Kelly Rowland sleeps under a $1,900 LED light every night

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While most celebrity “beauty secrets” are either creative falsehoods, sponcon, or both, I always love it when we learn what they really use to look good. Kelly Rowland was the keynote speaker at Beautycon which used to be a huge industry convention, like the Super Bowl for eyeshadow. I thought it was over because the Beautycon company had filed for bankruptcy and laid everyone off in 2021. But now it is back! And Kelly shared details at Beautycon about her biggest beauty splurge: an LED light. She says she sleeps under it, but she also says that it has a time limit so I don’t think she means that literally. She also shouted out model Winnie Harlow’s Cay beauty line as one of her favorites. I’m not super active in the beauty space but that’s the first time I’ve heard anyone talk about it, since it launched.

Kelly Rowland says her biggest beauty splurge is an LED light.

The singer, 42, headlined Beautycon in Los Angeles on Sunday, when she spoke exclusively to PEOPLE about her fashion and beauty choices.

When asked about a beauty product that she dropped a large sum of money on, Rowland said, “There’s this light by Shani Darden, the LED light, and it’s not cheap. But I literally sleep under it every night.”

“It’s like a 20 to 30-minute time limit. When I’m under there, it [has] red lights, blue lights and other colors of light,” she added. “But those are the ones that I use the most, and they are so awesome because of the simple fact that they are like killing germs and [helping with] anti-aging, which is amazing.”

Speaking about some of her favorite beauty products that have great price and value, the “Work” singer gave a shoutout to Winnie Harlow’s Cay Skin, which she said “really [does] its job and is moisturizing.”

She also noted that she gets a gloss from the brand, which she said overall has “lovely products.” Rowland added, “Great job Winnie.”

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There are so many celebrity beauty brands these days that I had forgotten about Winnie’s. I wonder how it’s doing. Anyway about the LED light, this is a legit thing and the one Kelly talks about has been cleared by the FDA, at least according to the product listing on Sephora. My sister had the LED light for acne and it really helped her. She no longer gets acne anymore. But she did it in a clinical setting where the light is probably stronger. The mask Kelly’s talking about has a setting for anti aging and a setting for acne. That kind of light therapy is going to improve the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation, that’s what they mean by “anti aging”. It won’t give you super dramatic results in terms of wrinkles, it’s more for treating an uneven skin tone. It’s clearly working for Kelly. She looks gorgeous.

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  1. I wonder if they make a whole bed with these lights my whole body is getting crepey lol. Seriously I have heard that this does work.

  2. SA says:

    I used red light for my cystic acne and it really worked. The acne stopped once I hit menopause but I was a believer. I don’t tan but a local tanning salon has now brought in a few red light beds so I joined. I have gone a few times a week for the last month and seeing small changes in my skin texture. Fingers crossed!

  3. Fernanda says:

    Kelly was always gorgeous. I think she has really good genes. And that’s it. The older I get the less I believe in any of these cosmetic products.

  4. CityGirl says:

    I’ve been getting LED light treatments on my 60ish year old face. It has shrunk my pores and has given me more of an inner glowy complexion. Started seeing improvement after 1st 20 minute treatment and really significant improvement after 3 or 4 appointments. I no longer wear face makeup just eye and lip. It’s amazing! If you are in the DMV area, I have a recommendation!

  5. Popsicle W says:

    @citygirl – I am also in the DMV. Please give the deets! Gracias.

  6. Sunny O says:

    Kelly Rowland looks absolutely gorgeous in the black and white gown.

    Very classic Hollywood glamour.

  7. CityGirl says:

    They or in the Bowie,MD area, technically Kettering,MD

  8. Sumodo1 says:

    If I could, I would buy one of those, too. LEDs work.