancy by 15-20 years, probably due to his father’s DNA contribution.

    • Nic919 says:

      Phillip actually lived longer than The Queen so genetically Charles has longevity on both sides.

  10. Eurydice says:

    Invisible Woman? Insignificant Other?

    • Renae says:

      Ms. Camilla Parker-Bowels.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Coward Queen? I’ll let Clarkson, Morgan, Wootton, Levin et al., speak my dirty for me and when caught, blame it on my assistant. Kate could inherit that title too.

  11. Noor says:

    Why worry about her title when Charles is gone. A more important fact is that since her title is Queen, Camilla can be appointed as Regent if Charles is sick or if George is underage when he inherits the throne.

    • windyriver says:

      I believe this is incorrect. First, Camilla is a counsellor of state, simply because she’s the wife of the monarch. Her title doesn’t matter.

      If she’s still around when Charles dies, she’ll no longer be a COS, unless a specific act is passed providing for it, as was done for the Queen Mother as part of the 1953 act also relating to Prince Philip (see below).

      If a regent is required because Charles is incapacitated, that would be William, who’s the next in the line of succession over age 21 – unless a specific act is passed allowing for someone else. This was done when QEII took the throne and Charles, the heir, was a young child. Next in the line of succession was Margaret, but an act was passed providing for the regent, if required, to be Prince Philip. This provision, and that relating to the QM as COS, was specific to those two people/situations only, and not a change in the rules going forward. Camilla would only be appointed regent if there was a specific act for that purpose, and that’s just not going to happen, especially with Anne and Edward added to the list of COS last year.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        That sounds right @windy river.

        Camilla may be called Queen Camilla. She’s not The Queen or monarch. If I’m understanding things correctly. She’s a married in, not a product of the ‘right’ birth canal.

    • Tessa says:

      Camilla is not blood relative of George. Diana is the grandmother. She can’t be regent. Edward the sixth stepmother Catherine par r was not regent one of his uncle’s. His late mother’s brother was.

  12. ThatsNotOkay says:

    She’s gonna outlive Charles. And she will have had him change her will to leave her everything not nailed down to the Crown. She will have all the riches and tell the public to take their revised title and shove it. She is Cersei and will win the real game of thrones.

    • kirk says:

      “And she will have had him change her will to leave her everything not nailed down to the Crown.” Sounds like a tough call for Chuck, who appears to have very strong feelings about both Camela, and living off of, but not contributing to the public purse. Choices, choices, argh! Tax free monarch to monarch transfer or carve out some coins (taxable) for Cam? Maybe he could achieve both with trusts, dunno.

  13. blue says:

    What’s with Cam’s ankles? Recent pics show she has rolls of wrinkles on her ankles. At first I thought it was ill-fitting stockings (tights? pantyhose?) but in today’s view they look like fat rolls.

    • Seaflower says:

      Fluid retention from poor heart/circulation. One of the first places it shows is the ankles.

    • Shoshone says:

      For the sake of comparison, I am 70 years old, and, tho I am over weight, I have never smoked or drank and I do exercise very moderately. Frankly, Camilla’s ankles and Charles’ swollen fingers perplex me. Ditto for all of my retired friends. My hands and ankles look normal at my age despite my under performing kidneys. Also C and C are only slightly older than me. They both look like they are years older than they actually are. They should have had better health care and led easier, curated lives.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      @blue, her teets have gone quite south?

  14. Beverley says:


  15. Harper says:

    I do not think Camilla will care to participate in any royal shenanigans once CRex toddles off so whatever title she is given won’t matter. She doesn’t look like she particularly enjoys public appearances now, even as The Queen,. She’ll have plenty of money, she has her own family, including her cozy ex-husband, she has close friends, she has Ray Mill, and she can’t stand Willy or Kate either, so the feelings will be mutual. No one will even bother to try to get along. Also, if Kate does assume the throne, CarolE will be sure to position herself front and center as THE matriarch of the royal family.

    • LadyE says:

      I agree with you, I think Camilla will completely peace out of any and all Royal *duties* (eyeroll) once CRex passes. Camilla ain’t gonna be pretending to give a shit about domestic violence and doing events for those charities that’s for sure. Why would she? She’s not an asset in terms of Royal “work”, the public doesn’t like her- they’ll like her less once Charles is gone and Kate’s got the Queen title, and Camilla doesn’t care at all about Royal service and duty (another eyeroll). I think it’s interesting that no one comments on that aspect- Camilla really has zero loyalty to the RF or the continuation of the House of Windsor monarchy- at most she has some loyalty or protective sensibility to Charles specifically, but even that is pretty much self-interest. Once Charles is gone, no way is Camilla getting out of bed or lifting a finger to fill in for any event where a Royal person is needed. Can you imagine if Will did “send” her to something in his place? She would totally ignore it and not show up- bet!

      • one of the marys says:

        Ladye this has got my thinking. Once the king dies who will be there to support William and Kate? He has alienated his brother. I imagine Edward and Andrew will only help out insofar as it benefits them. I doubt Anne would care. William and Kate don’t seem to be loved or popular amongst the cousins. My God he will only have the courtiers and the Middletons none of whom will prioritize his well being

      • LadyE says:

        @one of the marys – yeah, I think that’s a really interesting question. I suspect it depends on how long Charles lives, as crass as that sounds. Let’s say he reigns for 10 years- all his siblings are going to be really old- Even Edward will be turning 70, Andrew nearly 75. I think William loses all leverage at that point. You really can’t evict senior citizens of their ages, I mean even if they all were just like “fuck off, I’m tired”, I think their age will protect them from anything punitive. It’s just too unseemly to be threatening/punishing elderly people who in any normal situation would be in retirement.

        And for the cousins, again, let’s say 10 years- Eugenie and Beatrice already have their own things going on, Eugenie probably won’t even live in the UK at all in 10 years. If Charles doesn’t bring them in under his reign, they’ll have established lives and kids, etc that I can’t see them running back in their mid-40s/50s to start working for William. It sure as heck won’t be Camilla’s kids, no matter what titles Charles gives them! So, that really just leaves Zara, Mike, and Edward’s kids. My money would be on Zara stepping in as long as Will gives her something she wants- a house for her kids? I don’t know what, but I could see her becoming a working royal for Will.

        Will and Charles have really misplayed all of this so badly, leaving William with no one as you say but the Middletons, which…haha good luck with that!

      • Maremotrice says:

        LadyE: doesn’t Zara already have her “own things going on”? Besides which, how can she be a working royal without an HRH? I thought she had gone on record to say how relieved she was that her mother refused her a royal title (not that Zara would have been entitled to one as a female-line descendant, but anyway…)

    • Christine says:

      Totally agree. I would be shocked if Cam showed up for weddings and funerals, after Chuck is dead.

  16. Lizzie says:

    Recent comparisons are off as recent queens were parents of the next monarch, not second wives with their own children. Who knows what future rage king will do.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      He may just fly into a rage and send her to the Tower. She’ll be lucky not to end up like Anne Boleyn.

  17. kyliegirl says:

    SOL 🙂

  18. Brassy Rebel says:

    I would never want to be known as the Dowager anything. So Camilla Dowager Sidepiece gets my vote. And, yeah, I don’t think she is well. He may not be either but I don’t see her outliving him.

  19. Elaine says:

    I don’t think she’ll outlive him. Too much booze and smoking.

  20. Cerys says:

    If historical precedents are followed she will be Queen Dowager or Dowager Queen Camilla. The title of Queen cannot be removed. However, I’m sure Billy the Basher will do his best to make her life difficult.

    • Feeshalori says:

      Agree, unless William does a complete 180 turn on a different title, Camilla will be dowager queen.

    • SarahCS says:

      My preference would be Dowager first but as a taxpayer who funds their lifestyle what say do I get in it?


    • Jaded says:

      Her title would actually be at the behest of William. He could choose Dowager Queen, Queen Consort or Princess Consort/Camilla if he wished. I doubt if he’d be down with Queen mother as she’s not his mother and they don’t appear to have a cozy stepmom/stepson relationship.

  21. Scooby Gang says:

    I don’t know what W would do, but I bet he shows the same respect for C&C’s wishes as Charles showed QEII.

  22. Well she would be the Merry Widow Whore of Windsor.

  23. snappyfish says:

    Dowager Duchess of Cornwall more than likely but I would be up to William and I wouldn’t be surprised if she got little to nothing.

  24. HamsterJam says:

    “Bicycle to a Nation”

  25. Chantal says:

    Yes it’s morbid but Heirhead is already planning his coronation and C-Rex is checking off the list of promises he made to his mother that he now feels free to break…

    Her name should be Dowager Side(Lined) Piece. I’d she goes first, I don’t see C-Rex lasting much longer. He has placed her above everything and everyone for decades (excluding himself) and alienated so many, how will he live or function without her? WanK won’t be any support, in fact the knives will really come out. And he ruthlessly discarded the one offspring who really loved him and probably would have been there for him until his death. C-Rex won’t have any peace. Oh well…

  26. BeanieBean says:

    The Widder Camiller.

  27. K says:

    Ye Olde Royal Hoe?

  28. QuiteContrary says:

    I’m more interested in what Kate will be called after William remarries.

    But Dowager C*nt works for Camilla.

    • Rnot says:

      It’ll depend on which title William wants for wife #2. She’ll probably lose the Princess of Wales title and be allowed to retain Duchess of Cambridge, since the Duke of Cambridge title will merge with the crown when William accedes rather than automatically rolling over to George like the Duchy of Cornwall will.

  29. Rnot says:

    Maybe the Dowager Duchess of Lancaster?

  30. Scout says:

    I do not think William will give this woman the title queen. I see Dowager Queen-Consort.

  31. SIde Eye says:

    Grandmother of the nation? I don’t think so. Personally, I like Ho Horse. I am already singing the Roy Kent song with it:

    Ho Horse. Ho Horse.
    She’s here! She’s there! She’s fuck** everywhere!
    Ho Horse. Ho Horse.

    But she’ll probably get some Dowager title from William.

  32. HeyKay says:

    I don’t care one lick what happens to Camilla.
    But after all the she scheming she did against Diana, and H&M, I still can not believe she has the brass to be strolling around as The Queen. Vile, evil witch!

    If I was William, I’d have my team ready to take over the minute Charles even starts looking a bit iffy. William would be declared Prince Regent if Charles becomes ill.
    William is the future King by blood. Born and rightful heir to The Crown.

    Camilla will be thrown out by William so fast, she won’t even have time to grab her purse.
    I hope it will be televised. 👍

  33. HeyKay says:

    Here is something I just thought of, if Camilla goes first will the Tax Payers have to foot a huge cost for a royal funeral?
    No one likes Cam, but she is now Queen.
    Would The Firm go a traditional huge international funeral for Camilla?

    The comments “Dowager Sidepiece” and “That B*tch” are too perfect! Good job CBers. 👍

  34. SamuelWhiskers says:

    I dislike her, but there’s no way William will strip her of her Queen title. It’s just revenge fantasy from (mostly American) people online who don’t really know or understand how the British court system works are engaging in.

    She’s queen consort. When Charles dies Kate will become queen consort and Camilla becomes dowager queen. That’s how it goes. They won’t be changing a thousand years of custom. I am British and work amongst these people, there’s zero chance of her having her queen title stripped.

    And Camilla honestly isn’t that disliked here anymore, since C&C’s very expensive PR campaign painting them as desperately in love young people cruelly prevented from marrying, finally able to be together, has been so successful. A lot of people in Britain (not me!!) are of the opinion “if they’d just let Charles marry Camilla in the first place none of this drama with Diana and the affair and divorce and her death would have happened, and we wouldn’t be going through all this drama with Harry now.” This is not what I think, I think that’s all BS and clever PR, but it’s a pretty widespread opinion. Plus Camilla has really worked to position her public image as a down to earth woman who cares about rape survivors, loves her grandkids, and would be fun to have a drink with. Diana continues to be defamed after her death and painted as histrionic and attention seeking and all sorts, and Camilla is held up as the opposite of that. A lot of Brits are rightfully angry at the amount of our money that’s been spent on the coronation, but there’s no public appetite for stripping Camilla of the title queen and I’ve never even heard it discussed outside of American forums.

    • Tessa says:

      The thing is that Charles was never forbidden to marry her in the early seventies. He did not want to marry her then he told this to his biographer. She wanted parker bowles. I have not wanted to them and never bought the,spin. I don’t think all but their spin. Slammi g Diana through the spin was offensive

    • Interested Gawker says:

      Too many of us saw the sausage made in real time, back when Charles was still in his bachelorhood as well as Diana, War of the Waleses, etc. Whatever the PR campaign its not enough to be effective they way they intend.

      And its not so much that William would strip her of a title, its the deliciousness of knowing what ever she ends up being called he will make her life a misery.

    • Vi says:

      @samuel most of the English speaking internet is European. The forums you saw maybe American owned but most commenter will be u.k citizens. Most u.k people that I have seen and read are trying to pretend Camilla isn’t there. Then you have the cost of living crisis pulling interest.
      I don’t think most british accept Camilla. You can still buy her coronation pieces. There is plenty left. Even with reduce manufacturing orders.

      • Cairidh says:

        She doesn’t have fans, so who would buy memorabilia of her? Only history buffs. But most people don’t hate her anymore. Most people don’t care either way.

  35. Tessa says:

    Warmed to them

  36. Tessa says:

    People do remember how she and Charles treated Diana

  37. HennyO says:

    Queen/King are job titles.
    If you’ve left the job (resign, abdicate, die), your spouse needs to give up the spousal version of the title, because someone else’s spouse will get the title.
    In The Netherlands for instands, when the queen abdicated to let her heir/son enter the throne as king, she went back to her tittle before she became queen, meaning Princess. Her husband, like prince Philip, never became King, but reaming a prince.

    So, by the practice in The Netherlands, Camilla could go back to being a Duchess.

    • tamsin says:

      Duchess of what? George will be Duke of Cornwall. The Netherlands situation is unique, imo, because they have a policy of abdications. I believe the Queen Mother’s title was unique to her. Dowager Queen would be Camilla’s option. I guess William could give her a new title of her own- Duchess of …… Have fun everyone!

  38. etso says:

    Her title is Nanny Nanny Boo Boo

  39. Patricia says:

    Who cares what she is called? Neither she nor Charles are going to be around for long. And William is probably going to do his very best to destroy the monarchy through laziness and arrogance. No sorrow here, they’ve done it to themselves.

  40. Monlette says:

    Historically speaking, the correct title is Wicked Stepmother.

  41. tamsin says:

    I surmise that Charles has already set up Camilla and her children for life. He may have left his own son to fend for himself, but you can bet he has taken care of his side-piece. We may all think that the parental instinct is natural, but apparently not. The Queen made sure that all her children were taken care of physically and materially, but she seems to have forgotten the emotionally part some of them. It’s interesting to note that she bought Anne and Andrew their own estates, so that they could be their own landlords, but Andrew sold his and decided to lease from the royal trough. Seems like she decided to change policies when it came to the baby- Edward only gets a lease. Only Anne seems to be have taken care of her investment wisely. At least we don’t think of her having to worry about getting sufficient hand-outs. And what you call the widow of the king is well established.

    • Vi says:

      Glad you brought up Andrew selling his estate. I thought his mom bought him one, so i was confused about Royal Lodge. Why all this back and forth.
      I assume Charles has no sympathy because, at present, Andrew has sold 2 or 3 homes. The estate his mom gave him, the ski chalet,and I seem to remember a smaller place.

  42. Cassie says:

    The Wicked Witch suits her .

  43. SpankFD says:

    Does anyone else see this story as part of a weird negotiation? From the family that plants stories to threat and control each other…?

    Wonder what Free Willie and KKKhate want? Or maybe they just like throwing their (light)weight around?

  44. BQM says:

    William’s not stripping her of anything. She was crowned Queen (consort). She’ll be the little D dowager Queen when Charles dies. She may choose to be styled Big D Dowager Queen or just Queen Camilla. Queen Adelaide, widow of William IV, went by Dowager Queen when Victoria, her husband’s niece, ascended the throne. Queen Alexandra, widow of Edward VII, was expected to do the same or, less likely, to be called the queen mother. She chose to be queen Alexandra. Her DIL Mary chose the same.