Hollywood madam Michelle Braun confirms Tiger Woods hired $40k/weekend hookers

Two of the women identified as among a bevy of Tiger Woods’ mistresses have been outed as hookers – by their own former madam. Convicted high end madam Michelle Braun confirmed that porn star Holly Sampson and lingerie model Jamie Jungers were working for her. Braun even provided TMZ with Sampson and Jungers’ 1099 forms for this year. Sampson made $24,600 while Jungers made $31,400.

Sampson admitted in a video posted on Naughty America, a porn website, that she slept with Tiger at his bachelor party. She has since issued a statement confirming her remarks and saying she will provide more details of her relationship with Tiger. Sampson claims Tiger was not married when she was involved with him.

Jungers was named as one of Tiger’s women by Radar Online, and while it was reported that she would sell her story to a British tabloid she hasn’t commented yet. Radar reports that she’s going to go on the Today Show this morning to talk, so we’ll have to wait and see. We’ve heard stories from “sources” about all the money he gave her, which she is said to have spent on lipo. Her rep denies that, though.

In an interview with E!, Braun confirmed that Tiger was a client and said that she provided services that were “discreet.” Tiger liked the “college cutie, girls next door” type and spent three weekends with Braun’s “models” at $30-$40k per weekend:

Michelle Braun describes her business, which she closed last year after running into personal legal troubles, as a service that brought men and women together for dates. She would give her employees commissions of up to 60 percent of a booking fee, which was paid up front “purely for introduction.”

Two of those former employees, Braun claims, were porn actress Holly Sampson and onetime Trashy Lingerie model Jamie Jungers, whose names came up this week in the ongoing saga of Woods’ extramarital love life.

Neither Sampson (who has publicly acknowledged her “intimate” relationship with Woods) nor Jungers (whose mom and ex-boss support the Tiger-romance theory) could be reached for comment about their involvement with Braun, who gave E! News copies of 1099 tax forms purportedly showing what they made working for her company last year.

It was Jungers who introduced Braun to Tiger, Braun says.

“He had a pretty big appetite for girls,” Braun concluded. And, supposedly, Tiger had a type. “He would request the college-cutie, girls-next-door look.”
The last time she communicated with him was in mid-2008, Braun said.

Most of her celebrity clients, including Woods, were always “smart enough” to pay in cash, she said. The golfer, in particular, “liked to communicate by text message.”
So we’ve heard.

Woods spent three weekends in Vegas with her girls over the years, Braun said, dropping $30,000 to $40,000 per trip.

Braun surmises that people like Woods (rich, famous, etc.) utilized her business because “it’s supposed to be discreet. When you pay it’s established that it’s a business relationship. You don’t have a girl thinking he is going to leave his wife for her and they will fall in love and have a fairy tale relationship.”

As far as having proof that Tiger was even a client, Braun says she’s sure she has phone records. They never communicated by email, she says.

Only by those dratted texts.

[From E! Online]

Watchmaker Tag Heuer has been removing Tiger Woods ads from jewelry stores in Australia. The company claims that it has nothing to do with Tiger’s scandal, but a jeweler tells the Sydney Morning Herald that “the watch company issued a firm request that all advertising containing Woods’s image be taken down.”

In related Tiger news, lawyer Gloria Allred has told Radar that she’s representing another one of Tiger’s mistresses. Radar has sources who say that the woman has not yet been named or mentioned by the press and that she “had a multi-year affair with Woods, is in her 40s but looks much younger and is extremely attractive.” If this woman wants to cash in she’s a little late to the party. I doubt that Tiger or the tabloids will pay much for new women coming forward. We already know the extent of Tiger’s massive cheating. The question is when and if his wife will leave and if she will say anything to the press. People is reporting that Elin is going to stay for the sake of their kids. I think she should dump his ass right away after all this. This wasn’t one, two or even three mistresses it was multiple women throughout the course of their marriage and hookers.

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26 Responses to “Hollywood madam Michelle Braun confirms Tiger Woods hired $40k/weekend hookers”

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  1. Firestarter says:

    He is just disgusting!

  2. snowball says:

    I saw Jungers in the Today promo and nothing about her says girl next door. She looks like a trashy bleached blonde slut.

    Fox Sports now actually has a site set up where they link to the newest Cheata crap (hope it’s okay to link to this, there’s some wacky stuff there but I don’t want to step on CB’s toes):


    This is sad in a “look how fast they turn on you” way. Personally, I think he’s a pig and Elin is nuts if she stays with him. Every day, it gets worse and worse.

  3. Lantana says:

    At the very beginning, I had a little sympathy for Tiger because I know of so many marriages that suffered a crisis because of an affair and it’s hard enough for the couple to deal with it themselves without it being aired in public. At this point, I think Tiger is a misogynist, a user, an addict and just plain stupid. Oh yeah, and a narcissist.

  4. Len says:

    Mark my words, he’s playing the sex-addict thing and his wife is buying it.

  5. Firestarter says:

    @Len- You may be right, but playing that card didn’t save Michael Douglas and his marriage. Multiple affairs are something that I do not think most women can get over. One “trangression”, maybe, 11-13 and counting? No.

  6. Lway says:

    I cannot understand how someone with so many disgusting secrets can sleep at night …………. oh wait…..

    Maybe Tiger should’ve started by keeping his conscious clean, then his affairs may not have happend in the first place

  7. So the one hooker is saying she slept with him at his bachelor party but not while he was married? So it’s OK b/c she missed the cut off by a few hours? This is just proof that money is the root of all evil. Cheeta would be getting none of this tail without all that cash.

  8. Lee says:

    Just a little beef of mine – incorrect word usage: “discrete” when the intended word is “discreet”. They have completely different meanings, and the second, meaning “maintaining silence or privacy with things of a delicate nature”, is the one needed here. But then again, we wouldn’t be in the middle of an epic scandal if the players had been more discreet. Ok, now I’ve said my piece, I can go back and finish reading the post.

  9. Bete says:

    This guy is going to have to play more golf to earn his money now that sponsors are pissed off.
    I read that his wife gave him an ultimatum: golf or her. But this is the problem with ‘model’ wives who have nothing else to fall back on. If she was a woman with a profession in her own right, she’d probably go forward, however the money she is entitled to as a divorce settlement is enough to maintain her for life.
    Celebrities like this are all whacked out and former ‘model’ wives are more idiotic for staying with these jerks.

  10. Masonwasp says:

    While I like gossip as much as the next girl, I have to wonder why this story is national news. Their marriage is none of our business. He’s a professional athlete. That’s it.

    If anyone plays the “role model” or “think of the children” card, I think they are seriously deluded. Tiger isn’t raising our children. We are. And I’m sure we’re doing just fine scarring them for life without help from celebrity scandals.

  11. Kayleigh says:

    I wonder if he contracted anything to his kids or wife. What a great guy! I got a question about these hookers, don’t they get paid like A LOT not to talk pretty much? I mean yeah they are good looking but are you paying them thousands because they are just sleeping with you? No, I think I would pay them a lot to shut the eff up too.

  12. birdie says:

    Here comes the parade of professional skanks…. So much for all those people crying out that Tiger should have been smart enough to use professional prostitutes, because then they wouldn’t talk.

  13. diva says:

    I’m glad the madam outed Jaime Jungers I wasn’t buying her story of making $5,000 a weekend for just “modeling lingerie”. If that was the case, I would do it for an extra 20,000 per month. Looking at her now, she hardly looks like she could model lingerie anymore, and the 1099 proves that she worked for the madam. She should have thought about the fact that she was an escort before going public, serves her right.

  14. Goddess711 says:

    I’m not sure about anywhere else but around here it’s a game of semantics; “prostitution” isn’t illegal but “soliciting” is. Adultery isn’t against the law either. Dumbass laws made by the men to need the loopholes. If Tiger or any other guy happens to have a telephone number to order in some delivery sex, he’s done no wrong, legally.

  15. Pete says:

    Elin should leave for the sake of the kids. My God.

    Besides, Tiger is an absentee father, at best. He’s never there so it’s not like the kids will be losing a parent. Even if Tiger wanted to be a parent, it could be done with the right custody arrangement.

    If a woman had been cheating this badly on her husband, I can’t imagine any husband in his right mind sticking it out “for the kids.”

  16. Ray says:

    Joslyn James (Veronica Siwik-Daniels) also works as an escort (offered through Pamela Peaks web site).

  17. jdao says:

    Yeah, he’s just gross. Take the kids and run Elin! And remember….HALF!

  18. teri says:

    Maybe Tiger should have stuck with a goat, he’d still have his wife and reputation. I’m postitive the goat wouldn’t have said anything but baaaa.

  19. Feebee says:

    If he asks for college cuties/girls next door look-a-likes why do all of his mistresses look like, hard, used up hos. I’m sure they’re “lovely” people but seriously they don’t look college-age fresh even if they are that age.

  20. Misha says:

    Do you think that everyone could quit using the word ‘mistress’? These are NOT mistresses – they are whores, a ‘lay’ if you will. Seriously.

    Also, I felt sympathy for him when this whole thing started because I thought it was some sort of terrible mistake. Then I was amazed and simply blown away by the audacity, the numbers of women, and Tiger’s lack of morals. Now I have begun to think that Tiger has some real mental health issues that MUST be addressed. He is mentally ill, suffering from a serious lack of self-esteem – NOT an abundance like some people suggest. This guy is going to self-destruct.

  21. Maggie says:

    I agree – why do Tiger’s mistresses/prostitutes all look like disposable, used vaginas?

  22. bo says:

    @ Lee – why is it that so many word buffs skip that one? it’s a peeve for me too.

  23. marcopolo says:

    RUN ELIN RUUUUNNNN!!! Or you’re just another blonde cashing a bigger check. For the sake of your kids woman! Run!

  24. marcopolo says:

    The great news here is that we all can live like Tiger for a weekend! Just rent a yacht and buy a dozen escorts!

  25. MRS. BROWN says:

    WHITE TRASH AND WHORES. THAT’S the kind of women that these identity crisis rich men like Tiger Woods prefer. First he goes out and gets the whitest white that he can find, then he’s still not satisfied with her. That’s what happens when the only sense of yourself is wrapped up in a little ball (I mean two little balls)

  26. MRS. BROWN says:

    Another name for mistress is whore, slut, whoremonger. Dress up a cow, put a dress on it, put a wig on it, and it’s still a big fat ugly cow. Harlot, whore, it’s all the same ilk. I know because I’ve worn that title before. Fornicator, that’s another one. Confess your sins, turn to God, ask Jesus Christ for forgiveness and change your ways. Then, HE gives you a new name. He calls us sons, His children. He calls us friend!!