Amy Robach & T.J. Holmes go Instagram official and announce a podcast together

When we last checked in with Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes, the former Good Morning America co-hosts ran a half-marathon together and were doing the PDA thing at college football games. If you need a quick refresh on the whole timeline, last November, pictures surfaced of the pair on a romantic vacation together while they were still publicly married to other people. A week later, they were suspended from their positions on GMA3 and at the very end of January, the news broke that they were officially leaving the show. And now, as of this week, they’ve declared themselves “Instagram Official” and announced a podcast together.

In a new Instagram post that they jointly shared on Wednesday, the two former GMA3: What You Need to Know anchors smiled from ear to ear as they held each other close. Holmes’ arm was wrapped tightly around Robach, who placed her hand on his shoulder.

“How’s this for instagram official? #silentnomore 🎤,” the caption began.

Robach, 50, and Holmes, 46, then announced that they were teaming up for an all-new podcast. “‘Amy & T.J.’ December 5th,” they continued. “Listen on the iHeartRadio app and everywhere podcasts are heard. @amyandtjpodcast.”

A press release from iHeartMedia, obtained by PEOPLE, indicated that the pair will be hosting and executive producing the new project. Additionally, the company stated that Robach and Holmes “will also collaborate on a full slate of upcoming programming for iHeartPodcasts.”

“Hosts and executive producers Robach and Holmes are a formidable broadcasting team with decades of experience delivering headline news and captivating viewers nationwide. Now, the duo will get behind the microphone to explore meaningful conversations about current events, pop culture, and everything in between,” the release continued. “Nothing is off limits.”

The release concluded, “‘Amy & T.J.’ is guaranteed to be informative, entertaining, and above all, authentic; it will mark the first time Robach and Holmes speak publicly since their own names became a part of the headlines.”

[From People]

Good for them, I guess? If they couldn’t get hired by any networks, I suppose a podcast was the next logical step. The official description is so vague that other than reporters who are covering the celeb podcast beat, I honestly don’t know who their target audience is. What’s their draw? There are so many podcasts out there in general that they’re going to need more than just the promise to dish some dirt about their relationship to get listeners to tune in. Speaking of, what does “nothing is off-limits” really mean? Are we talking PG-13 with awkward flirting and innuendo or is that code for “We’ll interview any controversial figure who wants to come on and give us soundbites for publicity?” I’m sure iHeartRadio will release clips ahead of Amy & T.J.’s podcast release, so we’ll find out soon enough.

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  1. Shiera_S says:

    I don’t really know what the frick they’ll be talking about but I wish them well I guess

  2. Amy Bee says:

    I must admit they’re a good looking couple and whoever their agent is did a good job in getting them a podcast deal.

    • DaveW says:

      With such a glut, and many podcasts getting canceled, it’s not such a big deal. They’ll have to do something really unique to keep an audience after the first few episodes of the curiosity listeners. And def not nearly as lucrative as their TV gigs.

  3. Pinkosaurus says:

    Okay, not for me but let me know if they say anything interesting. The difference in their sightlines in that top pic from the instagram post is really bothering me though. What is he looking at?

  4. Eurydice says:

    I had completely forgotten about them and have not much interest in podcasts, but I hope they do well.

  5. Caitlin says:

    I recall reading somewhere that she had a deal to do a show for a secondary network? Wonder if that fell through. Seems doubtful that a podcast would be their sole source of income – at least to support their lifestyle.

    • DaveW says:

      Same…I thought it was on the network that gave Chris Cuomo a show.

      I don’t listen to a lot of podcasts (Office Ladies, Naked Lunch with Phil Rosenthal and once in awhile the one with Sean Hayes, Jason Bateman and Will Arnett) but the one on iHeart I tried is Brooke Shields,. While the podcast is ok, iHeart had so many long commercial breaks, half the ads promoting other podcasts, that it made it unlistenable.

    • Susie says:

      I mean they made major bank from abc to walk away quietly. Esp Amy since her issue was technically only personal. There were no actual professional problems. ABC just didn’t like the controversy and had to pay her a lot to prevent her from suing for wrongful dismissal. He OTOH was easier to get rid cuz he had affairs with at least 1 underling IIRC. The podcast only makes sense cuz they want to remain C list news anchor famous. Financially the controversy set Amy up for life. I assume they are being paid a pittance relative to their previous salaries. Esp since the podcast bubble seems to be bursting.

  6. Escondista says:

    These people are so gross to me. If they found their person then great but they should just work separately rather than this desperate need for their coupling validation.

  7. WithTheAmerican says:

    Didn’t really care that much about their drama (not saying cheating is ok, but on context of what others have been accused of it didn’t outrage me), but I’m so over everyone having a podcast. It’s just too much.

  8. MaryContrary says:

    “Silent no more” like they suffered some big injustice? Whatever.

    • VilleRose says:

      Lol I know I was amused by that. They can only blame themselves for what happened. I get the heart wants what it wants and they probably think they were penalized unfairly. But they both gave their show bad publicity with their offscreen shenanigans. What they should have done is been upfront from the get go about them being in a relationship and breaking up with their spouses. They might still have had to take a sabbatical while the network figured out what to do but had they been honest about it, the network could have hired a PR crisis manager ahead of time to manage the story once it broke. Instead, some tabloid took undercover pics of them (supposedly a PI hired by TJ’s ex-wife tailing them?) and the whole thing became a sordid affair because they have a public facing job and were co-hosts on the same show. They embarrassed themselves, their families, and the network.

      Their official story is that they broke up with their spouses within weeks of each other in August and only started the relationship after they were officially broken up. The public didn’t know that though and neither did the network. Also it’s pretty clear they left each other’s spouses for each other, they can try to spin in as “we were both unhappy and came together during a period of sadness” but yeah right.

  9. FYI says:

    They CHOSE to cheat on their spouses and blow up their families (with young kids). Is that what they call being “authentic?” They haven’t exactly been silent either. They have lots of pap photos of ass-grabbing, so lord only knows what “silent no more” means.

  10. Lau says:

    #silentnomore ? They cheated on their respective spouses, they need to chill.

  11. Mee says:

    It’s been a year and he HASN’T cheated on her. That’s gotta be a record for him. Good luck losers