Rihanna sings with “Shy Ronnie”, SNL criticized for domestic violence skit

I thought Rihanna’s Digital Short on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live was by far the funniest of the night (jointly with the Vagasil bit). Rihanna did a song with “Shy Ronnie” played by Andy Samberg. The best part was that Rihanna didn’t speak – she sang whatever she needed to say to Samberg, and it ended up being hilarious.

RIHANNA was the musical guest on the weekly show and performed two new tracks from her Rated R album – but she also showed off her comedy skills when she appeared in a digital short with comedian Andy Samberg, who won a Grammy Award with Justin Timberlake for his D**k in a Box tune.

Samberg played a nervous schoolteacher, called Shy Ronnie, and quietly mumbled through a rap duet with Rihanna, who was prompted to add “Speak up” to the rhyme as she encouraged the character to be more assertive and confident.

Terrified Ronnie then wet himself, prompting a stunned Rihanna to rap, “Oh no, he p**sed himself.”

Rihanna also scored fashion points with her medieval style – she wore a red chainmail breastplate and hood for one of her two performances. Among her band was Extreme rocker Nuno Bettencourt.

Many fans expected her to poke fun at Brown, who was charged with assault and sentenced to hard labour after attacking Rihanna during a fight in February (09).

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Yes, what shocked some people about Rihanna’s appearance was that there was no mention of Chris Brown. No Chris Brown jokes – even though he told 20/20 about writing a song about beating Rihanna, then playing it for Rihanna, and how she cried. There would probably be some kind of joke in that one, but it’s good Rihanna took the high road.

However! Rihanna got side-swiped with some vague criticism for being part of a SNL show that seemed to make light of domestic violence. In the Tiger Woods post, I put the SNL skit where Blake Lively played Elin Woods to Keenan Thompson’s Tiger Woods. The skit was a play on the gossip – still unconfirmed, mind you – that Elin was going after Tiger on that fateful Thanksgiving night where he crashed his car into a fire hydrant and a tree. Personally, I wouldn’t doubt that Elin did come after him with a golf club, especially considering what we now know of Tiger’s extra-marital relations. But the fact is, we don’t know for sure that that’s what happened, and I thought the SNL skit was one of the rare topical and funny parts of the show. Real domestic violence isn’t funny – unconfirmed gossip about Elin attacking Tiger’s Escalade with a nine-iron is a little funny. I thought the skit was a fair hit, but other people disagree, and they’re starting to get all “how could SNL do a domestic violence skit when Rihanna was on the show” and “how could Rihanna just stand there” et cetera.

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  1. Lita says:

    It sort of bugs me how anyone that had something happen to them that is an ‘issue’ is expected to be a spokesperson for said issue. I know Rihanna said something about speaking up for the girls in her situation, but even then I don’t think she’s required to be the the domestic violence comment police gal. Something happened to her – something hugley personal imo, and she gets to handle it as she see’s fit.

  2. Jess says:

    I thought the skit was hysterical! I can’t imagine keeping up with 7 mistresses. I think I’d use nine-iron too! It’s time to leave Elin!! Come on girl.

  3. Beth says:

    I think the double standard is also at play. If entire situation was reversed, Elin having affairs, there wouldn’t be any jokes of Tiger attacking her with a club and people would be saying he should be locked up. Nobody is saying Elin should be jailed, Tiger deserved it, and everybody thinks it’s a funny situation.

  4. Roma says:

    I honestly thought the skit was hysterical too… especially when he had the “she’s so strong” written on the back of the statement.

    The whole point of shows like SNL are to push the envelope of what’s acceptable, and quite frankly they have been incredibly tame as of late. To all those who are inflamed about the skit, they probably hated SNL during the Norm MacDonald OJ jokes; which was a tragic situation that Norm made hysterical.

  5. JadedJudy says:

    There is a difference between and man beating up his girlfriend during an argument and an tiny blonde model chasing after her cheating pro athlete husband with a golf club, anyone should be able to see that.

  6. diva says:

    The skit was fair game, Tiger has made a complete fool of himself in front of the entire world and it is hilarious that his petite wife beat his ass with a nine iron. Good for her! Rhianna should have just been happy to be on the show as bad as her cd is selling.

  7. nick says:

    Hilarious.. but what is she wearing????

  8. crystial says:

    I wonder if it would be so funny if Tiger found out that Elin had an affair with 4 different men and he beat her up? Hmmmm….By the way that people are laughing at the situation it probably would. People are sick.

  9. artsyfartsy says:

    Between her clothes and hair that she sports…..I dont know which is worse.
    THEN to remember all the people who felt bad for her cause she got her ass beat..well, any woman who goes to the press and talks about SIZE DOES MATTER and you should give your boyrfriends naked pics of yourself, in my opinion, doesnt need us feeling sorry for her. Dont you agree firestarter? Prolly not.

  10. WHAT?! says:

    So what you’re saying is that violence or domestic violence is subjective? It’s okay for a wife to beat her husband but it’s not okay for the husband to beat the wife? Call me crazy but I was raised to believe that it’s wrong to hit anyone regardless of gender. Yes, he was cheating but that doesn’t warrant assault. It warrants a divorce. Domestic violence is wrong no matter who does it. It’s not okay to harm someone else because you’re angry. I can’t believe people are saying it is. There shouldn’t be such a double standard.

  11. crystial says:

    Thank You @ WHAT?!…like i said, its sick. It is never ok for a woman to hit a man vice versa. Women are capable of killing too! Has anyone ever heard of the show called “snapped”? Its not funny. It a shame that I see the same people on here preaching about how domestic violence is so serious but they laugh at Tiger getting his butt kicked by his wife. He cheated and messed up his family but she should have just walked out with her child and left him…not hurt him! She should be in jail!

  12. wow says:

    @Beth – Again, valid point. But you can tell by the responses that people just don’t get it. They don’t get that there is NO DIFFERENCE in abuse.

    I think the next time I hear of a woman being beat by a male, I’m not going to be upset or up in arms about it. I’ll just go the route some people are going with the double standard by saying something similar to “oh well, she probably did something to desserve it. Isn’t it funny? Way to go -insert abuser’s names-kick her ass with anything you see fit. Team Abuser!”

    Please. *rolling my eyes*

  13. MSat says:

    I admit, I had the same thought about it being a double-standard as I was watching that skit. Although, the difference here is that Tiger Woods himself said in his statement that there was no assault, and his injuries were from the crash and not from a golf club.

    Still, let’s suppose Elin DID hit him – that skit would have been in very poor taste.

  14. Firestarter says:

    artsyfartsy- You just don’t get it do you?

    Women do not deserve to get beaten by a man for what they say or what they wear. That is just low class mentality right there.

    So I guess women that wear low cut blouses showing clevage and short skirts who get raped are asking for it, right? Women who are secure in what kind of sex they like and talk about it deserve to get beaten, right?

    So in answer to your question, no, I do not agree.

  15. lucy2 says:

    Msat, I agree. The big difference here is that we’re comparing a documented, police reported, severe beating in the R/CB case, and a lot of speculation and gossip that she scratched his face and hit his car in the TW case, which has been denied by the parties involved.

    I thought the skit was mildly funny, but at the same time can see why some might find it in poor taste, especially given the musical guest (who had nothing to do with the skit, if I recall).

  16. gaby says:

    I dont understand what the fuss is about. Even if Elin did bet the car with the club, how is that domestic violence? She beat the crap out of his car, not him. It’s called property damage, and it happens all the time when women find out their partner is cheating. Case in point… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqQBz3BzHLM

  17. hatsumomo says:

    I’ve seen that show, Snapped! I thought it was hilarious! I havent had a TV in eight years, so I dont know whats on unless I read a bout it, and when I was at my sister’s for the weekend BBQ, she had that show on. I mean, I know it wasn’t meant to be a comedic show, but seriously, what some of those bitches did was so funny, you couldnt make it up! Like that one woman who killed her husband and put his body in the bathtub and pour acid on his body because she thought he would dissolve and go down the drain. “And then he stated bubbling and putified and I lived with him like that for nine days’. Ha ha ha ha ha , what a idiot! This reminds me, i should download more episodes tonight of it……

  18. asiont says:

    she looks fat in this outfit

  19. Karen says:

    I thought the Tiger/Elin skit on SNL was piss-my-pants hilarious!! I did not think it was in poor taste to air it regardless of who was the musical guest. I agree with Lita that Rihanna is not required to be the new poster child of victims of domestic assault (which should be called “assault” instead of sub-categorizing it).

    IMHO, the point of the Tiger skit was the show what a coward he was in not being able to face his wife. His “Help me” and “She is so strong” pleas had me crying with laughter. SNL writers used their imagination to demonstrate Tiger’s incident. Even if Elin really did come at him with a golf club, it would show poor self-control in the face of devastating news of her husband’s infidelity and causing risk to her sexual health. It would also mean that Elin faces criminal charges because of his cowardly actions and extramarital affairs.

    Blake’s expressions in that skit were priceless and Kenan did a great job of slipping in “deceptively powerful, Nordic-blooded wife” into his lines to show his cowardice. Loved it!!!

  20. Meowbea says:


  21. MSat says:

    I want to book Rihanna and Shy Ronnie at my kid’s birthday party!

  22. tims says:

    @ what..cosign 100% …we live in a double standard world..women are always going to be seeing as the weaker sex, so that means its more acceptable for a woman to beat a man.

  23. tims says:

    people are saying that theres no proof that tiger’s wife beat him that night..hello who breaks a back window tryin to save a person’s wos driving?
    y didnt she break the passenger side window? y is there no blood found in the car? and yet his face was scratched and bleeding

  24. tims says:

    my point is if we gonna crucified a man for beating a woman, we should also crucified a woman for beating a man too..

  25. MSat says:

    tims: if someone is passed out in the drivers seat,it’s probably not a good idea to smash any of the front seat windows. I was in a car accident years ago where the passenger’s side window shattered. I was in the driver’s seat and was absolutely covered in glass.

    Still no evidence.

  26. JaNa'e says:

    why is this even considered to be news? she need a few acting classes though.

  27. tims says:

    @msat.. my brother’s a firefighter. when somebody get into a severe car accident, like they break their necks or any severe body parts that when they need to break the back window, so they can move the person out of the car.

  28. tims says:

    if she broke the back window to try to save tiger like u said..how was she gonna get him out of the car? shes not wonder woman.

  29. tims says:

    u mean to tell me if ur husband get into a minor car accident, and he was drugged up too, ur first instinc is to break the back window of the car?
    get the eff out of here.

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