Gerard Butler probably hooking up with Kimberly Stewart & Natalie Imbruglia


My guy Gerard Butler should have spent Thanksgiving eating my mashed potatoes (in more ways than one) on Thanksgiving, but instead he decided to hang out at The Groucho Club in London with a couple of sl-ts. No, they’re not really sl-ts. Well, one is. That’s Kimberly Stewart, Rod’s daughter. The other I’m not sure about – Natalie Imbruglia. Is she a sl-t? She once dated David Schwimmer and was recently attached (in the press) to Prince Harry. That’s all I really know about her. I will say this – Gerard looks like he would have had a better time eating my mashed potatoes.

Last night Gerard Butler turned his charm on two more famous starlets – singer Natalie Imbruglia and socialite Kimberly Stewart. The trio enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner held at London’s Groucho club, where they partied until the earlier hours of this morning.

Both Natalie, 34, and Kimberly, 30, are both single, as is the 40-year-old Scottish heartthrob.

He also attracted the attention of a few overzealous female fans, who chased him down the street as he left the club at 3am.

Gerard, who is on a promotional visit to promote his new film Law Abiding Citizen, says he’s not entirely comfortable with his reputation as a womaniser.

He said yesterday: ‘I think it does do your reputation harm if this is happening every week. It gets to the stage when you want to go, “Don’t come near because then we’ll be having a thing! Stay over there and we maybe can shout to each other”.’

The star is still on the look out for The One, but seems in no real rush to lock down a serious girlfriend.

He said: ‘It would be good to settle down eventually. It’s not like I’m sitting there with laser vision going, “OK, are you the one?” because what I’m doing is great as well.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Of course he’s still on the lookout for The One. He hasn’t met me yet. And I’m starting to hear that by the time he finally gets around to proposing (any day now), he’ll have all of the venereal diseases known to man. Ugh… Kimberly Stewart? Really? Natalie Imbruglia I could maybe get on board with, temporarily. But I get the feeling that Natalie, Kimberly and Gerard went back to his place for a threesome, otherwise known as “the forbidden mashed potato”. Sob! He still has time to find me before Christmas.

Gerard Butler Natalie Imbruglia and Kimberly Stewart all seen leaving the Groucho Club (separately) in London, England on November 26th 2009. Credit: Fame.

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20 Responses to “Gerard Butler probably hooking up with Kimberly Stewart & Natalie Imbruglia”

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  1. Baho says:

    He’s not going to find “The One” with the end of his dick.

  2. Firestarter says:

    I certainly won’t fight you for him Kaiser. He’s all yours! : )

  3. Anna says:

    this is ridiculous, as soon as the man is seen with any female he’s automatically having a thing with them. He was there with a group of people, including Stella McCartney and some other blokes.
    Is he having an affair with all them as well?
    Kaiser, take a chill pill. He’s still yours and stop making a story out of nothing.
    love ya

  4. jessica says:

    PLEASE kaiser!! i really Enjoy reading your posts..but i just don’t understand what do find attractive in Gerard?? the only reason we know this bitch Exists is because he was once linked to Jennifer Aniston!! He should retire already!!

  5. Kevin says:

    Homeboy needs to do something about that neck beard. He’s not gonna age well. Kaiser, you better hit it quick. He’s no Clooney. Baho,,,good 1! You may not find the right one, but you can find the right now.

  6. Eileen Yover says:

    I just about spit my coffee out reading about your Mashed Potatoes!

  7. faith says:

    @ baho, isnt that what everyone does, try to find “the one” by using whatever theyre packin’?

  8. Baho says:

    I guess Faith, if it isn’t the dick, it’s the wallet 😉

  9. original kate says:

    two more reasons to dislike this sweaty-faced douche. ick.

  10. AlaskaJoey says:

    I think Natalie has a child, but I don’t know anything else about her. Didn’t she only have that one hit 10 years ago or so?

    Kaiser, don’t give up! They’re making wonderous advances every day with medicine, and they probably will figure out how to cure/prevent all STDs before they get around to cancer or AIDS.

  11. snowball says:

    ITA with Kevin on the neck beard. That doesn’t look tasty on anyone. If you’re going for a stubbly look, remember IT’S A LOOK. One you have to maintain by keeping its shape and that includes neck shaving, man.

    Ah Gerard, you scoundrel. I don’t necessarily think he’s doing the nasty with Kimho and Natalie, but he does seem a little indiscriminate about whom he’s photographed with. He knows full well that the rags will say he’s porking anyone he has dinner with.

    So either he’s a manslut or he just doesn’t care. Probably the latter.

  12. Bete says:

    Natalie Imbruglia is one of those Burberry trench coat sl-ts: understated (barely noticeable). But she gets around.
    I think most female celebrities function on that level – at least inside their minds. They’re mental sl-ts, giving it to anyone who can provide their need: clothes, shoes, youth via Botox…and sex would be last on their list. After all, where would they find the energy on their low calorie/high exercise intensity diets?
    I’m surprised Kimberly Steward doesn’t have a STI.

  13. JaneLane says:

    What is wrong with his eye in the header photo??

  14. snowball says:

    @JaneLane, I’m hoping it’s just a burst blood vessel. Those go away in a pretty short amount of time.

  15. Kevin says:

    JaneLane, he caught a pubic hair stab to the eye! (does pubic hair exist anymore?)

  16. Nell says:

    This is a joke – he’s not the most attractive of men (especially with that bung eye – used some eye drops!) and Natalie, well, she’s looking a bit long in the tooth these days. Don’t know much about the other one. Hilarious!

  17. Emily says:

    Natalie was married to Daniel Johns from Silverchair for about 5 years. They got divorced about 2 years ago, I think because he was way too good for her. She’s also been rumoured to have dated David Walliams, the straight guy from Little Britain. And yeah, she’s pretty much a one hit wonder, hence Daniel being too good for her.

  18. Jen says:

    He sort of looks like Tom Green in that header photo! Yikes!

  19. Donna says:

    I was watching Bob, the Butler and i really don’t know that there’s an actor named Tom Green. I really thought that it was Gerard Butler when he was kinda not into sports or gym. hahaha.

  20. Donna says:

    i was watching Bob, The Butler and i really thought it was Gerard Butler.. hahaha.. A thinner or not-so-muscular Gerard when he was kinda not into gym or sports before..hehhehe. I didnt know that there’s an actor named tom green..until i saw it in the net..hahaha they really did look the same!!!!!!