“Aaron Rodgers got terribly injured in his first-ever game with the Jets” links

Aaron Rodgers got badly injured during his first game with the Jets. He will probably be out for the rest of the season. [JustJared]
Amy Schumer deleted an Instagram in which she made fun of Nicole Kidman, who was simply minding her business at the US Open. [Socialite Life]
Christian Siriano’s spring collection is… okay. [Tom & Lorenzo]
Review of Taika Waititi’s Next Goal Wins. [LaineyGossip]
The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon: Why is Daryl in France? [Pajiba]
This is the dream of every thrifter. [Buzzfeed]
I hate the sunglasses, but Jodie Turner Smith looks amazing here. [RCFA]
Christy Turlington closed the Ralph Lauren show. [GFY]
Taryn Manning “defends” Danny Masterson. [Jezebel]
The Cavinder twins were invited to NYFW. [Egotastic]

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  1. Lorelei says:

    I don’t get the outrage over Amy Schumer’s “joke.” I mean, she’s a comedian, and she made a joke. Personally I think it was a stupid one, and not even funny, but people got all up in arms over it? Who cares what Amy Schumer thinks about anything? Everyone has to be outraged about something at all times now.

    • MrsBanjo says:

      “It’s just a joke” is such a garbage excuse for people being assholes at the expense of others just existing. It’s not comedy. It’s lazy bullshit.

    • Katie says:

      I think it is so interesting to see the changing standards. Comments like Amy’s was basically what we all did in the early 2000s.

      • MrsBanjo says:

        The standards are changing because people aren’t willing to let it slide anymore. It wasn’t okay 20 years ago and it’s not okay now.

    • Teddy says:

      It was someone with a sizable media platform publicly mocking a woman’s appearance. Texting that to one friend might be a joke. Blasting it to all of your instagram followers is cruetly.

      • BrainFog says:

        Seconding this. I really like Amy Schumer (don’t ask me why, I don’t know either) but this was unnecessary and not funny.

      • TeamMeg says:

        To be fair, Amy was mocking Nicole’s plastic surgery. Some might find this akin to mocking someone’s hairstyle or outfit, as in the look was purchased. Not that it’s nice to be mean.

        Maybe mocking needs to go altogether? It’s human nature, or at least it’s culturally common, but it hurts people’s feelings. Who needs it?

  2. Plums says:

    I’ve read some of the victim impact statements in the Danny Masterson sentencing, and holy shit everyone who has come out defending him should be canceled.

    • bettyrose says:

      I know blessedly little about Taryn Manning, but I have a hard time distinguishing her from the character on Sons of Anarchy and OITNB, which was basically the same character. I think she had more growth on OITNB but I stopped watching after Samira Wiley . . . just leave it at that.

      Not at all surprised that Taryn Manning is the poster “pick me” girl in real life.

      • Normades says:

        @bettyrose I think more than just being a pick me girl, she honestly has some serious mental health issues. Girl is unhinged.

    • Bad Janet says:

      They’re all canceled to me.

      The best part of all this is seeing the guy who molested me at 14 talking about what a piece of crap Masterson is, and liking statuses about how character isn’t defined by how much others like you. Story of my high school life all over again. Every one of these celebs who are backing Masterson may as well be the classmates who took the side of my abuser because he was “such a nice guy” they couldn’t imagine him assaulting someone. And he can’t imagine himself that way either, back then, or today…. just like Danny.

  3. Jen says:

    “Manning said people ragging on Masterson, a man who was accused of raping three women…”

    Convicted. Not accused. Convicted.

    • Lorelei says:

      Excellent (and important) point

    • bettyrose says:

      Convicted and sentenced in accordance with the viciousness of the crimes, which is actually pretty rare when it comes to rape and sexual assault.

    • Katie says:

      Convicted on 2. Tried on a 1 additonal (hung jury), and accused by 2 more. One spoke at the first trial and the other spoke at the second trial. That’s a total of FIVE credible accusations, two of which ended in convictions.

      The full victim impact statements came out on Tony Ortega’s substack today and they really illustrate the lasting, every day impacts of these crimes.

      • Michael says:

        Five victims came forward and I bet there are at least 5-10 more that never reported anything to avoid the fiasco of additional trauma that happens to rape victims. Funny how the cast of That 70s Show are being put under the microscope now and not looking too good with the exception of Topher Grace who everyone thought was the jerk for not being buddies with the cast. I guess we now know why.

    • Ula1010 says:

      How many times have we heard “Innocent until proven guilty” along with “let the courts decide” in these types of situations? Welp. The court decided, and he’s guilty. Let’s treat him as such, celebrities.

  4. I’m not a Rodgers fan so not unhappy about him being out for the season. I’m sure Joe Rogan will give him some sound medical advice that he will take. Rub some dirt on it and walk it off lol.

  5. girl_ninja says:

    He’s definitely out for the season with an Achilles injury. I’m not a fan of his anymore but that sucks.

    Amy Schumer is a punk and I wish she would just go away.

    Of course Taryn Manning defended a violent serial rapist. She’s another punk a$$hole.

    • Kitten says:

      Yeah exactly–I’m more than “not a fan” in that I actively dislike him. But it’s just shitty and bad karma to get excited about an athlete being out for the season before it’s barely even started. I’m sure this is devastating for him.

      “There’s no human on this planet that doesn’t deserve to have the best life and to be happy and free because you are made in the image of the good Lord, made perfectly just the way you are,” Manning said.
      Actually, NO, Taryn. People who do evil things should be held accountable for their evil acts. Freedom and a good life isn’t something monsters are entitled to. What about the freedom for his poor victims, who will remain in a prison of trauma for the rest of their lives? She’s a disgusting person but she did have an affair with a married man so maybe this is just a case of shitty people sticking together.

      • Kitten. I said I wasn’t unhappy that he was out for the season. I did not convey any excitement about his injury just that I was not unhappy about him being out.. I do think that he does make bad medical choices but those are his to make. So no it wasn’t shitty and no I doubt Karma will come for me. Have a better day.

      • Kebbie says:

        @Susan I don’t think Kitten was responding to you, she replied to a different commenter.

    • Josephine says:

      My guess is that his career is over, and that’s a horrible way to go out. For all of those people celebrating his injury, the joke will ultimately be on us because now he has nothing but time to spread his misinformation and conspiracy theories.

  6. Twin Falls says:

    I’m not laughing at the fact that Aaron Rodgers got hurt but that tweet was funny.

    • Southern Fried says:

      It really is funny as hell, still laughing over here after seeing it yesterday. I’m a tiny disappointed I won’t get to see Mahomes kick his ass.

    • liz says:

      It really was a funny “typo.”

      And Rogers is done. It’s a torn Achilles – he’s out for the season and at his age, he should not try to come back. He’s stupid enough to try, though.

      I come from a family of “long suffering” Jets fans (is there any other kind)? We knew this was a bad signing from the very beginning. The Jets have had a horrid stretch of terrible QBs for ages.

      • Becks1 says:

        At least the Jets are 1-0.

        wife of a lifelong Giants fan, lol. He’s still sulking over Sunday night.

      • Barbara says:

        As a Packers fan, the only reason this disappointed me was that it means we won’t get the extra draft pick that was promised if he completed 65% of the season.

      • Agreateckoning says:

        @Barbara, I’m a Packers fan too! My understanding is they still have the extra draft pick. Except instead of being in the 1st round, it’s now the 2nd round. 1st source: husband 2nd source CBS sports.

        Some of those tweets were funny. Rubbing dirt on it would probably be more effective than inverctimin. (sp?) He has more time to spend with Joe Rogan now. That makes the world a bit worse. The Pack won and Jordan Love did well.

      • HeatherC says:

        As a BIlls Fan, Monday was a reminder on how painful it is to be a Bills fan (3 interceptions to the same guy, really?!) But I wouldn’t cry over Rodgers. He can nurse his pain with the 75 million dollars he earned for 75 seconds of play.

  7. atorontogal says:

    hahahahha @ Rogers, you pretentious fool! Go sit in a dark room for a week smoking Ayahuasca. That’ll make it all better.

  8. Lala11_7 says:

    I used to REALLY ride for Rodgers which ain’t easy when you’re from Chicago…HOWEVA the Bears organization has made it REALLY EASY to cape for ANYONE ELSE over the last 20 years…but I digress…Rodgers DESTROYED ALL THAT CACHE with his actions regarding the pandemic…so when I saw what happened last night….🤐

    • Vernie says:

      @Lala, exactly. I was a massive fan for years — my dad even referred to Rodgers as my husband (e.g., “Saw your husband play a good game today”) — so his Covid-related behavior and subsequent self-martyrdom on all those podcasts, etc. was bitterly disappointing.

      • BlueNailsBetty says:

        @Vernie Same. He was on my list of future husbands until he went off the deep end. Now he’s so gross to me.

  9. snappyfish says:

    Rodgers was dragged all over Twitter/X last night. While I am sorry he was injured some of the comments were great…like try rubbing ivermectin on it & call your doctor, Joe Rogan. He has had a pretty effortless time in the NFL but at 38 he was pushing it. I think the Jets knew too as they have drafted some pretty highly ranked QBs so it looks like they didn’t think he would be around that long…but I’m sure they expected more than one series of plays.

    • Dutch says:

      The QBs the Jets drafted have not panned out, which is why they went after Rodgers. There really was no serviceable Plan B, and the options in the free agent market are older versions of the mistake prone guy Rodgers demoted to backup.

  10. Macky says:

    I firmly believe he has had long covid this entire time. He is a very strong peak performance athlete and that’s why he has been able to walk around. Like walking pneumonia. After doing his holistic healing he should’ve laid back in a regular bed. Instead he kept traveling and pretending he didn’t have covid or its symptoms. Some who caught covid in the beginning still have diminished lung capacity in 2023.

    • Dutch says:

      His injury had more to do with that 300+ pound defensive lineman landing on his leg while his foot was planted in the turf. No vaccine for physics.

      • liz says:

        Turf being the operative word here. If it had been grass, there was a good chance his foot would have slipped and it would have just been a high sprain instead of a torn Achilles. It was pouring rain, so a grass field would have been soft and slick.

  11. Izzy says:

    So he lasted longer than Liz Truss but shorter than a head of lettuce?

    • Roo says:

      Correct. Equal to 3.56 Scaramuccis.

    • Lucy says:

      Scrarammuci tweeted how many scarammuccis Roger’s lasted, which is how I found out about the injury. It was 1/8000 or something. Made me laugh.

    • Mia4s says:

      LOL, bravo.

      I don’t follow football, but even I had seen parts of the crazy hype, interview, etc. So when I saw the “injury on the first play” stories pop up on social media last night, I legit thought it was someone messing around. Seemed almost silly. Like, what’s the craziest thing that could happen? The nuttiest way for this to turn out?…That. Pretty much.

  12. Southern Fried says:

    Didn’t Rodgers go to Hawaii unvaccinated after lying about getting vaccinated? Also exposing his teammates and staff by lying about it? Screw that unwashed dude and his jerkoff bf rOgan.

  13. BlueNailsBetty says:

    Aaron Rodgers is a 9/11 truther who got taken out with an injury in NY on…9/11. This man needs to listen to what the Universe is trying to tell him.

    • Vernie says:

      @Betty, of all the amazing comments on this thread, yours made me shriek-laugh the loudest. Well done! 🤣

  14. Kirsten says:

    Jodie Turner Smith could almost always benefit from the take off one accessory rule.

  15. Tish says:

    I’m with you Kitten, being happy or making jokes about an athlete getting injured and being out for the season is not cool. I would never even with athletes I can’t stand.

    • Tish. Were you also ok with said athlete lying about being vaccinated and then talking to reporters and being with the team where he could spread the virus more easily without the vaccine? Just checking on how really righteous you are.

      • Tish says:

        I’m okay with it because I’m not God so I’m not the one to judge nor am I’m the one to gloat that he’s got an awful injury. And I’m in no contest of righteousness with you.

      • Tish. So your answer is yes it’s ok because you’re not god and aren’t judgmental unless someone calls you out on it.

      • Tish says:

        I don’t know how I’ll manage to go on since Susan Collins called me out on having an opinion that differs from hers.
        Maybe if Aaron dies, you can have a block party. Have a nice rest of the week, Susan.

      • Tish. Thank you! I will have a nice day😇😇😇😇😇

  16. BlueNailsBetty says:

    Re: Taryn Manning

    The article has “ Yeah, he made a mistake, but everyone just keep going, keep crucifying him, as if he’s not already suffering,” Manning told her Instagram followers.” as the teaser paragraph.

    So for Taryn and any other person on this planet who doesn’t know what words mean: Masterson didn’t make a *mistake*. A mistake is when I add too much salt to a recipe. Or I forgot my debit card at home.

    What Masterson did was a *decision*. He decided to drug and rape women, he acquired the drugs, and he implemented his plan. He didn’t trip, fall, accidentally drug their drinks, and end up dick first in their zonked out bodies. It wasn’t a mistake. It was a decision…that he made at least three times (and let’s face it, it was probably more than that).

    Secondly, Taryn and all of Masterson’s friends and letter writers KNOW he is a gross, sex obsessed pervert who brings up sex in every conversation. They KNOW who he is and how he is. For them, especially Ashton and the other men, they KNOW he has gross, predatory behavior/humor toward women (especially young women). Hell, just look at any of his public, professional interviews to see how he was openly gross and predatory.

    They KNOW he drugged and raped those women. Their pretending they never saw any behavior that was indicative of what he was convicted of enrages me.

    I know that many people are fooled by manipulative predators in their lives and it absolutely can be a shock to them when the truth comes out. But in Masterson’s case, he never hid it from his friends. He didn’t even bother hiding it from the public. The truth about him was always there and they made a decision (<-see what I did there, Taryn?) to ignore it and often encouraged it.

    So f*ck every one of those people defending him and pretending they don’t know the truth.


    • ML says:

      Excellently stated, BlueNailsBetty!

    • Josephine says:

      100% to everything you said. People like this is how the world has allowed so much harm to occur throughout history. There are not that many people who act on their evil impulses, but there are so, so many who are willing to overlook the evil done by others.

  17. Peanut Butter says:

    Jodie is absolutely stunning.

    I wonder if we’ll ever get to know half of the crap (and criminality?) pulled by some of the cast of That 70s Show. I never found Masterson, Kutcher and Valderrama at all appealing but had no idea how disgusting they were. Sounds like Topher Grace had their number, and they smeared him for it.

  18. Concern Fae says:

    Wow. TMZ underbusing Joe Jonas. Was looking to catch the weather at noon (turns out the hurricane will probably miss New England), when a station I thought would have the local news had TMZ instead.

    Story was, Joe Jonas talks. At one of his concerts he said “Don’t believe anything that doesn’t come from my mouth.” TMZ was pissed. They said they stand by their reporting and that the info they had used came from the Jonas camp. Ouch. Guess that will teach celebs a lesson. Don’t burn the outlets running your PR slander. It went on for a while with everyone basically piling on. Stuck with the nasty divorce angle though, didn’t say that the nastiness really seemed one sided. Sophie was smart to keep her mouth shut for so long.

  19. Eurydice says:

    I’m not sure which “Lord” Taryn is invoking, but I’m pretty sure the idea that “the good Lord made you a perfect rapist” Isn’t generally accepted among the diety community.

    Aaron’s a jackass, but he’s been a great quarterback and it’s sad for me to see him go out like this.

  20. BeanieBean says:

    Well, I read the happy story. That young woman found a gorgeous wedding gown for next to no money. Good for her! She’s afraid to wear it, though, because it was so expensive originally. I’d wear it! But then again, maybe she figures she can re-sell it for a good chunk of change & that would prove more useful than some pretty photos & nice memories.

    • Libra says:

      There’s a lot to be said for knowing when it’s time to gracefully bow out and move on to be next chapter. He could make millions with ESPN or an other sports station. I’m a Packer Backer , he was our quarterback and you didn’t have to like him to say how good he was here.

  21. AnneL says:

    I’m no fan of Rodgers, but I do feel badly for the Jets fans. They never have any luck with their team. Also, he’s going to be in a lot of pain and that’s not funny. I know he risks it as a football player but it’s still grim to contemplate.

  22. jferber says:

    Aaron Rodgers’ luck just ran out.

  23. jferber says:

    How many rings does he have? That is not an innocent question. He buckles and folds up during Superbowls. Facts, son, facts.

    • Nedsdag says:

      Just one ring.

      I still don’t understand why the Jets made that deal (bitter Giants fan talking). They have a great defense and two up-and-coming stars on offense. All they needed was a competent game manager who as long as he doesn’t crap the bed could help them in the playoffs. Rodgers is going to be 40. He’ll be a year older and perhaps his skill set will be as well.