Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher use Twitter for foreplay


If you are a cougar, or puma, perhaps the secret to keeping your younger man happy is to behave like a teenager yourself. It sure seems to be working out for Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Their latest antics on Twitter are a combination of publicity stunts and goofy foreplay. Apparently both stars like writing messages on their hands and taking pictures of themselves…kinda like my 14-year-old kid and her little friends.

Here’s a glimpse into a night at the Kutcher-Moore household. From separate rooms in their shared LA home Thursday night, Ashton and Demi planned a dinner menu and a bedroom rendezvous by writing dialogue on their bodies and sending the pictures over Twitter. Demi’s teenage daughter Tallulah got pulled in right before things turned sexual.

Note the product placement. Both Demi and Ashton pose with a package of ‘Wanted’ perfume, Helena Rubinstein’s new fragrance that Demi is fronting. Demi previously called on fans to tweet pictures of what they wanted written on their hands. Most wishes were more along the lines of marriage equality, ending war and their children’s happiness than takeout food and sex.

Ashton once famously tweeted a picture of his wife’s panty-clad tush.

[From Huffington Post]

Is it weird that two people in the same house feel the need to communicate via Twitpics? It is to me, but then again I don’t live in a giant mansion. In my house, we can just yell across rooms to each other, “Hey, what do you want for dinner?” And foreplay usually involves candles, Luther Vandross’ Greatest Hits and some massage oil – not writing on my arm. So this is completely foreign to me. I don’t get these two, but hey – whatever they’re doing seems to work for them. They both always manage to look great, and somehow remain A-list celebrities in spite of the fact that neither of them has put out a decent film in ages. Seriously, the best thing Ashton has done lately are those stupid camera commercials, so if he can get people to keep following him on Twitter, good for him. Now, about those hats…



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42 Responses to “Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher use Twitter for foreplay”

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  1. Velvet_Julie says:

    Demi and Ashton are such attention whores. Have they ever thought of talking face to face, without using Twitter? And, what are they famous for, again?

  2. K.L. says:

    Do they wear matching outfits now?

  3. BitterBetty says:

    These two constantly need an audience to validate their relationship. move over, Brangelina…

  4. birdie says:

    Too personal.

  5. the truth says:

    attention whores

  6. Anna says:

    I think it’d be cute… if it wasn’t on twitter. If they just did that privately, sending normal phone pics to each other’s phones. Then again, if they did that, we probably wouldn’t know about it. So yah, this is a /fail.

  7. Dorothy says:

    umm ick!

  8. Firestarter says:

    He has the dumbest looking face.

    These two need to get off Twitter.

  9. snowball says:

    Amen, BitterBetty.

  10. The best says:

    ew grow up demi..geez

  11. lucy2 says:

    Anna, I totally agree. Just between them it would be cute, but putting it out there publicly is just weird, and kind of pathetic. Desperate for attention and utter disregard for family privacy are not endearing qualities.
    I wouldn’t call either of them an A-lister. Neither actually seems to work much anymore besides product endorsements, and they’re famous simply for being famous. A-list, that does not one make.

  12. Leticia says:

    pathetic need to constantly remind us of their existence.

  13. mila says:

    Ugh. Poor kids. I wouldn’t like to see my mum inviting her boyfriend to have sex with million people watching. I wonder when will the sex tape “leak”

  14. gaby says:

    She is a 40 something year old mother!!! Not freaking Miley Cyrus! Which is how she is behaving… I’m the same age as her daughter Rumor, and if my mom did this crap on twitter for everyone to see I would be so disgusted and pissed.

  15. Anna says:

    @Lucy2 – amen to that. I’m a film journalist and the last movie with Demi that stands out in my memory is her role as the villain in Charlie’s Angel 2. She also had the teensiest of cameos in Bobby. That was a looooong time ago. And the last thing I remember Ashton in was the dismally bad “What happens in Vegas…” with Cameron Diaz. A-list my A-ss.

  16. gaby says:

    And this is something that could have been cute and sexy, if they had privately texted each other. But I guess this is the only way that media- whores get off.

  17. artsyfartsy says:

    Gee, jealous anyone?
    They seem happy – hows your relationship, pretty dull you say?

  18. Cinderella says:

    I say work it while you can.

  19. Jaded says:

    Tacky, tacky, tacky. Wayyy TMI.

  20. Samantha says:

    I think they are cute. Good for them, keep being silly. :)

  21. Ricci says:

    Haha u ppl are soo jealous! I so agree with artsyfartsy

  22. No Sensi says:

    Wow, I didn’t expect to get caught up in this, but now I’ve totally got a semi.

    Though I started with a full..

  23. Liz says:

    This is why all of their fans are either under 18 or people desperately trying to be young by acting foolish and taking a cue from them…just saying. It would be cute if it was in private and not a famewhore stunt, because I really don’t need to know their sex schedule and neither do all those kids that follow them on twitter.

  24. jeannified says:

    God, these two are idiots!!!

  25. artsyfartsy says:

    again, I stick to my comment!!
    What a bunch of prudes -

  26. Susette says:

    I’m pretty apathetic about these two, but the A-list comment stood out for me, too. Are they really A-list? I’ve gotten the impression that Twitter was the only thing keeping them relevant. If it weren’t for that, I’d probably only notice Ashton when he does the camera commercials and I’d probably forget about Demi entirely.

  27. WTF?!? says:

    In the last pic of her, Moore looks exactly like Ali Lohan in 60 years.

  28. Jojo says:

    Oh my God this is so OLD! I see you didn’t put the date of these tweets, since they are from November!

  29. bigelle says:

    Well I for one am truly delighted to see these two as a happy together couple when everyone else who is famous seems to be going rapidly downhill….HOWEVER c’mon people why do these two feel the need to act out like teenagers – and I don’t mean to diss teenagers AT ALL AT ALL but you know what I mean.

  30. GatsbyGal says:

    It’s kinda sweet and romantic that they’ve been in a relationship for so long and can still play around and be silly with each other.

    On the other hand, Demi Moore is a 50 year old woman, and this behavior makes me embarrassed for her.

  31. Emily says:

    Yeah, this would have been cute if it was private texts. Not so much on twitter. I love the hats though.

  32. Bete says:

    Gawd…talk about no life.
    Most pathetic Twitter couple.

  33. Popcorny says:

    Majorly insecure people, individually and as a couple.
    They’ve consistently treated their twitter-audience like dupes and minions, getting off on the ability to manipulate their image(s).
    Cute my arse, now go buy that perfume like a good lil doobie.

  34. joe says:

    wow you ppl are aweful, the worst thing you can do is put an age on sex and fun, when you do, you are old. good for them. i hope they do that for years to come.

  35. DrM says:

    Demi’s in her mid forties…not 50 as someone posted and Ashton is her husband…not boyfriend as someone else posted. Look my husband and I are very silly (we’d do stuff like this though not on Twitter) and we are openly affectionate…and in our forties as well. I”m not trying to act young…I LOVE HIM….having been divorced and single for what felt like go**amn forever I’m happy to be well…happy and in love again. Its harmless and I say good on them…nice to see.

  36. Lway says:

    I like it. I think they’re pretty cool :)

  37. Ogechi says:

    sexy yummy

  38. Leshie says:

    JEALOUSY sucks people! They’re having fun. You don’t like it..don’t look at it or read about it. Simple and plain as that! GET LIVES ALREADY GEEZ!

  39. Tiia says:

    Hahhaa.. I think this is just so funny and it’s great they play in their relationship, even when it’s public.

    I wish all the best both of them and regards from Finland!!

  40. K McFarlane says:

    It reminds me of that comment that Warren Beatty made about Madonna in the Truth and Lies documentary, when he said that she didn’t want to live off camera (she was being seen by her doctor at the time).

    Somehow I feel that the public nature of it is part of the turn on for them, like having sex in a public place.

    It sits uncomfortably for me alongside all Demi’s pronouncements about inner wisdom.

  41. Gwyneth says:

    America’s obsession with celebrities is what fuels this type of behavior. Granted, both of them are publicly humiliating themselves. Our duty is to ignore them or endure opening our computers to view the latest travesties. I lost respect for Moore ages ago when she became sluttish and proud of it, and stopped being a fine actress in good roles. Kutcher to me is a non person. Their age difference is a non issue. By responding to them and others like them we give them the gratification they seek. Again, the celebrities cannot exist without sucking the blood from their ‘fans’.

  42. Vic says:

    there’s a scary ghost child thing in the doorway behind demi! = S it’s horrible! x