Taylor Swift won’t negotiate an ‘Eras Tour’ streaming deal until the SAG strike ends

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour is one of the biggest movies of the year. It’s been number one at the box office for two weeks and it’s already made about $132 million domestically. The Eras Tour probably won’t be #1 this weekend, because Five Nights at Freddys is being released, but who knows. Taylor Swift is a juggernaut no matter what she does. The Hollywood Reporter did a lengthy piece this week about how The Eras Tour should bring about a revival in “concert films” getting theatrical releases. In recent years, there have been many concert films or live concert events, most of them sold exclusively to streaming services. Taylor went in a different direction, producing The Eras Tour by herself and giving director Sam Wrench the power to get all kinds of stage coverage, with 40 cameras used across the So-Fi Stadium in LA. THR added some amazing details about the deal Taylor made to distribute the movie to AMC, and her reticence to negotiate a streaming deal for The Eras Tour while the SAG-AFTRA strike is ongoing. Like, y’all know that I can take or leave Taylor as a person, but as a businesswoman? She f–king rocks.

Taylor is making a massive profit from The Eras Tour movie: Insiders note that Swift’s is a rising tide that lifts all boats, with artists and their teams already making calls and taking cues from Swift’s Eras deal, which sees her keep an outsized portion of the film’s $160.4 million global haul after its second weekend in release.

Taylor didn’t even need to release the movie through the studios: Insiders in the filmed concert production space note that, following the Eras Tour announcement, traditional Hollywood studios have been reaching out in earnest, looking for partnerships. Studios argue that they have the distribution and marketing infrastructure in place to successfully launch a feature, but observers note anyone near Swift’s level is unlikely to be wooed. (For Swift, partnering with AMC meant 57 percent of ticket sales would be shared by Swift and AMC — with the majority going to Swift. The other 43 percent goes to the theaters.)

Taylor bets on herself because she can: “Why, if you’re Taylor Swift, would you want a company inserting themselves into that model and taking a percentage of your money if you don’t need to do that?” points out one dealmaker who works in the space. As for what model to go with — straight-to-steaming or a possible theatrical release in more of a Swift model — they add, “The artist has to decide: Do they want this upfront talent fee, or do they want to take the risk on the money down the road?”

Taylor isn’t negotiating a streaming deal during the SAG-AFTRA strike: As for where The Eras Tour lives after its theatrical run, the SVOD rights are expected to be a hot commodity, with practically every major service throwing their hat in the ring and entering into conversations with team Swift. While it is unclear where the rights will land, several streamers have been told that the Swift team is waiting for the end of the SAG strike to begin negotiations in earnest.

[From THR]

I honestly didn’t know any of this – I didn’t know that Taylor basically financed the concert movie herself and bypassed the studios to make a distribution deal with AMC directly, and she’s pocketing something close to 50% of the movie’s ticket sales. That is absolutely f–king baller. Like, she went to AMC and said “I produced this immersive concert film, let’s make a deal” and completely cut out every middleman. And then to top it off, she’s using her name and power to hold off on selling the streaming rights until the strike ends. Amazing.

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  1. Optimal Dork says:

    I hope this encourages other acts to do this. I so much wanted to go see Pink’s new concert…but concerts are just a mass of humanity that I’d rather avoid. I can handle a theater though. Fingers crossed!!

  2. JacqB says:

    I was at So-Fi (and am a relatively recent TS convert) and it sounds trite but the concert was a once in a lifetime experience (even in the cheap seats – $150/each).
    I wish her incredible business acumen was talked about more. And her enormous food bank donations to every city on her tour – her philanthropy. Taylor is brilliant and has assembled a brilliant team.
    I know you are not a fan, but listen to the words of The Man. Seriously.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      I feel like she hides this side of herself and very likely so that business people will under estimate her to their own detriment.

      But she’s a flipping ball buster and I love it. I love it so much.

      Remember how she asked like two questions and then knew that that whole Costa Rica whatever the hell shady shit that all those celebrities bought into was bullshit?

      Yeah. She has educated herself about finances. I wouldn’t be surprised if during Covid she quietly hired Harvard business school profs to teach her. If I had the money lord knows I would. Law too. It never hurts to know as much as you can about as many things as you can. And hire excellent people for all areas – knowing that while you may know a lot you aren’t a definitive source.

      • Megan says:

        And don’t forget about when music streaming services changed the way they were going to pay artists, hurting smaller artists, she threatened to pull her music, even though the changes weren’t going to impact her. It was a fantastic move on her part.

      • sevenblue says:

        “Remember how she asked like two questions and then knew that that whole Costa Rica whatever the hell shady shit that all those celebrities bought into was bullshit?”

        lol. It was cryptocurrency. She still accepted the offer, because it was crazy money. But, the offer was rescinded. Board found the number too big. Taylor didn’t refute the initial story, of course.

  3. Slush says:

    I love all this so much.

  4. Seraphina says:

    I haven’t paid much attention to Swift, I have a few of her songs. But the press she is getting lately is very respectable for me. First encouraging the voters and I think she and her (there was a video clip) went back and forth about her political stance and how it may hurt her career (said her father) but it has not. And then this news, good for you Taylor – keep doing good things.
    And I quickly did a networth lookup on her, not sure how accurate those are, but she has entered billionaire status.

    • Truthiness says:

      Part of me thinks Taylor specifically wants to be richer than Scooter, but she probably has a bigger ‘beef’ list than just one guy.

      I really hope she recruits more young voters, the news out of Washington has been unbearably bleak this week.

  5. Tye says:

    she just hit billionaire status. good for her. honestly, i know she gets a lot of flack for white tears and white privilege but i think we have so few women who make it to billionaire status that it’s worth celebrating. and it doesn’t hurt she consistently shows she gives back. whether it’s to support her employees, donate when she’s on tour, or do something symbolic like this. she’s not perfect, but i think overall she’s done some good things.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      I actually had no idea she gave back in anyway. I’m a swift fan but I guess I can’t be a swiftie yet cuz I don’t know nearly enough about her.

      But what does she do in terms of giving back? Maybe I’m an asshole but I kind of thought she was me me me.

      • Jojo says:

        She gave bonuses between 50-200k to her entire tour crew (trucker drivers, sound engineers, band, dancers, etc) I think the total was over $50 mil in bonuses.

        While on tour she donated significantly to food banks in each city she was in.

      • Hannah says:

        I remember back when Kesha had her lawsuit trying to get out of her contract with her abuser, everyone else was just paying lip service saying how they believed Kesha. But Swift actually went to her and offered to pay her legal fees.

      • Lisa says:

        At every tour stop she donated to a local food bank, one food bank said her donation would feed like half a million people for a few months.

    • filledelettres says:

      Eh, we don’t need more billionaires who give back a small fraction of their wealth. We need to redistribute that wealth through asset and income caps; expanded incremental taxes, including both positive and negative tax rates; and universal basic income.

      • bisynaptic says:

        But, in a world with so many billionaire men, it’s good to have more billionaire women.

      • filledelettres says:

        @bisynaptic Yeah, no, one more billionaire is not an improvement to anyone, least of all women and other marginalised genders who are especially likely to be affected by income inequality.

  6. Abby says:

    Whew! I wonder if this will make any difference in the SAG strike. I sure hope so. This was a really smart move by her–from filming and distributing it this way to support theaters, to holding the power in support of the strike, very powerful in a good way.

  7. Sass says:

    I love it when she does stuff like this. She’s so chaotic though, I can never be all in 🤣 I know, everyone is problematic, etc. I am extremely impressed with this. Thank you Taylor!

  8. Kimmy says:

    I f*ing love this so much. She is an absolute boss and a superstar. I agree, Taylor Swift as a businesswoman is not talked about enough.

    With the kind of power and resources she has, I’m not sure what she CAN’T do at this moment in time. I hope she continues to use this power for good.

  9. MC says:

    Total baller. Her business acumen is so on point: self-financed the film (~$10-20 million, per estimates. Guessing it’s closer to the lower half, say $15M tops); AMC gets 5% (per estimates and AMC reporting); Taylor gets ~50%. Current gross ~$130M domestic. So she’s made ~$50M net so far- still in theaters and to say nothing of the streaming deal yet to come… for bare minimum additional work. She was already touring, it was simply cameras capturing the tour and vibe. Can’t help but admire what she’s accomplished!

  10. Madi says:

    She already broke a couple of strike lines. Giving trucker bonuses and this streaming thing is a distraction from that. I wouldn’t be surprised if bonuses arent in the trucker contract already.

    • Jojo says:

      What strike lines did she cross? I’m genuinely curious.

    • Delphine says:

      Please elaborate. All I can find are articles talking about how Taylor DIDN’T cross any strike lines with the concert film.

    • Barbara says:

      If there were bonuses in the truckers’ contracts, it wasn’t the huge one that made news. Several of the truckers were interviewed at the time and they said they were shocked and said for some, it was “life-changing.”

  11. Kath says:

    I’m too damn old to be a ‘Swiftie’, but I respect the hell out of her.

    Even though I’m older than her, I’m kind of in awe of her work ethic and business acumen, especially when she focuses on screwing over toxic scumbags like Scooter Braun and targeting dodgy business practices that take advantage of young artists (streaming services like Apple and Spotify). Good for her.

  12. bisynaptic says: