Angelina Jolie: I don’t like being without Brad (update: fake interview?)


Wow… Angelina Jolie has given a rare interview where she’s not promoting a film or a cause. Now, this is from OK! Magazine, and they’re not as legitimate as say, People Magazine, but I do think this interview is for real. Meaning that someone on OK!’s staff spoke to Angelina herself (not one of the gerbils) either in person, on the phone, or via e-mail or something.

The interview is short, and it’s basically just Angelina defending herself and her relationship with Brad. My guess is this is another piece of Brangelina’s media strategy to combat the Ian Halperin crap, like posing for photos after having dinner with Elisabetta “Eminem Tattoo” Canalis and George Clooney.

Trouble in Jolie-Pitt land? No chance, according to Angelina Jolie in an interview featured in the new issue of OK!, Angie says in Brad Pitt — superdad to Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox — she’s found “the right person.”

What’s the best thing about Brad?
He is a wonderful person and a really great actor. He’s extremely down-to-earth, goofy and funny. People know very little about him, and when it comes to where his morals are, how he is with people, what he cares about and what he’s learned about, he is very aware.

How do you carve out quality time?
We just do it and work on it.

Ever wish you could be alone?
I met the right person and I don’t like being without him.

Is it easy to juggle being a mother and an A-list actor?
I am just a mom and that’s how I am going to be the rest of my life. That sounds so funny — I mean [the phrase] “A-list actor.”

What’s up next?
I help where I can. I raise my kids with a lot of love and make sure they grow into the individuals they were born to be.

[From OK! Magazine]

CB says she “kind of feels bad for her. She is really over the top in her interviews about Brad and I think she genuinely is crazy about him. I bet they do fight, but all married people do.” I think one of the biggest conspiracies about Brad and Angelina is that she’s somehow in control of everything. I don’t buy that. I think she adores Brad and looks at him as the protective partner/father she‘s always wanted, and he’s the one making a lot of their family decisions. And that pisses me off – because if Brad really has as much control as I think he has in their relationship, then he should be out there defending Angelina and their relationship much more. Instead, Brad is always quiet Mr. Perfect while Angelina gets all the criticism.

UPDATE: The GERBILS attack! No, it could very well be that OK! Magazine cut-and-pasted from previous interviews. Specifically this interview Angelina did last year when she was promoting Changeling. It sounded new to me, but I’ve been wrong about it before. My bad!

Brad and Angelina doing their photo op late November 30/December 1 in LA. Credit: Bauer-Griffin.

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  1. Popcorny says:


  2. Firestarter says:

    “I bet they do fight, but all married people do.”

    Hmm, when did they get married?

  3. birdie says:

    I don’t get the desperate vibe from this interview.

  4. princess pea says:

    Mmm. I think that what you read as adoration and honest gushing, I read as an over-the-top declaration. Brad’s silence on the subject makes more sense to me, because any comment about their relationship will be spun by countless media outlets as a jab at Jen. I think that’s ridiculous, but I also think there is no way that the Brange don’t KNOW that’s how it is. Better to say nothing and not go stirring up a pot of sh*t.

  5. Well... says:

    I love how the ad on the picture says “More Celebrity Cheaters”

  6. Praise St. Angie! says:

    keep in mind, a LOT of these mags (even fairly reputable ones) use quotes from old interviews and make it seem like a new one.

    not to say this is, but I really doubt that Jolie would give an interview to OK!, movie coming out or not.

    but in any case, it’s a pretty bland interview.

  7. sassenach says:

    She does not sound desperate and this looks like a cut and paste job with different quotes from her interviews when she was promoting the Channeling.

    Brad should definitely defend her more but that is not his way. When Aniston got lots of flack for being too thin when they were married he never defended her. I think he feels like he would be feeding the monster if he goes and tries to defend his women.

  8. snowball says:

    I am not a Brangeloonie! Get that one out of the way, and I also have zero investment in the JA thing and I only mention it as a side note because the point I want to make was originally made about JA.

    There was a discussion going on about how the interviewee came across very differently based on who the interviewer was and their comfort level with them.

    Now. I don’t think that interview sounds like the video interviews I’ve seen with St. Angie over the last several years, specifically all the interviews she does with Ann Curry. She sounds very stilted at the same times she’s gushing.

    That “don’t like being without him,” is sort of weird. And ITA about Brad always being noticeably absent when it comes to talking about St. Angie or defending her a lot (I know he’s done some in the early stages of their relationship, but I can’t think of much he’s said recently).

    Then again, maybe I’m one of those conspiracy people.

  9. Jade says:

    This is a rehash. Some of the quotes are from the Today Show in 2008 (“I don’t like being without him”), some are from Reader’s Digest (, etc. It’s lame of OK! to bill it as new, but pretty telling that they didn’t even feature it on the cover.

  10. Cheyenne says:

    She doesn’t sound desperate but this is definitely a cut-and-paste job. This is stuff cobbled together from interviews she gave to Vogue, People and Hello two years ago. There is no way north of hell either she or Pitt would give an interview to a tabloid.

    @ princess pea: ITA about Brad keeping mum to the tabloids. They are going to print whatever they think sells, whether it’s true or not.

  11. shooswineflu says:

    I seem to remember her saying the same kind of stuff about Billy Bob when they were together. She was always making these types of declarations about that relationship, and I recall reading that once, while she was on the set of a movie, she had a meltdown and demanded that Bily Bob fly to see her because she couldn’t stand being without him. So, I guess it’s not all that unusual for her.

  12. Cathy says:

    Brangelina have nothing to care what Fans, press, biographers, mothers, fathers, you and me can say good or bad about them …


    A small list of their modest cost :

    Castle in France, $ 50 millions
    Apartment in Paris, $7 millions
    Apartment in Berlin, $5 millions

    An Island in Dubai, between $6 and $36 millions

    Table of Neo Rauch, $1 million

    THANK FANS ! THANK POORS ! who see and buy their films…

    But also, Thank SONY, Universal Pictures, Press, UNICEF, Architecture, Ecology, Asprey, DUBAI, France, wine, children, ADOPTION, New Orleans,

  13. Anak says:

    “and when it comes to where his morals are,” kkkkkkkk

  14. N.D. says:

    IMHO it’s not a real interview, it’s a mix of various old quotes and OK’s own fantasies.

    And re Brad not defending her from Halperin and Co – there is a good saying on the internet “don’t feed the trolls”. Fits just fine there.

  15. Bete says:

    I actually think she doesn’t really care for the ‘A-list’ actor tag and that is proven by the choice of films she has made in the last decade. Ever since she won her Oscar, she has basically chosen projects she likes because she doesn’t have to prove her ability. The only thing she hasn’t done is comedy.

  16. Cathy says:


    she just needed him to keep and raise 6 children, while she is on the movie set … she can stay alone with 6 children …

    if, Brad Pitt left Angelina Jolie, she can say goodbye to film and media …


  17. diva says:

    I just don’t see Angelina very attracted to Brad anymore. He looks bloated and his boyish good looks are gone. The grey goatee with braids is just way too scraggly to be sexy.I wouldn’t date someone who looked like Brad Pitt does right now.

  18. PJ says:

    I think she takes it too far when she disses her job. After all, if it weren’t for that A-list money and fame, she’d be just another Octomom.

  19. irishserra says:

    That’s the trouble with actors and actresses: they are always playing to an audience, so anything they say outside of a set should be taken with a grain – no, a pound – of salt.

    I’m not saying that Angelina and Brad don’t deserve some credit for their charity work, but the reality is that the nature of people who become actors and actresses is that they are very narcissistic and worry about what people think of them; hence, their expressions to others are usually motivated by a desire to create an image or to perform damage control.

  20. Cheyenne says:

    diva: I wouldn’t date someone who looked like Brad Pitt does right now.

    I wouldn’t date anyone who looked like Danny Devito any time, but he and his wife have been going strong for 25 years.

    Who knows, maybe Brad’s beard tickles.

  21. lilred says:

    She was married to Billy Bob. Brad on his worst day still isn’t as bad as that.

  22. teri says:

    Even today I think they work on having a good relationship, they don’t take it for granted as many others. When the going gets tough they work as a team. I think Angelina is to proud to want Brad defending her, there’s nothing to defend because they know the truth. I really like this family but don’t like the way the media is out on a witch hunt after them to seperate.

  23. Sumodo says:

    Brange is boring me right now. I know this is going to sound dated of me, but years ago, I declared a moratorium on reading stories about “Liz and Dick,” you know, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. I wrote them off as a couple of bloated drunks. Brange — they’re oddly stilted child collectors.

  24. Fefa says:

    Dont be pissed. Thats just the way he is. He did not defend Jenn, he does not defend Angie. He is the worst husband ever.
    And also, he always come up as the good guy and their partners always as the bitches.

  25. Cheyenne says:

    @ lilred: Billy Bob looks like something growing on the side of a tree trunk.

  26. Namibia 2006 says:

    one of the quotes about Brad is fr a Dateline interview Angie did fr Africa in 2006 (7-8 months pregnant w/ Shiloh)

  27. Codzilla says:

    I think Brad keeps the beard because he knows how much everyone hates it.

  28. lilred says:

    @Cheyenne: he looks like something that should be buried under a tree trunk.

  29. Jax says:

    I am always amazed that such a handsome man works overtime to look ugly. Remember when he was with Jen and let his hair and beard grow out of control and went around looking like Grizzly Adams? The man really wants to kill the hotness that made him famous.

  30. Reply says:

    KaiserTheRat u know for a fact that the so called interview is fake but like the _____ u are, u leave it up anyway.

  31. Cheyenne says:

    Well, I kind of agree with Codzilla. He knows how much everybody hates it and that’s exactly why he keeps it. @ Jax: yeah, I remember when he was with Aniston and he went through a period of looking like he hadn’t seen a comb in weeks. Or maybe he gets tired of being seen solely as a hunk, the sexiest man alive, etc. One thing is certain: Brad marches to the beat of his own drum and he doesn’t give a damn what anybody thinks about how he looks. He’ll shave off that beard when he’s damn good and ready.

  32. Cheyenne says:

    To Cathy: Wait till you read this week’s In Touch. You will be beshitting yourself with joy. According to IT, Brad is texting and calling Jennifer nearly every day! And! Brad’s mom is desperate for him to leave Angie and the kids and run back to Jennifer! And! Jennifer invited the Pitts to her Christmas Eve party this year and they accepted! And! … well never mind, I don’t want to give all the goodies away. Let’s just say they’ve fabricated enough bullshit to keep you happy for a while after you finish reading Pig Halperin’s book.

  33. lisa says:

    I am a fan and I do read and what her interviews. This is a cut an past job. Some from Reader’s Digest, quotes from her interview on the Today Show with Matt, People, Vogue and a few other. I have not doubt she did not talk to this tab. If we want to say the interview is real because it actually took words she said then fine.. but please.. She nor Brad are promoting anything. YET the tabs and blogs can’t seem to leave them alone. There has to be other celeb couples to focus on.

    People are still screaming they need to defend themselves. WHY? If you don’t feel you have done anything wrong or that the crap printed is not true, why should they answer it. No matter what they say it will be looked at in a negative way. So I think they are handling things the right way. Let the tabs and blogs print what they want, and they just keep going and living their life together with their children. I really doubt many couples would have survived all the crap that they deal with each day, week, month and year. I really think they have a strong partnership and they work as a team. Nothing wrong with that. Most if not all successful couple do the same.

  34. Beth says:

    I thought it was obvious that this is a cut and paste interview based on it’s coming from OK!. Only reality stars and d-listers talk to Ok!, to tabloids in general. Also it doesn’t seem like the answers are responding to the question. Why would Angelina respond to “What’s up next?” with “I help where I can”. That seems like an odd response.

    The reason that Brad had the full beard when he was with Aniston was for a movie. He later pulled out of it.

  35. Cheyenne says:

    Jesus Christ on a pony. Just when you thought you’ve heard it all.

    Demi Moore, Angelina Jolie and Ben Affleck were featured in a video shot by NY Times reporter Nicholas Kristof and aired on Oprah Winfrey’s show about child sex slaves in Cambodia.

    In the video, Jolie talked about the plight of a 13 year old girl who was kidnapped from her village, sold into sex slavery and forced into prostitution before she had even had her first period.

    Some freaks at Female First saw the video and posted all over their web site: ANGELINA’S MIXED UP WITH CHILD SEX SLAVERY IN CAMBODIA!

  36. Khmer music says:

    I find it particularly disturbing that people from developed countries are traveling to an impoverished country like Cambodia to prey on children. Cambodians generally look up to foreigners, particularly Westerners, as role models for fairness, benevolence, freedom and justice. The acts of the sex tourists are threatening to undermine the good deeds of those foreigners who are in Cambodia to do good.