Jake and Reese spend Thanksgiving apart, Jake moves out (update)


This week’s tabloids are full of alleged drama between Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal. This all started last weekend, when People Magazine reported that Jake and Reese were totally dunzo, then hours later had to retract the story because Jake and Reese’s reps were all “no, they’re fine, bitches.” People did something strange after that – they kind of double-downed on their initial report, saying that they had a source who claimed that Reese and Jake did break up, but got back together and were trying to work through their issues. They also said Jake wanted to get married to Reese immediately, and Reese was all “no, I’m fine, thanks.”

After all of that drama, Reese headed off to England, solo, to do some work on behalf of Avon’s ending domestic violence campaign. So… yeah. Stories about how she’s all alone, and Jake isn’t with her, and don’t you know that a woman can’t go anywhere alone without everyone knowing that she can’t keep a man?!? Star Magazine has some drama about how Reese and Jake spent Thanksgiving apart:

More than 40 guests joined Reese Witherspoon for a Thanksgiving feast at her LA home. But Jake was a no-show, and multiple sources confirm that they’ve split.

“Everyone was told not to mention his name,” a Thanksgiving guest tells Star. “She’s not ready to talk about it yet. We were all sad for Reese. Thanksgiving is such a family holiday, and we all known Reese just wants to be part of a close family unit again.”

Reese has been complaining that in recent weeks, Jake has “seemed distant.”

Sources says Jake “isn’t ready to be tied down. He wants to get married one day, but he feels like Reese was pushing him into it. He got freaked out and said he wasn’t ready for such a commitment.”

After Thanksgiving, Jake told Reese he needed a break. Says the source, “They had a huge fight. Reese was crying and devastated, but Jake was insistent that they take time apart.”

On Nov. 29, he sent his assistant to remove two suitcases of belongings from her home.

[From Star Magazine, print edition, December 14, 2009]

Yeah, I’m kind of “meh” on this version. Mostly because I don’t see Jake as the commitment-phobic guy, I really don’t. I think Jake has some faults, I think he’s vanilla and tightly-wound, and probably a little compulsive about getting his way, but I completely buy that he loves Reese and her kids and wants to be settled down. So… I guess I believe People Magazine’s version.

In Touch Weekly agrees with People – they’re claiming that Jake is “very serious about marriage and children… he wants a family and to make things official, but Reese never gives in.” Apparently, Reese is sort of ambivalent about having more kids. Meanwhile, Jake’s sister Maggie is getting all up in their business, and she’s “been acting as the go-between and has been telling Jake that Reese is perfect for him.” Damn, hell must be freezing over, because I can see how an In Touch Weekly story could be true. Damn it!

UPDATE: Jake Gyllenhaal called Reese his “girlfriend” at a press conference for Brothers. According to People Magazine, Jake said: “I’ve learned so much from the kids in my life, and somehow they just become the center of your life and the way you look at things. Obviously I exist in my girlfriend’s world and my sister’s world in a different way, but it’s opened my heart and I feel much more grown up and want to be grown up as a result of it.” When asked about the rumors they had broken up, Jake said: “As I get more famous, there is less that is just mine so I hope you understand I want to protect that as much as I can. I understand the news cycle, I really do, but as we all know news cycles come and go and I don’t have to comment on them.”

Jake and Reese on the set of her film “How Do You Know?” in Washington, DC on June 25, 2009. Credit: Fame.

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  1. snowball says:

    Well Kaiser, you can balance out the bizarre belief that InTouch is right with the honest truth that Star is wrong. Now if it were the Enquirer…

  2. Firestarter says:

    40 people at Thanksgiving? I can’t think of anything I would enjoy less!

  3. bella says:

    I really, really wanted this break-up rumour to not be true. Dangit!

  4. Toe says:

    I hope they work things out. if not..Jake can be my Prince of Persia any time.

  5. Rosalee says:

    Toothy we thought we knew you..sigh. I had visions of little toothies with big blue eyes and southern style roaming the planet.

  6. nAynAy says:

    I realy hope that they didn’t break-up, because I think they make a cute couple. Hopefully, he isn’t going to turn into the huge douche that Ryan is.

  7. lilred says:

    40 people for turkey day *shudders*

  8. Marie says:

    That’s a new… Usually they say that is Jake is the one who wanted to get married and Reese didn’t want it…

  9. Jag says:

    There was a blind not very long ago that said an A list actor was thinking of coming out of the closet, and his beard was really upset about it. If Jake is gay, and he comes out, just wow.

  10. Lantana says:

    Does she ever actually do anything with her kids? Maybe she just shields them from the public…I actually didn’t know she had kids. But I’m not really a Reese or Jake fan either so it probably escaped my attention.

    @Jag – I’m fairly new at reading blogs – what is a “blind”?

  11. Bubulle says:

    I’m personnaly convinced that Jake is gay and that this relashionship is a sham.

  12. SolitaryAngel says:

    Sadly, I believe the blind was about Jake too. I was really hoping I was wrong; they looked like such a happy family and I’m sure the kids loved having a “father figure” around. 🙁

  13. birdie says:

    I have to say, I don’t think Jake is a closeted gay man. The ultimate closet case in my book is Tom Cruise.

    Jake grew up in NYC with hipster artsy parents who encouraged creativity and expression and would have been certainly been open and accepting of his sexuality, even if he came out as a teenager. I’m inclined to believe if he was gay, he would have come out many years ago.

    Compare this to Tom Cruise, who grew up in a very strict and religious Roman Catholic family and considering becoming a priest before he went into acting and became a lunatic Scientologist. Tom Cruise would never have come out because it would have alienated his family, his church, the things that were important to him.

    Jake just never had anything to lose from being gay. It would have been relatively easy for him and there would have been no pain or family loss. When you have an accepting close family who would be supportive, why would you alienate yourself and hide who you truly are? There is just no incentive for Jake to be a closet case.

  14. bellebeesting says:

    Snowball even the enquirer gets it right sometimes. Tiger. Oh the iron-y 🙂

  15. nikki says:

    @lantana: a blind item is a trash riddle on people rumours(true or false)


  16. e says:

    Apparently on Reese’s facebook page (listed under a different name of course) she is no longer friends with Jake’s mom. CDAN confirmed it. So draw your own conclusions.

  17. Iggles says:

    @ birdie:
    “Jake just never had anything to lose from being gay. It would have been relatively easy for him and there would have been no pain or family loss.”

    His family may have been accepted. But Jake is an actor who wants to be a leading man. The same demons that kept Rock Hudson in the closet are still in effect today. I believe Jake is toothy. I do believe he’s been pushing for marriage for a long time to further legitimize his relationship with Reese and quell gay rumors. Now I think he realizes he’s not going to be a major action star (“Prince of Persia” looks horrible!) so he probably considering coming out.

  18. UrbanRube says:

    Lantana, she definitely does have kids. They show up at our Episcopal church sometimes.

  19. Iggles says:

    Wow, that update is so BS! He called her his “girlfriend” to combat rumors in this news cycle! Hypocrisy with a side of non-denial to the question asked..

  20. Mairead says:

    Regardless of which way he swings, or who he swings with, the answer in the update has to be the classiest ever. Bravo Jake.

  21. Sheila says:

    I have to disagree with you, lilred and firestarter, there is – for me – nothing more fun than a large group together for Thanksgiving – almost more so than any other celebration. Just think about it – what better way to give thanks for all the friends and family in your life than to share Thanksgiving with them. I was fortunate to be with 20+ people at Thanksgiving and it was a memorable, wonderful, loved-filled time.

  22. lilred says:

    @Sheila: Oh, I’ve 20 + people but doubling that would be a nightmare for me. First off we’d have to stack people on top of each other(which could be fun & entertaining)I just don’t know where I would put everyone. Also alot of work for 1-2 people to feed 20+ as several only like to eat not & not help.

  23. juiceinla says:

    I hate that they might break up. I hate it because it makes me think she might never have gotten over her cheating first husband.

    I liked Reese and Jake together. damn.

  24. CYANN says:

    They made a terrific couple. They are in limbo right now, I hate going thru that stage, it’s tough.

    I have to say, Reese is probably the one that’s gun shy here. She’s been there done that. I don’t think she’s ready. She knows marriage is alot of work. She tried to make it work with Ryan for awhile before they called it quits. I remember thinking highly of that because it’s unusual in Hollywood.

    Let’s all Hope they are breaking up to make up.

  25. PR spinning says:

    “Jake Gyllenhaal called Reese his “girlfriend” at a press conference for Brothers”

    More PR fiction about the fauxmance.

    Jake’s PR asked press not to ask any personal questions.

    “Girlfriend” quote was made up by Australian tabloid Grazia. Grazia “story” is about one on one sit down with Jake (link in People’s article). People and Us Weekly turned Grazia “quote” into something said during the press conference.