People: Elin Nordegren Woods was “genuinely shocked” with Tiger’s affairs


While most of the tabloids have decided to rake Tiger Woods over the proverbial coals for the past two weeks, People Magazine decided to do a softer-focus cover story on Elin Woods, going “inside her ordeal”. People just released part of their cover story online, and it’s pretty standard, yet interesting. According to People’s sources, Elin was truly in the dark about Tiger’s wandering penis, and she when she used to ask about his days and weeks spent away from her, he would lie, and she would believe him:

While more details surface about Tiger Woods’s reported dalliances, the golf great’s Swedish-born wife, Elin Nordegren, has yet to speak about the scandal or give any hint of her distress – beyond a frantic 911 call after her mother collapsed at Woods’s Florida home Tuesday.

But several sources close to the couple tell PEOPLE Nordegren, 29, was genuinely shocked by her husband’s reported infidelities, and is now in deep discussions with him to see if their marriage can be saved. “She loves him and she is totally devastated over learning of his philandering,” one source close to Nordegren says. “She honestly did not know he was cheating on her.”

The same source says Nordegren questioned Woods about rumors that he was having affairs, but believed his denials. “It is sort of sad that all of the golfers knew about Tiger’s cheating throughout his marriage while poor Elin believed his lies when he told her he was not seeing any other women when on the road for days at a time,” the source says. “Now that it has hit her over the head, she is going to make the best decision for her and the kids.”

A smart, athletic student who passed up the chance to study child psychology in Sweden to become a nanny in the U.S., Nordegren tried hard not to lose herself in her husband’s fame. But everything changed after Woods’s Nov. 27 car crash. Since then, says a source inside Woods’s camp, the couple have discussed the full breadth of Woods’ infidelities. “She knows everything,” says the source.

[From People Magazine]

Eh. Do I believe this? Partly. I believe that many aspects of Tiger’s affairs (like the number of women and the crazy unprotected Ambien sex) were “genuinely shocking” to Elin, but I also think that somewhere along the line, she had some idea that Tiger wasn’t being totally upfront, and that he was screwing around at some point. He’s been having affairs for years. And it’s such a constant thing that his management team is organizing and hustling his girls for him. At some point, wouldn’t you have suspicions? That being said, even if Elin did have some idea, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have every right to be majorly pissed. I’ve said it before – I would have walked a while ago. Every day brings a new, nastier revelation… and no one would blame Elin if she cut her losses.

In one other piece of “I didn’t know nothing” news, Tiger’s caddie Steve Williams made a public statement of support for Tiger today. His statement was simple: “I do not have any personal knowledge of anything in the reports related to the Tiger Woods’ stories. Kirsty and I give our heartfelt wishes to Tiger, Elin, Sam and Charlie and hope this gets put to rest soon.” Gee… Tiger’s management team was arranging girls for Tiger, and his caddie didn’t know? It could happen, I suppose. But it’s more likely that Steve Williams just got paid. Or, you know, he just likes his boss and wants to continue working for him.

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  1. Ethel says:

    Leave Him. And Steve Williams may have been participating in “fun” too. Is there anyone you can trust?

  2. CYANN says:

    Regardless of her knowledge, she doesn’t deserve any of this. God bless her and her children.

  3. Lem says:

    she genuinely looks happy and in love with her husband in every photo
    even if she had suspicion and bought his now obviously lies; my heart breaks for her
    even if half of these girls are p.o.s. who are f.o.s. my heart still breaks for her
    no 2 ways about it; her world has to be shattered

  4. Meow Mix says:

    You can ask but as long as they deny and you don’t have any proof, what can you do? He had no reason to come clean. They only fess up when caught. I really feel for her.
    The worst part for her to deal with is that everyone else around them knew. You are not only betrayed by your partner but also their friends and coworkers. She probably feels humiliated that he was just so effing indiscreet.

  5. Green Is Good says:

    Oh, please! The caddie claims he didn’t know?! What a huge pile of crap that is.

    His wife (if he has one)better start snooping around his cell phone.

  6. wow says:

    Of course People Mag will say that. They’re “in bed with him” too…on a different level. Lol.

    Still not buying Elin being surprised by this. How could she not know something. If anything, I’ll buy that she was genuinely shocked that he didn’t keep his wh*res’ mouth’s shut. I’ll buy her being genuinely shocked that he let it get to this point to where its front page news. That I’ll believe. But overall shock that he would cheat on her? Nah.

    Some of those other PGA Tour wives must have told her something. I just refuse to believe that the others who knew said nothing to her prior to this sh*t hitting the fan. I want to believe that someone with human decency in that WAGs circle gave her a heads up.

  7. Embee says:

    My ex husband was almost as big a whore as TW, and I, too, was genuinely shocked when it came to light.

    When your husband travels for work you have to trust, or drive yourself crazy. In retrospect she may realize how he was playing her but she may not have known at the time. For heaven’s sake she was not dedicating her life to uncovering his lies; she was raising a family in a foreign country and meeting untold obligations as Tiger’s wife.

    Any speculation to the contrary is simple victim blaming.

  8. Ron says:

    Tiger has always come across as such a nice and ethical type of guy, IMHO, and that’s why it’s been shocking to nearly everyone. Also, When you have a partner that travels alot and you do not go with them everywhere, there is always a chance that they are f**king around. I mean look at craigslist in any city. Married men looking for men/women/goats etc etc. And he just didn’t seem like the type that would be such a tramp, I was shocked by the magnitude of his whoring. I am surprised by the stupidity of all of this though, if he didn’t want Elin to know why didn’t he have multiple phones, email acct’s, etc, and every good whore knows that you don’t develop long term relationflings. Have your fun and call the next number already.

  9. wow says:

    @Green is good – yeah, he has a wife too if I recall correctly. I think he and Elin were at his caddie’s wedding too.

  10. Sunnyjyl says:

    If you are not a cheater or a lier yourself, it is hard to conceive that the person you trust most is doing either. I’ve had close friends who genuinely did not know about their husband’s infidelities. Raising children with an often absent husband can really narrow one’s focus.

  11. sunseeker says:

    I do not for a minute believe that E

  12. AC says:

    I hate how people say that she should have known etc etc etc. She was married to him and had his children. Of course she’s devastated and of course she thought her husband loved her. Its also not like he messed up once. He has countless women … no way did she realize it was this bad. I feel for her.

  13. Vanessa says:

    I too think the caddie was getting some and os now trying to cover his own arse.

    Also, Tiger’s management team was SO good at arranging these clandestine mtgs thats why Elin didnt know. I think he was ALWAYS doing this, throughout courtship etc so she thought this was their/his “norm.”

    I loathe him.

  14. Linda says:

    Steve Williams is a complete asshole…this is the same Steve Williams who called Phil Mickelson a prick – really Steve – who is the real prick now…

  15. BitterBetty says:

    It’s very likely she didn’t know. she trusted her husband who, unfortunately, is a pathological liar. I think this whole ‘she must have knowen’ thing is just a way to blame the woman.

  16. sunseeker says:

    I do not for a minute believe that his wife had no idea, she might not have known about all of them but I would know that is for sure, even with my children I know when something is not right, changing moods change of habits etc. My friends husband started buying new outfits more designer wear, upmarket everything. She started checking his phone and also his trouser pockets, within a couple of weeks she had him nailed and threw him out.

  17. pj says:

    She probably had a clue…why else would she be going thru his cell phone checking numbers, as Tiger’s desperate voicemail dictates? Didn’t that happen before the ish hit the fan?

  18. wow says:

    I’ve said before, every spouse thinks they have loyal and faithful partners until they get a major wake up call that they don’t.

    How you choose to handle it will be up to you. Elin is apparently still with this fool. I don’t see her as a victim. I see her as someone who doesn’t see her self-worth and is okay with being humilated and lied too. Seems like she’s okay with being disrespected. Anytime more of his shenanigans pop up and I start to feel sorry for her situation, I stop…because she’s still there. What a person tolerates is what they accept.

  19. Sudini says:

    I agree BitterBetty and everyone who says that anyone who says “Elin had to know he would cheat” is blaming the victim, while at the same time inadvertantly excusing the man/celebrity.

    She did everything right by trusting the man she married/built a family with. He did everything WRONG by abusing that loving trust and essentially sh*tting all over it. He’s a seriously disgusting person.

    And as far as I’m reading – she’s not putting up with anything. Isn’t she planning to go to a house she just bought in Sweden?

  20. Goddess711 says:

    She might not have *known* but she suspected. Of course she suspected; that’s why she went nuts on him with a golf club. Years of him denying it and having his ass saved by his caddies and friends. It’s only going to get worse; this marriage is history. I still feel sorry for the kids. This will haunt them their entire lives. History doesn’t forget.

  21. me says:

    I agree with pj’s post.The wife was snooping in his phone. She knew or had some idea.Enough that Tiger called the woman and begged her to change her name and that his wife would be calling.She knew, even if she didn’t have proof.

  22. Prissa says:

    Sorry guy’s, I’m out of the loop at work, so can someone clue me in? How do we know it was unprotected sex? I can’t get to those stories at work Squid Guard blocker or some such nonsense. What is up with the National Enquirer story below about love children & abortions? Is that true???

  23. crash2GO2 says:

    @wow: I might agree with you if it was just Elin involved. But you have to remember that she is also thinking of the children. If she leaves him, she forever changes the nature of his relationship to his children and of them to him. It’s a big decision.

    I also agree that Elin probably had no clue until all hell broke loose, and that’s when she started checking his phone. She obviously wasn’t suspicious or Tiger would have taken care to cover his tracks better. If you aren’t a cheater, you don’t suspect others of being cheaters either. She loved her husband and wanted to believe him.

  24. andrea says:

    i think it takes time when something really traumatic strikes – it takes a while just to absorb it in your brain, let alone deal with it, make decisions, etc. i think that’s what happened with rihanna’s initial delay in chucking CB and i think it’s what’s happening now with elin. she must be reeling. it will probably take her a little time just to absorb the initial huge shock and then i hope she goes to that little mansion she bought with her kids, her family and the letters she could get, if she wanted to, from the tons of men who would love to be married to her and never stray. i feel for her and her kids – hopefully eventually she’ll remarry – some handsome, KIND financier or something – and tiger will be a punchline.

  25. andrea says:

    p.s. the spouse of every one of tiger’s “management team” also has a lot of thinking to do. they were trafficking women (basically, hookers) to a married man on a large scale and covering the tracks, knowing tiger had a family, etc – that raises serious questions about THEIR character too.

  26. Sudini says:

    @Crash2GO2 “If she leaves him, she forever changes the nature of his relationship to his children and of them to him. It’s a big decision.”

    Actually,Tiger is the one who has forever changed his relationship with children, not Elin. HE is responsible for his actions, not his wife.

    If Elin leaves, she’s doing those children a favor by taking them out of a toxic environment fueled by their selfish, cruel and pathologically lying father.

    @Wow – I don’t see her as being ok with being lied to or as someone who has no sense of self worth – yet (I would like to see her move out within the next couple of weeks tops). I don’t think anyone who reacted the way she did with a golf club can really be considered a milquetoast, lol.

  27. Firestarter says:

    If you trust your partner, them you don’t know when they are cheating. I was in the dark when my ex cheated on me, and then one day one of his friends told me I better “wise up”, so I took his cell phone and the things I saw were devastating to me too.

    Trust can blind you and I think she really trusted her husband and loved him, and even if she suspected, she more than likely told herself that she was being paranoid.

  28. Moore says:

    wow, I prefer to think she’s setting up her own world and arranging for a custody so that when she leaves him it will be done quickly and without too much publicity for her. I’m hoping it will come as a bomb dropped on him when she does go. I can’t imagine her staying for the long haul.

  29. lrm says:

    um,I don’;t think this will ‘haunt the kids entire lives’…
    let’s not be overly dramatic here.
    they are babies at this point-so it’s better that it came out now,not when they are older,and in school,aware of the media,etc.

    also,although he’s a world class athete,world famous,etc.,she would be able to set up a life somewhere else such as sweden,and not be under constant media scrutiny like she will be in the US,for years to come.

    geez-it’s a bummer for the kids no doubt,but they will have their own lives and their dad will still be an amazing golfer. that part of history won’t change.

    i just love the over the top drama of some of these comments.

  30. Feebee says:

    @ Linda, I have heard from several people that Phil Mickleson is a prick, including a couple of guys who went to college with him. Just because Tiger Woods became a giant arsehole doesn’t mean PM can’t still be a prick.

    I want to believe Steve Williams. He’s a good guy who does a lot of charity work in NZ but it’s a stretch to believe he had no idea.

  31. Carrie says:

    I chose to believe that she is working out the details of leaving- there’s a lot more to the dissolution of a marriage than the physical act of moving out. I’d be willing to bet there is plenty of room in their house for her to have a lot a space. I would hope at this point that she is planning out how to get herself and her kids to the place in Sweden (or anywhere else) and provide for them. There are issues of taking a child out of the country without the consent of the other parent, and maybe they are fighting over that issue.

    I hold Jenny Sanford (wife of Governor Mark Sanford, the one who was “hiking the Appalachian Trail” with his Argentine mistress) up as the model of how a wife deals with her husband’s scandal- she took herself and her kids to their beach house and basically made him face it all by himself. She was the first political wife who said a big “F*** You” to the idea of standing next to him at the ubiquitous press conference.

  32. Sudini says:

    @Carrie – right on! I LOVED the way Jenny Sanford handled her husbands infidelity. The “YOU deal with your own mess” approach. We need to see that used a lot more often.

  33. juiceinla says:

    I genuinely feel sorry for Elin, but I don’t buy People’s spin, that she wasn’t starting to suspect something. I thought the entire car crash was the result of an argument.

    She should get money and get out.

  34. gaby says:

    There is NO way that she didn’t have a clue. This guy didn’t just bang these chicks, but had actual relationships with some of these women! How can she not get suspicious when her husband was reportedly having more than 7 affairs?!! No man is that good at lying, unless he’s like a secret angent or she lived under a rock, theres it is impossible to believe that she was really that oblivious. I hate to say it but I wouldn’t be surprised if they had come to some kind of agreement about the extramarital relationships. Most wives of professional athletes turn a blind eye to this crap in order to drive around their Bentleys and continue to get their expensive manicures. THis is what comes along with the perks.

  35. lin234 says:

    I also believe that she’s trying to figure everything out before she makes the big decision to start divorce proceedings. She has her kids to consider. Regardless of his moral character, her kids will see their father considerably less if she moves to Sweden and he continues to be based out of the US on top of his traveling for his golf.

    I’ve noticed (not necessarily from this thread) that people seem to justify their suspicions that Elin is a golddigger based of the fact that she was a nanny while she met Tiger and so she deserves to be cheated on. I don’t see it that way. Her mother is a politician and her father is a radio journalist who served as a bureau chief in Washington, D.C.. She was studying child psychology in college and took an opportunity to come abroad with her twin as nannies for a famous golfer. If her character and background was questionable, I don’t believe any wife would want two gorgeous twins living under the same roof as her wealthy husband. It’s practically any guy’s wet dream.

    The house and the cars they have are all relatively modest if you consider Tiger’s worth close to a billion dollars. In just about every picture I’ve seen her in, Elin’s dressed casually and not trying to show off some handbag, clothes, shoes worth the price of a small car. She appears to love children since that was what she was studying, working with, and soon had after she married Tiger. It wouldn’t be surprising to me if she was very hands on and focused in raising her kids.

    News of Tiger’s affairs came out AFTER Elin fought with him about his wandering p****. If she had an arrangement with him to start with, these affairs would not have leaked because of her suspicions. When she married Tiger, she also married his entire management team who were all helping Tiger cover his tracks.

    @sunseeker: There are rumors that Tiger had been cheating on her since they started going out. If true, how is she supposed to know what he is really like if she’s been lied to from the very beginning? You can’t compare your friend’s situation to Elin’s. Tiger has had injuries from playing a sport worth hundreds of millions in endorsements. It’s pretty high pressure to say the least. It would also explain away any changes in his moods and between his endorsements and money I’m sure he constantly gets “upmarket” everything. It’s comparing apples to oranges.

  36. Lostpuppy says:

    It’s nice for People magazine to write something about how she might be feeling through all of this and how alone she must be feeling right now. I thought nobody even cares about what the REAL WIFE is feeling since everything’s been about the mistresses and has forgotten about how the wife felt. Elin, he already made his choice with whom he thinks he would want to spend his life with, and that is not you. He already said that he has fallen for rachel and that means something else. It’s not just a hook up, but he was willing to lose evrything for her. And that includes you and your kids. There is nothing left to fight for because he clearly wants to be with her. so take the high road and save your kids from all of the hurt that is more to come if you still try to fight for something that is already lost. Belive me, i would know. It’s all about the kids now to protect them from all of this. And this is about you now. Save your family by letting him go. Believe me, i know how hurtful it can be for you and for your kids. The “saving the marriage” thing now is not because of how much he loves you but how he can save his face and his money from all of this. He already said before that your marriage was for publicity, even if it was not within your knowledge. But if you go on with this, then this time it would really only be for publicity. He already said that it was brutal for him to be away from his mistress and be with you. What more is there to think about. How can you save the marriage if you are the only one who is in love ? You can’t. Nobody can. I wish you all the best with all my heart. I hope you make the right decision.

  37. Cheyenne says:

    Sometimes you go blind in order not to see.

  38. crash2GO2 says:

    Sudini, I am not trying to assign blame when I say that Elin needs to make some tough choices that will impact the children. I think we all agree that Tiger is to blame for the situation being what it is. If you read both parts of my post you would see that we do not disagree.

  39. Kathie says:

    God bless her, I hope she makes the perfect decision for the kids and herself, I am glad to read her Mother is in town..she is still young and a girl needs her Mother during a bad time.

  40. DoMaJoReMc says:

    For all who are saying Elin HAD to have some idea…when you marry someone who has swept you off your feet, and they profess their love for you and your children, why WOULD she have suspicions? Also, Tiger is a pathological liar and he must have been a Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. If he was as good at lying as it seems, he must have said the right things to his wife to make her feel safe, secure, and loved.

    I have an ex who broke off relationships with woman by saying he had cancer and had to ‘spend time getting better…” all the while he was on to the next one. Believe me, there is still faith in marriage, and Elin must have had a ton of it in their marriage. He is a pathological liar that knew very well how to do it.

    As far as his management team goes, yeah, I’d be pretty nervous if I were the wives. Imagine how betrayed Elin must feel that all his cronies made the arrangements? Does she even KNOW who to trust anymore? @ Embee: You are SO right. If your spouse travels to make a living, then yes, you either trust, or drive yourself crazy. I’m sure if she had any inkling whatsoever, she would have gone with him. OK, I’m done!

  41. oxa says:

    Tiger is a world class golfer with incredible self control when it comes to what is important to him. Pity he did not care as much about his wife or kids feelings.

  42. Michelle says:

    Sorry this is karma for both.


    Elin was messing with Tiger when he was still with Joanna Jagoda. She was one of his side chicks that was elevated to main chick after Joanna tried to play the pregnancy card. Tiger dumped Joanna after that, and had Elin take over her spot.

    If he cheats WITH you, then he’ll cheat ON you.

    Elin beat Tiger’s *ss because he was trying to leave on Thanksgiving night to go off with one of his girlfriends.

    Tiger is arrogant, and thought he could away with it just like his good friend Michael Jordan (who had outside children during his marriage), and tried to pull the “I pay the bills so I can do as I please” card on Elin.

    However, what goes on in the dark always comes to light.

  43. hmm says:

    There have been rumors about Tiger for years and I’m not buying that she was totally in the dark. And I fail to see why his caddy is being questioned or blamed for any of this because Tiger is a grown man, responsible for his own actions and btw, he’s Steve’s boss, so give the guy a break.
    No woman or man deserves to be publicly humiliated but the overreaction to this story is staggering. People are acting like Tiger killed someone, he cheated on his wife and he’s a prick but why is he being vilified to such an extent? He’s just a man who can hit the hell out of a golf ball, so when did we start expecting him to be Jesus? He broke his vows to his wife and family, not to anyone else.

  44. snowball says:

    Check carefully his caddy’s wording – he didn’t have “personal knowledge” about Cheata’s shenanigans. That covers knowing everything but not being in the room when he boinked one of his hos. Because he didn’t have “personal knowledge” that sex actually took place.

    So he’s skating the line here.

    It looks like she has suspected him of affairs before – why else would she ask him? She wouldn’t be the first wife who wanted to believe her husband when he said he loved her and would always be faithful. It doesn’t sound like Jesper Parnevik knew what was happening – he sounded pissed in his statement, and I’d think he’d be one of the first people Elin asked about what Cheata was doing.

    Even if she knew he cheated with one woman, I can’t even envision a scenario where she knew about the dozen or so slutbags or that Cheata deliberately didn’t use protection with those STD cesspools.

  45. ViktoryGin says:

    Though Elin could have very well known that something was up, denial is a very fortuitous force that can cause many people to be myopic. Sometimes you just don’t want to know. You prefer to remain “ignorant” of clandestine goings-on because it’s worse dealing with the inevitable responsibility of having to take action that the truth will bring. Some people can’t and absolutely won’t face it until they don’t have a choice. I’m merely speculating here, but as with so many women it is quite likely that Elin just prefered to remain in the dark despite evidence to the contrary until the media forced everything to light.

  46. Vicky Cathay says:

    How do you feel when you find out your marriage is a sham, and the whole world knows it? Obviously, the vows never meant anything more to him than a means to bigger endorsements. He married the trophy wife to build a “family man” image and the kids were the icing on his money cake, and no doubt a testament to his monumental ego. Whether she suspected infidelity or not (would she really have had such a violent reaction if she were not surprised? Or maybe it was just the sheer volume that was a surprise), the reality of his mercenary motivations in lieu of a love she thought was real, is quite a slap in the face.

  47. diva says:

    I totally believe Elin was in the dark about this sordid dark side of Tiger. No woman in her right mind would turn a blind eye to her husband having affairs with porn stars and having unprotected sex with partygirls in her marital home. I think Tigers persona that he crafted so well to the media and his squeaky clean image he did the same at home. I truly believe that she is blind sided by all of this. She is a private person and wouldn’t be gossiping with PGA wives and girlfriends and is above the Hollywood fray trying to be a good young mother. She is a class act and is to be admired for not trying to dress in the latest designer clothes and being photographed at the red carpet events and interviewed on the cover of Fashion magazines and making clothing lines. No one should be having anything but respect for this classy young mother, who married a scumbag.

  48. Guest says:

    stevie’s statement is ridic…

  49. Eileen Yover says:

    Marriage is about trust and respect. I think she fell in love with him after he heavily pursued her, got married, and had a family with him. Everything is going fine then she starts hearing rumors and begins the snooping and checking around. Then Thankgiving the shit hit the fan and all hell broke loose. I’ve been married for five years, my husband travels every once in a while, and right as I type he’s upstairs on his computer probably working or making playlists ( he loves his iTunes). How do I know this?? I don’t-he could be texting and IM’ing some ho right now…but I trust that he isn’t and I’m not going to hang on him every second to make sure he’s not. That’s no way to have a relationship. I agree with some of the others, you marry someone because you trust them and I can imagine Elin is more then upset by all this.

  50. MSat says:

    I know this scenario all too well. My ex husband had at least three affairs, the last one lasted almost two years. I had a feeling that there was something going on but could never prove anything and he was an amazing liar. I think some people are just pathological liars to the point that they even start believing their own BS. It was only after I caught him with the other woman, there was no way he could talk his way out of it. But prior to that, there was always some business trip coming up, some work emergency that had him working late and on weekends. The things I found out after the fact, after he had left and I started asking his friends…oh, man. I can’t even repeat. All of the milestones in our childrens’ lives he missed, just to chase tail. It’s disgusting, even all these years later.

    The only advice I can give to Elin is to listen to what her inner voice is telling her. Don’t do what Tiger, or your mom, or your friends or your therapist want you to do. And I would be willing to bet her inner voice is saying “get out.”

  51. justathought says:

    Laughed too hard at Caddie Steve Willam’s saying “I hope this gets put to rest soon”. Who is he fooling? Sorry Steve, but your “this” was the nail in Tiger’s coffin. TW might be the greatest golfer the world has known but it ends there.

  52. Sudini says:

    @crash2GO2 – I’m sorry if I misinterpreted what you said. And you’re right, if Elin takes the kids to live in another country it will impact their relationship with their dad. I guess my point was just that Tiger has left Elin with little to no choice but to leave.

    Plus, I wonder how much time he really spent at home with them anyway, given all the running around he’s done.

    Also, I really liked what you said about how if you aren’t a cheater, you don’t expect those close to you to cheat either. That’s so true. She deserves a real man and I really hope she’s able to heal from this and move on with someone much more worthy of her.

  53. Pete says:

    I can’t believe any fool who tells her to stay and work on her marriage. Tiger is the problem. He won’t change. This is who he is.

    Get a clue, Elin. It’s what’s best for you and your kids. Besides, it’s not like Tiger was a hands-on father anyway. He was hardly there. Go to Sweden and have some peace.

  54. Goddess711 says:

    Tiger will be known as one of the greatest golfers in history. The kids will always be the kids of one of the greatest golfers in history who will also be known as one of the most famous male whores in the history of sports. This saga’s just beginning. This will haunt those kids like every other legend whose kids have to deal with their parents’ shit. I’ll bet OJ’s kids still deal with questions and accusations and Lisa Marie probably still gets questions about her dad loving peanut butter and ‘nana sammiches; the poor Gosselin kids will have the same b.s. legacy hanging over their heads. All kids of famous parents go through it to some degree, the more famous the parent, the bigger the shadow whether it’s a good one or, like this case, a bad one.

  55. eternalcanadian says:

    Elin did suspect something at some point. Any woman that has been cheated on will tell you she “just knew” when things had changed between her and the bloke. That’s why Elin was checking things out. Of course those women Tiger fiddled with went to the gossip rags so it was right there in colour.

    I don’t think Elin is a gold digger. She was in college and signed up with her sister as an au pair or nanny just for some travel and fun. A peer of Tiger, was it a Swedish golfer?, introduced them and the rest is history.

    It really is too bad Tiger doesn’t know the meaning of monogamy. His mother must be thrilled at how her son turned out. Tiger diddled with not one, not two, but perhaps up to 12 after he married Elin. That’s crazy. Is he going to take the “I’m a sex addict” route? Talk about publicity considering Dr. Drew has a Sex Rehab show going.

    I read in some places Tiger’s father also was not monogamous to Tiger’s mum so I wonder if his mum just turned the other way or accepted the infidelity and Tiger presumed Elin would since that’s what he grew up with? Like father, like son, and not in a good way, eh?

  56. Sumodo says:

    Don’t. Date. Athletes. Musicians. Comics. Actors. (When I was younger, I got around. Shhhh!)

  57. lin234 says:

    you forgot to add models to that list. ugh BAD memories.

  58. You Go Girl says:

    Leave and take it all!
    This is a looney of a man, that will never ever change.
    Want a disease from him?
    Throw him to his ho’s!
    You can do much better Doll.

  59. Lway says:

    I’ve seen a couple of photo’s of Elin and Tiger together. Anyone else notice how miserable he looks on all the photo’s with Elin? He is never smiling -yet she always looks happy.

  60. For Sooth? says:

    I am not going to sit here anonymously and pick Elin apart. It’s not warranted or justified. What I will say is that every person that helped Tiger construct this web of deceit and conspiracy to keep his wife in the dark needs to take a perp walk off a short pier, preferably in water infested with box(er?) jellyfish, all the while being televised on the sports channels around the globe. This includes the women he slept with.

    The lessons I’ve learned from other posters here – Never date or marry ego, they will F**k You Over!

  61. DrM says:

    I really feel for Elin. My first husband cheated on me and I did NOT know. It isn’t this young woman’s fault and it is really sad that people can be so cold hearted as to try to find some way to make her responsible for TW’s behaviour. It was his choice to wave it around. If you aren’t happy in your marriage you end the relationship first…like an adult.

  62. Aspen says:

    I an not believe how disgusted I am in Tiger what an ass. Congrats Tiger for taking the biggest douch awards away from Jon Gosselin, Brad pitt and Chris Brown, pretty hard to do but you did it.
    I think Tiger is the most hated man right now, I sure loath the ugly focker.
    I think I would rather have the crap beat out of me like rhianna did than have my husband skrewing every ho in site and bring their skank home to me while I carried and tended to the pigs babies. yeah a beating would stink but this is so bad!!!!!!!!!I sure hope Elin gets most of his $$$!

  63. the truth says:

    if tiger wasnt who he was she would not have married him pls lets get real she is a gold digger herself just made it legal and popped out kids asap. if he was working in mcdonalds she would not give hime the time of day…

  64. Bambam says:

    Please leave Elin alone. She has been through enough already. Whether she knew or not, it’s for her to deal with. She’s kept a dignified silence despite being accused of beating him up. She’s been humiliated by her cheating husband and is probably worried sick about her mom’s health too. The girl needs support not ridicule.

  65. K-Love says:

    It doesn’t matter what anyone else believe. It’s what Elin can live with. Been there done that been cheated on by my husband when I was married. One thing I learned is the trust takes such a major hit, that its hard to get it back. I tried to make my marriage work, but there was so many other things that I had to deal with. So meany more demons that I found out he had.Point is there are some more rocks to be over turned. We haven’t seen all the different demons of Tiger Woods. You can take that too the bank and cash it.

  66. sunseeker says:

    Elin had talked to other golfers and their wives about Tiger’s wild parties. When she asked Tiger about it he said he would stop doing it,” a friend said. This is a paragraph from the Telegraph. If you know before hand, I would have thought you would keep an open mind and do a little checking at least in the beginning. All this does not excuse Woods he is still a immoral jerk, but if you marry somebody who has a playboy lifestyle you are not clueless.

  67. mel says:

    @the truth i dont think Elin is a gold digger. I really believe she’s genuine and loves her husband and family. I like her alot more than some of these other low life women Tiger has slept with but when you marry an athlete you’ve got to know that woman are waiting to sleep with your husband and that’s the God’s honest truth.

  68. bella says:

    “If you are able to keep your head when those about you are losing theirs…”

    That is what Elin is doing. She is probably focusing on her children, trying to stay calm for them, and just breathing in and out. To find out your husband has been cheating on you is a devastating blow to the heart, the ego, and the self-esteem. Elin needs to think about how she is going to rid herself of this pestilence, and deal with the fact that she’s been exposed to any number of STD’s by her own husband. (My ex cheated on me, and I still get AIDS tests annually.)

    It takes time to get your ducks in a row. Just because she hasn’t left yet doesn’t she isn’t going to leave.

    And no one deserves to be treated like this by the man they love, period.

  69. cara says:

    I agree w/LEM. I went back and was looking at about 87 photo’s detailing the timeline of their relationship (via Miami Herald, I believe) and she looks totally besotted with him in just about every pic. It doesn’t look fake but truly genuine. I cannot get past how stunning Elin is, especH w/out being made up, but rather al la natural. Tiger’s a louse.

  70. Cheyenne says:

    @ Aspen — I think Tiger is an asshole, but I don’t hate him.